tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Joy of Dinner with Friends

The Joy of Dinner with Friends


This morning my friend Cindy called to invite James and me to a small dinner party she is giving. She suggested I invite one of my lovers along for the fun.

I had James call Ezra, one of my more endowed lovers, to see if he was available and if he would like to attend the party. He reported back to me that Ezra would love to come and would arrive at four-thirty for a quickie before we left.

Ezra is into real estate; he buys old homes and repairs them and then rents them out for exorbitant rent. He is somewhat quiet but very intelligent. He's tall and muscular, with deep green eyes; he's a runner with beautiful legs that surround an equally beautiful cock. Just thinking about being with him tonight makes me wet.

I smiled at the thought of a quickie with Ezra; that always meant at least two hours. He is such a sexy hunk; he possesses a cock that goes deep into my sugar walls.

It was going to be a pleasure to spend a splendid evening with him. He has a fantastic sense of humor and can converse on any topic but best of all he can fuck for hours.

While James detailed the car, I pampered myself. A long luxurious bath with special oils to soften my skin and give me a fragrance that all would enjoy. I styled my hair and polished my nails. Then I found the sexiest dress I could find. It has a slit up to my crouch; the back was open to just above my hips, and had a V in the front between my breasts. People would definitely turn and look as I passed.

When James came in from washing the car he stopped dead in his tracks; his little prick standing at attention when he spotted me. WOW! You are going to be the hit of the party tonight with that on! I'm glad I'm with you.

I giggled and instructed him to get cleaned up and fix us some lunch.

"Yes, ma'am! Is there anything special you would like?" he replied.

"Yes, I would like a long, hot cock; but since you don't have one; I guess a chicken salad with Ranch dressing will have to do." I told him.

I was anxious waiting for Ezra to arrive. My pussy was so wet in anticipation that I had to masturbate two times. I even had James suck and lick me once.

He was thrilled and pleased that I would allow him to service my cunt. He does have a marvelous tongue even though his prick is a mere three and a half inches long. When he goes down on me he licks and sucks my clit and plunges his apt tongue deep into my pussy. He licks so deep that he tickles my G-spot and sends me over the top. Too bad he just doesn't have what it takes to be a real man.

I changed clothes and put on a sexy mini-skirt for Ezra. My hand touched my pussy as I was pulling it up and the moisture in it made me excited. I plunged my fingers into my cunt and felt the pleasure of touching myself. It felt so good to feel even just my fingers in there.

I had to control myself or I would have to have James go down on me again before Ezra arrived. I certainly didn't want James getting too excited before tonight. I pulled back my long hair and went to have lunch.

James and I ate lunch and talked about the party. James had become a close friend of Toy, Cindy's husband, over the past year so he really enjoyed going to their dinner parties. I secretly believed that they share and compare our experiences.

Cindy had told me that she has a male friend that is Domme and that he has a female sub. I told James this. "You will even be able to play some tonight," I assured him. "I don't know much about her, but Cindy said that her name is Celeste. Her Domme lets he play at these parties.

"Wow, this is a surprise!" He had a smile. So maybe Toy and I could have a threesome with Celeste?" he asked.

"Yeah, that is how Cindy made it sound," I told him. "Plus you get to entertain the dinner guests, under the table while we eat." I explained to him.

"Oh, does that mean we will be cleaning you before and after dinner?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. I think Cindy was trying to tease me so I would be more aroused when I arrived. You know she loves to tease!" I laughed.

"I'm really looking forward to this now!" he confided. "I wasn't sure if I would like it or not; but I'm getting excited and can barely control myself. Should I wear something special tonight then?" he asked.

"Well, I did buy you a special new outfit for tonight," I told him.

I got up from the table and went into the bedroom. I returned with a pair of leather pants and a tight mussel shirt for him. "I thought you would look nice in this tonight. Your little dicklett will even show through these very thin leather pants. People will see all of your emotions this way." I said, "Try them on for me."

James quickly swallowed the last of his salad and took off his car washing clothes. When he took his jeans off his tiny dicklett just hung there. He never wears underwear. Why should he; he doesn’t have enough to support.

He pulled on the new leather pants and sure enough, I could see a small bulge where a real cock should be. I smiled and reached over and pinched his little dick. "Yeah, I like these on you!" I said approvingly.

