tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 06

The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 06


Janet pulled her car into the crowded restaurant parking. Her daughter couldn't wait to get out of the car and rush inside to use the restroom. This was the first stop they had made in over two hours.

Jessica jumped out of the car. The pretty 18-year-old red head waited impatiently for her mother. Jessica was a thin girl, measuring 32, 24, 32 with small A cup breast. She had long red hair and an angelic face and looked good in her tee shirt and denim shorts.

Her mother was still attractive for forty years of age. She had short blond hair, with a little coloring help to cover the hint of gray that had begun the previous year.

Janet was a little taller than her daughter, and was still in good shape. Her 34,B 26, 36 body wasn't as firm as it was ten years earlier, but she looked better than most women her age did.

Janet had turned 40 only two days earlier. Exactly one day after Jessica had turned 18. This being an important age change for both mother and daughter they decided to take a Spring Break trip together to Las Vegas, leaving her husband, Jessica's father, the man she inherited her red hair from, at home to spend some father son time with Janet's son.

They knew that they couldn't make the trip all in one day. So they picked this little town to stay the night and would get up bright and early the next morning to drive the final three hours.

They entered the restaurant and were led to a table. Jessica excused herself to use the restroom while Janet waited her turn.

Seated at the next table were Jackie and Ed. They had spent a few days in Vegas and were headed to their next vacation adventure and stopped here for a bite to eat.

Ed noticed the pretty redhead and her attractive mother. He watched as she returned, taking in her young body as she approached.

They were finishing up their meal. Jackie, seeing Ed watching the young lady, was reminded of their most previous conquest. A skinny blond named Vickie. Jackie brought the woman up and the two of them discussed graphic memories of their afternoon with her several weeks earlier.

Janet could overhear the vulgar discussion at the table beside her. She was embarrassed for her daughter. The talk of lesbianism and double penetration using toys was something that Janet would never discuss. Especially in front of her children.

Janet was a very moral woman. She had been with only one man in her entire life. Her husband was a local town leader and she enjoyed the prestige her family had. To put it mildly, Janet was friendly to those she liked. But to everyone else she was just plain stuck up.

Jessica gave every outward appearance of being the perfect daughter. Especially because of her parent's strictness. But she had been something of a playful girl for the past couple of years and knew that she had been with four more boys than her mother had slept with before her 18th birthday. While the talk at the table next to them went farther than her desires did. It in no way offended her like it did her mother.

When Ed mentioned cumming in Vickie's ass Janet had heard enough. She spat out her displeasure at the young couple, telling them that she didn't appreciate their disgusting comments, especially in front of her daughter.

Not being one to take a reprimand well, Jackie told the older woman to mind her own fucking business. Then, when Janet turned back to her meal she overheard Jackie telling Ed, "I'll bet she needs a stiff cock up her ass."

That was it for Janet. She got up and walked to the counter, asking to speak to the Manager. After complaining, the Manager approached Jackie and Ed and told them that they had to curb their obscene talk or leave.

Since they had already finished their meal, Ed gladly withdrew his wallet, offered handed the man a twenty-dollar bill and the two walked out.

Janet finished her meal feeling smug about how she had caused that filthy couple to be forced to leave. The two women finished their meal, paid their bill and left the restaurant. The got in their car and drove down the street to a motel with a vacancy sign, unaware of the SUV following behind them.

Ed had wanted to let the incident pass. But Jackie was incensed and wanted revenge. She talked Ed into waiting to see where the two women went. And when she saw them pull into the motel she decided that they would have to wait and get back at the blond and her pretty daughter.

Janet checked in and then drove the car to park in front of their room. Ed watched as they entered their room, observing the area to see how secluded they were.

They pulled out of the parking lot and into one next door into the lot of a local bar. The couple exited the SUV. Jackie opened the rear hatch, rummaged about their gear, throwing a few items into her bag, and then the two of them cautiously approached the motel room. Satisfied that there was no one else nearby Jackie knocked on the door while Ed stood to the side of the door.

Jessica opened the door. Before she had the opportunity to recognize the attractive brunette, Ed and Jackie pushed their way into the door, shoving the pretty redhead back into the room.

