tagLesbian SexThe Kat Who Licked The Cream Ch. 01

The Kat Who Licked The Cream Ch. 01

bySapphos Sister©

Before meeting Samantha, I had never expected to fall in love with a girl.

We met in The Crown. It was a few weeks after Mark and I had finished, and I didn't know then that she had known Mark too. She was with her friends and I was with mine. I liked Sam as soon as I saw her. It wasn't a sexual thing. Not at first. She just looked like the kind of girl you'd want to have as a friend. She was playing pool -- really badly -- and was having fun, laughing a lot. Even then her laugh gave me goosebumps. I can picture her now. She was wearing baggy harem pants -- red they were -- with baseball boots and a sort of smock with a waistcoat. I know it sounds revolting but on her it looked really fetching. Most things do. As ever, she didn't have a bra on and through the sheer fabric of her smock I could make out the swell of her small breasts under her waistcoat. When she stood up straight, her nipples dimpled the smock provocatively. Alright, I did sort of fancy her, but I wouldn't have done anything about it, not at that time.

Our two groups got talking together and I ended up in conversation with her -- we were trying to save the planet, I think. I was lost in her eyes, those deep whirlpools. When she said she wanted some fresh air I went outside with her. I can still taste that first kiss. It didn't seem shocking at all to kiss a woman. The only shocking thing was how normal it felt. She pushed me up against the wall and kissed me again. Her leg was between my own, her groin pressing against mine. I didn't want her lips to leave my mouth.

Then two guys came out for a smoke. At first I think they assumed I was being kissed by a boy because Sam had short, blondy hair -- it's a bit longer now -- but when she turned and smiled at them, they were stunned -- and delighted, of course. Sam grabbed my hand and, giggling, dragged me out into the street.

'How far is it to your place?' she asked, stifling her laughter.

'Around the corner,' I said reluctantly, suddenly having second thoughts.

'Come on,' she ordered and led me down the street, hand-in-hand. Almost as an afterthought, she said, 'You do want to go to bed with me, don't you?'

'I've never done it with a girl before,' I said.

'Really!' she exclaimed. 'Oh, I do love seducing virgins.' I must have looked petrified because she stopped and, stroking my cheek, said, 'Don't worry, Kat. It'll be fun. Honest. I'm very good.'

I believed her. It's just that it seemed so complicated. As if one day I'm white, and then suddenly I'm black.

But then she stopped, looked me straight in the eye and announced, 'I wanted you as soon as I saw you in the bar. You were the most gorgeous one there. Girls or boys. I couldn't wait to kiss you. I just had to get you outside.' I laughed and then we kissed again. It was one of those long, squirmy kisses that dry your throat and wet your pussy and seem to last forever. That's when I realised how much I wanted her.

By the time we reached my flat, we were all over each other and, once I'd unlocked the front door, we almost fell through it.

'Wow,' she exclaimed when she saw my sitting room. 'You read a lot, don't you?'

There are bookshelves all along the walls, filled with books and magazines and stuff I need for my work. Sam started checking out the titles, saying, 'Oh, I've read this,' and 'I've heard of that -- is it good?'

I was confused. Being nervous, I thought that we would go straight to bed and get on with it, not have a literary discussion. But she was engrossed.

'Can you get me a drink, love? White wine would be nice,' she demanded, pulling down an old edition of Lady Chatterley's Lover.

'Oh, Constance, may I introduce you to John Thomas?' she mimicked in an absurd Northern voice as I was pouring the wine. I laughed and handed a glass to her. As I did so, she held my hand within hers. 'Or maybe you would prefer some pussy pie?' Her eyes held mine as tightly as her hand. My stomach was in a turmoil of desperate wanting and nervous apprehension. Then, we kissed again and the glass of wine spilled down my front.

'Oh, shit!' I exclaimed.

'Sshhh,' she whispered and, lowering her face to my bosom, sucked the wine from the fabric of my tee shirt. She cupped my breast with her free hand and squeezed it exploratively. I could feel the nipple pressing against my bra.

'Mmmm. Boys must love your tits. They're such a nice size.' She raised her glass to her lips and took a long draught of wine. Then, as she kissed my parted lips, she opened her mouth and emptied the wine into my own, drenching our chins. We lapped at each other thirstily.

She grasped my hair and, bending my head back, rasped in the huskiest of tones, 'Soon that will be our cum, darling.' All my senses were on fire, issuing little eddies of pleasure through my veins to my groin.

She took the glass from my hand and set it down beside her own. Then she hauled my tee shirt over my breasts, and up and over my head.

