tagMatureThe Katie Chronicles Ch. 01

The Katie Chronicles Ch. 01


Hi, my name is Katie Kelly and I'm 18. I know I'm a little young to be telling my life story, but my head is so filled with thoughts lately that I wanted to write them down. At least tell you of some of the adventures I've had this summer.

First, let me tell you a little about my family, because they play a big part in the stories I want to tell you. They are true stories about my family, only the names are changed to protect the none too innocent.

OK. I'm the youngest daughter of Kevin and Michelle Kelly an all American couple if there ever was one. Dad met Mom when she was a junior in high school and he was a sophomore in college and have been together ever since. Mom was 20 when she got married, and in the next three years, being catholic had three babies me being the last. There were complications with my pregnancy, so after me the shop was closed. My sister, Julie, is now 20, and my brother Dennis is 19.

My siblings both have brown hair like my Mom and I have blonde hair like my father. I keep my hair short, sort of like the figure skater Dorothy Hamill wears hers. In the last few years my breasts have really developed and I now have a 34 D cup – again I take after one of my parents. Mom's breasts are just enormous, although, at 40 her back is big enough to support those monsters. She's a 38 EE, which are really still quite firm ( as can be expected for someone that age carrying around those massive things) and beautiful. I know her back aches from them a lot, and my sister and I have tried to get her to have breast reduction therapy, but my father ( who I think is being totally selfish) won't let her.

Anyway, my father is a big mucky muck in the national republican party, after making his fortune in the oil business ( actually inheriting about a gazillion dollars from his grand father, and then just parlaying the money in to two gazillion) when I was little he was really very handsome, and still is, but now he's put on a ton of weight. My Mom teaches high school algebra, and was actually my freshman year instructor.

My sister, looks like my Mom, goes to Harvard, and my Brother who doesn't look like anyone as far as I can tell, goes to the university of Colorado where he majors in environmental policy, smoking dope, and rock climbing – not necessarily in that order.

So, that's my family. I just graduated from high school and it's summer – I leave for UCLA in the fall, where I'll study theater.

One more thing about me that you have to know, I love sex. Since I first started having it, 3 years ago, I think of it constantly. I'm really careful about who I have it with and how often, but I'm constantly trying to get friends together, and fix couples up. In fact the one thing I like more than sex is seeing other people have sex. I love to watch ( and be watched). I went so far as to install spy cameras in a lot of the rooms in our home, that I hooked up to my computer to watch my family members have sex. I also bugged rooms and phone lines to catch any gossip ----I found out my family members were the most sexless family in the state. In all the time I've had the cameras the best I've done is catching my siblings and my Mom masturbate....and not together.

Mom masturbates a lot actually, and one day I was sitting at my computer watching her an eight inch dildo in and out of her wet pussy, when I heard her say something that give me the most wonderful idea: She called out the name "Kyle". As I said my Dad's name is Kevin. So whom you may ask is Kyle?

My boyfriend for the last couple of years, Kyle McManus, is the pitcher on our high school baseball team. He has a 94 mile and hour fastball, an amazing body, a thick cock, and tremendous stamina in bed. He is also physically beautiful, and a tremendous bore. Never has any ideas of his own, easily swayed, and willing to do almost anything I ask him to. By the end of our senior year I was bored out of my skull with him, and broke up with him. But because he was so sweet, and I liked having sex with him, I let him hang around even though I started seeing other people.

Well my Mom calling out his name in the throes of her passion was pretty interesting I thought. There she was with her eight-incher having sexual fantasies about my boyfriend. She would have really got excited if she knew that her trusty dildo didn't do Kyle justice. Kyle by the way was also an ex-student of my Mom's.

After hearing that I made a point to keep an eye on my mom and make sure I got to watch her on hidden camera every time she masturbated ( which was a lot for a 40 year old) and several times I heard her mutter Kyle's name. Apparently he was a bit of obsession for her.

Which got me thinking, as I said I like to watch people have sex, so one day, when we were both lying out , by the pool, catching some rays I broached a subject I knew she would have interest in.

"Hey Mom, guess who has a crush on you?" I said to her.

"Who?" she asked continuing to lie back with her eyes closed letting the sun bake her already bronzed skin.

"Kyle," I Said, " he really thinks you're hot.

