tagRomanceThe Journey Home Ch. 07

The Journey Home Ch. 07


The drive to Sara and Peter's home only took about fifteen minutes seeing as they lived just a few miles away from Ben. The closer Ben got to their destination the more nervous Laura became. As Ben drove, he phoned Sara to let them know they were on the way. Little did they know that she would be waiting on the front lawn for the arrival of her sister.

"What's taking them so long, Peter?" Sara asked as she glanced down at her watch for the umpteenth time.

Ben turned left into the long, curved driveway and as he pulled up closer to the house Laura was pointing out things she had remembered, like the tire swing, which hung from the tree in the front yard and the rock garden she and Ben helped construct back when they were teenagers. Although engaged with finding things she'd recognized, she noticed her sister immediately.

"Oh lord! She's as big as a house!" Laura said as the car stopped and Ben shifted into park. Her heart pounded, her hands became clammy and she trembled as Ben opened her car door.

Sara stood anxiously on the lawn in front of Peter; his arms around her waist and her hands clenched against her chest, but as soon as the car stopped they walked quickly toward it. Sara wanted to run, but in her condition, that was obviously impossible.

"Man, is it good to see the two of you!" Peter said as he reached out to hug his brother. Sara paused momentarily, in disbelief that her sister was actually standing right in front of her. With tears in her eyes, Laura reached out and pulled Sara in, hugging her as tight as she could. The two women sobbed, clenching tightly to one another.

The neighborhood was very quiet and just as Peter suggested they take the celebration inside so they don't alarm the neighbors, Sara let out a blood curdling scream and grabbed her stomach. Sara was only eight months pregnant and when the first contraction befell, it scared her to death. Frightened that she did something to harm the baby; Laura ran back to Ben as Peter ran to Sara's side, "Oh honey! What is it?"

"Oh I'm all right Peter. It was just a surprise is all, but I do believe my water just broke," Sara said excitedly, yet rather quiet and breathless after the contraction subsided.

Laura watched in shock as Peter panicked, telling Ben to drive her to the hospital and he would go back into the house and get their other children. Sara laid on the back seat and Laura sat sideways, reaching behind her seat to hold her sister's hand.

"Drive faster Ben!" Laura shouted as Sara began another scream and then panted.

Laura remembered the lamaze classes she went to with her sister when Peter had to work during her first pregnancy. Almost instantly Laura began to count as Sara squeezed her hand tightly. "We're almost there Sara! Hold on!" Laura cried out as Sara's screams of pain continued and her contractions had gotten much closer together.

Ben pulled up to the emergency entrance and Laura ran in to get help. Nurses and the security guard rushed out with a gurney to get Sara into the hospital. Peter pulled in behind Ben just as the hospital staff wheeled Sara through the ER doors.

He ran in to be with his wife, "Ben! Take care of the kids, Please?" Peter shouted as the doors closed behind him. Fumbling with the restraints on the children's car seats Ben cursed under his breath, "What the fuck? How do these things work? Arghhh, " he yelled as the safety belts finally released and the children climbed down.

Laura and Ben took the children into the hospital to wait for their mom, dad and new brother or sister. Bobby, four years old and Linda three years old were tired and slept curled up in chairs as Ben and Laura paced impatiently awaiting any news from Peter or the nurse.

Three hours after they arrived, Peter came into the waiting room with a huge smile across his face, he could barely speak. "So? What's the word big guy?" Ben asked breathless, clenching Laura's hand.

"Well, the doctors definitely missed something, a big something during all those office visits!" Peter said as tears filled his eyes and then he continued. "Y-- you aren't going to..." he stammered, but was interrupted by Ben.

"C'mon man! Will you just spit it out? Is she okay? What did she have?"

Peter sat and took a deep breath as tears rolled down his face. He looked at Ben and Laura, clasped his fingers and put his hands up to his chin. In shock he finally responded, "Twins! A boy and a girl! They are cleaning the babies up now. We can go back and see them in a little while."

Peter finally relaxed in his chair as Ben and Laura congratulated him. Within an hour after the births, the nurse returned and informed them they could go back to see Sara and the babies. Peter woke Bobby and Linda and carried them back to see their mother and their new siblings.