'Oh God,' I moaned as she shed her waistcoat and pulled off her smock. Her hair flopped across her face, her waif-like beauty was utterly stunning.

She moved my hand to her breast and tentatively I ran my fingers over the nipple. It was livid-pink and tensely taut. 'Your tits are nice too,' I whispered, feeling incredibly daring. They were small and firm, the rosy aureoles as tempting as the first strawberries of summer.

She seemed to contemplate them. 'Yes, they are, aren't they?' She parted my fingers, so that they were scissoring her nipple. 'Do you want to suck them?'

'Come on,' she said and, stepping back so that she was against the bookshelves, she tucked the wayward strands of hair behind my ears and drew my mouth to her breast. I bent to take it in. The nipple pressed against my lips. I flicked my tongue across it and it seemed to harden yet more. I sucked in as much of her as I could, gorging and slurping over her. I loved the taste of her -- so foreign and wildly exotic to me then.

'Go on. Bite me,' she demanded. So I did, but gently. Nipping and nibbling her, licking and sucking, gorging upon one nipple and then the other.

'Now under my arms,' she whimpered. 'I like that a lot.' I was surprised because I'm so sensitive there. Nevertheless, I stretched her long, lithe arms above her head. Her armpits were hairless, the skin pale. Dipping my head, I stretched out my tongue and lapped at her armpit. Must and scent mingled in the most womanly aroma.

'Oooooooooh,' she cooed. 'That's it. Yes.'

Then I raised my mouth to her neck and bit, and she gasped and arched her belly against me. Her hands, now kneading my ass through my jeans, swept up my spine and effortlessly undid my bra. She pushed me away from her, drew the bra straps off my shoulders and discarded it at our feet.

She framed my face in her hands and held my gaze for moments that seemed as long as aeons.

'Do you know what pussy tastes like?' she murmured.

I said nothing but I could feel my own sex weeping into my panties.

'Salted honey,' she breathed. 'Haven't your boyfriends ever told you that?'

I shook my head, mesmerised. My hands, damp with perspiration, clutched her hips.

'My pussy is all for you, Kat. I want you to eat me out. And when you're done, I want to taste my cum on your lips. And then I'm going to go down on you, and my fingers and lips and tongue will give you the most intense orgasm you have ever known. Is that what you want, my darling?'

'Yes,' I groaned. My voice sounded distant and not my own.

'Is that what you crave?'

'Yes, yes,' I repeated.

'Is that what you need? To fuck and be fucked by a woman?'

'God. Please. Yes.'

'That's what I thought,' she said and began to unclasp my jeans.

I've never been as hungry for any man as I was for this woman. Desire, curiosity, excitement and nervousness combined in a soup of emotions that prickled my every sensibility.

I leant on her shoulders as she tugged at my jeans and pulled them over my feet. Now she was on her knees.

She drew her finger down the front of my panties, tracing the line of my slit. I shivered involuntarily and she smiled. 'I don't want to see your pussy yet,' she said. 'I'm saving that for later.' Then, she sucked on her dampened finger.

'Mmmm,' she mewed. 'You really are going to be delicious.'

She climbed back to her feet and drew me to her. One hand was around my neck and the other inside the back of my panties, stroking the cleft between my buttocks. Her mouth was nuzzling my ear. When she spoke, her voice sounded gravelly.

'I bet you've got a lovely, tight pussy, haven't you?' My heart was in my mouth.

She pushed me away from her and held me at arm's length by the shoulders. A kittenish smile played across her face as she glanced down at her pants. I was in awe of her lovely slim torso in those stupid red, baggy pants. She really was gorgeous.

'Are you going to leave me like this? I said I want my pussy licked.'

I slipped my hand inside her pants and eased them over her delicious butt and, dropping to my knees, slid them down her yet more delicious legs. Kneeling before her, I laid my cheek against her crotch. Her own skimpy panties were damp with desire.

'Lick me through my panties,' she commanded. 'I like that.'

I was uderstandably hesitant. Samantha had probably fucked more girls than I had kissed boys. And this was so alien to me. I was desperate not to disappoint her. Then, it all seemed so obvious: I would do to her everything that I had ever prayed a boy to do to me.

I turned my face into her groin and gnawed at her gently through the damp fabric. I could taste her on my teeth. Now it was her turn to shiver delightedly.

'Mmm. Yes. Go on. Lick me.'

