tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 01

The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 01


Jackie and Ed weren't your average couple. They had met in high school and had an on again/off again relationship for a couple years before going their separate ways. Both had married briefly. But Jackie, unwilling to exist in a monogamous relationship, had been kicked out by her husband after being caught in multiple affairs. She found Ed and soon stole him away from his wife.

Jackie was an attractive 27-year-old. She stood 5'5" with brown eyes and dark brown hair (Which she sometimes colored blond), and a shapely 34C 24 34 body. It was never a problem for her to catch the eye of a man. But Jackie had always been more of a user than anything else. And her face was beginning to show the signs of a rough life and a heavy cigarette habit.

Ed was 28; stood six feel tall and average looking. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He had a well muscled body but wasn't the type of man most women fawned over. His biggest weakness was his willingness to do whatever Jackie told him. She had been his first sexual encounter in high school and she held him in the palm of her hand ever since.

Ed had two things that attracted Jackie to him. One, his eight inch dick, and second, his seemingly endless supply of money. Ed's father had built a successful construction company and when he died he left it to Ed. Not knowing how to run the business himself, Ed wisely appointed his father's manager's to run the business, giving them almost full authority over daily operations, and became a silent owner doing little more than signing contracts when necessary. While he wasn't rich, Ed made a good income and he and Jackie were able to travel the country at will, enabling Ed to fulfill Jackie's wildest desires. She wasn't interested in marriage, and as long as Ed endured the occasional fling she might have, things went well for the two of them.

One night, while sitting at the bar in a small restaurant at the outskirts of some small town on the East Coast, their journey took a turn in a direction that neither had expected.

Bill and Amanda Reed were traveling home from college when they stopped into the same restaurant. They were 21-year-old fraternal twins. Bill was a little over six feet tall with a handsome face and short blond hair. His sister, Amanda, was a 5'7" cutie with long blond hair and a sexy slender body. Both attended the same college and were traveling home after finishing up their third year. Each year they stopped in this same town, staying at the same motel, and ate at the same restaurant. Having recently turned 21 they decided to enjoy a few beers in the bar side after eating.

Jackie spotted the siblings first and knew immediately that they were out of place. She felt an attraction to Bill and decided to see if she could tempt him away. She did not count on Amanda's prudish nature, helped by a few beers, to confront her.

"Leave my brother alone you old slut." Amanda said. Causing Jackie to step back in surprise.

She would have taken a swing at Amanda on the spot had it not been for Ed, who took her by the arm and cautioned her about causing trouble.

Jackie was pissed. She went back to the bar with Ed but felt both angered and humiliated at the blonde's remarks.

Even Bill was shocked by Amanda's outburst. While he wasn't very sexually active, he did find the older Jackie attractive and would have been willing to sneak away for his first one night stand before Amanda ended the opportunity. Amanda, on the other hand, was much more straight-laced than he was. She was no virgin, but had only been with two men. With both of those being what she had thought to be meaningful relationships. So seeing the redneck woman coming on to her brother was somewhat offensive to her.

Believing that his sister had had enough to drink he paid their tab and they left the bar to return to their room.

Seeing them leave, Jackie excused herself to go to the bathroom, but followed the two of them from a safe distance to see where they were walking to before returning to the bar.

"I want to get even with that bitch." Jackie told Ed. Then began laying out her plans to do so.

Not long after Amanda was lying in her bed in her nightgown reading a magazine while Bill was in the shower. She had showered first, and her buzz from the beer had settled. And her confrontation with the slut at the bar had long since been forgotten. The phone rang, startling her, as she had not expected anyone to call. When she answered a woman on the other end told her that someone had delivered a package for the Reeds and wanted to know if they should send it to their room. Amanda guessed that their parents must have wanted to surprise them with something and agreed.

With Bill still in the shower she hopped out of bed and put on a robe over her nightgown and waited.

"She fell for it," Jackie said, hanging up the payphone at the end of the building. "Let's go."

Ed and Jackie rushed down the walkway in silence. Jackie carried a sack with some robe and other items that they thought they might need. When they reached the door to room 117 Ed took a deep breath and knocked.

