tagIncest/TabooThe Journey Ch. 01

The Journey Ch. 01


Author's note: Slow buildup in the nature of a ticking time-bomb rather than a 'boom' of a landmine as soon as you tread on the story. I am a writer who's been reading stories on lit since I found it (8? 10 years ago?) as a horny young un and now I thought its time to give back as I received. While I am at it, I thank alwayswantedto, ahabscribe, lovecraft68 & all those wonderful writers who write on this site.

The recognition that we writers seek will not be openly sought in this forum for obvious reasons, but do send in your feedback both good and bad. I roll well with the punches and learn from the hits on my nose. Part 2 of the story shall come regardless.

Blissful reading and reviewing! (Warning! This ist the only short sentence thee shall read in the tale.)


Bobby glanced at the wall clock surreptitiously, his arm still draped over his head as he lay on his stomach.

1 PM.

Was she awake? She must be. He had been awake for two hours now, but he didn't want to be the first to move. His bladder was now ready to burst so he would have to get up.

Just as he had found the will to haul himself up, the sheets rustled and the other side of the bed creaked. There was a muffled sound of feet on carpet and then rustle of clothes. She was slipping the nightgown on, Bobby knew. He heard feet slowly walking towards the door.

Bobby waited for about a minute and when there were no more sounds, he turned his head slowly and soundlessly – not wanting to disturb the spirits of passion that still lingered.

There she was, standing by the window, looking out at the constant drizzle. The wind blew wisps of her waist length auburn hair around her serene face and caressed her smooth arms that the peeked out of the sleeveless black nightgown. Her body was lushly feminine – round breasts with a not too narrow waist that a forty-one year old woman who walked often should have, flaring out into ample hips. Not too tall at 5'4", she looked even more beautiful than Dimple Kapadia, the Indian actress that Bobby had always thought she resembled. There was a clap of thunder and her startled, large brown eyes looked skywards. A sudden gust of wind turned the drizzle inwards for a few seconds and she crossed her arms at her shoulders to shield herself.

And then she smiled. It was a smile of contentment and happiness.

Suddenly Bobby's arm hit the bedstead and she looked towards him. Bobby closed his eyes, as if asleep. After a few moments when he opened them, she was gone. He got out of bed and walked towards the open bathroom door. Suddenly there was a sound of flushing and he saw her get up from the toilet seat, pulling her panties up and then dropping the nightgown that had gathered at her waist.

She smiled at him as she washed her hands and walked towards him, touching his cheek tenderly and those mesmerizing brown eyes looked at him. He looked like a male version of her with similar eyes, a muscular frame and at 5'11, he towered above her.

"Good morning sweetie," she said.

"Hi mom," he replied.

"Ready for breakfast?" she asked almost in a whisper. Bobby just looked at her, not knowing what to say.

"See you downstairs," she said, giving him a tender kiss on the mouth and went out.

Bobby entered the bathroom and let loose a stream of yellow piss, almost screaming with relief. As he washed the crusted semen that covered his penis with the detachable jet next to the commode, he thought about what had happened between his mother and him the previous night.

It was not sudden, for they had been moving towards it since a long time. It had been destined.


"I'll take the window seat!" mom said excitedly.

Dad stood aside and with an exaggerated bow of welcome, waved her in. Then he waved Bobby in too and sat on the aisle seat.

The aircraft was already beginning to fill up with Indians, though the flight was through Frankfurt. There was only one connection that the airline had between Frankfurt and Delhi. For most Indians flying from Miami, this was the most convenient connection with the least waiting time for the connecting flight.

"I can't believe we are going to Delhi together," mom said, turning to Bobby. "A day after you turn nineteen."

"It is a great birthday present mom, we are gonna have a blast," Bobby said. Before he had moved to Miami they had lived with in a large house that belonged to their large unbroken family in Delhi where he had grown up with a lot of cousins his age.

Nina, Bobby's mom, was the life of parties that they hosted or went to in their active social circuit in Delhi. They had a minor celebrity status in the India where Bobby's father, Jai, co-owned a chain of four and five star hotels. But what Nina valued most was the companionship of her two sisters who she met often, sharing confidences, and lending a shoulder to cry on.