I was watching Mom closely when I said that and almost laughed when the very mention of Kyle's name caused her nipples to immediately harden. Mom sat up a little from her lounge chair to look at me.

"What would make you say that?" Mom asked trying to sound a lot more nonchalant than I'll bet she was feeling.

Now Kyle had often mentioned that he had found my Mom hot, in fact almost all my friends, at one time or another, had commented on how hot my Mom was – and she was. Being a schoolteacher, the boys in her class had lusted after her fairly openly, she of course had shot down one and all just as openly.

Mom looks a lot like the actress Laura Linney, except with brown hair instead of blonde. Mom has a very pretty face, with adorable dimples, a dazzling smile and a killer body that she works like a madwoman to maintain. So when I told he Kyle found her hot it was no lie.

Mom and I talked awhile about my relationship with Kyle and I let it slip that I was really looking to be a free agent in the fall. She said she understood and that it was nice that Kyle and I could still be friends. I mentioned that he was planning on coming over tomorrow, to hang out with me by the pool. I could tell Mom seemed interested. If I guessed right Mom would hang around to check out Kyle and give herself more fuel for her masturbatory fantasies. I started to hatch a plan.

I knew that my Dad worked everyday until 6pm so I realized that if I could get myself out of the way, on some pretense or other, Mom and Kyle could have the day to be together. My first step was to call Kyle and tell him to meet me at a near by coffee shop - he complained that he was at home, "just chilling" and didn't want to go out, but as I said Kyle pretty much did what I told him to. Half an hour after my call we were seated at a table in the coffee shop.

Kyle was a little taken aback when I told him I wanted him to sleep with my mother. He wasn't adverse to the idea at all, but he did call me a freak several times, as he tried to wrap his mind around the idea that I would want my Mom to cheat on my father. When I convinced him I was for real and told him about how my Mom had spoken his name when she was masturbating, Kyle really got behind the idea. He agreed to come over my house in the morning, and wear his tightest pair of Speed-Os by the pool. Next I called my best friend Robyn and asked her to do me a favor and call me at exactly 10:30 the following morning.

The next morning at 9:30 Kyle showed up and the two of us went for a swim in the pool. Not surprisingly, whenever I looked up, I saw Mom in the kitchen checking us out. I yelled to my Mom to come out side and join us, and after hemming and hawing, she called back that she'd be right out. She went off to get in to a bathing suit.

"Are you just dying to fuck my mother?" I asked Kyle in a real breathy voice.

"Jesus, am I ready," he said, " I've been thinking about it all night, I had to stop my self from beating off 5 times since we talked. If we do end up fucking, which I'm pretty sure is not going to happen, I'm going to have a monster load to dump inside of her – if this doesn't work you're going to have to suck me off."

I agreed, but made him promise that he would really put in effort in with my Mom.

Mom emerged from the house looking very cute. She was wearing a black one piece, and her trade mark high heeled sandals – Mom loved high heels she said they made her feel more lady like, but I know she loves the way her legs and ass looked in them. She waved to us and went over to the lounge chairs to lie down.

"God her hips are fuckable" Kyle whispered to me as we pulled ourselves out of the water and pulled up chairs so we could lie down next to my Mom.

The three of us chatted about nothing at all for a while, with Mom giggling like a schoolgirl at every lame thing Kyle said. It was about twenty after 10 and I realized that I had better get the ball rolling before Robyn called. I asked Mom how her back was doing – I knew the answer before I asked, Mom's back is chronically bad, duh, Hello! Maybe big tits and high heels all the time aren't the best combination. She gave me the answer that I expected; it was sore.

"Well, roll over and let me rub it." I said.

"Aren't you sweet." She cooed putting her chair down flat and rolling over on her stomach.

I moved over to her and winked at Kyle, who smiled, somewhat stupidly at me. I started to rub Mom's neck and shoulders, I intentionally did a fairly half-assed job of it, so I could stop after a minute or two.

"You know what," I said as if the idea just occurred to me, " Kyle's hands are so much stronger than mine and he's really good at back rubs ( that much is true), Kyle, why don't you rub Mom's back."