The sound of the shower running let them know that the mother was occupied and probably unable to hear them. Ed pressed his right hand against Jessica's mouth as the couple wrestled her to the nearest bed. Once Ed was atop her Jackie rushed back to close and lock the door behind them. She then pulled a length of rope out of her bag and tied Jessica's hands behind her back as Ed held her in place.

"Don't even think about making any noise." Jackie warned her as she motioned for Ed to grab the mother.

Ed tried the bathroom door, finding it unlocked. He opened the door, stepped into the bathroom and jerked the shower curtain to the side.

Janet was startled by the sudden motion. The sight of the man from the restaurant standing before her made the blond woman jump, trying to cover her nakedness with her hands.

Ed grabbed Janet, pulling her drenched body out of the tub easily. Janet cried out in alarm, then saw Jackie standing over Jessica as she was pulled out of the bathroom.

"What the hell are you doing?" Janet demanded.

"It's payback time." Jackie told her. "You seemed pretty uptight about sex back in the restaurant. So I figured that maybe you need a good fucking to set you straight."

Ed shoved her onto the second bed.

"Please don't hurt us." Janet pleaded, trying to cover herself.

"We won't hurt you," Jackie replied. "As long as you cooperate with us."

"What do you want." Janet asked, afraid that she already knew the answer.

"My friend here needs some pussy. So why don't you just spread your legs and accommodate him."

Ed was already undressing. Janet looked to her daughter, then back at Ed.

Both Janet and Jessica's eyes went wide as they saw Ed's well-endowed, fully erect, cock come into view.

"No, please don't." Janet pleaded.

Ed pounced on the woman. She raised her arms trying to resist him, which only enabled him to land between her legs more easily. Janet heard her daughter cry out in alarm as Ed pressed his hips between her legs, pushing his cock against her hairy pussy.

"Please stop!" Janet cried out as Ed's cock began to gain entrance between her lips. She had been a virgin before her wedding night, and never thought about cheating on her husband. Now she was about to be fucked against her will. And in front of her daughter.

"No!" She cried as Ed's cock shoved inside her. He worked it in and out slowly, waiting for her body to respond instinctively. Soon he could feel her wetness spreading and he pressed his cock in farther and farther with each measured stroke.

"Let's see what you have here." Jackie said to the redhead, as she tore her tee shirt down the front. Seeing Jessica's lacy white bra with a front hook she reached down and released it, freeing the girl's small A cup titties.

Jackie stepped behind the blushing 18-year-old so that they could both watch the other woman being fucked. Jackie lowered her hands in front of Jessica and began playing with the younger girl's nipples.

Jessica squirmed as the brunette fondled her breast and toyed with her now hard nipples. She could feel Jackie's ample breast pressing into her back. She tried to shake off the woman's hands. While her tits were small, her nipples were extremely sensitive, and Jackie knew how to tug, rub, tweak and roll them in all the right ways to make the redhead's body tingle throughout.

"Look at your mom taking that big cock all the way inside her." Jackie whispered.

Jessica couldn't help the growing feeling between her legs as Jackie stimulated her nipples. She didn't enjoy watching her mother getting raped. But was somehow being turned on by the combination of the sight of Ed's cock and Jackie's fingers. She almost wished that it was she who was lying on the bed beneath Ed.

Janet could see Jessica being mauled by the other woman. But her mind kept returning to the large cock pounding inside her pussy.

Ed felt his orgasm approaching. His pace increased as he continued fucking the blond mother. Her tight pussy gripped his shaft, bringing him closer and closer to release.

"I'm cumming." He announced.

"Fill her cunt with your cum!" Jackie encouraged as she pinched and rubbed Jessica's nipples. Feeling her pussy stirring with desire.

"Oh yes!" Ed cried out as he began cumming in Janet's pussy.

Janet could feel his sperm spewing inside her, knowing that she could no longer claim to have experienced only her husband in such a way.

Ed finished cumming, slowly stroking his cock in her pussy a few more times before pulling it out.

Jackie's face gleamed at the sight of Ed's cock glistening with a mixture of Janet's juices and his own cum.

"Come over here." Jackie told him.

Ed walked over to stand before Jackie and Jessica.

"Use your mouth and clean his cock off." Jackie ordered, pushing Jessica's head into Ed's crotch.

Jessica opened her mouth, taking Ed's cock into it.

