tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Jungles of Cirkon: Stage 03

The Jungles of Cirkon: Stage 03


(Fair Warning ~ This gender swapped, action/adventure, sci-fi hentai litRPG features elements of non-consensual sex, sex with aliens, monsters and other non-humans, tentacle stuff, seduction, coercion, dominance and submission, male/female sex -well kinda, maybe however you want to classify the gender-swapped sex....on top of the violence, fantasy elements, and plot stuff... Or it may not...every chapter's a little different. If you're still in...please enjoy, and thanks for reading! ~Karin Mac)

Stage 1-3: Birtle's Bunker

Clay milled around the SAFE ZONE for a few more hours, while I climbed into the bedroll and got a little bit of sleep. According to him it only took a couple hours to keep from getting any negative stat affects. I never ate though, he said it didn't do anything except taste good, and he just felt comforted by it. I did feel a little better once I woke up, whether it was a game mechanic or just a much-needed mental reset.

Once I was rested, we headed out into the jungle...a trip I hadn't fully realized I'd be making barefoot in a skimpy little bikini. The PRISONER status kept me from wearing normal clothes no matter what. Clay was able to release the energy restraints and unlock my PLASMA PISTOL though.

It was every bit as hot and humid as you'd expect a tropical jungle to be. The foliage was thick, nearly impassable in places. There were bugs, snakes and other random critters lurking everywhere, it seemed. With so much exposed skin, I couldn't help but feel like something was constantly crawling on me. I'd never been bothered by creepy-crawlies as a guy, so it started to get a little embarrassing as I found myself jumping and squealing in fright every time I felt (or thought I felt) something crawling on me. To be honest though, I think I'd've reacted exactly the same as, say, a man hiking through the jungle in my underwear.

Adding to my embarrassment though, was that Clay had me hide for the two or three random encounter monsters we came across. He dealt with them easy enough, and we both agreed that I needed to conserve my plasma charges. It was still a little humiliating to be cowering behind a tree in a bikini, while Clay did all the fighting.

Finally, we reached the entrance to the dungeon. It looked to have been an outpost at one point, long since abandoned and now overgrown with vines as if the jungle were slowly swallowing it. The windows were broken, and the front door was hanging half off its hinges.

"You know, if I hadn't just hiked here in a bikini," I said to Clay as we approached. "This would be super cool."

"I could see that," he chuckled.

"And, y'know, if we weren't trapped inside this game against our will," I added. "And if I wasn't a PRISONER about to be offered up..."

"Yeah, yeah, Listen," Clay cut me off. "Watch yourself in here, try to hang back and let me do the fighting. You should be able to handle these enemies, but they are a little tough for your level. Plus, we want to save your shots for Birtle as much as possible."

"Right," I said looking down at my gun, then my very scantly clad body. "So, is everything in there going to be trying to rape and molest me?"

"Well, I've never run this dungeon with a girl before, and this isn't a STAGE MISSION so there aren't any ZAUKS," Clay frowned and looked down. "...But knowing what kind of game this is...yeah, probably."

"Yeah, I kinda figured," then something occurred to me. "Hey wait, what happens if we die?"

He winced and didn't say anything for a minute. "You start with three lives, so the first two times you die you come back at the respawn point for whatever planet you're on, here it's the shipwreck."

"And what happens the third time?"

"I have no idea," he looked at me and I saw fear in his eyes. "I've seen it once or twice and the player just never respawned."

In normal games when you were out of lives, you woke up, and had to log back in to keep playing.

"I guess if they just woke up or logged out, they would have told someone to correct the bug by now," I said.

He turned away. "Way I see it? Best case, we've got some faulty neuro-tech wired into our brains right now... I do not want to find out what happens when it thinks we're supposed to be dead."

I swallowed a lump in my throat. "That's the best case?"

"I tend to prefer faulty equipment to abduction conspiracies," he said without looking at me. "Can we go now?"

"One more question," I said, drawing an exasperated sigh from Clay. "What if...Birtle does get his hands on me and MAXES my Stim points?"

"It breaks my PRISONER status, and ol' Birtle gets his mating privileges reinstated," he looked at me with one cocked eyebrow. "You ready now?"

I swallowed another lump, then nodded. Clay opened the door and we stepped inside. YOU HAVE ENTERED BIRTLE'S BUNKER flashed before my eyes in big read letters.

The first room was empty but had two MED KITS waiting. We each grabbed one and put them in our inventory. Clay led the way into the next room, where a giant python sprang out at us. He cut it down easily and we proceeded into the third room; a long disused bathroom. There was a giant hole in the floor.

