tagLoving WivesThe Junior School Fete

The Junior School Fete


My wife, Susan, and I had only recently moved into the area when this incident took place. We have been married for 9 years now and have one daughter, Kathy, who is almost 8 years old. One of the first things we did when we settled in our home was to enroll Kathy into the school. We had been assured by several neighbors that this was definitely the best school for her to attend. We had been to several parents meetings and had tried to make ourselves part of the group. Although we had been there now for 4 months we really didn't know a lot of the people but we were trying.

At the last meeting of the parents we were allocated different stalls to work on for the School Fete. This is a very large affair but all of the parents seem to get behind the school and it was certainly going to be a big fete. Because we hadn't known very many people the lady in charge of the fete arranged for us to work with several different people. I was allocated a 2 hour stint on a stall which prepared food on plates, which was sold by two other workers. We were stationed in a rather prominent part of the school grounds. Because of hygiene requirements the food was arranged on the plates at the back of the stall and when we had it prepared, and was required, it was passed through a rather small window into the front section where it was passed on to the customer. I was working with a delightful young wife named Debbie who seemed to be going out of her way to make me feel at ease.

Debbie told me she had been working on this stall for several years now and knew how to make the work very easy. There were only 6 variables on the menu so she said we would prepare at least 20 plates with some of these variables on each. This meant that we would have a stockpile of meals ready and on request we could simply pass them through this very small window to the workers in the front. It didn't take us long to have what she thought was enough meals prepared for the customers.

Once the plates were prepared she told me to sit down and we could talk. We discussed all sorts of subjects most of them about our families and activities and she also asked a lot of questions about us settling into the community. We had been talking for about 20 minutes before there was a total change in the pace of things.

Debbie had been wearing a neat white blouse and a rather short black skirt. The blouse was not long enough to tuck into her skirt and there was a gap of about 6 inches showing her lovely skin. When she was facing me, I could see her belly button and I was very thrilled to be able to watch her. It wasn't a mini-skirt she was wearing but close to it. She was constantly bending over near me and I could look down the top of her blouse - it gaped a fair bit - and I could see her white bra which covered her breasts. I am not stupid and I knew she had seen me looking down her blouse. The last time she caught me, she just grinned at me and said, "Well Ron, do you see anything you like?" I was a little taken back by her forthright comment and succeeded in blushing terribly. I stuttered a bit and mumbled that the scenery was very good indeed. She smiled at me and told me to turn around and watch the other way. I did what she said not knowing what she was going to do next.

When she told me it was O.K. to look again, I saw her standing in front of me with her white bra in her hand! Her blouse was undone a couple of buttons and even where I was standing I could see much of the tops of her breasts. She grinned at me and said, "Well Ron, do you think the scenery will be any better now?" I smiled and said, "I am sure it will be - are you alright with this?" She smiled at me and then leaned over from the waist right in front of me and as her blouse hung down from her chest, her breasts, her lovely breasts, became completely visible to me! I couldn't believe my luck!

She laughed at my shock and came over close to me and kissed me on the lips! It was a fairly passionate kiss and I responded by kissing her back. She took my right hand in hers and slipped it up under her blouse until it reached her lovely firm breast! I was in heaven. I continued to kiss her and play with her breast at the same time. I stroked her breasts and then moved to her nipple which was erect and standing out prominently. The kissing became more passionate and now we had our mouths open and our tongues were in each other's mouths. I continued to play with her breast and she was moaning gently into my mouth.

Eventually she pulled away and, as I went to pull my hand away, she held it firmly in place while she began undoing the buttons on her blouse. When they were all undone she slipped the blouse off her shoulders and now she was totally naked to the waist! I had an erection all of the time we had been kissing and now, looking at her lovely breasts with these lovely nipples standing out in front, I felt I was about to explode! She moved to me and we kissed again and this time she moved my other hand to her other breast and now I was caressing both of them! She pulled me to her while I was playing with her breasts and I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing into her pubic area.