Ben looked into the room, seeing a couple nurses tending to the newborns and Sara's obstetrician checking on her, he told Peter that he and Laura were going to go back home and that they would come back tomorrow. "Sara looks exhausted and besides, the two of you probably want to be alone right now anyway," Ben added.

Peter grabbed Ben by his shirt saying, "Like hell you will. Now get your ass in there and see Sara!" as he pulled him into the room.

"Oh no! I'm sorry, but you can't come in like that." A nurse whispered as she glared at Ben and then at Peter. She rushed over and Ben stopped in his tracks, not quite sure what was the matter.

"Come, follow me," the nurse said as she directed Ben and Laura to a small room opposite the nursery. She handed Ben a sterile gown and booties before handing Laura the same. "Put these on and then you may go visit Mrs. Whitfield and the babies," the nurse said as she walked out of the room. Ben was dressed first and helped Laura because her hands were trembling so much she couldn't get her gown tied.

When they were properly suited, Laura walked into the room. She felt an immediate comfort as she glanced around. The walls, a pleasant pale yellow with stencils of cartoon characters and the baby's beds were even in the room. On the opposite side of Sara's bed sat two white wooden rockers on either side of a large window with a view of the garden.

Laura saw Peter sitting in one of the chairs holding his new son while Sara, still in her bed, held their new daughter. A tear formed in Laura's eye when she saw her sister and she froze in the doorway. Ben walked up behind her and gave her a slight nudge.

"Are you going in or what?" he whispered as he walked around her towards Peter. Sara lay on the bed, looking down at her children, smiling. She still looked exhausted, but very happy with her to older children on the bed beside her and her new daughter in her arms.

"Sara dear, you have some company." Peter said adoringly.

"Oh my God! I thought it was a dream. Laura! It's really you?" Sara cried, her voice weak from the screams during her labor.

Laura was speechless as she stared at her sister, oblivious to everyone else in the room. She didn't hear the nurse who asked repeatedly if she would like to hold one of the babies before they went down for the night. She just stared at Sara.

"It's okay nurse. You can take them now. Ben and I are going to go grab a coffee and get a snack for the children," Peter said as he stood from the rocker. He carried his son to his crib and then called the other children to follow him. They walked out of the room seeing Laura still frozen in the exact place she stopped earlier.


"Hmmm? I wonder if the cafeteria is still open?" Ben wondered aloud as the two men and the children walked down the hallway toward the elevator.

Ben and the others walked into the elevator as the doors opened. Ben let the kids push the button for the desired floor and the doors closed. As soon as the elevator began its descent Bobby clenched his dad's leg and cried out, "I no like this moving box!"

When the elevator stopped the doors opened again, Bobby ran out so fast he nearly ran a doctor and nurse down as they passed the open doors.

"Bobby!" Peter called out in slight anger. Bobby stopped and turned to walk back to his dad. He passed the doctor and nurse again, walking this time. Peter leaned down pulling him over to apologize to them. "Now, young man; say you're sorry." Peter scolded the young boy.

In all the commotion, the nurse didn't see Ben at first, but when Peter stepped aside with Bobby's hand in his she saw him.

"Ben? Dr. Tate, it's Ben!" The nurse said to Ben and Dr. Tate at the same time and then continued. "Oh my God Ben, is something wrong with Laura?" She asked as Ben stared confused.

"I know it's been a long day Ben, but it's me Emma from Dr. Stone's office in Florida. Did something happen to Laura?" She asked as she walked up to him in a panic.

"Oh God no, Emma!" Ben replied and then continued. "Everything's perfect. She's upstairs with her sister Sara. This is my brother Peter, Sara's husband. They just had twins a few hours ago."

After the introductions Emma could see the children were becoming restless so decided to keep things short and let them on their way. She congratulated Peter, told Ben she would call him soon and then walked with Samuel down the hall in the direction they were headed, finally going home. Ben, Peter and the kids headed to the cafeteria.

"Who was that?" Peter asked Ben.

"That's Emma, the nurse who brought Laura back to Michigan and Dr. Samuel Tate is the doctor we have to go see next Monday for Laura's checkup." Ben answered as they reached the cafeteria.

The main section of the room was dark, but as Ben walked up to the entrance he noticed some vending machines that contained everything from sandwiches and chips to ice cream and candy. Peter gave the kids three dollars each and because this was a special occasion he let them get whatever they wanted.

