tagLesbian SexThe Journey to Recovery Pt. 01

The Journey to Recovery Pt. 01


Author's note: As of right now this will be a three-part story. As always, I really enjoy feedback so please leave or DM me your thoughts. I had started this one during the winter Olympics but never got around to finishing it until recently. Also, please note that this is a 20,000+ part so sex does not happen for a while. I also want to give a shout out to Leo for suggesting that I get an editor, it has been the best decision ever. I also want to give a HUGE thank you to LaRascasse for editing my story and being there for advice and just to check in. You are absolutely amazing! With any regards, enjoy!



Chapter One

Joy shook her blonde hair out of her beanie as interviewer Stephine Wilison pulled her out of the crowd and into the light of the NBC camera.

"I have here Joy Anderson, who just completed her run in the women's slopestyle..." Stephine just about yelled at the camera over the cheers coming from the almost frozen crowed. "Joy, that was an amazing run! What was going through your head?"

"A shimmering gold medal," Joy exclaimed loud enough for the crowd to erupt in cheers. Before the TV reporter was able to ask another question, Joy was being ushered off by her coach to hear the results of her run.

Joy Anderson had just accomplished something her mother had always said she would never do. Joy had just done something no one was able to pull off. After one of the worst winter storms she had ever came across, she just snowboarded down a slope so high in snow so thick that every single competitor fell at least once with the exception of her. She had just accomplished the cleanest run she had ever did. Never once did she lose her balance as she hit every flip. The fact that the conditions were so horrid she could not even see in front of her due to the overcast did not distract the athlete from completing her mission, taking gold and proving that she could accomplish this after everything she went through. With this, plus her outstanding performance, she walked away from the Winter Olympics snowboarding finals with that shimmering gold medal.

While the blonde wanted to feel overjoyed, she could not shake the pain she felt walking through the front door of her empty Northern California home. Same as it had been for the past five years ever since she first moved in. It was not her first time to the Olympics. As a matter of fact, she had been competing in the Olympics since she was sixteen years old. Now that she was twenty-eight and ready to retire her snowboard, she was starting to feel what her busy schedule had never allowed to seep through her emotions, loneliness.

Joy had spent a great deal of time training for her Olympic games and when she was not training for that she was competing in championships around the world. Even with the lack of snow during summer seasons, she still trained. Joy came to the decision to leave the sport behind a few months before the 2018 Olympic games. Her triumph over the other countries just solidified her decision. Through her greenish blue eyes, it was better to leave on top as she believed that a "competitor is as good as their last game."

So now, Joy was home again. Except this Tahoe cottage in the middle of nowhere was the first thing to go. Since a little girl of fourteen it had been her dream to move to San Francisco.

It all became clear to her on a trip to the big city with her father. Fourteen at the time, Joy had just survived her parents lengthy divorce proceeding along with her constant athletic schedule. The population alone was enough for Joy to want to move there. But it was not just the people and the hectic city life that Joy had fallen in love with. It was the architecture of the buildings. Being so close to the ocean. And most important to her, the freedom to live one's truest life. However, that was a long time ago. Joy's success in her career brought notoriety that she never imagined would have the effect it did on her life.

The problem she had to face now was the fact that San Francisco was a very expensive place to live. Even though the celebrity had an expansive bank account she still was a penny pincher. She bought her Tahoe mansion during the recession when she was able to purchase

the foreclosing property for five hundred thousand dollars. Even with pretty much stealing the house, she decided to work with her father on remodeling it rather than paying a contractor. And it's literal when she says she put her "blood sweat and tears" into the home. Yet what her home did not have was memories.

Sure remodeling it with her father had been a bonding experience but most of the time they were bickering about what flooring to put in or arguing over correct measurements. After five months of remodeling Joy was so ready for the process to be over that she decided to leave the basement unfinished.

Dropping her bags to the floor, Joy slumped down into the corner of her leather brown sofa, pulling her soft plush white throw over her cold body. She had yet to change into her pajamas and chances where she was not going to. All she wanted to do was catch up on sleep in her cold Tahoe home, on her uncomfortable barely worn sectional.