This had only taken about 5 minutes and we hadn't been disturbed at all by the workers in the front of the stall wanting orders. It was a little early for lunch. Debbie began playing with the front of my trousers and now I was in severe danger of cumming in my pants. She must have known this because she began undoing my zip and soon had my hard cock in her hands! She wasted no time in sucking me into her lovely soft mouth and after a period of just licking and sucking me gently, she began sucking my cock in earnest. I was very aroused and knew I wouldn't last very long. I felt my balls contracting ready to force my cum through my cock and quickly told her she had better stop or she would have me cum in her mouth. As a means of replying to my warning she wrapped her hands around my behind and pulled me harder into her mouth. There was no escape and I couldn't hold off any longer. I started to shoot my cum into her mouth. She hung on and continued to suck my cock and soon she had sucked all of the cum out of me and had swallowed it all!

I was quite frightened I had done something terrible to her but she quickly stood up and kissed my hard again. I could taste my cum in her mouth but it wasn't unpleasant and I enjoyed the taste. She said, "Well Ron, welcome to the community. I hope you enjoyed that because I certainly did. How long will it take for you to get hard again?"

I couldn't believe my ears. She was asking me to get hard again. We were interrupted with a couple of orders but although she was topless it didn't matter because it would be very hard for anyone to look back into our part of the stall. We simply passed the requested plates through the hole and then she started kissing me again. Although my pants were undone and my cock was hanging out through the fly, my belt kept the pants from falling on to the floor.

Debbie looked at my rather limp cock and began playing with it with her hands. I could feel a little of the hardness beginning to return as I was being stroked. She then stopped playing, slowly lifted her short dress until it was around her waist. I could see she was wearing a very small pair of panties, white in color, and almost see-through. She slipped her fingers into the top of her panties and as her dress hem slid down over her hips, her hands also pulled her panties down and then, as she lifted each leg, she stepped out of her panties altogether! Now, apart from her short skirt, she was naked. Now she lifted the skirt again and when it was high enough I could see her lovely black bush between her lovely legs. My cock was now quite hard and was jutting out in front of me. She undid my belt and then my pants fell to the floor. My underwear quickly followed my pants as she pulled them down and now I was practically naked too.

Debbie took my hand and placed it between her legs. She had moved her legs apart so that I could feel her everywhere between her legs. She was very wet and I had no trouble slipping my fingers into her cunt! She had hold of my cock and was stroking it firmly while I was playing with her cunt. She then kissed me passionately and said, "Ron, I am about to lean over the table in front of us. I want you to lift up my dress at the back and when you are ready, I want you to slide your lovely hard cock into my waiting cunt! While I am in this position, if there is a request for a plate, I can easily pass it though the window and this will not stop us from enjoying ourselves." I couldn't believe my ears!

Without further ado, except for more kissing and stroking, she turned her back to me, leaned over the table in front of her and now her lovely breasts were pressing flat on the table. She indicated I was to lift up her skirt and now I could see this beautiful ass looking at me. I couldn't hold myself back so I moved to a position behind her, reached around her body until I could play with her clit, as she reached back between her legs and grasped my cock. She guided my hard cock into the lovely wet, soft folds of her cunt and I simply took over from there. I pumped my hard cock into this lovely cunt enjoying the wonderful sensation of her cunt walls squeezing my cock as it moved in and out of her body. We were not disturbed by orders and although I was enjoying fucking this lovely woman, I just couldn't hold on any longer and started to cum. I began shooting jets of my cum deep into Debbie's cunt. She was moaning softly at the same time and then I felt her orgasm at the same time. This had been a wonderful fuck and now I felt very welcome to the community!

