tagBDSMThe Journey - Epilogue

The Journey - Epilogue


I woke up with a start, and a feeling of horror mixed with shame came over me. Horror and shame about the way everything turned out at the end. The dream had started out so sexy, and had turned so dark at the end! How did I possibly dream such perversity?

I rarely ever remember my dreams, and in the event that I do, the details are always frustratingly vague. I've often wished that I could remember them. I wished to myself that I could forget this one, at least the latter parts of it, the ones that frightened me so much. More nightmare than dream. It was so damn uncannily clear! Some of the details of the conversations throughout were a little hazy, but the early part was almost more of a memory then a dream.

As in the dream, we have been playing with the T.S. training stuff!

We have also been playing with the dildo gag, and the strap on that we'd bought together a few weeks ago! Its been almost exactly like that! That part was as much a memory as it was a dream. That has never happened to me before. It was like watching a movie of the things that we've done on our shared journey together so far.

We've even been including shared fantasy ideas about you cuckolding me. You often whisper filthy things into my ear while you tease my caged cock, and the sex is always explosive once you finally unlock me. Cocks don't lie, and the dangerous fantasy was so fucking hot!

It's been so hot to be locked up and serving you, in all ways, but you always unlock me after I've made you come with my tongue, or the toys, and we've fucked like crazed lovers afterward every time. It's been amazing to finally be with you. To share a life together with you. The sex has been amazing. We belong together forever. I'm so pleased that we've begun our loving journey together, and I know that I want to be with you. For you, and for You. Forever. I'll do anything to make you happy.

In the dream, you were so cruel, though! We've joked about it all along, and you've had such fun mind-fucking me about actually "going there", as far as cuckolding me.

You'd even teased me by telling me a fantasy about flirting with a "guy at the office". I knew that you were just teasing me for fun, but it always made me stir and swell, caged or not. The threat of it made my pulse quicken every time. I was happy that we'd both agreed that it's way too dangerous and messy to pursue IRL, however. Some things are better left to "fantasy only" status.

I felt you stir sleepily next to me, and snuggle up against me. Still half asleep and heartbreakingly beautiful in your gentle slumber. It feels so damn good to feel your sexy body next to mine. Your hand always finds its way to my cock when you wake up next to me. When I'm unlocked, and you start stroking it, or take it into your mouth, we usually have a sexy, sleepy morning fuck. When I've been locked up for the night, or sometimes for several days, your finger lazily traces the surface of the hard cage, and you purr happily. Like you were stroking the fur of a prized pet. A possession. That invariably makes me swell up in the cage, and I immediately begin leaking pre-come in a Pavlovian response. You always enjoy pushing your finger into the opening at the end of the cage, and making me lick it up. So fucking hot. "Open your mouth, slave." You always say, playfully. It's sexy and fun.

You look so beautiful in the mornings. I'm always so happy to see your sleepy, happy face.

These have been the happiest three weeks of my life.

Today, as your eyes opened to look over at me, I bent forward to kiss you good morning as usual, but you stopped me.

"Baby?" You asked. "Yes, my love? I said.

"The plastic toys aren't really doing it for me, my love. I want to feel another cock inside me." My heart froze. That was almost exactly what you'd said in the dream.

"Remember that guy that I tell you about in the fantasy stories, the fictional 'guy at my office?'" "Yes, my love?"

"He's actually a guy that comes into the library that I volunteer at on Saturdays. He comes in every week. He has been flirting with me. A lot. I haven't actually been discouraging him. I would never, ever, cheat on you, and ruin what we have, my love, but I think I'd like to fuck him. Are we ready to take the next step?..."

The End.

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by Anonymous03/20/19


you knew it was going to end like this just another oldgrizzly story licking up another mans cum

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