"You're what!" Joy's coach, Lance Wright's voice rang from the other line. It had been three whole days since Joy had made it back to Tahoe. She was not surprised that her coach was calling so soon. Since she could remember she did not go a few days without hearing his voice. He was like a second father to her. Except the duo was closer and pretty much saw each other on a day to day basis.

"Look Lance, you knew I was going to be retiring after this last run. I can't keep going on like this. I am ready to start living my life," the athlete said to her coach, pouring a cup of hot joe into a kitty cat mug given to her by one of her fans.

"I understand that you want to start living, Joy, but why so far away. And snowboarding has been your life for years. You can't just walk away from it."

The blonde stood in her living room before her expansive bay mirrors, her cup of coffee in one hand while her coach threw a fit in her earpiece. It was where Joy liked to position herself when she was dealing with a stressful situation. It was the view that calmed her spirits. A view so perfect it looked as if it came straight out of a magazine. Miles and miles of thick forest surrounded her humble abode. Camouflaged between dense wildlife. Her home sat upon the edge of a clearing which looked out to the Tahoe lake. A lake so mystical it was as if it were from a different world. Water a potent crystal blue, so clear the fish beneath the surface were visible. Surrounded by white snow-covered mountains surpassing what the eye could see. It was stunning, yet all the beauty in the world did not cure the ache of a lonesome heart.

"Look Lance you are like a father to me. But except for you and my manager I have no one... Dad's remarried, my brother is married, my sister is teaching in Africa. I am alone here. I want friends and a family of my own. Don't you understand that?"

After an agonizing pause Lance's voice chimed back over the line. "I suppose kid. I just fear that you will be recognized in San Francisco. I think you forget at times that you are a celebrity and this changes how people act around you. There is a reason we opted for a place so far from society, remember."

How could Joy forget? It was her first Olympic games ever. Every eye was on her and she loved every moment of it. Paparazzi swarmed her, news outlets were dying for an interview, everyone knew the name Joy Anderson. It was safe to say the stardom was boosting her ego. She was loving every moment of her new-found fame. However, this fame came along with something no one had ever warned her about. Perhaps, no one thought they would have to seeing as she was a mere seventeen years old.

She learned rather fast however what other perks came along with stardom.

Joy spent a week in Vancouver prior to the start of 2010s Olympic games, practicing with her team, doing press etc. After performing in her first match and placing third overall, she was planning on returning to her room to relax and perhaps watch a movie with her underage teammates. Except that didn't happen. Instead she found herself at a high-profile industry party. This is where Joy would have her first taste of the sweet cocaine she once loved, along with her first feast of a few groupie's honey pots.

While Joy bathed in her fame at first, she learned how addictive the perks of the fast life could be. Years of partying and dealing with addiction of two kinds brought her to a crossroads. After an awakening of sorts she decided to cut all of her so-called friends out of her life, along with the drugs and whores. Instead she lived her life in complete celibacy. It was this celibacy that allowed her to focus on the gold, yet it was the same thing that made her isolate herself from the entire world.

"I am as ready as I'll ever be Lance. It's time I start living my life for me."


"Ms. Anderson—I know you said that you want to live in the city, but—I must say, we have looked at ten properties now and each one you said was a bit too crowded for your taste. May I— suggest looking somewhere out of the city limits. Like—on the beach. There will still be plenty of people, but it won't be overbearing," Joy's realtor, Carrie, said as they drove away from yet another property.

Either the area was too populated, the prices were too expensive or the home was lacking a great view. Carrie knew the real issue was the fact that Joy was recognized at every location they went to. She spent on average five minute per property signing autographs alone.

"I don't know. San Francisco has been my dream for years—But..."


"But. I think you're right. It's too much for me. Where did you have in mind?"

"Half Moon Bay. I have a townhouse right on a beach. Completely residential and pet friendly beach. Do you have any pets?"

"Nope, but a new puppy is going to be the first thing I get when I am settled."