Kyle bless his heart was over almost instantly, and before Mom could object, which she tried to do, he was already working on her shoulders. Kyle's hands are quite strong, and he has a firm but gentle touch – from personal experience I knew Mom would really enjoy the massage. Kyle smiled over at me and this time it was his turn to wink. Just then, my phone rang, it was Robyn.

I started carrying on a one sided conversation about an emergency. "What's that you say? Trudy has been taken to the hospital? No car? Stay there I'll be right over". On the other end of the phone Robyn was peeing her pants laughing at me. She knew I was up to something but had no idea what.

After I got off the phone, I told Mom and Kyle that I had to go pick up Robyn and take her to the hospital, to see another friend that had just been taken there. Everyone was of course quite concerned, and Kyle asked me if I wanted him to take me. I told him it would be crazy to ruin both of our days and that he should just hang out by the pool until I got back in about an hour and half an we could all have lunch. Mom seemed a little reluctant to be left alone with Kyle, but out of politeness I knew she wouldn't say anything.

Earlier I had parked my car down the block so I wouldn't have to make big show of driving away, so instead I went up to my room and peered out the drawn curtains down to the pool. The two of them were still down there and I could hear them talking, but I couldn't really hear what they were saying.

Damn. I thought to myself, when I had spent all that money on the hidden cameras, why hadn't I thought to buy a shot-gun microphone ( Well I actually had thought of buying it, but decided against it as it would be hard to explain what a shot-gun microphone was doing in my bedroom, as it was it was difficult enough to explain to my parents why I had bought a $1000 computer monitor, it wasn't like I could say, "The better to watch you with my dears").

After a few minutes of incomprehensible, but what I assumed was banal, conversation Kyle resumed the massage. He looked like he was really getting in to it and I could see him travelling down her back with long even strokes, moving down to the small of her back, and then skipping her ass and working on her legs. I knew Mom was loving it because nobody in our family would give her a massage like that, and she would never spend money getting one ( Mom was very cheap when it came to herself). After doing her legs and feet Kyle moved up again to her back. At that point he leaned down and whispered something to her. She looked up and shook her head no, and then they proceeded to have some kind of dispute. After a minute of discussion Mom and Kyle got up and went inside.

I quickly moved over to my computer and switched on my camera that covered the living room ( which looks through the dining room and out to the pool) but by the time I turned it on I just caught the two of them moving through the frame and upstairs out of my camera's vision. I don't know what Kyle had said, but could they be headed to Mom and Dad's room already?

In a few seconds, that indeed, is where they showed up.

A few months previously I had given my parents a digital alarm clock, that unbeknownst to them contained a rather sophisticated spy camera, as far as they knew it was just an odd gift from a surprisingly odd daughter.

Now from my room down the hall I watched Kyle and my mother as they entered my parents bedroom. Mom looked a little nervous as she turned to Kyle and said, "I should just lay down on the bed?" Kyle nodded his head.

"Alright, now hide your eyes." Mom said. Kyle turned his back to her and Mom did something fairly shocking. She looked to see that he wasn't watching and then took the straps of her bathing suit of her shoulders and rolled the top down to her waist. Her magnificent boobs spilled out in to the bright light of her bedroom. Mom demurely covered them with one arm and then gingerly laid face down on the bed. I could see that even though being pressed down in to the mattress covered them, a lot of them were exposed on the sides. "Alright, you can turn around now," Mom said.

Kyle turned around and climbed on the bed with Mom and resumed rubbing Mom's back, only this time he was kneading her naked flesh instead of the top of her suit. As I watched I got up and removed my Bikini, I wanted to be naked for the hot action I hoped would follow.

Kyle was really working Mom's body over good, with long, slow, sensuous strokes up and down her back, each time he moved down he would get a little lower and caress the top part of her buttocks. Mom's only response was to give out a soft mewling sound, as his fingers worked her sore muscles.

Kyle moved back up and started working on her shoulders and upper back, I could see he was getting a little more daring and rubbing the sides of Mom's breasts. Mom just continued to moan softly, and feeling encouraged Kyle ran his hand down the side of the her breast and almost scooped her entire tit in to his large hand. Mom's torso lifted off the bed, when he did that, and she shuddered a little with the sensation.

Not that she had said anything to discourage him, but I suspected Kyle may have felt he had gone a little fast so he moved down her back again and massaged under her rib cage, again reaching around and grabbing a handful of Mom's tummy.