He then put on the shirt and it did show off his sexy arms and chest. "I think you will make a wonderful impression on everyone tonight, James. Now take them off and clean the kitchen. Ezra will be here soon." I told him and went to rest until Ezra arrived.

At four o'clock I had James give me a bath. I wanted to be fresh for the evening. He ran me a really nice hot tub and washed me gently. He helped me out of the tub and went to get the towel out of the microwave.

Suddenly I felt someone behind me. He reached his arm around me and cupped my breast in his hand. He gently squeezed my nipple as he kissed the nape of my neck.

I smiled, I knew it was Ezra and I moaned. I loved the pleasure that he gave me even when it was nothing more than the touch of his lips on the back of my neck.

He stepped in front of me and he took my breast into his mouth. His hot tongue encircling my nipple. Then he gently nipped at the tip of my breast. He sucked hard and pulled the entire breast back into his mouth. He sucked it as a baby does a bottle.

I could feel the juices spewing into my cunt. I spread my legs slightly and his fingers traced their way from my breast, past my stomach where they lingered, playing with my belly button for a short while. Then he continued his journey and his fingers finally found their target.

He let them lingered momentarily on the outer lips of my pussy. He lightly ran the tip of his index finger over my clit and a shiver ran up my spine. He looked deep into my eyes, licked his lips with the tip of his tongue and he smiled. Then fell to his knees. He plunged his fingers into my snatch and as he did I felt him in my garden. I moaned and pressed my pelvis towards his hand and the storm began.

He pulled out his fingers and stuck them in his mouth. "Mmmm," he sighed. "You taste so good!"

I closed my eyes and the heat of my pussy warmed me to my toes. I felt the wetness of his tongue as he ran it the length of my slit. I felt it plunge deep within my sugar walls as his tongue fucked my hungry pussy.

My legs became weak and I could no longer stand. He caught me as my legs turned to water and he carefully guided my body to the carpeted floor. Ever so skillfully he made the transition from his mouth to his penis.

I felt his hard cock ram into my liquid pussy. His love shaft took a deep dive and a shot of pleasure flowed through my legs. It was like hot lava from a volcano.

I moaned softly. I reached for his shoulders to calm the passion flowing through my loins. I screamed with pleasure, "Don't stop! Drive it deep inside me! Fuck me the way I need to be FUCKED!

This fueled his passion and he rammed his cock deeper into my throbbing pussy. My G-spot explode with a smile on my face. My legs trembled. My heart quickened its beat. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed.

Ezra looked into my eyes and held my stair. "You want this bad don't you baby?" he smiled and rammed his prick deeper into my being.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" I cried.

"You fuck me so good!" I moaned.

"Please don't stop! Keep it coming in," I pleaded.

"I want to feel your thick, silky cum flowing into my hot pussy!" I cried out.

I breathed heavily in rhythm with his body. His motion was like a pile driver fucking me with perfect strokes. And my body reacted as the earth yielding to his pounding.

As his weight came down to meet me and I raised my hips to meet his pounding prick.

"Oh!" I cried, "Give it to me! Make me feel real! Make me feel ALIVE!" FUCK ME! HARD!"

I turned my head and James was standing in the doorway. He walked into the room and knelt beside me. He wiped the sweat off of my brow with a soft cloth. I noticed that his little dicklett was standing at attention.

I smiled and looked back at Ezra who was starting to moan. He had been fucking me for at least an hour. I could feel that he was close to climaxing and filling me with his sweet cum.

I flexed my pubic mussels and tightened them around his hard cock. He pushed harder and deeper into me.

"Oh girl!" he screamed and he came down hard on me.

I felt the heat as his sperm flowed deep into my love hole and his wet face fell into my hard breast. His flesh convulsed with the pleasure of the sweet release of his body into mine.

I looked again at James just as his little prick exploded in unison with Ezra's.

I breathed out and may arm encircled Ezra's neck. I bent down and kissed the top of his head and he rolled off of me. His dick lay limply on the side of his leg. I crawled down and licked the last of his cum that was oozing out.

Then James quickly went into action. He knew he had to clean Ezra first. He knelt between his legs and took Ezra's cock into his hand and started licking its length.

My pussy filled with more fluids. I loved to see a cock in James' mouth. I lay there playing with my clit in time with Ezra and James' moans. I inserted a finger into my pussy to feel the warm thickness of the seed Ezra had implanted into my hungry snatch.