After my now limp cock had slipped out of her lovely hole, she smiled at me and told me she had enjoyed fucking me and wished we could fuck again. She said she realized I wouldn't be able to get it up again before we were required to finish our shift in the stall. She replaced her bra and then her blouse. She grinned at me and told me I could keep her panties as a memento. She lifted her skirt and I could see my cum was running down the insides of those lovely legs - it looked so exciting seeing my cum on those legs. We kissed for several minutes before breaking off, as she had to repair her makeup before we changed our shifts.

I felt exhilarated when I left the stall. Although I had always dreamed of fucking a lovely woman most of the time, I had never done that preferring to remain faithful to my lovely Susan! Susan had been a virgin when I had first met her and I had been the one to take her virginity. In between the time I first fucked her and the time we married 2 years later, I found out later she had fucked several other men! She hadn't intended telling me about it but during a very passionate lovemaking session she let slip one of the other men's name. I knew who she was talking about and also knew she had dated him several times after I had begun going out with her, but I didn't realize until now that she had fucked him! Naturally I challenged her about this other man and after a while she confessed she had fucked him while we were courting. She also came totally clean and told me she had also fucked several other men. She had simply wanted to try some other men before we were married. I asked her if she was happy with me or did she prefer the other men but she assured me I was the one!

We made a vow when we had discussed this sexual adventure on her part that we would always remain true to each other from now on. I had done my part right up until today! Now I had broken the vow and had fucked another woman. I had never fucked any woman before or after Susan except today when I had fucked Debbie!

It wasn't until about 2 hours later that I caught up with Susan. I felt sure she would be able to see written all over my face that I had fucked another woman but she just greeted me lovingly as she always did and certainly didn't give any sign she suspected I had been unfaithful.

As soon as we reached home that evening after the fete, I quickly climbed into the shower telling Susan I felt a bit sore and needed a hot shower to ease my aches! I didn't want Susan to be able to smell Debbie's cunt on my cock! Susan and I fell into bed that evening both very tired but that didn't stop us from making love. I really loved my wife and certainly didn't want to do anything which would jeopardize our marriage. Now my guilty conscience started to really bug me. Susan never suspected a thing! As each day passed and then several weeks I knew my secret was safe.

Three weeks later, a knock at our door changed our lives forever! Susan was closest to the door and opened it before I got even near it. Standing at the door was Debbie, together with 3 other men. I had seen all of these men at the school meetings but didn't know who they were. They asked Susan if they could come inside. Of course Susan greeted them ushered them into our living room. One of the first things Debbie asked Susan was where Kathy was right now. It was a Saturday evening and she had been allowed to stay overnight with one of her friends at their home.

As soon as Susan had told Debbie that Kathy wasn't at home, the whole tenor of the group changed. Debbie was obviously the spokesperson and began by introducing the three men. One was Dick her husband, then there was Tom and George. They were very close friends of Debbie and Dick.

Debbie began by asking Susan whether they liked living in the area. As soon as Susan told her we loved it here, Debbie said, "Well, if you are not very careful you will find yourselves quickly ignored by the rest of the parents at the school and your life in this area will be very nasty in deed!" Susan was quite taken back by this statement and I was wondering what on earth she could mean by that. Debbie then asked if she could use our video player and TV. Of course Susan agreed and Debbie inserted a tape and soon the picture appeared on the screen.

I immediately recognized the picture as being taken inside the stall where I had been working with Debbie! After a few seconds, I could see Debbie and myself appearing to work together and prepare the meal plates as usual. Susan was quite excited seeing me working with Debbie and remarked we made a good couple. This soon changed when the picture showed Debbie and I kissing. Of course the rest of the film ran until Debbie gave me the blowjob and also later when I actually fucked her! Susan began to cry and started screaming at me about what a useless prick she had married.

