The Journey Pt. 02


The large mirror on the door was very special. Tim had paid a great deal of money to have it specially designed for his purpose. It was shaped in a way that made everything seem much closer without distorting the view. The speakers had also been a special purchase from one of those Internet spy shops and were designed to pick up every sound in a room, including a whisper.

"This is incredible," Janice said with a big smile of excitement as she came out of the closet. She walked over to Tim and pulled him to her, kissing his lips passionately. "Only two more days. I can hardly wait," she said breathlessly.

Tim would be thirty-six years old in two days.

Tim could feel that now familiar fluttering in the pit of his stomach as he sat in the chair behind the mirror. It had been a wonderful evening. Janice had gone out of her way to prepare his favorite dinner and then had a cake with thirty-six candles. She had teased him unmercifully all evening. However, she wouldn't let him go any further than passionate kisses and a little finger action. He had been erect since he first saw her walk into the dinning room with that skintight blue dress on. It barely covered her crotch and the V at the neck went all the way to her navel. He stared at her hard nipples all night under the thin material of the dress.

Tim noticed that Janice had chosen to wear a locket around her neck again. It was the one that she had worn the night she made love to Dan. Inside was their favorite picture of their wedding day. It had becoming a symbol, symbolizing her love for him, no matter who she was with. It was an incredible physiological bond between the two of them. It was like a secret that they alone shared, like they were conspirators of sorts.

Now, Tim was sitting nervously behind the mirror waiting for Janice; waiting to see what she had planned as his special present. He had a pretty good idea what it was, so he wasn't surprised when she told him to sit naked in the chair and wait for her. She made him promise not to touch himself; she wanted it all for her later. He knew that that order was going to be difficult, if not down right impossible to obey.

Janice was very nervous also as she sat waiting for the doorbell to ring. She had been incredibly brazen when she called Steve several days ago and told him she needed another massage. Then, when she told him that her husband would be away, she could almost hear him gasp. It was no surprise to her that he immediately agreed to come over. He even had to cancel another appointment.

When the doorbell rang, Janice jumped and then stood on weak legs, walking self-consciously to the door. Did she look okay? she thought as she straightened her robe. She had on the same soft white robe that she wore the last time, and, like the last time, she was naked underneath. She had spent the afternoon in the beauty salon having her hair, make-up, and nails done. She took one last look in the foyer mirror before she turned to the door.

"Hi Steve," Janice said as she opened the door and saw the attractive young man standing on the porch nervously. She saw his eyes scan her and then an approving smile appeared on his handsome face. Janice scanned his trim body with her eyes also. He was wearing the same type of outfit as before: tight tee shirt, thin harem pants with a rope belt and tennis shoes. It must be his "work" uniform, she thought.

"Hi Mrs. Harwick," he said formally as he walked past her, carrying his case of supplies.

"It's Janice," she said in a seductive tone, her eyes swimming with lust.

"Okay, uh... Janice, let me sit this down and I'll get my table," Steve said shyly.

"No need to do that Steve. We'll just use my bed." Janice saw Steve's eyes grow wide in surprise. Suddenly, he almost looked like a little boy who's mom told him that he was going to the circus. He's so cute, she thought. Then a naughty thrill rushed through her as she glanced at his crotch brazenly. There was a definite bulge there already. She felt so much like a femme fatale, a seductress-maybe a younger Mrs. Robinson.

There was a wide smile on Steve's face as she looked back at Janice, just as brazenly. He had hoped for a replay of the last session, at best, but now it appeared that she wanted a lot more. While he knew what he was about to do was incredibly unprofessional, yet wild horses couldn't stop him now. He could feel his penis begin to throb under his thin pants.

"Follow me," Janice said, then took his hand and led him to the stairs. When they reached the steps, Janice led the way, moving quickly in front of him. She could feel her already swollen sex lips begin to drip as she walked up the stairs. Am I swaying my hips too much? she thought as she ascended the steps. She knew that he must have quite a view.

Steve did have quite a view. He held back just a bit, letting Janice move up a step or two. A gasp escaped his lips when he saw that she was naked under the robe. He could see her soft thighs and the pout of her smoothly shaved sex, with those fat inner lips, squeezed between her legs. He remembered those lips. He had never seen any that large before. His mouth practically drooled at the thought of sucking them. By the time they reached the top of the stairs, his penis was throbbing painfully in his pants.