I then used that silky substance as lubrication to stimulate my clit one last time before James took over. Ezra's silky cum feels so smooth right out of my pussy.

Just as I was reaching another orgasm, I felt James' tongue on my clit. He waited until I came, then he plunged his wonderful tongue deep into my cunt to catch Ezra's seed as it oozed out of my convulsing pussy.

Ezra rolled over and kissed me passionately as James sucked and licked his tasty cum from my vaginal lips. "Hi baby, ready for a good time?" he asked.

I smiled, "You mean another good time don't you?" I teased.

"I'm going to shower while James finishes with you," he said, kissed me again and stepped into the shower.

James took his time licking me clean. When he dove deep into my pussy to get the last of the seed, I held his head down there and bucked my hips toward his mouth.

He forced his wonder-tongue deeper into wanton cunt and found that G-spot one more time. I felt the fire flow through my legs and my entire body went limp.

Ezra stepped out of the show and James picked my body up off the floor and carried me into the steaming water.

"Ohhhh! This is nice," I moaned. He stood me up and bathed me once again.

This time he was successful at getting back with the hot towel before I was ravished again. But Ezra did sit there smiling as James dried me off.

With everyone cleaned and satisfied we all dressed for the party. Ezra looked especially nice in his tight pants and Bolero shirt. James was extraordinarily sexy in his leather and tight shirt. I felt wonderfully sexy with my two men.

James drove to the party while I explained the scenario to Ezra. He liked the concept of the party and thought it would be fun. "Sounds like a mini orgy with a side show," he commented.

"Yes, I never thought of it that way, but yeah, it could be like that," I agreed.

James smiled and said, "Yeah, and I may get to play with a woman myself tonight!"

Ezra and I laughed at James' excitement.

We were the first to arrive. James rang the doorbell and Ezra had his hand inside my blouse. I was laughing when Toy answered the door.

He and James shook hands and James introduced Ezra to him. When we stepped inside Cindy was smiling and had a bowl in her hand. I introduced Ezra and she walked up and kissed him hello. Then she turned to me and said, "Where do you find these men?"

I laughed, "Oh I just picked him up off the street somewhere, I don't even remember where," I teased.

"Well, if you ever get tired of his cock and his body, you can send him my way. I have so enjoyed Derek," she whispered and then laughed out loud.

"I'll remember that! Just in case he falls off his white horse." I joked with her and smiled at him.

"You have a nice house," Ezra commented.

"Well, thank you, I hope you will feel comfortable here," Cindy cooed.

I started to walk further into the house and Cindy said, "Wait, you have to draw your cuck for the night!"

I turned around and asked, "What? I have a cuck!"

"Not tonight. No one gets his or her own sub tonight. We are playing cuck roulette. You could get Toy or one of the other two cucks that will be here. But you can't have James," she informed me.

"You didn't tell me this. Do I get to meet the other subs before I draw?" I asked.

"They’re not here yet but if you get your own sub's name you must put it back. So draw!" she said and plunged the bowl towards me.

I drew out a blue piece of paper. Typed on it was the name, "Toy". I smiled and showed it to Cindy.

"Oh, I think you will really enjoy my husband's clean-up tonight!" she giggled. "He has been in chastity for the last twenty-four hours and is really ready to please. " she smiled, and kissed Toy.

I said "Well, I have always liked you, Toy, and I'm sure you will be a good sub for me tonight."

He bowed his head and said, "Thank you, ma'am, I will serve you well and do all that is necessary to please you and Master Ezra."

"By the way," Cindy added, "Toy will also serve your dinner and service both you and Ezra throughout the meal… in any way you choose."

"Hmmm, this could be fun and interesting," Ezra smiled.

"Shall we go into the other room until the rest of the guests arrive," Cindy suggested as she took my arm and we led the way.

Kenneth was putting music into the CD player as we entered the room. He is one of Cindy's lovers, her most regular one. He said hello and I introduced him to Ezra. He is a very nice looking man who owns a construction company. He has the mussels to prove that he worked himself up to the top of the ladder.

He is also well hung. I know this because at the New Years party I watched as Cindy had two men for the first time in her life. I saw first hand why she had Kenneth as her lover. His prick is beautiful and he made her sing with passion.