Amanda opened the door, expecting to find one person with a package. Ed and Jackie wasted no time pushing through the doorway. They had expected to find both siblings in the room. But with Bill in the shower it made things much easier.

Ed shoved his palm over Amanda's mouth and drove her back onto the bed while Jackie closed and locked the door. Then she joined them on the bed and helped to wrestle Amanda down while Ed tied her hands behind her back and gagged her. Then they waited for Bill to come out of the shower.

Bill never heard the struggle in the outer room as he washed his hair. He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off. Then put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt before opening the bathroom door.

"What the hell…" He said as Ed Grabbed him and tossed him to the floor.

Bill would have been a match for Ed in a fight, but Ed had the advantage of surprise, and Jackie joined in once he hit the floor. Seeing Amanda tied up on the bed caused him to resist less as the duo tied his hands behind his back and gagged him.

"Well, it’s time to have a little fun now." Jackie said with a grin as she stood up and walked over to the bed where Amanda lay wide eyed in terror.

"Let's see what you look like in the buff."

Jackie pulled out a knife and began cutting the robe and nightgown off of Amanda's body. The blond girl struggled as Jackie continued, but soon found herself lying helpless on the bed with nothing but her pink panties on. She blushed as Jackie began fondling her small perky breast, then yelped against the gag when the woman pinched her nipples.

"Let's see that cunt of yours now." Jackie said, jerking Amanda's panties down over her legs.

Amanda tried to close her legs to hide her exposed pussy. But Jackie sat between her legs preventing her from doing so. Jackie ran her fingers through Amanda's neatly trimmed blond pubic hair, then slid one finger into Amanda's pussy, rubbing it in and out until Amanda felt her pussy involuntarily lubricating under the assault.

"We'll see who the slut is now." Jackie said. "Fuck her."

Ed kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants in seconds. Amanda went pale when she saw his 8-inch cock standing fully erect. He was easily larger than both her previous boyfriends were. She screamed against her gag as Ed climbed on the bed atop her.

"Watch your sister get fucked." Jackie said, pulling Bill up against the wall.

Ed pressed his cock between Amanda's pussy lips, slowly entering her. He rocked the first couple inches back and forth, waiting until her cunt accepted his cock, then drove the remainder all the way inside her.

Amanda gasped in shock as Ed's cock rammed against her cervix. There was nothing she could do but lie there as Ed raped her. Worse than the thought of being raped was having her twin brother watching her ordeal.

"Now who's the slut?" Jackie taunted her as Ed fucked her pussy without mercy.

"Let's see what you have here." Jackie said, slipping her hand down Bill's shorts. She grabbed his pecker and began softly stroking it, causing it to grow erect, much to Bill's dismay. He couldn't deny that it felt good having this woman playing with his dick. But becoming aroused while watching his sister getting raped was humiliating.

"Oh god, your pussy is so tight." Ed commented as he continued fucking Amanda. The blond girl could feel his pace quickening and realized that he was approaching his climax.

"Noooo!" She cried against her gag, wanting him to pull out before cuming inside her. Amanda had never let a man cum inside her without a condom and desperately feared becoming impregnated if Ed continued.

Ed ignored her cries and thrust his hips harder and faster, feeling his balls tighten as the pressure in his pecker neared release.

"Oh yes!" He cried out as his seed began spewing deep inside Amanda's tight pussy. He slammed his cock into her again and again until his dick was drained before pulling out.

Amanda looked over at her brother and saw that Jackie was now on her knees sucking his cock while watching her. Bill could not help but enjoy the sensation of the woman's warm mouth engulfing his six inch rod even if he was watching Amber getting raped. He almost sighed in dismay when Jackie pulled her mouth away from his pecker.

"My turn." She said, and stood up to disrobe.

Bill thought that she meant to fuck him. And his hard cock was ready to welcome her pussy. But he found that she had something else in mind.

With a quick instruction to Ed, they dragged Bill over to the bed and forced him to sit with his legs under the bed. Jackie lay back on the bed with her crotch close to Bill's face. He guessed that she wanted him to eat her pussy, but when she spoke next he nearly gagged.

"Lick my asshole." She ordered.

Ed removed his gag and shoved Bill's face into Jackie's ass. "Do it or else!" He demanded.

