The Journeys of Jackie and Ed Ch. 07


"Now give me that toy." Vickie said.

She grabbed the dildo that she had purchased as an intended gag gift for a bachelorette party: The same toy that Jackie had used on her. She stuck the bulb end inside of her pussy and knelt behind Jackie, pushing the long end into Jackie's cunt.

Then Vickie began fucking the woman before her. She pounded Jackie's pussy, feeling the ribbed edge that curved up into her rubbing against her clit. She realized that this toy was indeed going to make her climax as she fucked Jackie.

Jackie could not take it any longer. Being fucked by Vickie was bad enough, but she was finally going to cum. Despite all of this abuse she needed to have an orgasm. And if it had to happen while being fucked by Vickie then so be it.

Vickie felt the desire to cum again too. This toy was working well and she banged away at Jackie's pussy, wondering if this is how it felt for a man to fuck a woman. Then she began to cum. He thrusts became more powerful as the toy rubbing her clit got her off.

Sensing Jackie's growing orgasm Vickie quickly pulled out, denying the woman the release that she needed.

"No, you're going to have to work for it." Vickie told her.

Vickie rolled over onto the floor, the pretend cock standing upright before her. "Sit on it and ride me to orgasm."

The twins helped Jackie up and over Vickie. She settled down, sliding her cunt over the dildo.

"Who wants to fuck her ass while she rides me?" Vickie asked.

Karl jumped at the opportunity. Having skipped his turn at her pussy he wanted to at least do this. He knelt behind Jackie and thrust his cock into Jackie's asshole and began fucking.

Jackie was squirming between the two cousins who fucked her. She rode the dildo while Karl slammed her asshole. But she did not care, for she was about to cum.

"Ohhhhhh!" Jackie moaned as her orgasm was finally permitted.

Beneath her Vickie was cumming again too.

Both women came together as Karl fucked Jackie's asshole. Their orgasms subsided and returned the entire time he continued until finally his cock came in Jackie's ass.

Once done, he got off and Vickie rolled Jackie over, turning her over to the men to play with. Jackie was grabbed by the guys, who took turns fucking her mouth, pussy and ass at the same time while she went over to Ed.

"Now I want that cock." She said, pushing Ed onto his back as she straddled him.

Vickie came over and over again as she rode Ed's cock. She could here Jackie's moans of climax as the men forced her to cum several times as they used her as their fuck toy. Even Kevin took his turn in Jackie's asshole.

Ed finally got to enjoy his climax as he came in Vickie's pussy as the blonde girl bounced atop him.

Then Vickie was finished. Jackie and Ed were dragged out to their car and thrown in the back seat, still naked and handcuffed. Their clothing was tossed in with them. Only the stolen dildo was left behind as Vickie said that it would be her trophy for this night of revenge.

She rode in the front seat as Junior drove the car way outside of town, with Leroy following behind in the squad car. They pulled off the road and Leroy uncuffed the pair, warning them both never to return to town as he went back to his car and started the engine. Vickie and Junior got into the squad car with him. Vickie thanked them for a wonderful evening and then the trio sped off into the darkness.

Jackie and Ed quickly dressed, having to open their suitcase to retrieve new shirts. They got into the SUV and drove off in the other direction, finally knowing how it felt to be on the other end of their twisted games.

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