Joy gazed out the window as they progressed further and further from the city's skyline. The blonde's heart began to race as the freeway once cluttered with cars was starting to lose lanes and vehicles. They progressed down a mountainside that looked out to a small lake. It was beautiful and reminded the star of home. All the trees surrounding the vast aquatics space cascading up dense forest reminded Joy of Tahoe. Driving along the mountain side as thick fog crept beneath the expansive trees below. A bright orange glow blinded the surrounding world, yet Joy fought through her hazed eyes sight, trying to catch glimpses of the sky transitioning into a sorrowful pink.


It was a sight that took her breath away. Ocean spanning for thousands of miles connecting to the next continent. The sun setting above the seas horizon was a sight Joy had enjoyed watching for two weeks now. However, this was the first she found herself up early enough to catch that orange ball peeking above the water's surface. White light sparkled from the sun causing a strike to transcend in a straight line through the ball of fire, touching the water with its glow. The burn of the sunrise transforming the night into a pale purple horizon. And what made the sight that much better was the crash of waves, osculating into the earth.

This was her new back yard.

The first few days of moving into her new place were busy with furnishing her home. She had went to the grocery store once and while all she got were a few stares she was not approached. Even with that she knew people had an idea of who she was which gave her a bit of anxiety. She wanted to get out of the house more, but couldn't seem to get past her anxious nature. So she stayed in and consumed herself with coffee and novellas.

However, the sight of people along tan sand, looking thrilled to be there made Joy want to have that same excitement. While she won't admit it, the sight that really interested her was that of a group of young adults gathered in a circle attached by that of their hands, eyes shut in what seemed like a meditative position. This was something she had never seen, yet found so fascinating.

On closer inspection of the group they were indeed meditating. Not wanting to interrupt their session, she moved past the clan closer to the water's edge.

The waves crashing through her toes felt like ice, but once she stood there for a few moments they became numb to the fridge temperature of the ocean. A tiny reddish brown crab scurried under the sands surfaces as yet another wave crashed into her feet, pulling her into the sea an inch further.

"Isn't that water cold?" A man's voice rang out from behind Joy, breaking her from her empty thoughts.

Turning, Joy was a bit taken aback by the man standing before her in a full black wetsuit, his long cascading blonde hair dropping down his back, his blue eyes glittering by the sun's rays shining down.

"You should know better than me," Joy giggled at the man about to become completely submerged in the frigid H2O.

"You're right about that. Hey I've never seen you before. Are you from around here?"

Joy's heart skipped a beat at hearing someone had never seen her before.

"I just moved here from Tahoe."

"Oh yeah. Job change or life change?"

"A bit of both, but for the most part life."

"Right on. I've been living out her my whole life-for the most part. Best beach to catch waves are around here. Look at that surf," the man said, pointing out towards the impressive crashing waves.

"Lake Tahoe... So, I assume you don't surf?"

"Nope. Mainly snowboarding, skiing..."

"Ah well if you like to snowboard you will definitely like to surf. Surfing is pretty much like snowboarding minus the snow, plus some ocean, waves, currents, and sharks. Besides those things they are exactly the same."

They both laughed at this.

"What's so funny?" A voice asked from behind Maverick.

Joy's breath was caught in her throat at the sight of the most mystical woman she had ever seen.

"Hey Noelani. This here is..."

"Joy... Joy Anderson."

Joy heard her voice say her name yet was too stunned to acknowledge it. She was mesmerized. She had never seen a woman so enchanting, so beautiful, so perfect. Noelani had skin the color of golden honey. Her flesh was perfection. Looking soft as if brand new, no visible flaws. She wore no makeup yet looked ready for a photo shoot. Her skin had no blemishes, no bags or darkness beneath her eyes. Her cheekbones so high, face so slender, jaw line so strong. She had the most mesmerizing dark brown eyes that shined as the sun shone down on her. And while her facial beauty was that of something never seen in Joy's life her body was that of a goddess. She stood at least 5'7, very slender. From the red bikini top she wore and the abstract shawl Joy was able to get a very clear view of her long legs, slender stomach with faint outlining of her abs.