Clay warned me that we'd be attacked once we dropped in, then he hopped over the edge. I followed.

Just like he said, two figures lurched out of the dark. They were close to seven feet tall, with spindly limbs and chitinous bodies. Their heads were definitely giant bug heads, complete with creepy compound eyes. The instant they stepped into the meager light I felt like all the skin was going to crawl right of my bones!

He took them down quick with his energy blade. As he sliced them in half they fell apart into the same pixel shower as the ZAUKS.

"You didn't tell me there'd be giant bugs," I wish my voice hadn't quavered as much as it did.

"They go down pretty easy," he replied. "Let's keep moving."

He took my wrist and led me deeper in. I fought down panic as the pitch dark engulfed me. I could feel his hand on my wrist and cold, damp dirt beneath my bare feet, there was nothing else. After a moment, we came into a tunnel being lit by flickering, incandescent tube lights, which were fastened to the wall with twine.

Clay took off at brisk pace. I kept up easily, despite the energetic bouncing of my buxom chest. He killed another of the spindly bugmen at a fork in the tunnel. I took the opportunity to readjust my boobs in the flimsy top. We went left, then almost immediately broke off into a smaller room.

"Watch my back!" Clay shouted, and I noticed four giant cockroaches skittering towards us.

They must have been two feet long, and more than one across. Thankfully I did not scream, I felt the urge but kept my head and blasted two of the disgusting things (CHG 11). Clay took care of the other two, and moved straight to the far wall.

"I found this hidden doorway on my last run through down here," he shouldered the wall and three wooden, planks which had been camouflaged to match the surrounding earth, fell open. "It'll let us skip the winding maze of tunnels but there's still a handful of rooms before the boss arena."

"I'm ready," I assured him.

This was, at last, somewhat familiar territory; fighting my way through enemy MOBs in a dungeon level? Bring it on! Of course, I usually had more clothes on for it. I could feel my butt hanging out of the bikini bottoms, and could not shake the constant urge to shift my top, thinking that if I could just find the right configuration I'd feel covered...futilely.

The secret doorway led straight into a descending stairwell. We followed that down to a lower level. The air felt damp and cool on my exposed skin, and the earthen walls looked darker, almost wet. The same flickering tube lights were strung around, but cast decidedly softer, eerier light.

Immediately three of the seven-foot bugmen came at us. Clay charged two of them and I took aim at the other. My PLASMA PISTOL fired, ripping through the creature in a shower of fading pixels (CHG 10). As I turned to see Clay still fighting one of his, I felt something grab my ankle!

Before I could even squeal in fright, I hit the floor, both legs having been pulled out from under me (HP: 49). My gun bounced out of my hand, as I was dragged backwards and then lifted up off the ground. One of the spindly bugmen had me by the ankles, pulling them up and apart while his weird insectile head lunged right between my thighs!

I gasped when his buggy mandibles clamp down, engulfing my entire mound. Then I could feel a second set of jaws begin to nibble at my pussy, the thin fabric of my bikini offering no protection (SP: 1). I kicked my legs, but he was too strong for me to get free. Hanging upside-down that way left me completely helpless as that monstrous bug chewed my sex (SP: 3).

"Oh fuck!" I moaned. "Clay help!"

He was already coming though. Having finished of his adversaries, he rushed in and lopped an arm off of mine! The creature unclamped its mouth and let go of my ankle, dropping me unceremoniously to the floor. I scrambled to my PLASMA PISTOL, but Clay had already made short work of the bug.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yes," I groaned. I got to my feet, adjusting my bottoms but unable to not feel the dampness of bug saliva now permeating them. "Let's just keep moving."

We crept through the door into a short hallway, where more of those three-foot cockroaches came at us. Clay went to work and I blasted the closest one, swallowing a disgusted groan (CHG: 9). A second dashed straight at me, too quick to shoot! Reflexively I kicked it, flipping the little thing onto its back. Somehow it looked even more disgusting with its little legs scrabbling at empty air, but it couldn't seem to turn itself back over.

"Well that's kind of sweet," I exclaimed.

Three more skittered out of the darkness. I kicked two of them over, but the third caught me off-guard when it launched into the air! This time I did scream! The disgusting creature hit me square in the chest, knocking me onto my back in the dirt (HP: 47).

