tagLoving WivesThe Journey Pt. 02

The Journey Pt. 02


Before you read Part II, you should read Part I of this story if you have not. This is the story of a professional couple that, after ten years of marriage, realized that their sex life had become boring. The husband suggested a game where each of them would take a turn obeying the other for one week. The winner would be judged by how often they used a "safe" word. However, the husband had an ulterior motive; he wanted to see his wife with other men. The wife also had an ulterior motive. She bargained that if she won the contest, he would agree to let them have a baby a year earlier than planned. She played the game well, never using the "safe" word. Tim concedes the contest when he realizes that he had accomplished what he wanted. He knew that he had won the game. However, now that Janice has a taste of the forbidden, she finds it difficult to control her lust. Tim is more than willing to go along although he is a little concerned about the eventual outcome. As the story progresses, they both become more comfortable with the lifestyle and find that they have fallen even more deeply in love.


During the week in which Tim's wife obeyed him, he had seen his normally prudish wife blossom into the woman of his dreams. His fantasy of seeing her in sexual situations with other men excited him more than he even imagined it would. He couldn't explain why watching his wife make love to another man turned him on so much. While he knew that it was wrong and against every moral code, he also knew that he couldn't stop. However, along with his excitement, there is a strange feeling that he was finding difficult to define. It is almost a feeling of jealousy, but without the anger that he would have expected. Instead, in his stomach there are butterflies of excitement, churning restlessly, and making him shiver with desire. Yet, his brain screamed for him to stop it, to take her back and possess her himself. His paradox is that this strange emotion drives his excitement to even greater heights.

For Janice, the week was a turning point in her life. It was the discovery of inner desires, long suppressed. Her overbearing and strict parents had drummed into her that sex for pleasure was a sin. They made her believe that sexual relations were for one thing--making babies! Now, she had discovered a sexual person deep inside that was rapidly becoming insatiable and demanding satisfaction. The intensity of her desire almost frightened her, yet it continued to grow. The "Genie" had been let out of the bottle.

Chapter 1

A month or so later...

When Janice walked into her classroom on Monday morning, the normally noisy room grew quiet. She could feel the eyes of her 80 plus students following her. She smiled to herself as she walked to the podium, her naked thighs, above her thigh high nylons, touched sensuously and her nipples rubbed against the silk of her blouse. Suddenly, she was happy that Tim had finally convinced her to change the way she dressed for work.

As she stood in front of the crowed room, she felt a little thrill run through her at the thought that she was practically naked under her short skirt and low cut blouse. Her nipples grew hard and a tremor ran through her as she looked out at the class. It was so exciting to see the eyes of the young boys, and yes girls, focused on her thinly covered breasts. Little tingles of electricity were coursing through her groin. While she knew that her dress was inappropriate, the excitement coursing through her overshadowed her doubts.

"All right class, let's get started," Janice called out to the quiet room. She lectured for fifteen minutes or so then gave the class an assignment. As they worked, she walked around the room, stopping to look over the shoulders of the students to make sure that they were on the right track. When she saw someone struggling, she would lean over him or her to help. She could feel their eyes looking down her blouse. She knew that by the time the class was over, she was going to have to go to the bathroom and masturbate.

Several of the boys made it obvious where they were looking. In fact, some of the girls also looked. While she knew what the boys wanted, she wasn't sure about the girls. Was it envy or was it lust? she wondered. It surprised her that one of the girls accidentally (on purpose?) touched her breast with her forearm as she leaned close. What surprised her even more was that she pressed back, making it obvious that the touch was welcomed.

As Janice drove home that afternoon, she could feel her swollen sex lips throbbing between her legs. She rubbed them together unconsciously, squeezing the large lips in a vise between her thighs. Unfortunately, her day had been too busy to take the time to pleasure herself and now, she desperately needed relief.