Ed watched the pretty redhead as her face bobbed up and down on his cock, which was once again growing fully erect.

"Can you taste your momma's pussy on his cock?" Jackie asked her.

"Please, you got what you wanted. Now leave us alone." Janet begged as she watched her daughter being forced to suck Ed's cock."

"He got to cum, but I didn't." Jackie informed her as she began disrobing.

"What do you want now?" Janet asked.

Jackie stripped naked. She stood there before the older woman. Her large round breast standing firm. Her well trimmed dark haired snatch in full view.

"I want you to lick my pussy until I cum."

"Hell no!" Janet responded.

"If you don't make me cum, then I'll turn Ed lose on your daughter."

Jackie crawled on the bed, sitting back against the headboard with her legs spread wide.

"Now eat my pussy!"

Janet was disgusted. She had considered anything of this kind to be a sin against god and nature. Now she was being forced to do this vile act while her daughter watched.

Janet lowered her face between Jackie's legs. Slowly bringing her lips to the other woman's pussy. Then, ever so cautiously, she began licking Jackie's pussy.

Jackie grabbed the back of her head, bringing her closer and guiding her as she licked. When Janet's tongue began massaging her engorged clit she moaned in approval.

Ed pulled his cock out of Jessica's mouth and stepped aside so that the redhead could watch her mother eating Jackie's cunt.

Jessica had become caught up in sucking his cock. She almost resisted when he pulled away.

The sight of her mother eating pussy captivated her. She wanted to turn away. But could not pull her eyes away from the scene before her.

Unlike her mother, Jessica did not find lesbianism appalling. It wasn't something she had ever experimented with, although she had felt the temptation.

Jackie relished the sensation of making another woman eat her pussy. Sure it was sexually gratifying. But is was even more so to the big tittied brunette. It was the satisfaction of power by making another woman perform this act on her. Jackie had now made several women lick her to orgasm. Yet she had never done anything like this to another woman. In fact, she promised herself that she would never give another woman the satisfaction of being licked by her.

Janet could hear the increased moans coming from Jackie. She realized that she was going to bring the woman to an orgasm and hoped that this would be the end of it.

Jackie exhaled sharply as her orgasm began. She could feel her juices spilling out onto Janet's mouth and face as she came. She held Janet's head in place, forcing the woman to continue licking as her body spasmed in climax.

"Damn if your mom doesn't eat pussy well." Jackie said to Janet.

"Now look at that," Jackie pointed to Ed's stiff cock. "You've done made him rock hard again."

Janet groaned.

"Oh don't worry, mommy." Jackie said to the blond. "I think he wants a little red headed pussy now."

"No!" Janet yelled.

Jackie grabbed the woman just as she was about to climb off the bed. The two wrestled momentarily until Jackie had her firmly pinned on the bed.

"What do you say, darling?" She asked, "Do you want to fuck that pretty thing?"

"Damn right!" Ed said as he reached down and grabbed Jessica's shorts and panties and began pulling them down her long legs.

Jessica wrestled and kicked as Ed removed her remaining clothing. But was unable to do little more than waste time as he soon had them removed and was holding her legs up in either hand. With her arms tied behind her back there was nothing else she could do but fall backwards onto the bed.

Ed looked down at Jessica's pussy. It was neatly shaved, with only a small tuft of red hair above her twat.

Ed leaned down and began licking her pussy. Jessica's head rolled back as his tongue worked her clit. She tried to resist the feelings between her legs, but the constant stimulation of her nipples by Jackie, the brief time of sucking Ed's large cock, and the sight of her mother being fucked and eating pussy had overwhelmed her primitive desires, creating a conflict between reason and passion inside her.

Ed raised up, holding Jessica's right leg with his left hand and guiding his cock with his right, pressed it against her wet pussy. He pushed in just enough to bury the head of his cock inside her. Then grabbed her left leg and held them upright as he slammed his cock inside her.

Jessica could hear her mother protesting. She tried bucking her hips up and down and from side to side in hopes of escaping his large tool. But with every stroke of his cock the redhead found her body responding more.

"It looks like your little girl likes his big cock." Jackie said to Janet.

"No I don't!" Jessica yelled in reply, knowing that it was at least half a lie. For her pussy was enjoying the fucking she was getting. Jessica had been with four men, actually four boys, as she realized that this was the first real man who had fucked her. And she had never felt a cock of this proportion before.