When Tim saw the light come on in the bedroom, and Janice walk in, he felt his heart begin to race. Then he gasped when he saw Steve walk into their bedroom, a step or two behind her. While, he had guessed that she would be bringing Steve over, it still shocked him to see the fit and handsome young man walk into his personal domain that he shared with his wife. When Dan had stayed here, Tim had slept in the basement and had not seen him in his own bedroom. This was so much more personal, he thought. Most men would have been upset to have their wife alone in a bedroom with another man. However, it thrilled Tim immensely.

Tim was so close to the couple that he was afraid to move. It almost seemed like he was in the room with them; the mirror was working beautifully. He could even hear their excited breathing through the speakers on the wall above him.

"Uh... we should, uh... we need to put something on the bed so the... uh oil doesn't get on everything," Steve said, suddenly nervously, as he sat his case down.

Janice walked over to the bed and turned around, smiling at the young man and said, "I don't think we're going to need that much oil, I think I'm lubricated enough." She looked into Steve's eyes as she slowly slipped her robe off her shoulders and let it fall to her feet.

"Oh God," Steve moaned as he stared at her gorgeous naked body. His eyes traveled from her smiling face to her large breasts, now moving up and down with her excited breathing. Then his gazed moved to her groin. Another gasp escaped him as he saw the shiny liquid dripping from her swollen lips. He could see strings of the clear juice hanging like a silky spider web, attaching her sex lips to her thighs. He had never seen anything so exciting in his life.

Janice opened her arms to Steve.

It took him three quick steps to reach her and pull her naked body to him passionately. There were three moans as the two kissed; one moan came from behind the mirror.

As soon as Tim moaned, he realized that he needed to be careful because another slip could have given him away. However, that might be impossible because, like Steve, he had never seen anything as exciting in his life. When he had watched Janice kiss Dan, it had been dark and they were a good distance away. Even in the bar with the two strangers, it had been dark. But, now he had a close up view, and could plainly see their tongues working in each other's mouths and his wife's soft breasts squeezed tightly between their bodies. Then, as if Janice knew what Tim was thinking, their lips parted and their tongues dueled out in the open, exchanging their saliva in an almost obscene manner. He watched Janice suck on Steve's tongue, then switch and let him suck her tongue into his mouth. They're almost "fucking" with their mouths, he thought.

"Come over here," Janice said breathlessly as she pulled away from Steve and took his hand. As soon as they were standing in front of the full-length mirror, Janice pulled Steve's tee shirt over his head. Then, she paused and looked at his half-naked body, her eyes admiring his chiseled frame, her hands caressing his hard chest. There was no doubt that he spent a lot of time in the gym, Janice thought. Then she took a deep breath of excitement and slowly began to kiss down his tanned chest, stopping to suck and lick his nipples briefly.

Tim's heart was beating so fast that he thought they would be able to hear it and his eyes were wide in excitement. He could almost feel that sweet tongue that he knew so well, licking his own chest. Then, he saw his beautiful wife go to her knees in front of her soon-to-be lover and watched her kiss his muscular stomach, making the muscles tremble. He could feel his own stomach twitch in excitement.

Steve's excitement was so great that he could hardly watch the older woman kiss him. Still, he forced his eyes to stay open and watch her tongue work across his stomach, leaving a wet trail of saliva on his hot skin. He couldn't believe his good luck. While he had had sex with some beautiful women before, none were as hot or as enthusiastic as Janice.

As Janice reached the waistband of Steve's pants, she pulled back and stared at the bulge. Then, she reached up with both hands and caressed the throbbing erection under the cotton pants. She squeezed the material around the shaft, outlining the long tube of flesh, and running her hands up and down. She smiled when she saw a wet spot appear at the point where the slit touched the material. Her head moved forward and began to kiss the wet fabric at the tip, tasting his juice.

Steve moaned as he watched Janice's lips and tongue cause the cloth to become saturated with her saliva. Soon, he could feel the heat of her lips through the sopping wet cotton.