Three years ago when Jai had announced that the family had decided to start a hotel in Miami and they were to live there for five years, Nina had been devastated. When they moved, she missed her family and friends in Delhi. Forming new relationships in the alien culture of Miami was not easy though it was simpler with Jai who would bond over beer and business meets with his new business associates. The complexities and demands of a business are far simpler than the bonds that a woman requires. Bobby too settled in quickly, for a school in Miami was not too different from a school in Delhi if it had girls and sports. Nina would fly to India every six months for a week or two but it was not the same as living there.

The aircraft took off at 8 PM, almost half-hour late, and the flight crew served refreshments. The movies came on and one of them was an Indian movie starring Amitabh Bachchan.

"Look!" mom said excited like a kid.

Bobby laughed.

"He's not even your favorite actor, mom."

"I do love his baritone."

Just then, Tom Culkins passed by their seats and thumped Jai on his shoulder. Tom was a cruise operator in Miami and Jai and he had become good friends.

"Surprise!" he said, smiling. "Hello, Nina!"

Tom made polite talk with Nina and Bobby.

"Why don't you join me in the front," he said to Jai, "We'll have a few beers together."

"Good idea," he said, looking apologetically at Nina.

"Sorry to steal him away, Nina," Tom said to Nina, "I'll send him back soon."

"He's all yours," Nina laughed. "Keep him out of my hair till Frankfurt."

After Jai went away, the lights dimmed. Nina was engrossed in her Hindi movie while Bobby flipped through channels. He stopped at a movie where a redhead looked meaningfully into a younger man's eyes as they sat side by side.

"That's Julianne Moore, isn't it?" Nina asked.

"I guess."

Julianne Moore stood up from her seat and sat in the lap of the young boy and they started moving in way that suggested fucking. Embarrassed, Bobby was about to change channels when Nina stopped him.

"This is the movie Savage Grace," she said. "That's her son in the movie."

"You mean they are mother and son?"

"Yes, the son is gay and the mother is trying to see if she can change his sexual orientation. It's based on a true story."

"Wow!" Bobby didn't know what else to say.

"Isn't she beautiful?"

"Um ..... you are a better looking mother," Bobby said, before he could check his thoughts.

Nina laughed and Bobby was relieved.

"Don't you be getting ideas from this movie, young man," she said, "By the way, are you straight?"

Bobby looked thoughtful.

"I don't know," he said, twisting his mouth. "Do you want to check like she is doing?"

Nina made a punch and pushed his nose with it playfully. Then she switched off her screen, removed the armrest between them and slid closer to him, taking his entangled his arm in hers and settled in to watch the rest of the movie on his screen. Blood flowed faster in his veins and there was a rise in his jeans. He always kept his cock up, so it would probably not be visible prominently."

"I envy them," she said after a while. "They are like friends rather than mother and son."

"I guess that happens when people get too lonely," he said after thinking a while.

"It shouldn't have to be that way," she said, leaning her head against his broad shoulder, "People shouldn't have to be lonely to realize the worth of companionship within the family."

His cock lurched in his jean and he shifted his leg a little. Just a while back, the mother-son pair was shown rutting in the movie. Had she forgotten that?

After a while, her breathing fell into a pattern and he saw that she was sleeping with her head still on his shoulder. Their arms were still entwined and she held his hand the side of her thigh. Bobby slowly tried to disentangle it but she pulled his hand to cleft in the middle of the padded feminine area below her navel.

"Would you need a blanket?" the stewardess' voice startled him. She was a middle-aged blonde with a pleasant smile and stood beside a trolley of blankets.

"Uh, I guess."

The stewardess took out a blanket and spread it over them.

"That will keep you comfortable," she said with a smile and moved on, leaving Bobby blushing.

Now in the dimmed light, his sense of touch was heightened and he could feel the rise of the cleft at the base of his mom's stomach dipping down as it neared the void between her legs. He stretched his middle finger a little and its tip was left hanging as the void between her legs sucked at it. He didn't dare move his finger further, so he contented himself with feeling the low band of her panties through the soft material of her leggings.

He stayed like that for a long time, perhaps an hour and then he moved her front towards him and let go of his hand. Of its own accord, his hand fell on the seat close to the junction of her thighs. He stretched his hand and touched her right thigh. It felt taut and well muscled.