When Janice approached the entrance to the expressway, she drove past it accidentally, her thoughts consumed in a sensual daydream. Before she realized it, she was on the street where Tim had taken her to the movie. Excitement rippled through her when she looked up and saw the flashing lights of the porn theater. On the marquee, in big letters, was the title "Brazen Slut Wives." As if some unknown force were pulling her, she turned into the parking lot and parked the car. She sat for a second, wondering what she was doing. Then, she got out of the car on shaky legs and walked around to the front of the theater, looking with concern at the rundown neighborhood. She quickly paid the attendant and waited for what seemed like a very long time for the little old man to produce her ticket. As she stood nervously at the booth, she looked behind her like a criminal watching for the cops. Then, with a ticket in her shaking hand, she walked into the grand lobby. She moved quickly past the concession stand, and into the dark theater, relieved to be out of the lobby.

As Janice's eyes adjusted to the dark, she walked slowly down the isles. The movie was already playing. She looked up and gasped when she saw what was on the screen. In bigger than life form, a woman was sucking on a man's penis, taking it all the way down her throat until the balls slapped her chin.

Janice stopped and stood frozen in the middle of the isle. She watched until the guy pulled an incredibly long penis from the girl's mouth and shot his cum all over her face. She shivered and watched as his goo dripped from the girls smiling face. Then, suddenly she realized she was standing in the isle staring at the screen and turned back to the darkened theater.

When Janice's eyes had adjusted from the bright light of the screen, she could see that there were ten or twelve men scattered around the theater, slumped down in their chairs. She found a seat in an empty row in the middle of the theater and slumped down herself, hoping vainly that she would be unnoticed by the other patrons.

This was totally insane, she told herself repeatedly. She must be nuts to drive into this section of town, let alone coming into a porn theater by herself. Still, her heart thumped with excitement as she stared at the big screen.

Janice relaxed a little in the relative security of her seat and watched the movie. The dialogue was inane but the point of the story was clear; there were men that liked to watch their wives have sex with others. It occurred to Janice that if they were making movies about that kind of relationships, it couldn't be that unusual. She almost smiled as she watched scene after scene depicting every sexual perversion imaginable. Her excitement was growing by the second. She watched in fascination as two men screwed a small blond girl, with both of their penises in her vagina at the same time. That's not even possible, she thought as her hand moved unconsciously to one thinly covered breast. Her nipple responded immediately and became hard under her fingers. She stared transfixed at the screen, unaware that two men had moved to her row, several seats away on either side. When she finally noticed the movement, she looked both ways in fear and felt trapped. For a moment, she thought of screaming but when they made no move to get closer, she relaxed a little, her eyes drawn back to the screen.

Now a black man was pounding into a pretty white woman's ass as the woman's husband sat in a chair watching.

Janice felt her pulse quicken as she watched the giant penis stretch the young woman. Although it looked like the girl should be in pain, she smiled and pressed her ass back at the large black shaft.

A few seconds later Janice looked to each side again. This time she gasped; both of the men had their penises out and were stroking them. Her eyes opened wide in amazement at their audacity. Suddenly, she realized that they could see her looking at them. However, when they made no move to get closer, Janice realized that this was a game that they were playing. She guessed that if she made any motion to them, they would move closer.

Janice sat rigidly, her hands on the arms of the chair. Her breathing grew rapid as she alternately watched the screen and the two men. As the minutes passed, Janice relaxed and a little smile came to her lips as a naughty thought crossed her mind. Her vagina throbbed almost painfully between her thighs.

Ignoring all of her rational senses, Janice reached up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Her nervous fingers fumbled with each button. She groaned excitedly when the last button was undone and the blouse hung open, held together only by her hard nipples. Her heart was pounding so hard that she could feel it in her temples. She felt a trickle of sweat roll down between her breasts.

Again, her rational mind screamed at her to stop this insanity. Finally, she gave in to her excitement, took a deep breath, and pulled the blouse to the sides, freeing both breasts. The cool air on her chest gave her goose bumps and made a little shiver run through her. Now, she could see other men in the theater moving so that they could get a better look at her.

