tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 05

The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 05


Vickie sat in the cabin at Twin Lakes Campground eating her fast food dinner. She was upset that she had been delayed one day due to car troubles, but happy for the help from the couple who brought her here after her car was towed to the garage.

The 27-year-old had long blond hair, blue eyes and a pretty face. She was a thin woman, only a few pounds over 100. She had sexy legs and a cute butt. But barely filled her A cup bra.

Vickie started the morning on the way to visit some college friends in a neighboring state. One of them was getting married this weekend and Vickie was asked to be a bridesmaid. She was also planning to attend the bachelorette party.

She had planned on making the trip in one day. But had stopped off at an adult bookstore she remembered along the way to buy a gag gift for the party. She had been told that everyone was to bring a sex toy as a gag gift for the bride to be.

Having passed this place several times during her travels between home and school during her four years in college Vickie knew she could get what she needed there. She had been there before, to get her vibrator that she still used.

While inside she found just what she was looking for. An unusual looking double dildo that could be worn without a strap. It had one bulbous end that fit into your pussy, and the penis end that would be used to fuck another woman.

Vickie had never participated in lesbian sex of any kind, although she had watched it in videos and had not been appalled by it. She had intended to buy a strap on but after seeing this thought that it would probably be a one of a kind gift at the party. So she paid the extra for it and bought it.

As usual, she felt uncomfortable with the looks she got from the other patrons. But that's why she stopped here, over 200 miles from home where no one would know her.

Upon returning to her car she found that it wouldn't start. She tried it several times, and that's when Jackie and Ed entered the picture.

The couple had pulled into the parking lot of the adult bookstore and saw Vickie's delima. Ed volunteered to try to help so Vickie pulled the hood release and allowed him to see what he could do.

Jackie made idle conversation with her while Ed examined the motor. Seeing Jackie's ample bosom at eye level made her somewhat uncomfortable so Vickie got out of her car so she could stand up and talk to the other woman.

When she saw Jackie's eyes resting on the toy she had bought she blushed, and tried to explain about the bachelorette party.

"Relax," Jackie had told her. She asked to look at it, saying that she had read about this new toy online, and that it was designed to be used without a harness so that the woman doing the fucking could achieve an orgasm as well as the one being fucked.

Vickie was relieved when Ed stepped out from in front of the car to change the topic. But the news wasn't good. Vickie needed a new alternator.

Jackie and Ed offered to help her. They drove her to a nearby garage, where she made arrangements to have her car towed in and repaired. But, unfortunately, it couldn't be completed until the following morning.

Vickie asked about hotels, but learned that the campground had cabins and was both closer and cheaper than the nearest hotel. So she allowed Jackie and Ed to drive her there, after retrieving her suitcase and toy from the car.

Now Vickie sat alone in her cabin. She finished her meal, and was startled by a knock at the door.

She opened it to find Jackie and Ed standing there. She looked but didn't see their vehicle parked out front.

"How did you get here?" She asked.

"We parked nearby and walked back." Jackie said, pushing her way through the doorway past Vickie.

"Why did you come back?" Vickie inquired.

"I thought that we could provide you with some company." Jackie replied.

Ed entered the cabin, closing the door behind him.

Vickie became uncomfortable. "I really appreciate it. But I'm OK. So you don't have to stay."

"Oh, but we insist." Jackie said. "Besides, my lover here has been hard as nails ever since I told him I'd like to try out your new toy with you."

Vickie reached for her phone, but Ed grabbed her before she could get to the table. "I don't think you need that." He said.

"Please, let me go." Vickie begged.

Jackie and Ed both began wrestling the blond to the single bed, pulling at her clothing as they did so.

Vickie tried to scream, but Ed's hand covered her mouth. From the looks of things when she had arrived she doubted if anyone was nearby to hear her cries anyhow.

She fought and kicked, but was unable to prevent the couple from removing her clothing and holding her down on the bed.

"Look at those little titties." Jackie said to Ed as she reached out and tweaked one of Vickie's nipples.

"Please stop." Vickie pleaded.

"Don't play games with us," Jackie continued. "You were looking for something to get you off when we found you. And I saw how you looked at my man. You wanted him then, so you're going to get him now. But I want in on the action too."

Ed leaned over and began sucking on her right nipple, bringing it fully erect as his tongue caressed it.

"Fuck her." Jackie ordered.

Ed stood and unfastened his pants. When they dropped to the floor Vickie gasped at the sight of Ed's long, thick cock. It was bigger than any she had experienced before. And she realized that maybe she wouldn't mind being fucked by him.

Ed climbed atop the thin woman. He rubbed his cock against her pussy, and slowly began pushing in.

Vickie cried out at first, until he worked it enough to get her juices flowing. Then she calmed down as his cock began slowly inserting inside of her.

The tiny blond couldn't believe how well he filled her. Then Ed pulled back a little, and slammed his cock all the way inside her.

Vickie yelped in surprise and pain as his cock was buried to the hilt, slamming head long into her cervix.

"Fuck her!" Jackie cried out, encouraging Ed as he pounded his shaft into the blond woman.

"Damn she has a tight pussy." Ed declared as he continued thrusting inside her.

Vickie wanted to scream in anger and humiliation. But at the same time she found herself enjoying the man atop her.

