The Journey


They showed me pictures of Abby and my Mother. While looking at a picture of Abby I smiled for the first time in years. Being with my sisters was the most love I had felt in decades. We all had a long cry. I felt like I was home; I finally got a good night's sleep. The next day, equipped with Abby's office and home addresses, I left for Florida.

I arrived outside Tampa, Florida in a couple of days. I didn't know how to approach Abby, Lynn, and my Mother. I figured I should see Abby first. I found Abby's office and sat outside all afternoon to try to get a view of her entering or leaving her office.

It didn't take long; my heart soared when I saw her. She was more beautiful than when I had last seen her. She walked proudly to her car, her head held high, her shoulders back, her breasts pointing out, and her auburn hair cascading down over her shoulders. I sat in my car and cried and called myself a sick bastard.

The next morning after watching Abby enter her office I walked in and signed in as a new patient. I used my initials instead of my first and middle name but my last name was the same, the same as Abby's. No one seemed to notice.

A nurse took down my personal information and told me to take a seat in the hall for a few minutes. As I sat there, Abby walked down the hall reading a chart, and my heart almost stopped. She didn't even see me. Then it hit me - I don't look the same, my black hair is now gray and very short, I have one eye, scars on my neck and face, and three fingers missing. I wanted to run, but I could not.

The nurse took me into the examination room and asked me to take a seat on the table so she could take my blood pressure and temperature. When she took my blood pressure she said my heart rate was up rather high and asked if I have a problem with my blood pressure. I told her I was just nervous about seeing the Doctor.

It seemed like hours instead of 5 minutes before Abby walked into the exam room, reading my chart. She said hello, sat down in the chair beside the examination table and continued reading the chart and not really looking at me. I was sitting on the examination table and I could not speak.

Here I sat with a patch over my left eye, tears streaming from my right eye and running down my face. She looked up at me but did not speak. Suddenly she turned pale and went from the chair to her knees in the floor; she recognized me! It was like she was frozen, her eyes open wide, unable to speak. I dropped to my knees with her. "Abby, I love you", was the only thing I could say.

She leaned forward, took my face between her hands and kissed me full on the lips. I was in heaven, just to feel her lips on mine again. She leaned back and said, "Adam, I love you, and I have missed you!" Then we just held each other and cried. Tears of joy flowed from both of us. We cried so loudly that a nurse came in to see what was happening.

Once we were calm enough she told me that my Father had told my Mother that he had seen me exposing myself to her and that was why he to beat me. He made my Mother and Abby swear not to tell anyone in the family, as the family would be disgraced.

Abby never told our Mother about us but she thinks Mom figured it out. My Father told Abby and Mom I left because of the shame I had caused the family. She said that things around the house were never the same after I left.

My Father didn't tell them why people from the Army sent a telegram to them and called on the phone. As I sat in her office, Abby knew by looking at me why the Army sent a telegram and called our house. Abby said our Father was sullen after I left and he died one evening while sitting in his rocking chair. I didn't tell Abby of the final conversation between my Father and myself. I guess some things are better left unsaid.

Abby canceled all of her appointments for that day and the following day. We left the office and went to see my Mother and Lynn. During the reunion with my Mother she never mentioned what happened in the barn. She never mentioned the beating or my Father. Mom was just glad to have me home. Abby told her that I would be staying with her.

That night at Abby's house was more exciting than anything I can remember. We talked, laughed, and cried for many hours.

I showered and looked at my face in the mirror. I tried to look as presentable as possible. I feared that my scars would turn Abby away from me. She came to my room in a sheer white gown. There was a sparkle in her green eyes, her auburn hair was thick and down over her shoulders, her beautiful lips showcased her fantastic white teeth. I could see her breasts rising and falling as she breathed. Her nipples looked the same as they did 27 years before.

She looked at my scars; she kissed each one and touched them. I held her and again we cried. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it. It got rock hard instantly. I removed her gown and caressed and kissed her ripe nipples while my hand found her hairy pussy. For the first time we were completely nude in bed. She pushed me on my back and said, "Remember when I told you I was ready to fuck your brains out? Well now I am going to!"

Abby moved her body over mine and slowly lowered her beautiful body to meet my cock. My cock entered her hot wet pussy and she breathed in sharply. She was as wet and hot as the first time my cock slid into her. As she rode up and down on my cock I watched her breasts bounce with the motion. It was wonderful!

I rolled her over, got between her legs and watched as my cock entered her pussy. She dug her fingernails into my ass and pulled me deep inside her just as she had done 27 years earlier on prom night. I gazed into her beautiful green eyes and wanted this moment to never end. We made love several times that night and it was fantastic!

The love I get from Abby and the love I give to Abby make us both whole people again. We were meant to be together. Nothing else in this world feels so right.

During the first months I lived with Abby we spent many nights holding each other, quite often laughing and crying. There was never any question about what we would do, or how we would live, our love is not wrong.

I quit my job in Mobile, sold my house, and moved to Florida to live with Abby. We each have our own bedroom for appearances for the family, as none of them know we are lovers. Everyone thinks were are extremely close because we are twins. Everyone knows us as brother and sister, but we live as Husband and Wife.

It is now December 2004, over 9 years since I moved in with Abby and resumed my love affair with her. I love it when she comes to me, drops her gown and climbs into my bed to spend the night. We make love anytime there is an opportunity. I see her as my sister, my wife, my love, and my life. I see her just as she was when we were 18, and she excites me even more!

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