The Journey Pt. 02


Tim sucked in his breath as he saw his wife's throat muscles work to swallow the thick discharge. Suddenly, without being touched, Tim's penis gave a mighty throb, the head expanded as if it were going to burst, and then sperm began to shoot out like a fountain. It squirted all the way up his body and hit him in the face with a splat. Then each throb afterward sent a string of cum onto his chest and stomach, almost scorching his skin. Finally, the ropes of sperm grew shorter until there was just a dribble. His balls were finally empty. He slumped exhausted in the chair, his eyes barely open. Through an exhausted haze, Tim saw Janice lick her lips and smile dreamily. She even lifted the locket and licked a drop of sperm from the gold surface.

Chapter 4

Tim looked around the closet, found an old shirt, and used it to clean himself up. When he went back to the chair, he saw that Steve and Janice's naked bodies were pressed together and they were kissing again. Tim sat patiently, watching as they kissed and cuddled for a long time. He wanted to be the one holding her, to be the one kissing her lips. However, he knew that his time would come soon.

As Janice continued to kiss Steve, she reached down and began to play with his flaccid penis. She laid her head on his shoulder, looked at the mirror, and smiled at her husband as her hand began to bring a response once more from her lover. It only took several minutes before she had him hard again.

Tim was amazed at the young man's recuperative powers. He didn't think he was ever able to recover so quickly, he thought as he watched his wife work his penis until it was throbbing in her fist again.

When Steve was about ready to move between Janice's legs, she stopped him. "I don't want you in my pussy," she said almost shyly.

Steve looked at her with surprise, suddenly confused.

Janice's comment caught Tim's attention as well.

Janice hesitated, avoiding Steve's eyes. "I... I... want you to fuck me in the ass!" she said breathlessly.

The words jumped out of the speakers at Tim. He gasped and amazingly, his own wilted penis began to fill with blood. He couldn't believe what his wife had just said nor could he believe that he was hard again. Maybe he just needed to have the right stimulation in order to recover quickly.

"Really?" Steve asked in shock and then a wide smile crossed his face.

"God, yes. I've wanted this hard cock in my ass ever since the first day I saw you," Janice lied. When she first saw Steve, she hadn't ever had a penis in her ass. It would have been beyond her wildest imagination at that time, but now she was acting like she did it all the time.

"Uh... I've... uh never done that," Steve said as face turned red with embarrassment.

Janice couldn't hide her surprise. "A virgin!" she said in shock, before she caught herself. Janice was not much more experienced than Steve. In truth, she was more than a little frightened to take his large instrument up her tiny passage. However, it also thrilled her and she knew that Tim would love to see it.

"Get some oil," she said.

Steve hurried to his case, his erect penis bouncing in front of him. He pulled out a bottle of expensive scented oil and brought it back to the bed.

Janice slid to the foot of the bed and sat up. "Come over here lover," she said, crooking her finger at Steve.

Steve walked over, his hard penis pulsing with life, already dripping his pre-cum again. He, like every man, had always wanted to try anal. Unfortunately, his penis was so large that he hadn't met a woman that would let him do it. He wasn't about to miss this chance. His legs were almost shaking as he hurried over to stand in front Janice.

Janice almost gasped when she looked at the size of his throbbing organ and thought of it stretching her tiny anal hole. She swallowed bravely and took the oil into her trembling hand. Then, she had Steve stand to the side so that Tim would be able to see. She held his penis in one hand and poured oil on the swollen head. She put the bottle down and used both hands to smear the slick liquid up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the head. Her fingers twisted and turned on the head, covering it with a thick coat of oil. Her index finger and thumb made a circle around the base of the crown and then them pulled down to coat the shaft. Then she poured more on the swollen head. Janice knew that once she got the head inside, the rest would be easy.

Tim was holding his breath as he watched his wife work her hands up and down the long shaft of Steve's penis. If anything, it looked even longer than before. He could see that the young man was incredibly excited at the prospect of putting his penis into his wife's ass. The veins were so swollen that it didn't look real. It looked like one of those life-like dildos that women used on each other. The head was purple, almost angry looking and shining with oil. It throbbed in her fist.

When Janice was satisfied with her work, she climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees.