"I hope I don't regret this later," Peter said with a chuckle, as he watched his kids run straight for the candy and pop machines.

Ben and Peter walked over to the seating area. There were two booths and a couple tables with three chairs each. Ben took a seat in one of the booths as he and Peter watched the kids. Bobby's eyes almost watered as he inspected each candy bar in the machine. He used one dollar to get a Snickers, then collected the change at the bottom of the machine. He then walked around his sister to get to the chip machine and knew immediately what he wanted.

"Ooh, I want that," he said as he pointed to the caramel corn on the top rack and continued. "Mommy never lets me get the good stuff." After he pushed the buttons to release the bag he turned to his dad and thanked him. He waited for his sister to make her selection and then they both joined their dad and Ben in the booth.

"It sure is a good thing Sara is upstairs asleep. She'd surely have my hide if she saw the kids eating like this!" Peter said as he watched the kids scarf down their goodies as if someone was going to take them away.


Back in the maternity ward, Laura finally walked toward Sara's bed, her stomach in knots. She stopped just short of Sara being able to touch her, but as the knot in her stomach disappeared she took the last few steps to Sara's bedside. "Oh my God, they're so beautiful!" she thought to herself as she looked at the newborn twins. Sara smiled as she watched Laura.

When Sara could actually touch her little sister she knew it wasn't a dream. She grabbed her hand and pulled Laura onto the bed beside her and hugged her tightly as she cried, "You had us scared to death! I'm so glad to have you back with us again."

"I'm sorry I couldn't remember anything after the accident. I've caused so much heartache and worry. I'm so sorry Sara." Laura cried as she hugged her sister, her face buried in Sara's shoulder.


"Excuse me gentlemen, but the hospital visiting hours are now over." The guard said to Peter and Ben.

The children had become restless and burned off some of the energy they consumed as they jumped across the colored squares of tile in the hallway. Ben and Peter stood, stretched and walked out of the cafeteria as Peter called out to his kids, "C'mon guys, it's time to let mommy rest now. Let's go say good night to her and your brother and sister upstairs."

The kids walked between Ben and Peter to the elevator and Bobby pushed the button with the arrow that pointed up. Soon the doors slid open and everyone got in. Bobby pushed the number of the floor his mom was on and the doors closed. Bobby wasn't hysterical this time and actually seemed to like the ride on the elevator. At the fourth floor the doors opened, everyone exited and then walked to Sara's room.

Sara looked exhausted as Ben and Laura said their goodbyes and reminded her that they would be back in the morning. Ben and Laura waited in the hall as Peter let the kids hug their mom and kiss the heads of their new siblings and then they tiptoed toward Ben and Laura as Peter said his goodnights to Sara.

"I love you. You've never looked more beautiful than you did today sweetheart," he said as he kissed her lips, wiped her brow and ran his thumb over her lips. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep quickly after everyone left the room.


Ben helped Peter get the children into their car seats as Laura took the keys and headed for Ben's car.

"Oh my God, what a day!" she sighed while she put the key into the ignition to roll down the window slightly. She reached behind her and pulled the seat belt across her lap and fastened it. Ben returned to the car a few minutes later and saw that she had fallen asleep.

With little traffic on the road at this late hour, they arrived home in no time at all. Ben pulled into the driveway, turned off the engine and reached over to unlatch Laura's seatbelt. Sliding the seatbelt slowly around her, he let it retract and saw her shift slightly in her seat. He paused briefly after scooping her in his arms; hoping he hadn't awakened her.

With Laura in his arms, Ben closed the car door with his foot. Her eyes still closed, she nestled her face into the crook of his neck. Without a word she began to kiss him. She remembered how that always drove him crazy; especially that little thing she did with her tongue when she'd kiss him there. "You better stop that before I drop you, missy!" Ben said, his tone deep and full of lust.

Laura knew the kitchen was right off the side door and when she heard the garage door close she kissed him harder and with greater passion. Ben couldn't stand the torture any longer.

He walked as far as the table and set Laura down with a plop, ripping her shirt off and then her bra. "Oh baby!" he growled as she followed his lead.

