tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 04

The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 04


Jackie and Ed took their seats at a table near the rear of the small diner. It wasn't much of a place, but it was the only thing they could find open this late while traveling along the rural highway leading them to their next vacation stop.

"It looks like someone has the hots for you." Jackie said, referring to the pretty Hispanic girl working the register.

Ed smiled. He too had noticed the girl's flirtation as he paid for their sandwiches and cokes.

Silvia was her name. At least that's what it said on her nametag. She had a very pretty face, and at first Ed didn't realize that she was Hispanic. Her eyes had almost an Asiatic look about them, although the rest of her features were more South American. She was 21 years old with a slender body and smallish breast. But her brown uniform shirt fit her well, and with her cute round face and schoolgirl smile Ed had found her attractive at once.

But, for some reason, he thought the other woman working behind the counter was sexier. Her name was Diana. And, like Silvia, she too was Hispanic. Diana was 30, with long dark hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. Her light brown skin was just a shade darker than Silvia's was. She had large brown eyes. She was not as pretty as Silvia, but she had an air of confidence about her that made Ed think that she was a more of a woman than the pretty girl almost ten years her junior.

Diana may not have been as pretty, but she had a better body. Her breast were larger and fuller than Silvia's, and Ed liked the way that she left just one button too many undone on her uniform to allow a sensual peak without revealing anything more than she wanted. She had a shapely round ass and longer legs, although they were hidden under her dark brown pants.

It was obvious that Diana was in charge. She seemed friendly enough, but by observing the two girls one could see that Diana was in control, and made sure that the other knew it. Even the cook behind the counter, a thin black man in his mid thirties who answered to the name of Rog. Seemed to jump at Diana's beck and call.

"I don't think I like the way she keeps looking at you." Jackie commented.

"Well I wish I could see more of her," Ed answered. "She is pretty, but that uniform needs to go."

Diana approached their table. Speaking in a slight accent she told them, "I hate to rush you, but we just closed. I have the doors locked so someone will have to let you out when you're ready to go."

Ed and Jackie finished their sandwiches. When they finished neither of the girls was around.

"They must be in the back," Jackie said. "Well I need to go pee before we leave anyway."

Ed waited a couple minutes after Jackie had left then decided to visit the men's room as well. He made his way down the hall in the back to the bathrooms and entered the men's room. He stood at the urinal, pulled out his dick and began pissing. No sooner had he begun did the door open. Silvia stepped inside with a mop and gasped at the sight of Ed standing there pissing. Ed knew that from the angle of the door she could get a good view of his dick, and felt himself becoming slightly aroused from the girl's discomfort.

"I'm sorry!" She said with a start and backed out of the restroom. Only to find Jackie standing behind her.

"What the hell is going on here?" Jackie demanded.

Ed shook off the last few drops of piss before casually shoving his manhood back inside his pants and walking to the door. "It looks like Silvia here got a bit of a peek."

"I'll bet is was a surprise. She probably walked in on purpose." Jackie accused.

"No, it was an accident, I swear." Silvia insisted.

Jackie looked back and didn't see anyone behind them. "Get in there!" She ordered, pushing Silvia back into the bathroom.

"Wh what are you doing." Silvia began to panic.

"If you want to see my boyfriend's cock so bad we'll let you see it up close and personal." Jackie said, closing the door behind her as she joined the other two in the bathroom. "Get on your knees!"

Silvia dropped to her knees, watching with eyes wide as Ed unfastened his pants freeing his now growing dick. She had been with several men, but the largest dick she had ever encountered was just over six inches. Ed was both longer and thicker than any of her former boyfriends.

"Suck his cock." Jackie demanded.

Silvia was afraid to resist, so she opened her mouth and began sucking Ed's swollen prick.

"Doesn't her face look even prettier with her lips around your cock?" Jackie asked as she guided Silvia's head back and forth along his shaft.

Ed didn't say a word. He just stood there enjoying the sensation of Silvia's mouth and tongue massaging his dick.

Jackie knelt behind Silvia and reached around to begin unbuttoning her shirt. Silvia continued sucking Ed's cock as Jackie pulled her shirt down over her arms and undid her bra. Jackie began fondling Silvia's perky titties, pinching her nipples until they were hard.

"Do you want to fuck her?" Jackie asked Ed.

"Oh yes." Ed replied.

Jackie pulled Silvia onto her back. The girl resisted some as Ed pulled her shoes, pants and panties off. But when it came time for him to climb atop her she willingly spread her legs. She was being raped, but Silvia wanted Ed's 8-inch tool inside her more than she cared to admit.

Ed found the girl's pussy already moist as he began working his cock into her belly. Silvia gasped as he pushed inside her, filling her like she had never been filled before.

Jackie leaned over and began licking Silvia's right nipple while Ed fucked her.

"Fuck her baby, fuck her real good." Jackie said as Ed pounded Silvia's tight pussy.

"Oh yes." Ed whispered as his hips began thrusting forward with greater speed.

"Come in her tight pussy." Jackie said.

Ed moaned and Silvia realized that he was about to cum inside her. Only then did she remember that they weren't using any protection. But it was too late now.

Ed moaned again and thrust his cock deep inside her as he began cuming in her pussy. Silvia could feel his warm cum coating her insides as he spent hi load in her.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Diana called out behind them.

