tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 07

The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 07


Vickie could not believe her eyes when she looked across the bar and saw Jackie and Ed sitting there.

This was the couple that had raped her in the cabin she had rented less than two months ago when she was traveling. She could not imagine the odds of running into them here in her hometown.

She remembered all to well how Ed slammed his large cock into her pussy, and then forced it into her then-virgin asshole. And worse, she remembered Jackie making her lick her pussy, and then using the feeldo—a new type of double ended dildo that did not need a strap to be used as a 'strap on' dildo—on her.

Vickie's first instincts were to call the cops. But Vickie had never filed a complaint, and this was another town in another state.

But she could not permit this opportunity to pass without getting back at the couple that used and abused her for their pleasure.

Vickie's cousin Leroy was a local cop. She knew that he was off duty, but he would be willing to help here exact her revenge. Then Vickie began thinking of others who might help, and soon a twisted plan began forming in her pretty blonde head.

Jackie and Ed left the bar unaware that one of the earlier victims had seen them. Jackie, as always, was on the prowl for someone they could take advantage of. More often than naught they would find a girl or two who would be willing to go back to a motel room and have sex. Sometimes they found a couple and swapped. But their real fantasy was to find someone to force to do things she would normally refuse to participate in. But those were few and far between.

Tonight they found nothing. So they hopped in Ed's SUV and began driving down the road in search of a motel.

Then the red lights of a squad car flashed behind them.

"Fuck!" Ed cursed as he pulled over, knowing that he was about to be arrested for DUI.

Officer Leroy Butler approached the SUV on the driver's side. Ed could see another man standing back at the car; only he was not wearing a police uniform. He wondered if it was someone on a ride-along.

Leroy was as tall as Ed, but not in as good a shape. He had a pot belly and was balding, and looked older than his 33 years of age.

Ed soon found himself outside of the car, his hands cuffed behind his back, and only casually wondering why he had never been asked to show his drivers license or registration. Still, he was told that he was being booked on DUI.

Jackie was being taken in as well for drunk in public. Both were placed into the back of Leroy's squad car while the other man with Leroy—a skinny guy with shaggy brown hair and a scraggly beard who Leroy called Junior—was told to follow in Ed's SUV.

Ed observed that they continued driving in a direction that he though was leading away from town, but assumed that the county facilities must be on the outskirts of town. Then they turned down a darkened road and parked in front of a garage.

"Where the hell are we?" Ed asked.

"We'll store your vehicle here before processing you." Leroy offered."

If that was true, then Ed wondered why the officer was opening the door and asking Jackie and him to get out of the car.

Junior approached and grabbed Jackie from behind as Leroy did the same with Ed. They were then pushed into the doorway at the side of the garage.

Upon entering they spotted six more people: Four rough looking men and one petite blonde. It was Jackie who recognized Vickie first.

"Oh shit." Jackie said, realizing that they were in more trouble than a drunk driving charge.

"I see you remember me." Vickie said as she approached them. "Well let me introduce you to my family. You already met my cousins, Leroy and Junior. This is Junior's garage...

She pointed to a tall muscular man, easily the best looking in the bunch, "This is my cousin Kevin, and his brother's Ken and Karl." The latter two were shorter than Kevin, and were identical twins, except for the goatee on Karl. Neither had their brother's good looks.

"This is my brother Allen." She said, pointing to a blond haired slender man who had a remarkable resemblance to Vickie.

"And this is Robert." She pointed at a stocky man with homely features. He had awkward features, including large ears, a bulbous nose and long fingers. Jackie also noticed his oversized work boots.

"Robert is actually family," Vickie continued, "but he is as close as kin, and he works here for Junior. He's here especially for you, Jackie."

"What do you plan on doing to us?" Ed inquired, hoping that the answer didn't involve being chained to a heavy object and taken out on a small boat.

Vickie smiled for the first time. "Oh don't worry, we're not going to arrest you, and we're not going to kill you. But we are going to get even with you for what you did to me."

With that she looked to the others and said, "Strip them, but leave them handcuffed."

The men surrounded Jackie and Ed and began disrobing them. Their pants, shows and such were easily removed, but their shirts, and Jackie's bra, were cut and torn off of their bodies. They were then standing their naked before the group.

Vickie stepped up to Ed and began playing with his cock, bringing it to its full 8-inches as she toyed with it. "You know, I actually did enjoy this, if only you had been nicer about it then maybe I wouldn't have minded so much."