Ed then grabbed Amanda and removed her gag. He forced the girl to kneel over her brother's back and shoved her face into Jackie's crotch.

"Lick my cunt, slut." Jackie ordered. "You're brother is going to have to eat my asshole until you make my pussy cum."

Ed pushed the backs of both of their heads. Bill slowly stuck his tongue against Jackie's anus and began licking.

"Oh yes." She replied.

Amanda did not want to go down on Jackie. But she did not want her brother to be forced to continue licking the woman's asshole any longer than necessary. So she closed her eyes and began licking Jackie's pussy. Her tongue soon found the woman's clit and felt Jackie's juices flowing.

Jackie enjoyed the sensation of a tongue on her clit and anus at the same time. She rubbed her nipples as she relished in the siblings being forced to orally stimulate her. Jackie moaned, softly at first, but then more loudly as Amanda's tongue continued to work her clit.

"Make me cum you little slut!" Jackie cried out as her orgasm neared.

Amanda felt the woman's pussy quiver against her face and felt her juices wash over her cheeks as Jackie's climax began. Beneath her Bill could feel Jackie's ass clenching as his tongue continued to lick her anus. Jackie rolled her head back and forth as the twins brought her to a powerful orgasm.

"Switch their positions." She panted as her orgasm faded away.

Ed pulled Bill back and made Amanda sit in his place. Then put Bill over her as his sister had previously been. Then he plopped on the bed before them.

Jackie was now behind them and pushed Amanda's face into Ed's ass. "Your turn to lick some ass now." She said. "While your brother gets to suck some cock."

"No!" Bill said in disgust.

"The sooner you get him off the sooner your sister can get her tongue out of his ass." Jackie said.

Bill looked down at Amanda, seeing her pretty face buried in Ed's ass, her tongue working his tight anus. He knew that his sister had just satisfied another woman for him and reluctantly submitted to do the same. Bill opened his mouth and accepted Ed's thick pecker into it.

Ed had never done anything with a man before. But Jackie had said earlier that this would be a great way to teach them a lesson. He was hesitant at first. But now, with Amanda's tongue rolling around his asshole and Bill's mouth working his cock he cared little that it was another man sucking him. It felt damn good so he just lay back and enjoyed it.

Bill sucked Ed's cock, trying to hurry up and get him off and put this disgusting ordeal behind him. He could not understand why his own cock was still fully erect. He guessed that it must have been hard from Jackie's earlier sucking. And he could still feel the pressure in his balls wanting to be released. When his cock rubbed against his sister's bare back he shivered at the feeling that ran through him. He continued sucking Ed's cock, and found his cock rubbing against his sister's back again. This time he did not move away, but continued rubbing it against her skin.

Amanda felt her brother's dick rubbing on her back but there was no way to get away from it. She could not believe that he was not only hard, but was using her body to help relieve himself.

Ed rocked his hips up and down, pumping the boy's mouth as Bill continued to suck him. Then he clenched and spewed the contents of his balls into Bill's mouth.

"Swallow it!" Jackie ordered as she saw Ed cumming in Bill's mouth.

Bill fought back the urge to gag as he gulped down Ed's cum.

When Ed had finished Jackie pulled Bill back until he was lying on the floor. She grabbed Amanda and pushed her face first into her brother's crotch. "Your brother is hard as a rock, slut. Suck him off!"

Amanda refused, until Jackie grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face against Bill's throbbing cock.

"Oh god, no." Bill said as he watched his sister open her mouth and begin sucking his cock. Bill clenched his teeth, trying to ignore the sensation being caused by his twin sister. He could not stand the fact that it was Amanda who was sucking his cock. But his desire to cum was such that he could not resist the temptation.

Amanda sucked her brother's cock in disgust, not understanding how he could be aroused over all that was happening. She could tell by the way he moved that he was going to cum in her mouth. And there was nothing that she could do but take it.

Bill gave in to the temptation. He knew it was his sister. His twin sister! But he no longer cared. He needed to cum and Amanda's mouth felt too damn good to deny it. His hips rose to meet her mouth as she continued to suck him. He could not take his eyes off of his sister's face as he unleashed his much-needed orgasm into her mouth.