She had come out of the back room and noticed that Jackie and Ed were gone. She had assumed that Silvia had let them out before going to clean the rest rooms. She was on her way down the hall to check on the younger woman when she heard moans from the men's room and opened the door to find the threesome on the floor with Ed fucking Silvia.

Ed jumped to his feet, his climax completed. Diana's eyes dropped to his still hard cock as it jiggled from his sudden movements. She could see small drops of cum still forming on the tip of his dick and found it difficult to pull her eyes away from it.

"They raped me." Silvia said, trying to cover herself.

"Shit, she loved it more than he did." Jackie insisted.

"I'm calling the cops." Diana said. But before she could move Jackie had grabbed her, pinning her back against the wall. Diana was taller than Jackie, but Jackie was a tough girl and had taken Diana by surprise.

"I don't think you want to do that." Jackie said.

"Pl, please. Just leave." Diana said.

Jackie looked her over. "Not yet. I think that maybe we need to give you a little cock too."

"Do you think you're ready for another piece of ass?" She asked Ed.

"Most definitely." He replied, stroking his cock.

Diana began to fight but the two of them pushed her to the floor and began tearing her clothes from her body."

"Help me, Silvia." She called out. But the younger girl sat on the floor with her eyes transfixed on the scene before her. She was scared, but secretly wanted to see Diana get raped as well. She didn't like how the girl acted like she was something special just because the owner let her be in charge at night. Now she thought that it would be nice to see her get taught a lesson. Without realizing it she began rubbing her freshly fucked pussy while watching Diana's ordeal.

"Look at that, she's getting into this." Ed said when he saw Silvia playing with herself.

"Well you came too quickly for her. I guess we need to find a way to help her."

Seeing that Ed didn't catch on right away she continued. "Let's make her boss lick her pussy until she cums."

"No!" Diana cried out. The thought of licking pussy was disgusting enough, but the thought of being forced to lick Diana's pussy, especially after this stranger had just fucked her, was too humiliating to consider.

Jackie grabbed Diana by her ponytail and forced her to crawl over to where Silvia lay against the wall.

"Lick her pussy!" Jackie insisted, pushing Diana's head between the other girl's legs.

Diana's face rubbed against Silvia's wet snatch. Reluctantly she began licking her slit as Ed got behind her and began rubbing his cock between her legs.

"No, please don't..." Before she could finish her sentence Ed's cock was thrust into her pussy. Diana knelt before him, her face buried in pussy as he began fucking her doggie style.

"Shit, I need to get in this too." Jackie said, standing up and undoing her pants. She dropped her pants and panties to the floor then straddled Silvia.

Silvia watched as Ed fucked her boss from behind. She was disgusted at first with being licked by the other woman. But her pussy enjoyed the sensation. And she needed to cum. So Silvia welcomed her boss' tongue on her swollen clit, satisfied that Diana was being humiliated more than she was.

Then Jackie squatted down on her face.

"Eat my pussy." She demanded, rubbing her soaking cunt on Silvia's face.

Diana could taste Ed's cum on Silvia's pussy. She hated what she was doing, and hated the fact that she was being fucked by force. But Ed's cock was pounding her in such a way that her pussy was responding in a way that she had not expected. She tried to resist the feeling but soon found herself fucking back against his thick pole. The whole time lapping away at Silvia's pussy.

Silvia's hips were rocking as Diana licked her. She matched her boss's tongue with her own, licking and sucking on Jackie's cunt as the woman straddling her face rocked and moaned in delight.

Diana heard Silvia moaning and realized that the girl was going to have an orgasm. She wanted to stop but couldn't bring herself to do so.

"Mpffff." Silvia moaned as her pussy climaxed on Diana's face. She could feel her juices spilling out on Diana's tongue as her orgasm continued.

Diana's legs nearly bucked out from beneath her as she felt her own orgasm take her by surprise. She panted between licks as Ed' cock brought her to a powerful orgasm.

As the other two girls came Jackie herself began to climax. She pressed her cunt tightly against Silvia's mouth as her body shook.

"Oh yes!" She called out as she came on the pretty girl's face.

Ed was pounding Diana's pussy with growing anticipation as his second orgasm neared. He held her hips tight and pounded away. Then threw his head back and slammed forward as his cock erupted inside her pussy.

"That was one hell of a show." Came a voice behind them.

Ed jumped with a start, finding Rog, the black cook standing in the doorway.

"Relax, man. Mind if I join in."

"Be my guest." Ed said, stepping aside.

"No, don't." Diana said.

Rog ignored her, unfastening his pants and dropping behind Diana. Without warning he rammed his cock into her waiting pussy.

"Rog, you son of a bitch!" Diana called out as the cook began fucking her. Her cries were quickly muffled as Silvia grabbed her head and forced it back between her legs.

Diana began licking Silvia's snatch again, feeling the younger woman cum twice before she too had another orgasm. Then she heard Rog cry out loudly as the cook blasted his cum inside her pussy.

It was only then that she realized that Jackie and Ed were gone. Rog explained that they had dressed and rushed out a few minutes earlier, but he was too busy enjoying her cunt to care.

Diana ran out front and found the door unlocked. She quickly locked it and ran back to the bathroom, only to find Rog on the floor with Silvia riding his cock.

"Jesus," She said. "I guess this is going to change the fucking working relationships around here."

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