Kyle kept moving down and now was rubbing Mom's ass directly, he firmly kneaded the flesh pressing down on mom's very well developed ass cheeks. I could see Mom was beginning to breathe quite heavily at this point and Kyle had grown quite red.

"This feels so good," Mom gasped as Kyle continued his ministrations. He had moved away from her ass and now had reached around and was massaging her hips. With a fluid but firm motion, Kyle suddenly grabbed the bathing suit that was still around Mom's waist and essentially skinned it off her leaving her naked on the bed.

I had no idea what Mom was going to say. Kyle seemed to have gone too far, what would Mom say, or what would she do? I realized at that moment I was sitting there holding my breath. What she said turned out to be just what Kyle wanted to hear.

"Honey, could you make sure the door is locked". That was it, that was her entire response to Kyle taking her clothes off. She was lying there naked on the bed, her neat, trimmed, pussy exposed for the first time to her daughter's 18 year old boy friend, her ex-student, and all she had to say was that he should make sure no one was going to walk in on them.

As I said Kyle's a bit of a dope, but he's not an idiot, he knew what was about to happen. His awareness was confirmed when after checking that the door was indeed locked, he returned sporting a massive hard on that threatened to rip apart his straining bathing suit. He climbed back on the bed and began massaging Mom again, who kept her head buried in the pillow now, as if averting her eyes would some how make her less guilty of the infidelity she was now so obviously flirting with.

This time Kyle was concentrating all his efforts below Mom's waistline, not so much massaging any more, but rather softly caressing her inner thighs. With each stroke Kyle drew closer and closer to Mom's, by now, swollen pussy lips.

By this time I had started fingering myself, and my pussy was starting to resemble a wet sponge. I reached in to my desk draw and pulled out my thick rubber dildo, I placed it on my desk, not quite ready to use it.

Kyle was now brushing the lips of Mom's trimmed snatch with every stroke. She still wasn't looking at him, but her moans were now getting very loud, in addition to hearing her on my monitor I could now hear her right down the hallway. I silently hoped Dad didn't decide to come home early, even with the bedroom door locked I don't think he could have missed what was going on inside his bedroom.

"Roll over," Kyle said forcefully. If Mom hadn't complied instantly I had a feeling Kyle would have flipped her over himself. When Mom rolled over her true nakedness was for the first time was revealed to him. Another man other than her husband was, finally viewing her mammoth breasts that had transfixed so many men in our neighborhood, so many male students in her classes over the years, and so many of the pious frauds in our church community. Kyle was rightly awed by the sight of her, and if possible his cock pressed even harder at his poor, strained, bathing suit.

At that point, the full weight of what she was about to do must have hit her, and she shook her head violently.

"We can't do this Kyle," she said, "I'm married, I've never been with another man. I can't have sexual intercourse".

Down the hall, I nearly freaked out when I heard her say that, "What???" I wanted to scream at her, "Now you think of that?" I wanted to run in to her room and insist that she go through with it, but I realized that wouldn't be a lot of help at the moment.

Fortunately Kyle was handling the objection a lot better than I was; he walked over and gently pushed her back in to a flat position. He spoke to her soothingly.

"Mrs. Kelly, we don't have to have sex, I just want to hold you, I've always thought you were the most beautiful woman I've ever met. " He said sitting down next to her and was gently rubbing her stomach and sides – somehow was managing to stop himself from mauling Mom's big knockers.

"That's it Kyle, take your time" I thought to myself.

"Do you think I'm more beautiful than my daughter?" Mom asked (Nice question, Mom).

"Your daughter is a stunning woman, but she gets her beauty from you," Kyle told her as he played with the top of her pubic hair.

As soon as he finished saying that Kyle slid down and began kissing Mom's stomach. Mom just lay there gently running her fingers through Kyle's hair. I of course knew where he was going, but I wondered if my innocent mother had any idea.

I would guess that she didn't by the sound she made when he reached her destination and, without warning, pushed his tongue in to her wet snatch. Mom's body bucked like it had just been hit with an electrical charge, her hips coming hard off the bed to accept his tongue in to her womanly depths. Mom's hands gently stroked Kyle's hair as he lapped at her pussy and her legs went up to enclose his head.

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