The Journey Pt. 02


"No!" Tim blurted immediately. His face turned red with embarrassment. Then he said in a quieter tone, "I love what we've been doing. As I said, I'm just being silly. I... I... don't want to stop."

Janice still felt that she had to do something to cheer Tim up. There was something that she thought he would be excited about, but she also knew that there was a risk he wouldn't. It was their agreement that they would start trying for the baby soon. She had gone off the pill soon after the night with Dan but she hadn't told Tim. Not because she was hiding it, she just assumed that he was okay with it. She took a big breath and said, "I wasn't going to tell you this until a special time but..." Janice said and paused.

"What?" Tim asked, suddenly worried.

Janice leaned into him and brought her lips to his ear. "You're going to be daddy."

It took a second for Janice's words to register in Tim's brain. When it did, Tim wanted to jump up and down, except that Janice was sitting on his lap. "Oh my God! God... this is... this is... incredible," Tim said emotionally.

Janice's face lit up at Tim's reaction.

"When... when did it happen... when's the baby due?" Tim asked excitedly.

"It's due in about 8 months," she said with an indulgent smile at his barrage of questions.

"Wow, we'll have to get a room ready. What about clothes and toys? A kid has to have toys."

"Settle down sweetie. We have months to plan all that." Janice looked at Tim and she could feel her heart swell with love. His reaction was more than she could have hoped for. "I love you," she said and then she kissed him again.

When their lips parted, Tim looked concerned.

"What's wrong?" Janice asked.

"Well, uh... will we... you know, have to stop?" Tim said.

"Stop our fun?" Janice said, finishing his sentence.


"Well, I won't be showing for a while so I think we have some time left. Besides, the doctor said I had to take care of myself. You know, eat right, get lots of sleep, and take plenty of sperm."

Tim looked at her in surprise. "Sperm?" he asked in astonishment. Then he realized she was joking. Suddenly, he burst out laughing. "Well, we have to listen to the doctor's orders don't we?"

"Absolutely! Why don't we start right now," Janice said and stood up, shrugging her robe from her shoulders, leaving her naked.

Tim's eyes opened in surprise. After all, they were on their back deck, out in the open. He looked toward the houses on either side. Fortunately, since it was still early in the morning, the neighbors were asleep.

Janice felt incredibly sensual at that moment. The thought of being on her deck naked, for the entire world to see, made her tremble. I must be an exhibitionist at heart, she thought. She let Tim look at her naked body for a few minutes, even turning around so he could see the rear view.

Tim could see the dried remains of their activity from last night and felt his penis pulse with excitement.

Then, Janice turned around and slowly knelt between his legs, spreading his robe open. "Oh my," she exclaimed when she saw that he was already erect. Her mouth descended to take the swollen head inside.

Tim held his wife's head in his hands, directing her mouth up and down. Occasionally, he would look to the sides to make sure they were not being watched. He felt her soft hair between his fingers as he watched her lovingly suck him. Her lips would suck, and then her tongue would flick the head. He could feel the saliva from her warm mouth running across his balls. The thought that this mouth had been on another man's penis just hours before excited him greatly. In just minutes, he was moaning in passion.

When Janice had Tim's penis dripping with her saliva, she stood back up and straddled his hips. She grabbed his penis and placed the head at the entrance to her vagina. She looked into his eyes and slowly slid downward. "Fuck me daddy," she whispered as his penis went all the way into her body.

Tim shivered in delight. It was truly amazing how this woman had changed his view of himself in a matter of minutes. He started the morning feeling sorry for himself, thinking he was a wimp. Now, with her words and her wonderful body, she had transformed him. For the first time in his life, he thought that he knew what it meant to be a man. He was going to be a daddy, he thought with pride.

Janice bounced up and down on Tim, her excitement growing rapidly. Soon, there was a squishing sound from between their legs that drowned out the chirping of the birds.

"Oh God, fuck me sweetie," Janice moaned as she raced toward pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Tim moaned. "I'm going to cum."

"Yes, yes, cum in me. Oh Godddddd!!!" Janice's thighs squeezed Tim's as her body started to convulse in climax.

Tim's balls pulled up tight as his penis throbbed and poured his sperm into his wife until it squished out the sides. Finally, his balls were empty. He fell back in his chair in exhaustion, Janice's naked and heaving chest pressing heavily on his.