Then she stepped over the Jackie, "But you were a real bitch." She grabbed Jackie's left tit and squeezed it hard, causing the well endowed brunette to yelp in pain.

"You made me eat your pussy, and then you fucked me with that toy that I bought. Do you still have it?" She squeezed Jackie's right tit in the same manner.

"Yes, it's in the glove compartment." Jackie answered.

Vickie told Junior to go retrieve it before continuing. "I noticed that you never licked my pussy, so I'm guessing that you're not really a dyke, you just enjoy the power of making a girl eat your pussy; just like you enjoy forcing a girl to fuck your boyfriend. Well tonight you're going to be the one fucked, and made to eat pussy."

Jackie looked around the room. She was no stranger to fucking unknown men. But Vickie was right; Jackie had to be the one in control. The men were always her choice. There wasn't a single man in this group, with the exception of the muscular Kevin, that she would be willing to fuck. The thought that she was going to be forced to screw these men was appalling to Jackie. As was the threat of being forced to go down on Vickie. The blonde was right; Jackie enjoyed women for the power-play of it. Making a woman eat her pussy to orgasm was as much fun mentally as it was cumming on her face. She never had the desire to go down on another woman, and did not want to do the same with Vickie.

"Let's start by having you suck some cock." Vickie said.

"Me first." Leroy said, unzipping his pants as a couple of the guys forced Jackie to her knees.

The officer held his stiff cock in front of Jackie's face. Knowing that she had no other choice she opened her mouth and began sucking on the overweight redneck cop.

Vickie resumed playing with Ed's hard cock as he watched Jackie sucking off Leroy.

"Don't worry, I'm going to enjoy this big boy too," she said to him, "but it's not going to be quite what you're hoping for. You see, I'm going to share you with Kevin. He's gay and I think he finds you very attractive."

Ed heard some of the guys chuckling as Kevin stepped up beside him.

"Kevin, why don't you make Ed cum." Vickie said, removing her hand from Ed's tool.

Kevin grabbed Ed's cock and began stroking it. Ed could do nothing but stand there as another man fondled him.

Jackie continued sucking Leroy's cock, feeling the man thrust into her mouth as his desire mounted.

"Oh yes baby!" He exclaimed as his cum began jetting into Jackie's mouth.

"Swallow every drop!" Vickie insisted as Jackie milked the man's cock dry.

Leroy pulled out and was replaced by Junior, who handed over the toy he had retrieved from the car to Vickie.

"This will come in useful later." Vickie said, dangling it in front of Jackie before Junior pushed his long, thin cock into her mouth.

Jackie began servicing the second cock in less than ten minutes, knowing that there were more to follow.

"He's about to cum." Kevin said to Vickie.

All eyes turned to Ed, who was trying to hold back his release, not wanting to cum while being jacked off by another man. He had forced a guy to suck his dick once, only to humiliate the guy for Jackie's sake, but this was different. This time it was Ed who was being humiliated.

Ed closed his eyes as his orgasm began. Kevin stroked his cock, shooting streams of Ed's cum into the air in front of him as Vickie giggled child-like at the spectacle.

"Swallow my cum!" Junior bellowed as he began spewing his load into Jackie's mouth. The big titted girl obediently complied, gulping down every drop until the mechanic pulled away.

Then Karl, the goateed twin, took his turn in Jackie's mouth. She sucked him off, and followed with his brother. Then Robert stepped before her.

Jackie looked at Robert's cock. Just like his hands, feet, and other parts, Robert's cock was oddly large. It was about as long as Ed's 8-inches, perhaps even pushing nine. But it was thicker than Ed's, and the head was unusually large. Jackie opened her mouth wide to take it in.

But Robert did not want to be sucked; he wanted to fuck her face. He grabbed both sides of her head and began thrusting his cock into her throat. Jackie had to fight the urge to gag as he pounded her face. It took a controlled effort to breathe through her nose as this man forced his cock into her mouth with out care.

"That's it Robert, fuck her mouth!" Vickie encouraged.

Robert grunted like a wild animal as he fucked Jackie's mouth, then threw his head back as his orgasm began. He shot his cum down Jackie's throat as he pleasured himself inside of her mouth.

Robert pulled away, leaving Jackie panting on her knees. She looked at Kevin who stepped before her, and opened her mouth expectantly.