Debbie was totally in control of the situation and started laying down the law. She told Susan the other parents wouldn't like it if she showed the tape to others. We would run the risk of being ostracized by the group if they knew I had fucked Debbie. I wondered why we would be ostracized if it was Debbie who had done all of the coming on to me - I had simply given in to her wishes! Of course Debbie had been caught out and was trying to protect herself! She hadn't known about the camera and was just as guilty as myself but was trying to save face. Susan was still crying and was very upset. Next Debbie dropped the bombshell! She said her husband Dick was very upset and demanded revenge! He wanted to fuck Susan to make up for me fucking his wife! Susan's eyes just stuck out in amazement. What had she heard, Dick wanted to fuck her because of what I had done? No way! The more insistent Debbie became the more resistant Susan was.

I felt it was time I stepped in and so I said, "Well, it seems you have a little blackmail scheme here and I can tell you now it isn't going to work! Yes, it is true I have fucked Debbie but she was the one who initiated the whole thing and I have no regrets about that. This is clearly evident from the video! I just can't see where Dick thinks he can fuck my wife as a means of revenge. Who made the film and what do you expect to get out of it all?"

Debbie responded with a glint in her eye. She said, "The tape was, of all things, a surveillance tape, one of which had been set up in several of the stalls. We have had a deal of pilfering from the stalls and it was hoped we would catch the person pinching the money! Instead we were caught on the film! Of course the person who is in charge of these security films is the one who is doing the blackmailing! He has already been around to our house and has embarrassed both Dick and myself and we had to give in to his demands! Frank, the security man, has already fucked me three times to keep him quiet! I didn't mind fucking Frank - after all he is a very nice, big man - but Dick is the one who is upset now. He is going to get his revenge or he will give the tape to the school committee and you will be banned from attending any meetings and your daughter will be expelled from the school. Perhaps now you can see why we want revenge. I know I shouldn't have fucked you in the stall but I like you and after all it was a wonderful fuck!"

The last thing either Susan or I wanted was to have Kathy expelled from the school and I knew this was a possibility because many of the school committee were very straight-laced. I looked over at Susan and shrugged my shoulders. She glared back at me and made it plain to me she didn't want to do anything with Dick. Dick then pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and began dialing a number. When the phone was answered he asked if he could speak with Mrs. Clausen. I knew Mrs. Clausen as the President of the School Committee. I quickly moved over to Dick and took the phone from his hand and I closed it cutting off the call. I looked back at Susan and saw for the first time that she had a resigned look on her face. Again she glared at me and said, "Well, you bastard, you got into this and now I have to get you out of it! O.K, Dick, let's get this over with." Turning to me she said, "I don't want you to leave the room - I want you to watch how much I enjoy being fucked by Dick! I want this vision to remain in your mind forever more! You are going to live to regret this stupid act you have committed with Debbie!"

I couldn't believe what happened next! Susan was always the quiet one of us and now she was taking the initiative in the act which was to follow. She moved over to Dick, stood in front of him and began kissing him hard on the mouth. Naturally Dick responded and soon they were kissing deeply with tongues in each other's mouths. Susan then pulled away from Dick and began undoing her blouse. Soon it was completely undone and she slipped it off her shoulders and dropped it. Next she undid her bra and stood there topless in front of Dick. Next she undid her skirt and than too dropped to the floor. Now she was standing in front of Dick with only her shoes and her panties on. It didn't take long before her panties followed the rest of her clothes and now, with the exception of her shoes, she was naked in front of Dick.

Next she undressed Dick. When he was naked, she slipped to her knees and took his long cock into her mouth. She sucked on it for a while until Dick began to shake at the knees. It was obvious he was about to cum. Susan pulled his cock out of her mouth, turned to me and said, "Well, you bastard, I hope you enjoy watching Dick cum in my mouth." With than she resumed sucking his cock really hard and soon he came in her mouth. I could see her struggling with the amount of cum in her mouth but she managed to hold it all in before she swallowed it all. She even licked her lips afterwards to make sure she had it all. I was very disgusted by the way she had sucked him off and made such a show of swallowing his cum.

Poor Dick's cock was now very limp but she placed it back into her mouth and began sucking it again. I looked over at Debbie and could see she was obviously pleased her husband had been sucked off!

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