When they had recovered, they went hand in hand to the shower. They scrubbed each other down and got ready for work.

Chapter 6

A few days later, school ended and Janice was on summer break. She had signed up to teach several night classes but her days were free. She spent her time in the sun at their pool getting a tan and running errands. Every night, she fixed a great dinner for Tim.

Tim thought he had died and gone to heaven because of all of the attention he was getting. Dinner was normally a quick affair--eating and hurrying to get some evening work done. Now it was different. Every evening, they talked about the baby and what they needed to do. They discussed names for the baby and how they would remodel one of the upstairs bedrooms as a nursery. They also talked a lot about their relationship; of how much they loved each other and that they would never let anyone come between them. It was always an open and honest conversation. Each of them learned new things about the other.

A great deal of their evening conversations was about sex as well. Janice described the excitement of being with a lover while he watched. Tim told her how much he loved watching. He described the feeling in his stomach and, yes, even the jealousy and how that made it somehow sweeter.

One evening at dinner, they were having one of their conversations when Janice said, "Guess who called me today?"

Tim shrugged his shoulders and said, "Who?"

"Dan! He's coming to town tomorrow to visit his firm's legal headquarters in the Ford building. I think he's having lunch with someone. He said that he had an office on the 60th floor with a beautiful view," Janice said, avoiding what was really on her mind.

"And?" Tim knew that there was something that she wasn't saying.

"He wants me to come to his office and see the view," Janice said sheepishly. "He will only be here for one day."

"Oh!" Tim exclaimed. "Do you want to go?"

Janice looked down at her plate almost shyly and said, "Yes."

"Okay," Tim answered quickly. He tried to say it calmly, like it was no big deal, however, he could feel the butterflies in his stomach immediately.

Janice's heart started pounding as she thought of a naughty idea. "I have an idea," Janice said and got up to sit on his lap.


"Why don't you go with me?"

"Go with you?" Tim responded in disbelief.

"Don't you think it would be exciting to wait outside as your wife got fucked?" Janice said with a naughty smile.

Tim's face lit up like a Christmas tree at the thought. "So you think he wants to fuck you? I thought he just wanted to show you the view," he said with a wide grin.

"Well, maybe we can do both," Janice teased.

"I'll get the day off."

It was a little before 11 AM when Janice and Tim pulled into the underground parking of the Ford building. The building was a large, modern skyscraper with 60 floors. The glass and steel structure dominated the skyline of the city. Every important corporation had offices in the building.

Janice and Tim stood together on the crowded elevator as it ascended rapidly. Both of them were nervous and excited. Tim had dressed Janice for the occasion. He had her in a professional blue business suit with a full, pleated skirt and blazer. Underneath the blazer, she had on a white blouse with a colored scarf around her neck. She even carried a small valise; there was nothing in it that had anything to do with their meeting. She looked like a well-dressed businesswoman. However, under the suit, she was naked but for a pair of thigh high nylons. Tim had even made sure he shaved her vagina and oiled it until it was smooth and shining.

When the doors opened on the 60th floor, Janice and Tim stepped out and looked around the lobby. It was obvious that the firm Dan worked for had spent a lot of money on the furnishings. The lobby was filled with expensive paintings, Persian rugs on the floors, and mahogany wood walls. It wreaked opulence, if not decadence.

Tim and Janice walked hand in hand to the receptionist who was sitting behind double glass doors. The young receptionist smiled at them and hit the buzzer to let them enter.

"I'm here to see Mr. Forsman... I'm Janice Harwick," Janice said to the young woman.

"Oh yes, Mr. Forsman is expecting you," the pretty receptionist said. She pressed an intercom button and said, "Mr. Forsman, Janice Harwick is here to see you."

"Yes, send her in," Dan answered.

"Follow me."

Janice kissed Tim quickly as she handed him her briefcase and whispered, "I'll be back in a few minutes. I love you." Then she left him to wait as she disappeared down the hall.

Tim felt somewhat like an expectant father, waiting in the delivery room. He sat on the plush sofa and picked up a magazine. However, there was no way he could concentrate on reading.

The secretary led Janice toward Dan's office. Janice tried not to look at the cute girl's butt as she walked down the hall in front of her but her eyes were drawn like a magnet. The girl had on a very tight, short white skirt, and she could see her thong underwear outlined. Her firm butt cheeks swayed back and forth in an exaggerated fashion, making Janice think that she might be doing it on purpose.