The giant roach scrambled towards my face, but I caught it before it could get a grip. Feeling its hard exoskeleton and writhing legs, made my flesh crawl and my stomach do backflips! On top of that, I realized a clearly phallic-like protrusion was extending from its underside trying to force itself into my mouth! How...fucking...gross!

"Who designed this goddam game!" I squealed, managing to keep my horror at bay.

Clay grabbed the roach, pulling it away and tossing it into that air where he cut it in half. Too grossed out to function for a moment, I scrambled back against the wall, cursing and trying to wipe non-existent bugs off my skin. Clay stomped out the three bugs I'd trapped on their backs, then rushed over to squat next to me.

"Did it..?" he began.

"Oh it tried," I shuddered.

"Yeah, just like them old Aliens movies, right?" he said. "If it makes you feel any better, those little fuckers actually do use the same attack cycle on us guys."

I looked at him and took a deep breath. "It does not."

He helped me to my feet and we continued down the hall. A few more of the cockroaches skittered at us, but we made short work of them. One of the bugmen tried to ambush us as well, but I roasted his stupid buggy ass with my PLASMA PISTOL (CHG: 8)! Clay gave me a look like he wanted to admonish me for not letting him deal with it, but I shot him a preemptive glare and he kept quiet. I had needed that one.

"Okay, there's gonna be two or maybe three ORKS in here," Clay explained as we reached the door at the end of the hall. "It'll take more than one shot to pop each one of them, I think I can handle two at once but if there's a third, you'll have to deal with it."

I was getting really sick of him treating me like I'd never gamed before. Was it because I was in this female body? I knew plenty of girl gamers...although thinking back, I realized I was also guilty of a tendency to assume less of their skill level, despite their experience...Regardless; elite monsters behind this door -- got it! Ain't my first time, bro!

I realized getting indignant now wouldn't serve much of a purpose, so I swallowed my pride and simply said, "Got it."

He pushed open the door and we stepped into the room. The ORKS were humanoid, proportioned like regular humans, or maybe a little broader and solidly muscled. They had green, coarse skin covered in tribal like tattoos. They wore a mix of dingy military fatigues, and homemade jewelry. Their heads looked too small for their brawny shoulders, featuring prominent jaws and sloping brows over beady yellow eyes. I could see broken tusks tucked into their mouths; disgraced ORKS. There were three of them waiting for us.

"I got the one on the right," I shouted taking aim.

Suddenly the door shut behind us, and we both glanced back to see two more ORKS standing on either side.

"Shit!" Clay growled. "I should've known, there's two of us this time...I'll take the other three, try to hold these two off until I'm done, fuck!"

"Right!" I lifted my PLASMA PISTOL and blasted the nearest ORK (CHG: 7).

He howled and fell back several paces against the wall, his flesh sizzling. I whipped around towards the other just as he lunged at me! I fired again, the plasma beam stopping his momentum but not moving him back at all (CHG: 6).

"Bitch!" I heard the guttural curse of the first. Instinctively I turned back to him, taking aim. When I did the closer ORK slugged me with one of his meaty fists! (HP: 44) I stumbled, groaning in pain but lifted my PLASMA PISTOL and pulled the trigger (CHG: 5). The beam cut a hole right through him, and he toppled back, shattering into pixels when he hit the floor.

I whirled back to the first ORK just in time to see him swinging some kind of pipe or club at me. I had no time to dodge or move and as the weapon clobbered me, I cried out in pain (HP: 36). I staggered back, feeling my arms drop to my sides and my legs sag limply. A ring of glittering stars encircled my head: STUNNED!

"Woman," he said in as lusty a tone as his guttural voice would allow.

I was completely defenseless as the ORK approached. I couldn't move or even call out to Clay for help this time. He scooped me right into his arms, opened his mouth and clamped it right around my left boob! He began to gnaw gently, sucking almost the entire fleshy orb into his mouth. Unwelcome tingles surged through my chest, as I failed to hold back a gasping moan (SP: 6).

I squirmed helplessly in his grasp, feeling him devour my sensitive breast. He sucked and chewed and I could feel his rough tongue licking me, sending shudders through my curvy frame. Finally, the attack cycle finished and he dropped me to the floor.

Glancing over, I saw Clay not moving, with a ring of stars around his head; STUNNED! He must have taken out one of his ORKS because there were only two coming towards him. I quickly lifted my PLASMA PISTOL and shot one of them (CHG: 4). The blast sheered off its arm, which fell to the ground and burst into pixels. The rest of the ORK did likewise, stumbling against the wall before shattering. I aimed at the other.