Both Steve and Tim watched in amazement as she reached back and separated her ass cheeks with her hands. The skin stretched taut and the tiny crinkled star puckered outward. Her tiny hole was twitching in excitement and her swollen vagina lips were slick with juice again.

"Put some oil on my asshole." Janice said breathlessly, her ass beginning to sway back and forth in need.

Steve crawled onto the bed on his knees. He held the bottle of oil in his trembling fingers and let a long stream of oil pour on Janice's asshole. Quickly, he reached a finger up and forced it deep into her ass, pushing the oil inside her.

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!" Janice moaned as the thick finger went into her as far as it could go. Then, the finger began to move in and out slowly, twisting around to coat her anal walls with oil.

Steve heard Janice grunt as he added a second finger, pressing it deep into her bowels. This was beyond anything he had imagined. It was hard from him to believe that this woman was letting him do this. He was almost afraid to put his large instrument inside the tiny hole. However, he was surprised at how elastic it felt as he turned his fingers this way and that, stretching her open. He spread his fingers apart until he could actually see into her body. Then he took the bottle of oil and let a stream pour directly into the opening between his fingers. He watched with excitement as the clear liquid disappeared into her dark cavern.

Tim was trying not to grasp his own hard penis as he sat mesmerized in his chair. This time, he definitely wanted to wait until they were done. Unconsciously, he slid to the edge of his chair and leaned forward, staring at the fingers in his wife's anal passage.

"Fuck me! Please!" Janice moaned when she couldn't take anymore. "Fuck my assssss!!!"

Steve threw the bottle of oil onto the bed and moved between her spread legs. He had to lift up on his toes to position his penis at the entrance of her little hole. He pointed the swollen head downward. It'll never go in, he thought as he pressed the fat head to the tiny hole.

The sphincter muscles resisted mightily.

Janice grunted and pressed outward, forcing the hole to open slightly.

"Ohhhhhhhh Jesusssss!!!" she hissed as the head slid through the elastic band of muscles, stretching the hole wide. It was a tight fit but finally the head disappeared inside her anal canal, the sphincter muscle clamping tightly to the shaft just below the swollen crown.

Steve sighed with relief when he saw her little hole grasping the head of his penis, the tight ring almost cutting off circulation. He waited a few seconds, letting them both catch their breath and then, he lifted up further and pressed downward with his hips, using his weight for leverage. Slowly, inch-by-inch, his penis began to move into her body.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," Janice moaned incoherently. Her head tossed back and forth and her fingers gripped the bedspread tightly as her anal canal began to spasm around the invading shaft. She could feel the swollen head stretching her as it moved deep inside, sliding across the elastic walls.

Tim had a great view now. It was almost as if Steve knew he was watching from the foot of the bed. He stared with wide-eyed amazement as Steve's shaft disappeared. He couldn't imagine where it was all going. However, within seconds, the entire shaft was inside his wife's body. He felt that tightness in his stomach that came with jealously. It was almost as if he was watching his wife's virginity being taken. He suddenly wanted it to be him. Still, his penis throbbed and poured a steady stream of pre-cum juice from the tiny slit in the head.

"Wait! Wait!" Janice gasped, when she felt the shaft hit bottom and his balls touch her swollen sex lips. Her breathing had become rapid and erratic as she gasped for breath.

Steve held still, his legs beginning to shake with the strain as he waited for her to tell him it was okay to move. He could feel her trying to relax, her hips squirming back and forth under him. Seconds seemed like hours.

Slowly Janice forced her anal canal to relax and adjust to the invasion. She felt fill, stretched, but there was no pain. Then, she felt little spasms of pleasure began to radiate deep inside her. She squirmed from side to side and moved her knees further apart. "Okay... okay... fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

Steve didn't need to be told twice. He bent his knees and lifted up, pulling his long penis almost all the way out of her ass and paused. He held his breath, looked down, and saw the way his penis was stretching her ass. Then he exhaled and pushed back inside forcefully.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Janice moaned as the shaft slid deep into her. She could feel ever inch move past her stretched sphincter muscle. A second later she gasped as she felt his balls slap on her swollen sex lips again.

Steve pulled quickly back out, and then pressed downward again. Soon, he was moving at a slow but steady pace. His ass moved up and down, his balls swinging back and forth, making a wet slapping sound.