While Joy was beauty herself, she couldn't help but feel a bit envious of the looks of this woman. Compared to Joy's shoulder length blonde hair, Noelani hand dark brown locks that fell down to the middle of her back. Joy also stood 5'7 yet somehow Noelani seemed taller than her. Joy never could pull off very feminine looks with how athletic her body was. She did not have the hour glass shape in which she found enticing on another woman, like Noelani. She had a very straight body, a nice sized bottom that was toned, tight and she would show off in yoga pants or shorts. However, she could never pull off what the Hawaiian was wearing. Not that she would want to. Being a professional snowboarder, she went for more of an athletic wardrobe, but she did love the style of the woman before her.

However even with how envious Joy felt in regards to Noelani she could not shake the intense attraction that overpowered her jealousy.

Then she smiled, a smile that almost stopped Joy's heart. Just when she thought she could not look any more beautiful, she did.

"Joy Anderson, yes. I know you from somewhere."

It was a phrase Joy heard far to often. It was something she recognized by a person who would pretend not to know her just to try and get closer to her.

"I just moved here, but you might know me from TV."

Maverick's head tilted at the comment, but Noelani's intrigued face did not budge.

"I don't watch TV. No, I know you from somewhere else."

"Well I've traveled a lot, it would not be a surprise if we crossed paths in recent years."

"I haven't traveled outside of California since I was twelve and moved away from Hawaii."

"Wait. What part of Hawaii?"

"Hawaii Kai. A few minutes away from the college."

"My family had a vacation home around there."

"Wait-Analise, Jerry and Joy Anderson!" Noelani exclaimed jumping up a bit at being able to place Joy. Joy also looked a bit stunned. Stunned that Noelani knew her from a time before she was famous. "Oh my god. Joy we used to hangout as kids. Remember our parents were friends. My dad went by the name Bobby. A really hefty guy. My mother, Kai, she looks similar to me."

Joy knew exactly who Noelani was. Truth is a part of her knew as soon as she saw the beauty. She had that same jealous lust feeling back when the two were kids. Except back then she was not sure how handle those feelings, so when the summers would end and they would not be spending everyday together, Joy pushed Noelani out of her mind. And when their vacation house sold after her parents divorce she forgot about her completely. Well at least she tried to.

"I can't believe it's you!" Noelani exclaimed breaking the distance between the two and pulling Joy into a hug, that broke her from her memory engorged trance.

"Oh yes I remember," Joy said breaking away from Noelani but not before realizing that her skin is as soft as it looks. "It's been so long a part of me thought those summer were just a part of my imagination."

"Ha. No! Unless it was both of our imaginations. God you look great, sweetheart! How have you been, love?" Noelani asked still holding onto Joy's shoulders.

"I've been alright. So busy. I just moved right there as a matter of fact." Joy pointed out to the three-story teal townhouse a few yards away.

"Joy, are you serious?" Noelani questioned a wide grin spread across her face.


"Joy, I live right there in that townhouse, the peach one," Noelani said point to the house attached to the right side of Joys.

Joy felt an instant tug at her heart, flutters in her stomach so wild she could no longer ignore them. The sight of her long lost friend was something unfathomable, but the fact that she lives right next to her was pure magic.

Joy shock her head in disbelief. She smiled so bright it tugged at her sides not allowing for it to disappear.

"What are the odds?," she breathed.

"Hey, Noelani, it's getting close to noon," Maverick said interrupting the twos reunion.

"Shit really?" The Hawaiian becoming clearly startled as she gazed down at her phone. "Oh geez. Hey, Joy, I gotta run- but um-what are you doing tonight?"

"I have no plans."

"Well my friends and I are having a bonfire-"

"We have one every Friday night," Maverick interrupted.

"It's true we do. So you should join."

"Sure, what time?"

"Some of the crew starts building the bonfire around sun down, but I won't be off work tell around that time. I can come by and get you if you want to go with someone you know first."


"Great so I will be by your place...say 7?"

"See you then."

Chapter Two

Joy watched as her clocks long handle ticked over the three. Fifteen minutes past seven was not much to worry about but Joy could not stop her mind from racing. She sat at her kitchen table across the room from her front door, waiting to see Noelani's shadow trace underneath the doors edge.

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