He stayed like that till sleep overcame him. He woke up as his mom shook him while the announcement of the plane landing at Frankfurt was on.

"Straighten your backrest and tighten your seatbelt, sweetie," she smiled.


We were staying over in Frankfurt for an additional two days because Tom had promised him a meeting with a man who was apparently looking for a partner for his the beleaguered chain of hotels he owned in Germany.

"You stay!" Nina's voice was raised and people were now looking at them, "I am on vacation and I am not going to put up with YOUR business schedule. "

Bobby prayed for the earth to open and swallow him.

"Its only one night," Jai tried to reason with her calmly, "You haven't seen this city, do some sightseeing and shopping while I try to knock-up a business deal."

"No," she spat, "And that is final."

"Come on, Mom," Bobby said, "We will still have almost two months in India. Its only one night and two days, and I really want to see Frankfurt."

Nina sighed.


"Catch up, lazy bum," Nina said, laughing and taunting Jai.

The weather in Frankfurt was nippy after a short rain and they wore jackets. Nina was thoroughly enjoying the weather and she had been jogging on the sidewalk beside the Main River. Bobby did manage to catch up with her with long strides but Jai trailed behind. Both father and son were a little embarrassed by Nina's childish enthusiasm she displayed openly.

"Enough," Jai said as he caught up, "Time to find something to eat now. This city shuts quickly; it is not like Miami or Delhi where you find food all hours of the night."

It was already 10.30 PM and they were aware most that cafes stopped serving after 11. They found a place to eat and ordered.

"Let us go somewhere fun after this, like a disco," Nina said enthusiastically.

Jai shook his head.

"I am bushed. No more waking for me."

"You are no fun. Remember why we stopped here?"

"What about you?" Nina turned to Bobby.

"I am game," Bobby said, "I think I saw a disco in the hotel. Wait let me find a good one."

He typed the words 'Discos in Frankfurt'.

"The Cave – this one sounds interesting. There are more but the rights of admission are reserved and I don't fancy our chances much, dressed as we are in jeans and sneakers."

"The Cave it is then," Nina said to Bobby.

"Sure you want to be left out?" she lifted her chin at Jai and asked.

"You guys go ahead," Jai said, "I'll see you later at the hotel."


They took a taxi and reached the disco within a minute.

"We should have walked," Bobby said.

The Cave looked like no 'cave' or even a disco. The entrance looked slightly larger than the entrance to a house. There were quite a few irregular characters from Mars and Venus with pink and blue hair and hairstyles that would give roosters and peacocks a complex. Music pulsed from inside and two heavily muscled bouncers stood outside the door, confirming the presence of a disco inside.

There was a blonde wearing a ridiculous sari which went no further below her knee and the blouse looked more like a bikini top.

"Nice sari!" Nina said as she passed her.

"Where are you from?" the woman asked in a high pitched voice.

"India," Nina replied.

"Namaste," the woman folded her hands and gave an exaggerated bow.

Nina stopped and imitated her bow and Namaste faithfully. Both women giggled afterwards and they walked towards the entrance.

"She looked ridiculous," Bobby said, "It looked neither sexy nor terribly ethnic to me."

Nina punched him on the shoulder.

"Look at you, grandpa!" she said with mock seriousness. "Loosen up and open your mind. People experiment when they are young."

"But she looked ridiculous. I am not gonna take that back."

Nina giggled. "I agree. She looked like she borrowed the sari from a fisherwoman and tucked it between her legs to pee and forgot to smooth it back on."

Bobby blushed.

"What, grandpa? You blush when you hear talk about a woman peeing?" she said punching his shoulder hard this time.

"Its only that I don't know much about women peeing while they wear a sari," he said, "What can I say? And whats with all the punching? You watch out, we are in Germany and they'd arrest you sooner for child abuse."

"Child, are you?" she punched his arm again.

"Your child, I am."

"You are no child of mine, stuck up grandpa. They must have swapped my baby with someone else's at the hospital."

Nina swished into the door of the club after Bobby paid the 3 euro entrance fee. The interior did not look like a cave, but looked like the faithful interior of an arched Gothic cellar. It was a Saturday night and the floor was so crowded that there was no space to walk.

The music and chatter were too loud for conversation so when Nina said something, Bobby didn't hear it.

"What?" he asked.