Tim looked on in total amazement as his shy, formerly prudish wife took the large penis into her body with ease now. With each outward pull, her ass would pucker out, gripping him as if it wanted him back inside. When he pushed forward, the tiny ring would disappear and her ass cheeks would close around his shaft. Tim watched as her hips began to respond, moving in time with Steve's thrusts, pushing back to take him deep.

"Oh Jesus, fuck me hard! Fuck me hard!" Janice screamed, suddenly wanting him to pound her as hard as he could.

Steve complied, his hips moving up and down with almost blinding speed. Sweat began to drip from his body as his ass moved in a blur.

Suddenly, Janice grunted in pleasure and her vagina convulsed, her ass squeezing the rod even tighter. From deep inside her body, spasms began rippling through her abdomen and up her torso, turning her into a quivering mass of flesh. She began to shake all over as she began to climax.

Steve felt her spasms but didn't stop for one instant. He continued to pound into Janice's little hole, bringing her to one peak after another. Now that he had climaxed once, he could go on for a long, long time. And, he did, driving into her hole tirelessly and relentlessly.

Tim watched as Steve pounded his wife's ass for over a half-hour. It was impossible to tell how many climaxes Janice had during that time. It may have been only one, long, continuous climax. There seemed to be no beginning or end.

Eventually, Tim could see that Steve was close to losing control. His strokes grew shorter and even more rapid. Then, Tim saw Steve's ass cheeks tense and then he bellowed like a bull, forcing his rod all the way into her.

Janice was whimpering deliriously as she felt Steve's penis expand deep inside her. Then, she felt his sperm pouring into her bowels, filling her with his thick discharge, and soothing her ravaged asshole. Throb after throb sent a copious load into her body, making her wonder if it would ever stop. Finally, she heard her lover sigh and felt him slowly begin to pull his shrinking penis from her hole. Her sphincter muscles rebelled, trying vainly to keep it inside.

Tim watched as the once huge penis began to shrivel and then slide reluctantly from his wife's ass. The normally tiny hole was stretched grotesquely and remained open for several seconds, red and raw and bubbling sperm. A trickle of sperm drooled out and ran down her still swollen vagina lips before the hole snapped shut, cutting off the flow of sperm.

Janice collapsed onto the bed, exhausted.

Steve lay beside her, breathing heavily, his eyes closed in satisfaction, sweat running down his strong chest. After a few minutes, he turned and pulled Janice into his arms.

However, Janice wanted her husband now. She cuddled for a few minutes with Steve then told him that it was time to go. Janice almost giggled at her callousness. Wasn't it normally the man that did this? she mused. Then she had a pang of remorse, and pulled Steve back, and kissed him saying, "Thank you sweetie. That was wonderful. I'll call you for another massage sometime."

Steve smiled and reluctantly got out of bed. He dressed, then kissed Janice once more, and left. While he felt somewhat dejected, he was nonetheless a happy man. He had gotten more than he ever expected. He had a wide smile on his face as he walked to his car.

The front door was barely closed when Tim was out of the closet and on the bed. "God, that was the most amazing thing that I've ever seen," he said as he hugged his wife's sweat covered body.

"If you thought that it was amazing watching, you should have felt it," Janice said dreamily with a tired sigh. Then she looked at her husband and whispered, "I love you. God, it was so exciting knowing that you were watching from inside the closet. I could feel your eyes on me the entire time."

"My eyes never left you for one second," Tim said and kissed her lips passionately, his excitement still high. "Can I... can I fuck your ass?" he asked hesitantly, almost sheepishly. He thought that she might be too sore.

Janice wasn't surprised by the request but she was a little sore. Still, there was no way she would deny him her ass tonight. "Oh God yes," she whispered. "You can fuck me any place you want."

Tim turned Janice over until her back was to him, and pulled her close. Then, he reached down and grasped his penis, moving it between her still slick cheeks. There was no need for any lubricant, as the oil and Steve's sperm made her already stretched hole slick enough. Tim pressed forward and felt the hole open rather easily. "Oh Jesus," he moaned as his formidable, but smaller penis slid easily into his wife's ass. His heart was pounding with excitement as Janice's warm and slick hole surrounded him. He could feel Steve's juice swimming inside her. Suddenly, he felt her hole grip him tightly as Janice squeezed.