Finally, Janice pulled back and smiled up at Steve, her hands still holding him tightly. She could feel his penis pulsing with need. She took a deep breath and reached up to the waist of his pants.

Tim held his breath as well as he watched Janice's pretty, manicured hands untie Steve's rope belt and then put her red painted fingers into the sides of his pants.

Slowly, Janice pulled the material out from his waist and moved it downward. The elastic waistband caught on the swollen head and pulled his penis downward. Then, like his penis was spring loaded, it sprang up and hit his stomach with a splat, his pre-cum juice splattering onto Janice's face. She giggled, but her eyes were filled with lust as she watched the long penis throb, just inches from her suddenly dry lips.

"Oh my God," Tim whispered to himself as he saw Steve's large penis for the first time. It stood like a tower, throbbing with his heartbeat, the crimson head almost touching his navel.

Janice let Steve's pants fall carelessly to his ankles. Without realizing it, she licked her dry lips as she stared at the drooling head. Then, she reached up with a trembling hand and grasped the shaft, pulling it down until it was pointing at her mouth. "Watch me in the mirror as I suck your cock," she whispered, her voice hoarse with excitement. Then, she turned and looked directly at Tim, her eyes sparkling with lust.

The two lovers were so close that Tim could actually see the veins pulsing in Steve's penis. He had never been this close to another man's sexual parts. "Oh Jesus," he moaned quietly as he watched his wife open her mouth and take the large head inside. Then, suddenly he squirmed in the chair when he saw both Steve and Janice's eyes looking directly at him.

Janice moaned deep in her throat, as she tasted Steve's sweet pre-cum juice again. His juice was running out of the slit like a river. She held the large head in her mouth and grasped his hips, her fingers squeezing his strong buttocks, pulling him into her waiting mouth. She sucked him as deeply as she could before her gag reflex took over and she had to let him slide slowly back out.

Tim eyes never left his wife's mouth. He could see her lips stretched impossibly wide to accommodate the large tool. He watched as the shaft quickly became saturated with her saliva that dripped carelessly to the floor. Then, he heard Steve moan and saw him grasp his wife's hair possessively, guiding her head up and down his pole. Tim's own shaft throbbed painfully. He wanted desperately to grasp it but knew that if he did, he would shoot off in a second. His fingers gripped the arms of the chair tightly as his brain urged him to go ahead and jerk off.

It didn't take a long time for Steve to show signs that he was going to climax. His hips jerked in little spasms as his hands moved Janice's willing head back and forth. His fingers tangled in her hair as he groaned in excitement.

Janice recognized the signs and quickly pulled away, leaving his penis throbbing in the cool air. "Get on the bed," she ordered.

Steve complied without a word. He quickly climbed onto the middle of the bed and spread his legs almost obscenely, his strong thighs framing his squirming testicles, his shaft pointing at the ceiling.

Tim almost felt like he was on the bed with them. He could see every hair on Steve's large balls as they hung heavily between his thighs. An incredible thrill ran through him when he thought of the all the sperm inside those balls. He knew that it was going to end up somewhere inside wife in a few minutes.

When Janice joined Steve on the bed, she straddled his face, standing unsteadily on the soft mattress, facing the mirror. Then, she looked at the mirror and slowly squatted. She had to close her eyes in pleasure as her swollen vagina spread across Steve's mouth.

Steve was in heaven as he watched the smooth lips of Janice's vagina move toward his mouth. He had wanted to suck those lips the minute he had seen them. He moaned when he tasted her abundant juices as the warm flesh pressed to his waiting mouth. Immediately, his tongue went to work.

"Oh God, that's it Steve, lick me," Janice moaned. She sat heavily on Steve's face, opening her legs and forcing her weight onto his squirming mouth. His tongue went in deep, touching places that no tongue had ever touched. Janice began to move up and down, partly from excitement but also to let Tim see what was happening.

Tim was watching closely. He could see Steve's tongue disappear into his wife's hole and then come back out glistening with her juice. He watched those beautiful sex lips spread on Steve's face each time she forced herself down. He knew how that felt and could almost taste her himself.

Soon, Janice was literally bouncing up and down on Steve's face, her juice splattering on his chin and running down his neck. When she felt like she was close to a climax, she stopped moving and leaned forward until her face was over Steve's pulsing rod. Her hands rested on Steve's strong thighs as she looked at the mirror.