Nina led him by the arm towards the bar.

"Some drinks to loosen up," she said, smiling.

"You had enough wine."

"Shut up, grandpa!"

"I know what I want tonight," Nina looked at the card and said.

"I need two orgasms," she said with a flirtatious smile.

Bobby's head spun till he heard the bartender's reply.

"Two orgasms coming right up," the bartender replied and placed two shooters in front of her.

"I'll have a screwdriver," he said to the bartender – the only cocktail he knew.

Nina gulped one of her two shooters and looked at Bobby slyly. Bobby grinned.

What was your dirty mind thinking?"

"I almost though you had asked the bartender for the real thing," he said with a grin.

Nina looked at the bartender.

"Hmmm, not a bad idea," she said and looked back with a flirty smile at Bobby, "Maybe I'll ask him when we are going back."

Bobby's smile faded. In the mood she was in, it wasn't impossible.

"But for now, I will settle for dancing with the man I came with," she said, "Drink up!"

Bobby finished his screwdriver in three quick gulps and Nina led him to the dancefloor.

There was a discos-era number playing that he didn't recognize. Nina started singing it as she led the dance.

She pulled him closer.

"It's Abba's 'Dancing Queen'" she shouted in his ear. "I loved that number in my school days."

The numbers played were often popular hits from 80s and 90s, not music that Bobby could identify. For him even Britney Spears was ancient but watching Nina move to them was a treat. He didn't know his mom could move her body like that.

There were many appreciative glances thrown Nina's way when the girl wearing the ridiculous sari joined them. She made the 'very good' sign with her thumb and forefinger and started grooving with them. There were two other men and another girl with her.

The girl in the sari danced with Nina, matching moves with her and it was an erotic sight as each tried to out-sex the other's moves.

'Gangnam Style' came on, something Bobby could identify with at last. He started grooving to it, thrusting his pelvis at Nina and the girl in the sari, for he was now in the mood. Nina matched his movements making ridiculous faces at him. The girl and Nina were having a lot of fun together.

After Gangnam Style ended, Nina and the sari-girl collapsed into each other's arms, giggling. Nina led her towards the bar.

At the bar, there was a shouted round of introductions and the girl said her name was Steffi. She introduced her companions whose names he could not catch, but one of the men – apparently an Italian of his own age – who came onto Nina thick and fast. His hands often touched Nina's shoulders and her bare arms while he talked to her. Nina too flirted outrageously, giving him flirty smiles though they could not understand each other half the time. The Italian had a very thick accent and he was drunk, which made him slur.

The Italian brought his face very close to Nina's ear, almost touching, and placed his hand on her thigh and said something that made Nina giggle.

"The skinny Italian touches her once more and I am going to break the beer bottle on his head," Bobby thought and looked at him murderously.

Steffi took Bobby by the arm and led him away to the dance floor quickly.

"We must dance, handsome," she shouted in his ear. "You dance so well!"

They started dancing and he kept looking towards the direction his mom was sitting in. The Italian was now sting on the stool that Steffi had been sitting on, quite close to his mom, who was laughing at something he had said. The other couple was engaged in their own conversation.

A Rihanna song came on and Steffi turned, rubbing her ass against his crotch. The number was fast and Steffi was hot despite the bulk of cloth that surrounded her ass. She brought her hand and made him grip her waist, keeping her hand over his. Bobby pulled her closer and his hands wandered all over Steffi's front, roving from the pubis to just under her breasts.

It was almost a fuck while dancing.

As the song ended, they stayed together and Bobby glanced over to where his mom had been sitting. The stools where the Italian and Nina had been sitting were now empty. Only the other couple Nina had come with was still having their drinks.

Bobby looked around but the crowd was too much to really see.

The next song was a Svensk techno number. Steffi now faced him and started rubbing against him in earnest. Bobby turned his attention back to her and encircled her in his arms. She was tall, almost to his eye-level. He twirled her around and they started a dance that imitated the waltz.

During one sudden movement he spotted them.

Nina was moving her body with the music as the Italian slid down slowly till his face was level with her hips. Then Nina started thrusting her hips obscenely while the Italian struck his tongue out and started imitating cunnilingus. Nina threw her head back and laughed. Suddenly another couple came, blocking them from Bobby's view.

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