Once her shirt and bra were out of the way he laid her back to the table and with both hands pulled her breasts together so he could engulf both nipples at the same time.

"Oh Ben! Fuck me Ben! Fuck me now!" Laura screamed, her head tilted back and her chest heaving.

Most of the time, their lovemaking sessions were slow and romantic, both taking their time with foreplay. However, there were times when Laura liked it rough, fast and hard. Ben was happy to oblige. He pulled her ass to the edge of the table and spread her thighs as he kicked the chair out from between them. The chair slid across the floor as Ben pulled her calves to his shoulders.

Laura crossed her ankles around his neck and as she was propped up on her hips she fumbled with Ben's belt buckle. "Arghhhh! Get this damned thing off will you? I want you so much Ben! I want your hard cock deep inside me! Will you hurry up before I cum just looking at your body like this?" Laura screamed breathless as Ben unzipped his jeans, pushing them down to his knees, his briefs followed close behind.

One swipe of his index finger between her swollen labia to confirm she was wet enough was all it took to make her cum. As her body tensed and thrashed on the table, Ben inserted his shaft deep inside her with one hard thrust. The room smelled of sex as Ben pounded into her tight pussy over and over again. When he peaked, she screamed again as another orgasmic wave washed over her.

Ben's hips bucked against hers until she milked him dry. He collapsed on top of her exhausted, his shaft still rigid, deep inside her. As the moments passed, his firmness became flaccid and it slipped out with a quiet slurp. Their bodies now covered in perspiration made it easy for Ben to slide against her chest and when his lips reached hers, she responded with a fiery kiss that had his head spinning. Ben attempted to pick Laura up from the table without breaking their kiss, but it was hopeless. He was too exhausted.

Ben reached out his hand as she scooted off the edge of the table and they walked hand in hand to the bedroom. Walking over to the dresser, Laura opened the top drawer and reached in. "Oh shit!" she said as she pulled her hand back out and closed the drawer walking back to the bed where Ben was already tucked in.

"Well I guess you'll just have to put up with me naked beside you one more night until I get my clothes back from Emma!" Laura said seductively, secretly wanting more of Ben, but knew he was way too tired. She climbed in beside him and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

It was a glorious morning when Ben awoke. Laura, still asleep, curled up beside him. He moved off the bed slowly and quietly so as not to wake her. After his shower, he dressed and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. As he turned through the doorway of the kitchen, his mind immediately flooded with visions of the night before. Ben suddenly found himself sporting a huge erection.

As he rubbed it, he contemplated what to do next. "Shit, I already took a shower and I'm dressed," he thought, as he continued to rub his erection through the thick material of his jeans. "Oh screw it!" he whispered as he walked over to the counter, tore a sheet of paper towel from the roll on the stand and returned to the table. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his throbbing cock out and masturbated right there at the table! His eyes were closed and vivid images of Laura danced against the darkness of his eyelids. His hand slid quickly over the firm head and within moments he was spurting a fountain of semen.

Ben reached for the towel and quickly cleaned himself, righted his jeans and tossed the paper into the trash beneath the sink before he washed his hands. "Okay, now back to the business of the day!" he said under his breath as he grabbed his car keys and headed out the side door to his car.

Laura awoke alone in the big four-post bed, "Ben?" she called out. Hearing no response, she rolled out of bed, grabbed one of Ben's shirts then pulled it over herself while she and walked around the huge house; continuing to call out to him. Still no response. "Oh he probably went to the hospital to get my luggage from Emma!" she said excitedly and then walked back to the bedroom, heading straight for the bathroom to shower.

She reached in, turned the water on and adjusted the temperature before she pulled Ben's shirt off. "Ahhh, perfection," she said as she pushed the curtain aside, climbed over the edge of the tub and closed the curtain again; the warm water cascaded down her bare flesh.

Laura leaned against the coldness of the ceramic tiled wall and gasped, but with the combination of the warm water and her body heat escalating, the cold tile soon became comfortable to her touch.

The water pounded hard against her, "Ouch!" she shouted and then turned her body beneath the showerhead. She reached up and switched the pressure from massage to rainfall and then turned back to face the water. Droplets of water trickled over her firm breasts; continuing down the soft flesh of her abdomen and as she moved the flow alternated between her buttocks and her thighs.

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