In an incredible display of wantonness, Janice lifted her feet to the seat in front of her and spread her legs, her skirt falling to her hips, exposing her shaved vagina. One hand began to pinch an already hard nipple and the other went between her thighs. She moaned in excitement and shook with fear as the patrons of the theater gathered around her, still staying several seats away. Her eyes were wide with amazement as she pretended to watch the movie. However, she could see everything going on around her. Within seconds, each man had his penis out and was stroking it in an obscene fashion. She could feel their eyes on her private parts. They're watching me masturbate, she thought excitedly as her fingers began to make sucking noises between her legs.

Suddenly, there was no pretense of anyone watching the movie any longer. The large theater filled with quiet groans from the men and the slapping sounds of hands on penises.

Janice couldn't believe what she was doing. Yet, here she was, a college professor and wife, in a dirty theater, masturbating while a bunch of perverts watched. Who's the pervert? she thought. She felt like such a slut. Her mind screamed for her to stop this craziness but her fingers wouldn't listen.

Her fingers moved rapidly in and out of her sloppy hole as her eyes traveled from one pulsing penis to another. She no longer tried to hide the fact that she knew what they were doing. Her eyes scanned the dark room, watching hands moving rapidly on throbbing organs. Never once did she look at the faces of the men. Her whole world consisted of her fingers and the throbbing penises pointed at her.

The penises were all shapes and sizes, some large and some small. There were eight white and two black men. Janice had never seen a black penis in real life, until this moment. She shivered at the thought of her proper southern mother finding out that she had watched men masturbate.

Soon, Janice heard a loud groan. She looked at the screen but realized that it was the man next to her climaxing. She turned just in time to watch as his penis throbbed and began to squirt his juice. It was almost as if his climax was happening in slow motion. She could see the thick white juice spew out of the head and past the arm of the empty chair next to her, splattering on the seat. She briefly thought of the next person who would occupy that chair. Then another moan caught her attention as he was shooting his sperm onto the floor. Then, one after the other the men climaxed, moaning and spraying their juice. Two of them even hit her nylon-covered leg.

Suddenly, the air in the theater was heavy with the smell of sex and the groans of climaxing men. Janice felt her own vagina begin to throb. The muscles in her legs tighten as her legs stretched over the seat in front of her. She squeezed her nipple hard and buried her fingers deep in her hole. Her hips lifted up off the seat and she screamed as a strong climax ripped though her. Her scream was so loud that it drowned out the moaning coming from the speakers. As her body convulsed in pleasure, she slid further down in the seat until her legs were in the air and obscenely spread. Her hips moved up and down to meet the plunging fingers until, finally, she collapsed back into the seat with her eyes closed, her breath coming in great gasps.

Suddenly, around the room Janice heard the scurrying men and the sound of zippers being pulled up. When she opened her eyes again, the men had disappeared, like insects when the lights come on. Some had gone back to their seats while others had apparently left. The entire scene had taken only minutes to happen and seemed so bizarre, almost surreal.

Suddenly, Janice's face felt flushed as embarrassment consumed her. Quickly, she straightened her clothes and hurried toward the lobby. She kept her head down as she walked past the concession stand and onto the street. It felt as though every eye in the lobby was on her... like everyone knew what she had done.

Janice could feel her swollen vagina still pulsing as she drove home. However, gradually, the embarrassment and fear disappeared, replaced by a strange satisfaction. A smile crossed her lips at the total craziness of the situation and she laughed aloud. God, what would her "oh so proper" friends and associates at school think? she mused. It was all Tim's fault anyway, she rationalized... he was the one that started all of this... it was his fault that she was becoming a slut.

Chapter 2

Tim barely knew what hit him when he walked into the house that evening. He had just sat his briefcase down when he saw Janice coming toward him wearing only a sexy bra and panties. He didn't even get to voice his surprise before their lips met in a passionate kiss. As soon as their lips parted, Janice was stripping off his clothes in a frenzy. Then she practically dragged him into the living room, pushed him onto the sofa, and slid between his legs. Within seconds, he was moaning in pleasure as she began to suck his rapidly swelling penis.