"Woman!" the ORK behind me groaned as his hands closed on my shoulders.

"Fuck!" I gasped, what the hell was I thinking.

He pulled my back against his brawny chest, reaching around for two handfuls of breast. Then to my utter dismay, I felt a hard, warm cock between my legs. It didn't penetrate me, just pushed into the gap between my thighs. As he began to fondle my breasts, he was also sliding that thick rod back and forth. I could feel every ridge and vein through the thin material of my bikini bottoms, rubbing back and forth along my entire underside. Heat and arousal blossomed through my hips, flowing up to meet the scintillating tingles dancing through my torso (SP:7-8-9).

I let out a soft little cry as the ORK suddenly pulled me tighter, squeezing my tits almost painfully. My hips squirmed as his cock pumped harder and fast (SP: 12). Suddenly his hips flexed against my butt, and I felt something hot and slimy spurt down my thighs!

"Oh god," I gasped, looking down to see his disgusting giz dripping down my legs.

The ORK threw me to the ground, where I lay gasping for a moment. I glanced up to Clay, his ORK had him in some kind of wrestling hold, with his muscly arms entangled around Clay's head and shoulders. I could see his face contorted in pain, and a red counter glowing over his head that read: CLAY PN: 4-5-6.

That must be the torture mechanics he mentioned. Laying there with one boob soaked in spit, bug saliva still dampening the crotch of my bikini bottoms and ORK giz dripping down my legs, I still wasn't sure I didn't envy him.

Luckily, I snapped out it quickly, rolled over and whipped my PLASMA PISTOL up at my ORK. He was leaning down to grab me again and when I blasted him, he showered me with dissipating pixels (CHG: 3). I scrambled to my feet, just as the final ORK was releasing Clay. He dropped to all fours, gasping and groaning.

I blasted the final ORK, he sizzled, howled but didn't die. Damn! I glanced at the counter on my gun to see I only had two charges left. Uncertainly, I took aim and blasted the snarling MOB (CHG: 1). It howled in rage and toppled over, sending glowing pixels scattering across the floor.

"Wow...good job," Clay said, getting to his feet. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me," I groaned, getting that familiar sinking feeling. "I only have one shot left now."

"Shit," he replied. "That next hallway leads straight into Birtle's chamber." He glanced back towards the door we'd come through. "I guess we could go search the tunnel maze for a BLAST PACK..."

"Don't bother," I groaned dejectedly. "This is what you captured me to do right? I was never going to stand much of a chance fighting this thing...was I?"

Pressing his lips together guiltily, Clay shook his head.

"Then let's get it over with." I hung my head and walked toward the opening to the hallway. "Hey, Clay...i-if I get captured by Birtle, you'll rescue me before his, erm, mating restrictions get lifted...r-right?"

"Of course!" his voice lacked the conviction I wanted to hear.

"I'll go ahead," I said. "Get your upgrade and then come help me, okay?"

"Hey Lex," he grabbed my shoulder, the warmth of his hand giving me a little charge (SP: 14). "It's not an upgrade...it's an extra life. I'm down to my last."

I sucked in a breath, hearing his admission. "Which is why this is so important to you...and why you came back to hide on the easiest level instead of trying to find a way out." He hung his head, nodding. "You're not nihilistic, you're scared."

He looked up at me and gave a little shrug. "Can't I be both?"

I put my hand on his shoulder. "Y'know, I may not have a dick anym-err- I mean I may be a chick, but you're a real pussy."

He cocked his head, trying to figure out if I was kidding. "That's fair, I guess."

I was only half serious, but I let him wonder. "Alright, get your extra life," I said turning back down the hallway. "But whatever happens to me, make it count for something."

I didn't wait for his reply, heading down the hallway reluctantly. I felt the sway in my hips and the gentle bob of my breasts as I walked. It was strange enough being stuck as a woman, without being exploited sexually every time I turned around. Was I really going in to try and seduce an ORK dungeon BOSS? I couldn't decide if not having a choice made me feel better or worse about it.

Birtle Toothless's chamber was a huge round room, with a dirt floor and walls. The same glowing tubules decorated those walls, in addition to pots hanging from the ceiling which were over grown with some form of phosphorescent moss. Across from me was a raised mound of dirt, with a ramshackle throne on top of it. There was a fat ORK sitting there, he was holding what looked like to be a rifle in one hand, and an oversized cleaver in the other. His big head was draped in stringy black hair, and his protruding jaw was crooked, showing the nubs of broken tusks.

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