Cindy loves to give parties. Her New Year's Party was a great hit. I gave her Derek that night because she had never been with two men and I wanted her to also enjoy the beauty of a black man's dick. She liked him so much I let her keep him. However, I do barrow him from time to time when I need his kind of fucking.

Ezra and I sat down on a loveseat and his hand found a comfortable place between my legs.

James made Ezra and me a drink and asked Cindy what she would like. She gave James her order and he and Toy went off into the kitchen. Toy needed to check the meal.

The next couple showed up only minutes later. It was Kayla, Graham and Kayla's sub Warren. Cindy gave Kayla the same spiel she had given when I arrived and she pulled a name and showed it to Cindy. She had drawn James.

This made Cindy really happy. She had wanted Celeste for her sub for the night. She was looking forward to having a female lick her pussy and fondle her breast. She said, "I always wanted to explore my lesbian side!"

Cindy had Warren sit on the floor next to her feet because he would not be serving Kayla tonight. He must sit there and wait for the arrival of his Master for the evening.

James and Toy returned with the drinks. Cindy introduced James to his new Mistress for the night. He looked pleased. "Would you like a drink ma'am?" he inquired.

"Yes, bring me a pina colada," she commanded him.

"Yes, ma'am, and would your Lover like a drink as well ma'am?" he inquired.

"Yeah, I'll have a Scotch rocks and make it quick," Graham told him.

"Yes, Master," James bowed as he left the room.

Kayla was a tall slender redhead with seductive blue eyes. She had a full breast with ample nipples. The dress she wore accented her beautiful chest. She owned a flower shop in the Mall and her eye for color was obvious in her dress.

When she laughed it sounded like a whisper of a giggle. She was very demure and had a pleasant smile. She spoke softly to Graham and he smiled when she looked at him.

It was hard for me to picture her as a Domme. But her cuck looked very eager to please and after her directions to James I knew she definitely possessed Domme qualities.

I introduced Ezra and myself to them. She smiled at Ezra. "I like your name," she told him. "What do you do besides make women happy?"

"Mostly, I buy and remodel old houses then rent them out," he told her.

"Oh, that sounds interesting," she cooed. "You do the restoration by yourself?" she asked.

"Yes, for the most part. It is a good diversion from the drudgery of everyday life," he explained. "Plus it keeps me in shape."

"Yes," she smiled, "I can see that!"

Ezra blushed, something he seldom does, and said "Thank you!"

Graham mentioned that he was in real estate and Ezra's ears perked up. The two of them started talking about buying property.

I thought, "Oh well, at least I got a good fuck earlier today."

James returned with Graham and Kayla's drinks and that ended the conversation. Graham sucked down his drink quickly and commanded James to bring another.

Ezra turned his attentions back to me. His hand slid up my silk covered leg and lingered close to my hungry cunt. My clit was tingling just knowing that his fingers were close.

Kayla tasted her drink and was pleased. She turned to me and said, "You obviously trained him well."

"Yes, he's a good boy, always anxious to please as I'm sure you will discover later this evening," I shared with her.

She smiled, "Oh that's good to know. I hope he is all you say he is."

"He is," Ezra chimed in. "He seems to know what she needs even before she does. Plus his clean-ups are first class," he smiled.

I smiled at James and he shook his head to assure me he would make me proud of him.

Cindy had entered into a conversation with Kayla about flowers to put in the front of her house to make it more appealing. My mind wandered. I thought about the great sex Ezra and I had earlier in the day and what it might be like to have Toy in my ass while Ezra fucked me. I started daydreaming about the way it would feel.

The doorbell rang and brought me back to reality. "That must be Wade," Cindy announced as Toy came in to answer the door.

There was a tall man with two very beautiful women accompanying him. One walked a little behind. I thought, "she has to be Celeste." She was a pretty woman, petite with long blonde hair and large green eyes. She was very shapely with a pretty smile.

James returned with Graham's second drink. After delivering the drink, he looked towards the door. He had been awaiting the site of Celeste since we had eaten lunch.

I looked at the crouch of his pants and I noticed that his dicklett was starting to get hard. He doesn't get to really be with a woman often.

I also noticed that Toy, too, was starting to get hard. I'm sure the two of them must have been discussing her while they were in the kitchen. I know that both of them knew they were going to get to play.

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