"Fuck me, fuck my slut ass," Janice moaned. When she felt Tim respond to her dirty words with rapid thrusts, she said, "That's it! Fuck it! Fuck it! I need that big cock in my cum filled ass!" Incredibly, Janice's words were exciting her and building her to another climax as well.

Tim was as excited as he had ever been. The thought that he was sliding in and out of his wife's recently used ass brought him to a peak very quickly. "Oh God baby, I'm going... going to... oh yes... cummmmmmmmm!!!" Tim's penis pulsed and began to add his sperm to his wife's already filled hole.

Janice heard and felt her husband's climax begin. Suddenly, a warmth engulfed her body and she started to tremble. The rest of the world disappeared as her climax merged with Tim's. Each throb of his penis brought a corresponding throb in her anal canal. It was a different type of climax this time, not like the all-consuming climax of earlier. It was soft, warm, and in many ways more satisfying. It was a climax based on love and not lust.

The two lovers fell asleep in that position. Neither of them even noticed when Tim's penis slipped out of the stretched hole, followed by a flow of sperm from both lovers.

Chapter 5

There was a fresh spring breeze in the air as Tim sat on his deck outside the bedroom the following morning. He was in his robe and had a cup of coffee in his hand. As he looked over the horizon, he could see the green foliage of the trees rippling in the breeze. It was a warm, late spring morning and the flowers were in full bloom, the birds were singing. He looked back in the bedroom and saw Janice sleeping peacefully, serene, her body lying carelessly with the sheet twisted around her. Her face was glowing, almost smiling. God she looks beautiful, he thought.

Tim had gotten up early because of a nagging though on his mind. It seemed that his insecurities were always more apparent in the mornings. He was still struggling with what he had done to their marriage and where it would go from here. Yet, there was a more personal concern on his mind.

"Penny for your thoughts," Janice said as she stood in the open door. She had put on the same little bathrobe that she had worn last night and was bare footed.

Tim turned and smiled. He hadn't heard her get up. She looked gorgeous, even with her hair messed and makeup smeared. She looked like a well-used and very satisfied woman. He opened his arms to her.

Janice walked over, feeling a little tender between her cheeks, and sat on his lap, kissing his lips. "Opps! I need to brush my teeth," she giggled.

"Here, take some coffee. That should help," Tim said holding his cup up to her mouth as she took a sip. He watched her lips on the cup and had a sudden flashback of them stretched around Steve's penis. He closed his eyes and shook his head. It's too early for that, he thought.

"So what were you thinking a minute ago, before I came outside?" Janice asked.

"Just how much I love you," Tim said. It wasn't a lie, just not the entire truth.

Janice could see that something was bothering him. "Come on, you were looking very pensive. I was standing there for a couple of minutes watching you."

Tim sighed and looked out toward the trees again. "I don't know. Sometimes, in the mornings, I have these feelings. It's nothing, really."

"Tell me, please." Janice pleaded.

Tim hesitated and then said, "It's... it's what we've been doing. I've read stories on the Internet about guys like me... you know guys that like to watch their wives with other men. They always seem to be... to be... you know... wimps!"

Janice looked at Tim startled.

" you think I'm a wimp?" he asked suddenly.

"Lord no!" Janice said with amazement in her voice. "That thought has never occurred to me," she added. Then, suddenly she understood. It was the "male" thing, the pride of ownership, and maybe ego. She hugged Tim to her and said, "Truthfully, I'm not sure what the word really means. However, I know that you're not a wimp. You're as much a man as anyone I have ever known!" she said sincerely, then paused. "I know this sounds incredibly self-serving, but I think you are more of a man because of what we do."

"What do you mean by that?" Tim asked curiously.

"Well, I don't believe most men could handle it. A man has to be very secure in his masculinity to allow his wife to be with other men. Think about it. A jealous, possessive man is an insecure man. That's a wimp to me. However, that doesn't mean that you have to let your wife be with other men to be a man either."

"I guess that makes sense," Tim said thoughtfully.

Then the two of them sat quietly for a few minutes, deep in thought.

Janice was a little worried about Tim. She had enjoyed their adventures immensely. However, she was ready to give it up in a second if it jeopardized their relationship or made him feel uncomfortable. "Do you want to stop what we are doing?" she asked.

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