Jackie was right when she said that Vickie had desired Ed. She found him very attractive. And she was indeed horny after leaving the adult bookstore. She wanted to be fucked, but she didn't really want it this way. Still, Ed's cock was making her feel very good. She just wished that Jackie wasn't there to watch her ordeal.

Vickie closed her eyes, and began thrusting her hips up to meet Ed as he slammed into her. She wanted to cum with his cock inside her.

"Ohhh." She heard Ed moan.

"Pull out first!" She shouted, realizing that Ed was on the verge of cumming. "Please don't cum inside me!"

Ed pounded her harder and faster. Her tight pussy squeezed his cock, milking it of his cum as he climaxed inside her.

"Cum in her, baby!" Jackie said as she watched her lover cum inside the blond woman's tight pussy.

Vickie could feel his cum jetting inside her. Then he pulled free. She was partly glad it was over. But she regretted not being able to cum before he finished.

"My turn." Jackie said.

"What?" Vickie asked in alarm.

"Time for you to eat my pussy."

Vickie was aghast. She noticed for the first time that Jackie was now naked.

Ed pulled Vickie up so Jackie could lie down on the bed.

Vickie looked down at the pretty dark haired woman with the large breast and well trimmed pussy.

Ed shoved her down between Jackie's legs. "Make her cum now." He ordered.

Two pair of hands forced her face into Jackie's pussy. Regretfully she began licking the other woman. She had seen it done enough in porn videos to know just what to do. And from the immediate sound of satisfaction coming from Jackie she knew that she was doing it right.

Vickie licked Jackie's clit, feeling the other woman squirm with enjoyment. She was disgusted at being made to do this, but afraid not to comply.

As she licked, Ed's hands wandered about her body, playing with her small tits, tweaking her nipples, and running down to rub her pussy.

Jackie began moaning and squirming. She held Vickie's head by the hair, pulling her face tighter against her pussy as her climax began.

Vickie could feel Jackie's juices dribbling out onto her lips and tongue as she brought Jackie to orgasm.

Finally Jackie released her grip, allowing Vickie to pull away from her wet pussy. All she wanted was for this couple to leave her alone.

She shuttered when she heard Jackie say, "Looks like your cock is ready again."

Vickie turned her head to see Ed standing there with his cock fully erect once more.

Then she felt the stirrings between her legs and realized that if he fucked her again that she could at least have the orgasm that was denied her the first time.

Jackie saw Vickie's eyes lingering on Ed's rock hard cock. "Oh, you're going to get his cock again, but not the way you think."

She turned to see Jackie standing there holding the toy she had bought.

"I think I'm going to give this a try on you, while Ed fucks your ass." Jackie said.

"Fuck no!" Vickie shouted.

She had never permitted anyone to fuck her ass before. She had been fingered there a few times, but that was enough. And she wasn't about to let someone the size of Ed be the first to ram her asshole.

Jackie rubbed her pussy. Satisfied that she was wet enough she inserted the smaller end of the dildo into her. Jackie stood there with the long dildo sticking out in front of her.

"Come sit on my cock." Jackie ordered as she got back on the bed.

Vickie resisted when Ed grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed. But then both of them grabbed her and pulled her into place. Vickie gave up, and allowed Jackie to shove the dildo into her pussy as she straddled the big titted woman and sat on her.

Then Ed crawled up behind her.

Vickie cried out when she felt Ed's cock rub against her ass. But Jackie held her tight as he began pressing his large rod against her balloon not opening.

Ed's cock broke through, causing Vickie to yelp in pain. Now she was impaled on Ed's cock in her asshole and the gag gift toy she had purchased earlier in the day.

Both Jackie and Ed began fucking the blond woman. Vickie gasped with each thrust as she was fucked by flesh and rubber combined.

Jackie couldn't believe how well this dildo worked. As she was fucking Vickie she could feel the ribbed edges rubbing her own clit.

Ed sank his shaft deep into Vickie's tight asshole and began fucking her with long, measured strokes.

Vickie thought she would pass out at first. But soon the pain died away. She was pounded on both sides by the couple. She could hear Jackie panting as the woman below neared orgasm.

Jackie was in total pleasure. She climaxed while fucking Vickie, then just lay there letting Ed do all the work as his cock continued to bang into Vickie, causing the blond to bounce up and down on the dildo, which in turn continued massaging Jackie's clit. She realized that she would soon be cumming a third time.

Vickie felt her own pussy responding. She couldn't stop herself from fucking the toy inside her. She could hear Jackie's cry of orgasm as she climaxed again. Then Vickie's pussy erupted in desire as her orgasm began.

The blond woman shook from head to toe as she climaxed from the twin poking she was receiving.

Ed was caught up in his own desire. He could see, feel and hear the two women beneath him cumming. His thrust became more rapid as the pressure of another orgasm arose in his cock. His balls tightened and he slammed his cock all the way inside Vickie's ass as he came deep inside her.

He withdrew his cock, then helped Vickie pull herself up off of the dildo. She collapsed on the bed and drifted off into sleep while Jackie and Ed dressed.

"I think I'll keep this for future use." Jackie said, tucking the dildo under her arm as they rushed out of the cabin.

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