Her pussy squeezed Ed's cock. He felt the girl starting to fuck back as he watched his rod pull out and slam into her red haired pussy over and over again. He dropped her legs, leaning forward to lie on her and took her left nipple into his mouth.

Jessica wanted to scream. The position he put himself into now had his cock rubbing against her clit as he stuffed her pussy with his cock. And his tongue caressing her nipple drove her over the edge. She realized that she was going to climax for him...

The she realized that she wanted nothing more than to climax for him.

"Ohhh..." She softly moaned, as her orgasm rose inside her.

Then Jessica came. She couldn't control the moans and grunts that escaped from her throat as Ed's cock pleasured her, providing the means for her most basic desires as she came on his cock.

Janet watched her daughter in shock, unable to believe that this man was making her cum.

Ed was filled with satisfaction. He knew that Jessica was cumming willingly as he fucked her. That the pretty young redhead was enjoying his cock nearly as much as he was enjoying her pussy.

Then he climaxed, releasing his seed deep inside the young woman who was still in the latter throws of her orgasm.

Ed pumped his cock dry inside Jessica's pussy, not wanting this moment to end. But soon feeling his cock going flaccid inside her. Only then did he reluctantly pull out.

"Bring her over here." Jackie instructed.

Ed grabbed Jessica, who was panting from her orgasm and offering no resistance. He lifted her out of one bed and dropped her onto her back in the other.

Jackie rubbed a finger along Jessica's freshly fucked cunt. "Look at that mess. I think a good mother would want to clean her daughter up. Maybe suck all that nasty cum out before she gets pregnant."

Janet and Jessica were both appalled by her words.

"Or, maybe I can work this cock up again and let him have another round with her."

Janet wasn't going to be responsible for that. The blond woman gingerly crept between her daughter's legs and began licking Jessica's pussy. She could taste Ed's cum and did her best to lap it all up as it dribbled out.

Jessica jumped with a start as her mother began licking her snatch. She wanted to stop her, but with her hands tied behind her back all she could do was lay there blushing nearly as red as her hair as her mom's tongue flicked up and down in her pussy.

"That's it, eat her pussy. Make your daughter cum." Jackie taunted.

Janet realized what they wanted. Not just to humiliate her by making her perform oral. But to make her do it to the point that she brought her daughter to orgasm.

Jessica stirred as her mother's tongue began working her clit. She had not yet come down completely from her climax with Ed, and knew that it wouldn't take long to orgasm again at this point.

Ed watched the blond woman licking her daughter's pussy, absently stroking his cock while listening to Jackie's taunts.

Jessica began moaning. Her back arched and her eyes rolled back as she felt her mother bringing her to orgasm.

Janet felt her daughter's warm juices begin to spill out on her tongue and continued to munch the girl's box as she felt Jessica cumming.

"That was fucking great." Jackie said.

Janet pulled her face away from Jessica's pussy. She saw Jackie standing beside the bed with something protruding from her crotch.

Jackie was wearing a new style of double dildo. One that curved up on one end to fit snug in the wearers pussy and rub against her clit without the use of a harness. The other end stuck forward simulating a large erect cock.

"Now I want to fuck you."

Jackie rolled Janet over beside her daughter, then mounted the blond woman, pushing the rubber cock inside her.

"Oh yes, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you." Jackie exclaimed as she began pumping Janet's pussy.

As the dildo fucked Janet, it's ribbed edge massaged Jackie's clit and the bulbous end in her pussy stimulated her insides.

Jackie slammed the rubber toy into Janet, feeling a sense of dominance as she fucked the older woman. She could also feel her pussy tingling with pleasure as the dildo was bringing her closer and closer to climax.

Janet could not believe that she was now being fucked by another woman on top of everything else that had happened so far tonight. And worse, now her body was responding.

Her daughter had climaxed twice, but Janet had avoided the humiliation of cumming for this pair. But now that was about to change. Her pussy was on fire and there was nothing she could do about it. Jackie was going to make her come.

"Oh fuck." Janet spat as her orgasm began. Failing in her efforts to keep it hidden.

Jackie grinned at the blond woman as she realized that Janet was cumming. "My turn." She whispered.

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