"Oh, you don't get to suck him. Ed will make him cum." Vickie informed her.

Ed was pushed over beside Jackie. His handcuffs were undone and his hands re-secured in front of him.

"Jack him off on her face." Vickie ordered.

Ed reached forward, needing to move both hands, but taking Kevin's cock in his right hand and began stroking it only two inches from Jackie's face. He blushed at the thought of everyone watching him doing this to another man, but knew from personal experience that he had to comply.

Fortunately it did not take long, and soon he was making Kevin cum, splattering his seed all over Jackie's face in the process as the men in the room cheered.

"Now it's my turn." Vickie said.

Jackie saw that the petite blonde was now naked. She had no care that her cousins were seeing her 100-pound, A-cup body totally nude. After all, she had just watched every one of them getting sucked off, or jacked off. "It's time for you to eat my pussy."

Jackie groaned as she was dragged over to kneel before the blonde woman. Vickie lay down on the floor, spreading her legs wide. "Make me cum." She demanded.

Leroy pushed Jackie face down between his cousin's legs.

Jackie's face rubbed against Vickie's blonde pussy. She could feel the other woman's wetness and smell the aroma. Reluctantly she parted her lips and began licking Vickie; doing exactly what she had made so many other women do to her.

"Oh yes, that feels so good." Vickie said as she enjoyed the sensation. Like Jackie, Vickie was not a truly bi-sexual. Her only experience had been when she was forced to perform on Jackie. But this was going to be enjoyable for her as she wanted—no, needed—to have Jackie lick her to orgasm in front of everyone.

Vickie and Jackie could hear the men cheering them on. To each woman the sounds were different. Jackie was humiliated at hearing the taunts, knowing that each man knew that she had no control. But Vickie got into it even more because of the lewd comments. She craved the power she had in making Jackie do this to her, and welcomed the approaching orgasm.

Vickie arched her back, toying with her nipples as she neared climax. Jackie's tongue felt so wonderful on her engorged clit. She was about to cum on the woman's face and wanted everyone in the room to know it.

"Yes, oh yes, make me cum you fucking whore, make me cum!"

Vickie lowered her hands and grabbed Jackie's hair, forcing her face tighter against her cunt as she began orgasming. She cried out with lust-filled delight as she came against Jackie's face.

Jackie lapped Vickie's slobbering cunt as the blonde girl came. Unable to pull away she continued to lick away, feeling Vickie's juices flowing freely over her mouth and tongue, until finally the blonde released her hold on Jackie's hair and settled down onto the floor, panting in ecstasy.

"Go ahead and fuck her, boys." Vickie said softly.

Hands grabbed Jackie, rolling her over onto her back. Leroy was first once again. He was now naked, as was everyone else in the room, and he dropped between Jackie's legs and thrust his cock into her pussy.

Jackie groaned in disgust as the balding fat man began fucking her. Never had she given herself to someone like him, and now she had no choice but to do so.

Leroy pounded Jackie's cunt without mercy, wanting nothing more than to cum inside this beautiful woman.

It took the cop only a few hard pounding minutes before he was moaning as he began shooting his cum into Jackie's pussy.

As before, Junior followed, climbing atop her and shoving his meat-stick inside of Jackie. He paced his efforts better, and spent time on other areas of Jackie's body as well. He leaned over and went back and forth sucking her hard nipples as he fucked her.

As Junior fucked Jackie, Vickie rose and crawled over beside Ed. She took his cock into her hand and began playing with it again. Then she leaned over and started sucking it.

She would suck a little, then pull away and play with his balls while watching the spectacle before her.

"Here goes!" Junior cried out as he lunged forward, releasing his load inside of Jackie, who just grimaced as she watched the man above her slobbering, his spittle dropping onto Jackie's face as he came inside of her.

The twins came next. But they decided to change things up a bit. Karl wanted to pass on her pussy for now, opting instead to spend some quality time between Jackie's large tits.

The rolled her over and put her on her knees. Karl lay on the floor and grabbed her tits in each hand, squeezing them together on either side of his swollen shaft. As he began fucking Jackie's tits his brother knelt behind her and shoved his cock deep inside her pussy.

"Doesn't that look nice?" Vickie said to Ed between sucks.

Ed was enjoying Vickie's mouth, thinking that so far Jackie was taking the worst of it. He did not mind Vickie sucking his cock, but was becoming annoyed at how she would suck until he was almost ready to cum before pulling her mouth away, denying him his release without every saying a word.