Janice was so hot that she could barely stand it. She had been fantasizing about this moment since she walked in the door. As she sucked Tim's penis, she could almost see those men watching her. She fantasized that she was sucking one of them-though she knew she would never do that. In her fantasy, she would suck one off, then move to the next one, and then the next, until they had all cum in her willing mouth, the crowd cheering their approval.

Janice barely realized that Tim was calling out a warning until she felt him begin to squirt his semen into her mouth. When she realized what was happening, her vagina throbbed as a little climax ran through her. She gagged momentarily, but continued to suck until he was limp. Then, her eyes looked up at her husband lovingly as she swallowed one last time and then licked her lips.

"Wow, what did I do to deserve that?" Tim gasped as he tried to catch his breath.

Janice smiled up at him and went back to sucking, never answering the question. When Tim was hard again, Janice stood up with a wild look in her eyes. She straddled his waist, reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties aside, then slid her already wet vagina over his penis.

"Oh God," she moaned as her weight forced the hard shaft deep into her warm hole. Grunting her pleasure, Janice began to bounce up and down. It only took a few seconds until she was climaxing. She pulled Tim to her breasts as her body shook in pleasure. As the tremors slowed, she began to move up and down again, never letting his penis come out of her hole. Janice worked her husband's penis for over an hour, until she had climaxed several more times and Tim had released his second load into her satisfied body.

Tim knew that something must have happened today for Janice to be this hot. He wasn't complaining, just curious. He knew that she would eventually tell him.

Janice and Tim sat at the table having a late dinner. They were both tired but very satisfied for the moment. Janice could feel little pangs of regret at her out of control behavior today; both in the theater and later at home.

"So, what got into you today?" Tim asked with a smile. His eyes twinkling as he looked at his sexy wife.

"I guess walking around all day practically naked must have had some affect," Janice lied with a smile. Actually, it wasn't really a lie; it just wasn't the entire truth. However, she found that she had to tell him. The truth was what their new relationship was all about. So, in a halting tone, she began recount her day.

Tim sat with his eyes wide in amazement as Janice revealed the true story. He had a perpetual grin on his face and he hung on every word. It seemed to him that he was listening to some unbelievable porn movie script. This couldn't be his wife, he thought.

When Janice was done, she looked at Tim for his disapproval. She was surprised to see him smile.

"Wow, that was some afternoon you had. But you know how dangerous that was don't you?" he added with caution and a bit of a frown.

"Yes," she whispered. "It was really stupid."

"Next time," he said seriously then paused, "Make sure you take me." Then his face broke into a smile.

Janice's face lit up. "I will," she said sincerely and jumped up and sat on his lap. "I don't know what's gotten into me but, I'm horny all the time now."

"I guess I created a monster," Tim said and laughed. Maybe he HAD created a monster, he thought. A beautiful and sexy monster!

Chapter 3

Tim wasn't a carpenter, but he felt good about the work he had done on their bedroom closet. The only thing left to do was to hang the door with the large see-through mirror. Inside the closet, Tim had designed a place for a chair, which bolted to the floor, but could be moved when not in use.

When he had suggested to Janice that he redesign the closet with the special mirror, she was ecstatic. As a reward, Janice told him that she would have a special surprise birthday present for him when he was done the room. He could only guess that the surprise would be sexual in nature.

Tim was deep in thought and had just finished hanging the door when Janice walked into the room.

"Very nice," Janice said, impressed with Tim's work. She never realized that he had that kind of talent. "Wow, it looks just like a normal mirror from here. Sit on the bed and let me see," she said as she walked into the closet and closed the door, turning out the light. She sat in the comfortable armchair, now attached to the floor, and looked into the brightly lit bedroom. She almost gasped when she saw that the mirror seemed to have a magnifying effect on the features of the bedroom. It appeared as if she could reach out and touch Tim as he sat on the end of the bed. Then she looked up and saw the speakers Tim had installed. She could actually hear him breathing.

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