Just as they reached the door of Dan's office, the secretary turned around quickly and looked directly at Janice. She had a funny grin on her face.

Janice's face turned scarlet when she realized that the young girl had caught her looking at her ass.

The secretary tapped lightly, then opened the door of Dan's office, and said, "Mr. Forsman, your appointment is here."

"Thank you Melissa," Dan replied.

As Janice turned sideways in the door to let Melissa past, she felt the girl brush her breasts across her own, pausing for just a second.

"Have a nice time," she whispered then hurried back down the hall.

"Wow, you look great," Dan said, getting up and coming over to Janice.

"Uh... uh... what did you say?" Janice said, clearly flustered from the young girl forwardness.

"I said you look great," Dan repeated as he pulled her into his arms. Before she could answer, his lips immediately possessed hers, his tongue delving into her open mouth.

Janice moaned and relaxed into Dan's strong arms as she kiss went on and on. She could feel his excitement growing.

When Dan pulled away, Janice was breathless.

"I've been thinking about that since the last time we were together."

"Wow," Janice said as she tried to recover from the passionate kiss.

"How did you get away from your husband?" Dan asked.

"I didn't. He's here."

Dan's eyes grew wide with shock. "Here?"

"Yea, out in the lobby."

Dan had a funny look on his face.

"It's okay. He thinks we have an appointment to talk about school business."

"Oh!" Dan said, almost as if he didn't believe her. Then he shrugged his shoulders. "You're a very naughty girl Mrs. Harwick," he said as he reached his hands around and grasped her buttocks. He kissed her quickly again then said, "Let me show you the office."

Janice hadn't had time to even notice the office yet. When she looked around, she almost gasped. The room had floor to ceiling windows on two entire walls behind a large mahogany desk. There were two sofas, several chairs, a conference table, and even a bar. The walls had the same artistic d‚cor as the lobby. The view out the window was breathtaking. It was the largest building in town, with no others even coming close to the 60 floors.

"It's not really my office. It belongs to the Chairman of our company. He is a personal friend of mine, and he let's me use it when I'm in town and he isn't here."

Janice didn't know that Dan's family owned the company. Dan didn't mention it.

The Chairman's out of the country for a month," Dan said, walking Janice over to the window. "On this floor, there is only this office and the executive dining facility."

As Janice stood at the window and looked out, she felt a little vertigo from the height. "Wow, this is something," she said as she felt Dan put his arm around her back.

"Quite a view huh?"

"I'll say."

"Money has its privileges. However, I have something better," Dan said. Then he turned to her and said, "You!" He pulled Janice to him and kissed her hard. His hands went to her buttocks and he slowly began to pull the skirt up her thighs.

When the skirt was up to the lower cheeks of her ass, Janice protested. "Dan!"

"Don't worry. We're the tallest building in town. Nobody can see us," he said as her skirt rose above her ass. "No underwear," he whispered excitedly when his hands grasped her smooth, soft ass cheeks.

"Oh God," Janice moaned as her ass was bared and fondled in front of the large window.

Then Janice felt Dan step back, his hands going to her shoulders, applying gentle pressure. Suddenly, she knew what he wanted. She bit her lip and looked out on the city below. Her heart started pounding in her chest. Slowly, she went to her knees. Her hands were shaking as she pulled Dan's zipper down and fished inside his pants for his penis.

"That's it baby," Dan encouraged as he watched the pretty woman take his hard penis from his pants. Then he gasped as her mouth opened and sucked him inside.

Janice's felt incredibly naughty kneeling in front of a window, sucking Dan's throbbing shaft. There were no curtains or shades to hide what she was doing. She felt so exposed, yet she couldn't deny the excitement. Her breathing was ragged as her head moved back and forth, coating Dan's penis with her saliva. She pulled his hard penis from her mouth and licked the head like an ice cream cone. Then she held the penis up and licked him from the base to the dripping tip. A tremor ran through her body at the thought of the entire city watching her exhibition.

"Oh Jesus baby. If you keep that up, I'm not going to last long."