Tim saw her lust filled eyes looking directly at him. He felt his heart soar as their eyes met secretly.

Janice took the locket with the picture inside, held it up and kissed it, and then mouthed, "I love you!" She laid the locket over Steve's penis so that it would be visible as she sucked him. Then, she opened her mouth and took his penis deep into her throat, almost to his balls. It was the deepest she had ever taken a penis. She fought the need to gag as the large head stretched her throat.

Steve moaned and his mouth stopped moving on her swollen lips as excitement rippled through his body. He gasped for breath as he felt her throat muscles working on him.

Janice held him like that, barely breathing as she let her throat adjust. Saliva began to run from her stretched lips and across Steve's testicles.

The excitement was almost too much for Tim. He wanted to close his eyes but forced them to stay open. He was amazed at how much of Steve's penis she had in her mouth. As he looked at her pretty eyes, he could see them watering with the effort. Suddenly, he knew that she was doing this for him. Tim shivered in excitement.

Finally, Janice had to pull away in order to breath. Quickly though, she took the shaft back into her mouth, forcing it deeper still. She kept trying but was unable to take it all. Finally, she gave up and began to suck.

Steve's mouth began to move again as he controlled the urge to climax.

Janice moaned around his shaft when she felt Steve's mouth suck her trembling lips inside. It didn't take very long for Janice to feel like she was ready to climax. The combination of Steve's experienced tongue and the thrill of sucking Steve as Tim watched brought on a cascade of emotions. Just a few short weeks ago she would have chastised herself for even fantasizing about something like this. Now, incredibly, she was sucking another man's penis as he ate her, with her husband secretly watching.

Steve licked Janice's swollen sex lips, then took the meaty flesh into his mouth, and sucked hard. The thick, blood engorged lips filled his mouth. He chewed her flesh gently before his tongue slid through the slick skin searching for her clit. When he found the hard nub, he began to flick his tongue rapidly across it.

Suddenly, Janice pulled her head back from his penis and moaned as her body began to shake in pleasure. "Oh my Goddddddd!!!" she screamed as a strong climax roared through her. Her hips pressed hard onto the young man's face, her juice was squirting out like rain, running down his cheeks and chin, nearly drowning him.

Steve swallowed quickly to avoid choking, but there was just too much juice and it began to run out of his mouth. Still, Steve took as much as he could and sucked for more.

As soon as Janice's body stopped quivering, her mouth went back to Steve's throbbing penis. Now, she was like a mad woman, sucking and licking his pulsing shaft, her head bouncing up and down, taking him deep into her throat again. Several times she looked directly at the mirror, her mouth filled with his penis, her lips stretched wide, a slick drool of saliva leaking from the corners, the golden locket bouncing on his balls.

Tim was beyond excitement now. He was shaking as he stared at his wife's beautiful face, her lips wrapped around a strange man's penis and the symbol of their love lying on his balls. When he saw those balls tightening under the locket, he knew that Steve was close. He watched the young man's leg's stretch out and his thigh muscles become taut. Tim thought he might be climaxing when he saw the base of Steve's penis pulse, his balls tighten and heard his loud moan. Then he saw Janice's eyes close in pleasure. Still, he wasn't certain what was happening.

When Janice's eyes opened again, she looked directly at Tim, her eyes swimming with lust. Her jaws were sucked in and her lips were almost smiling around Steve's shaft. Then, she slowly pulled up from his penis with a pop, her lips closing quickly. With her beautiful face looking directly at the mirror, she opened her mouth as wide as she could.

Tim gasped aloud again. "Oh my God!" he moaned. He felt like he was going to pass out when he saw that his wife's mouth was filled with Steve's thick white cream. The sperm filled her mouth almost to overflow, the thick juice completely hiding her tongue, the bubbles making it look as if it were boiling. It was hard for Tim to believe that one man could cum so much, but there was the proof in his wife's open mouth.

Without her eyes ever leaving the mirror, Janice closed her mouth and swallowed once, then again, and again, forcing the thick liquid down her throat. A long trickle of cum ran from the corner of her mouth and dripped from her chin.

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