"Oh shit, oh fucking shit!" Ken cried out as his cock erupted inside Jackie's pussy. He slammed her hard and fast, draining every drop of his climax into her.

As Ken withdrew from her, Karl was still fucking Jackie's tits. She looked down, watching his cock sliding back and forth between her ample bosom. She could tell that he was ready to release.

"Push her head down!" Vickie yelled from her vantage point between Ed's legs.

Ken forced Jackie's head down so that her chin was meeting the head of Karl's cock as he thrust between her tits.

Karl began cumming, spewing his cum up against Jackie's lips and chin as her tits brought him to orgasm. His cum dangled from Jackie's face as the man continued spewing at her expense.

As the twins finished with her, Jackie saw Robert approaching. He knelt behind her and shoved his thick cock inside of her pussy. Jackie felt the giant head of his cock pop into her and actually felt a desire to be fucked by him.

"Hold it." Vickie yelled as Robert began fucking the woman. "I want to see her get fucked in the ass by that monster."

Jackie groaned as she felt Robert's cock pull out of her. She did not mind anal sex; it was something that she enjoyed at times. Often it was a reward she would offer Ed for something he had done to really please her. But she understood too well what was happening here.

Robert's oddly shaped cock was going to prove painful gaining entrance into her asshole. And that was what Vickie was hoping for. The blond had been forced to take Ed's cock up her virgin chute and now she was going to return the favor by making Jackie take the largest cock there up her own ass.

Robert pressed his cock against Jackie's balloon knot opening.

"For Christ sakes, give him some lubricant." She protested.

"You didn't use any on me." Vickie retorted.

Jackie cried out as Robert gained broke through, pushing into her ass. Now it was her turn to grunt like an animal as the big man behind her began slamming his cock into her asshole.

Jackie looked around the room, her mouth gaping open and saliva spilling out as she lay on her chest and face, unable to support herself with her hands that were still cuffed behind her back. Robert tore her ass apart as he continued fucking her. She lost track of time as he enjoyed her back door, wanting nothing more than to blow his load inside of her ass.

Then he came. Thick wads of Robert's cum coated the inside of Jackie's ass as he released inside her.

Happy was not a good enough word to describe how Jackie felt when Robert's cock had been removed from her asshole. She had never experienced a buttfuck like that one.

"Your turn." Vickie said to Ed.

"What?" He asked, not sure what she meant, and hoping that she was expecting him to fuck Jackie's ass next. His swollen cock was in desperate need of release after the way that Vickie had been teasing it for so long now.

"You fucked my ass, now you get to see what it feels like."

Ed saw Kevin approaching. Seeing the condom on Kevin's hard cock was all he needed to understand what was happening next.

Ed tried to resist, but was held tight by the other men who forced him to bend forward as Kevin stood behind him.

He cried out as Kevin pressed his cock against his ass. Ed had never even permitted Jackie to finger his asshole before. And now he was about to take a guy's cock up there.

He bit his teeth, refusing to scream as Kevin's cock pressed into his asshole. He would have fallen to the floor had it not been for the men holding him up. Vickie stood before him, grinning from ear to ear as she watched her gay cousin fucking the man who had forced himself into every hole that she had.

Ed groaned as Kevin began fucking him. But there was something worse happening to him. He was on the verge of cumming already due to the constant stimulation Vickie had been providing him. Now Kevin's cock was banging his insides, stimulating his prostate and anything else that could affect Ed's most sensitive areas. He wasn't sure, but he felt like he was about to cum.

Then it was more than just a feeling. 'Oh shit' he thought as he felt his orgasm begin.

With no actual stimulation being provided to his cock, Ed felt his cum begin spewing out. It was not a satisfying orgasm, as the nerve endings of his dick were left unattended, but still, wad after wad of cum was now shooting out of his cock.

"He's cumming!" Vickie yelled, pointing at Ed's spewing cock with glee as Ed's unsatisfying orgasm continued.

"Me too!" Kevin called out as he began cumming in Ed's asshole.

Ed's cock went limp as Kevin was cumming inside him. Then the man pulled out of his ass. He took his condom off and dangled it over Ed's head. Ed could feel the thick warm fluid dribbling out onto his forehead and run down between his eyes. He shook his head trying to escape it to no avail.

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