"Isn't that sweet. The slutty sister making her brother cum in her mouth." Jackie taunted. "Now you can make her cum too."

Jackie pushed Amanda back onto the floor while Ed helped Bill to move between his sister's legs. Bill no longer resisted and lowered his face to begin eating his twin sister's pussy.

Amanda was disgusted with her brother. She lie as still as possible as he licked her cunt. But his tongue worked her swollen clit with skill. As hard as she tried to fight it, her body was welcoming the sensations of her brother's tongue. Soon she realized just why Bill had gotten off with her. She could not fight it any longer and spread her legs wider as Bill continued to lick her pussy. Amanda cried out as she climaxed on her brother's face.

"Looks like she really is a slut." Ed told Jackie. "I guess our work her is done."

"Not yet." Jackie said. "I want to see her ride her brother's cock."

Bill's head raised in alarm at her words. He realized that his dick had grown erect again while licking his sister's pussy. Both siblings were stunned by this demand. It was one thing performing oral sex on each other. But now they were expected to fuck.

Ed jerked Bill onto his back then he and Jackie forced Amanda to straddle her brother. Jackie guided Bill's cock into his sister's wet pussy. Then, not satisfied with the fact that the twins were going to fuck, she added, "Fuck her ass, Ed."

"No, please not that!" Amanda yelled as Ed got behind her. He held the blond girl tight as his pressed his eight-inch cock against her puckered opening. Jackie had to hold her hand over Amanda's mouth to silence her as Ed pressed his cock into the girl's asshole.

Once inside Ed began pumping her tight little ass, forcing her hips to ride up and down on her brother's cock.

Bill could feel Ed's cock rubbing against his own through the thin layer of flesh between them. He soon found himself thrusting up into Amanda's cunt, enjoying his sister's pussy no matter how disturbing the thought was.

Amanda quieted down enough for Jackie to remove her hands and stand back to watch the sight of the blond girl getting sandwiched. She rubbed her pussy as she enjoyed the show. This would really teach the girl not to fuck with someone like her again.

Amanda felt the pair of cocks slamming inside her. The pain subsided, though never fully went away. But the ordeal her body was going through was now taking control of her mind. She could feel her pussy stirring as she rode her brother's cock. She tried to fight the feeling but soon found herself riding him in effort to bring herself to another orgasm.

Bill sensed the change in his sister's demeanor and began fucking her harder. He wanted to yell out his satisfaction but willed himself to remain silent as he felt his orgasm rise. Then he bucked his hips and unleashed his seed into his sister's pussy.

Amanda felt her brother cumming inside her and met it with her own climax. Her body spasmed as her orgasm filled her from head to toe. When the two finished Ed continued ramming her bum as the siblings tried to lie still until he grunted and came in the girl's ass.

"God that was great." Jackie said, pulling Ed and Amanda off of Bill. She grabbed Bill' cock and stroked it until it was hard again, then climbed atop him and began fucking the blond boy.

Bill welcomed her pussy and began fucking back as Jackie rode him. Jackie moaned loudly as she climaxed on top of the boy. When she finished she jumped off, and seeing his still hard cock, grabbed Amanda and shoved her back onto her brother.

Amanda sat on his cock and began riding him once more. She orgasmed almost immediately, but continued to fuck her brother for several more minutes, and two more orgasms, until he came inside her once more.

When Bill had come the two siblings looked about the room. The front door was wide open and neither Ed nor Jackie were anywhere to be seen. Amanda jumped off of her brother and ran to the door. Not seeing anyone she used her foot to close it then returned to Bill. The sat back to back until he had undone her ropes. Then she untied him. Then the sat in silence for several minutes trying to get up the nerve to speak. Finally Bill broke the silence.

"What do we do now, call the cops?" He asked.

"And let everyone know we fucked each other?" Amanda replied. "Hell no! I say we clean up and pretend that none of this ever happened."

Bill agreed. The two bathed, dressed and checked out immediately, driving for an hour before stopping at another motel in another town. They decided that they would never return there again. But try as they might, they could never forget that way that they had satisfied each other that night.

Ed and Jackie left town immediately as well. They drove on through the night thinking fondly about their encounter with the twins. Each knowing that this was just the beginning of a new direction in their relationship together…

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