Janice moaned and took the head inside her mouth again. She sucked the crown as her hand moved up and down the shaft. When she felt Dan's hips start to move back and forth, she knew he was close. Suddenly, she wanted his cum. She wanted to suck ever drop down her throat, right in front of this window. When she felt Dan tense, she pulled the penis from her mouth but continued to jerk him. She felt the shaft pulse and throb in her hand, then send his cum flying through the air, directly into her wide-open mouth. She couldn't close her mouth to swallow or she would get it in the face. Shot after shot hit her tongue, filling her mouth to overflow. She groaned as a large glob trickled out of her mouth and dripped from her chin to her blazer.

Quickly, Janice took the head back in her mouth so that she wouldn't lose any more juice.

Dan's legs were shaking as his balls emptied into her mouth. He opened his eyes in time to see Janice swallowing his load. He shuddered one last time and his knees almost buckled.

"Sorry," Dan said as he pulled Janice to her feet and looked at the sperm on her blazer.

"That's okay. It was my fault," Janice said.

"Let me get you something."

"Don't worry about it," Janice answered. She reached down with her finger, scooped the sperm from her jacket, and put it in her mouth. "Don't want to waste any... doctors orders," she smiled.

"Janice, you are one wild woman and your husband is one lucky guy," Dan said sincerely as he brought her to him and kissed her, tasting himself on her still wet lips. At the same time, he began to slip her jacket off her shoulders.

Janice let her blazer fall to the floor and then she let him pulled her scarf off. She watched him without protest as he unbutton her blouse until her soft breasts were exposed. Her vagina was throbbing in excitement as he added her blouse and scarf to the jacket on the floor. She shivered at the realization that she was naked from the waist up standing in the window of an office building, in the middle of town.

Dan bent his head to Janice's breast and sucked on one while his fingers began to play with the other.

Janice held Dan's head as he nursed on her tit. She gazed out over the city as if to say, "Look at me!" It was an incredible feeling of lascivious freedom. She saw a small plane pass, not too much higher than the building, and wondered briefly if the pilot could see what they were doing.

Soon, Dan was pushing Janice toward his desk. He moved his chair back and cleared away the papers. "Sit up here," he said, indicating the desk in front of his chair.

Janice scooted up on the desk, her legs dangling toward the floor. She watched as Dan pulled his chair over and sat down.

"Lean back."

"Oh Jesus," Janice said as she lay back on the desk. A moan escaped her lips when she felt him lift her legs, pushing her skirt to her waist. Suddenly, her legs were spread for the world to see. She felt incredibly exposed again.

Dan pushed her legs high in the air, then back to her chest, opening her dripping vagina to his eyes. He almost drooled as he looked at the engorged inner lips, throbbing wetly. He practically growled as he dropped his head to her swollen lips and sucked them inside.

"Ahhhhh!!! Ohhhh!!!" Janice moaned as his talented mouth began to suck her throbbing hole. Her hands reached for his head. "Oh God, oh God," she screamed as he ate her like a starving man. He chewed and sucked her lips, pausing to push his tongue deep into her hole.

Tim looked up from his magazine when he heard something. He saw Melissa smiling at him. Did she know something? he thought. "Is there a bathroom here?" he asked.

"Yes, right this way."

Now it was Tim's eyes following Melissa's swaying ass as they walked in the direction of Dan's office. The bathroom was the last door before Dan's office. When the two of them reached the door, they both heard the noise at the same time. They stopped and looked at each other. There was unmistakable groaning coming from the office.

"We have some strange noises in this building," Melissa said. She had a worried look on her face for the first time.

A good secretary, trying to protect her boss, Tim thought. "Oh," he said and excused himself and went into the bathroom. Unfortunately, it was impossible for Tim to pee with a hard on. He waited in the bathroom for a minute and then peeked out. Melissa was not in site so Tim quietly came out and stepped to the door of Dan's office. He was embarrassed but still he put his ear to the door.

"Oh God, oh God, eat me, eat me," Janice moaned. Her hips were bucking up at Dan, pushing her swollen vagina into his sucking mouth.

Oh my God, he's eating her, right in his office, Tim thought. He could even hear the sucking sounds. Now his penis was throbbing painfully in his slacks.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" Janice moaned. She pulled Dan's hair, forcing his mouth tightly to her groin. Her hips pushed up into his face as a strong climax overtook her. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she screamed. Her body shuddered and shook on the desk as Dan continued to suck her until finally, she had to push his head away.

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