Less than three hours had passed since I had met this woman -- and here I was stooped at her feet, bathing in the scent of her pussy and lapping at her like a kitten with a bowl of cream. I tongued at her panties until they were so sodden that the line of her slit was distinct through the cotton. I pulled them from her soaked skin between my teeth and hooked my fingers in the waistband. Then I drew them down. Slowly, so slowly.

Such unadorned beauty I beheld. Her mound was as smooth as alabaster. The swollen lips were neatly furled and glistened with her juice and my saliva.

Now no longer was Samantha the dominatrice, but a slave to her own needs.

'Please don't make me wait,' she begged.

But I did. I laid a trail of gossamer light kisses along the inside of her silky right thigh, from the knee to her groin, and then up over her mound. My lips barely touched her taut skin. My fingertips brushed up the backs of her legs.

'God, that's wonderful!' she exclaimed.

Then, my kisses graced her left thigh, up and up and up until again I was kissing her pelvis. Back to her right leg, the kisses only a little harder, my fingers still sweeping up her slim, supple thighs. Then the left, then the right, and the left again. Each time the kisses, moister and firmer, my hands more insistent. Now I was licking up and down her thighs in long, wet strokes and my fists were gripping her legs. And as I moved, my hair was brushing against her poor, luscious pussy, rubbing against her, teasing and tantalising her.

Sam was trying to force my head harder against her groin but each time she did, I drew away until she released me.

I clutched her buttocks, my nails digging into those lovely moons, and kissed her groin and her mound, as plump as a pillow. Swarms of brief, light kisses, almost -- but not quite -- reaching her pussy lips.

Then, I stopped and looked up at her, all mock-innocence.

'I'm sorry. Did you say you want me to lick you?'

'Fuck! Lick me, finger me, do something for God's sake.'

'Then, ask nicely.'

I felt her shudder against me as she struggled to restrain herself.

'Please, lovely, wonderful, beautiful Katherine. Please, please, please lick my cunt. I'm dying for ... Oh God'

And before the words were out of her mouth, my tongue was sliding up her slit, then sucking on her lips, first one, then the other, drawing them into my mouth. I released her buttocks and, slipping my thumbs between the lips, blew softly along her slit. Gently, so, so gently, I drew back the hood of her clit and blew on that lovely pink pearl. I wanted to suck it so much but I resisted. For now.

Instead, I slipped my forefinger into her and moved it in and out of her in long, slow, smooth strokes. I had only ever known my own pussy and hers felt warm, wet and welcoming.

Sam's hand was on my shoulder, bracing herself against me, one leg rested on my thigh. Two fingers slid into her and I felt her tighten around them. I was watching her face. Her eyes were closed, her teeth bit her lower lip as she savoured each entering. No words escaped her lips now, only meaningless gasps and sighs as I explored her depths.

And then I offered my mouth to this adventure. As my tongue tip rolled over her clit, I felt Sam's hand pressing against the back of my head, drawing me into her. Fingers and tongue worked in demonic partnership, and my darling was relishing their every sensual harmony.

Next I thrust my fingers inas far as the knuckles and kept them there as I sucked hard on and long on her sweet, fleshy pearl.

'Ohhhhhhh!' she moaned from that purgatory where pleasure and agony live side by side.

My fingers pulled out and glided back into her and, as they did, I drew back and looked up at her. Her head was bent back, the angle contorted by ecstasy, her lips were mouthing silent oaths and her free hand was scrunching and squeezing her breast.

In my sexiest, most seductive voice, I entreated her: 'Oh yes, come on baby ..... cum for me ..... cum for me ..... Yeah ..... yeah.'

Her foot pressed hard against my thigh. A hand jammed my mouth against her sex and I lapped and slurped wantonly. Her other hand was now helping my fingers into her faster and harder. The only sounds were the slapping of flesh and her frantic yells.

'Ohhh ..... God! Ohhhh ...... K-k-k-k-k-k-a-a-a-a-t-t-t-t!' she cried.

And then my sweet angel, my darling, my honey, my mistress, my lover was cumming, riding her orgasm, drowning in it, feeling it cascading through her -- until her hand eased upon mine and my fingers, steeped in her juices, slowed and lay still within her, my lips kissed her clit gently, and my head rested against her thigh. Silence now, only silence.

After she had come down from her orgasm, she lay beside me on the carpeted floor and, content, we curled around each other.

At last, she said, 'You know, they say that it's better to give than to receive.' Her hand moved from my hip to my groin and she kissed my forehead lightly. 'Well, I'm going to show you how wrong they are.' And though I have always thought that I was a generous, giving woman, for the rest of that night she proved that she was right. Again and again and again.

(to be continued)

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