tagMatureThe Kelpie's Lover

The Kelpie's Lover


Clarke Hendrix picked the least hospitable spot to spend his summer vacation. Vacation was putting a kind veneer on the tasks at hand however. This was work for his research project and if he didn't come home with results, his funding was going to dry up. When he'd been safe, dry and warm in his office on the Fresno State campus, the trip to explore Scotland to search for several reported sunken Spanish and Dutch trading ships sounded great.

He'd spent his life outside his day job of teaching, diving in Italy, Greece and Egypt looking for artifacts and through wreckage and managed to establish himself as a scholar of note who wasn't just a stuffy book-bound educator like many of his peers. Those trips had allowed him to secure the funding for his real love. Exploring Scotland and discovering lost information about the Celtic people and his heritage. Finding a sunken Galleon packed with gold was the desire of his research partner, but it wouldn't suck to fall into stacks of coin.

Sailing between the northern most points of Scotland off the Shetland Islands and northward, scouring the ocean for possible sites and making numerous dives over the past month was wearing him out. He was no longer a young man and he felt every heartbeat he spent in the icy water. He imagined it sucking the life from him. Feeling his own mortality really pissed him off. He was in good shape for being over forty. He still ran every morning, and spent his free time like this, looking for artifacts in remote locations. Today, standing on the deck of the ship, he felt closer to fifty than forty. His bones and joints protested the cold of the wind the recent dive left him frozen in a deep, previously untouched places in his bone marrow. As he was thinking of ways to convince his partner to call it a day early so he could get some whisky in him, one of the research team came jogging down the deck to him, cheeks pink and wind-blown. Damn the kid was half his age and moved as though the ship wasn't rocking and the wind wasn't trying to claw his face off.

Fuck getting old. The kid, Fredrick, shouted over the wind, "You have to come see this."

He went with Freddie, moving slower and feeling every step in his damn joints as he tried not to get tossed into the churning sea. He swore under his breath. Next year, he was going to Greece. Watching oil slick, bare breasted beauties soaking in the sun between his dives beat the hell out of freezing his nuts off.

Several people were at the side of the railing, looking into the grey water below them. He pushed through the crowd, grasping the wood in his gloved fingers to peer down. At first he only noticed the crests of foaming water around the hull but then the water shifted and he saw the white flicker through the waves. "Is that a shark? Dolphin?" He knew it wasn't as his words were carried away on the wind. That was a person in the water. "Shit, we need to get down there. Why are you all standing around?" Fredrick looked stricken, "We asked some of the crew to help but they said they couldn't. Said that was a Kelpie Professor."

Clarke frowned, "What? Like hell it is!" He looked away from his intern and squinted into the water, seeing the ivory flesh more clearly now as the body shifted and slipped over a wave. He could make out arms and legs now, the hair a dark dangle fanned around the unseen face. Womanly he thought, though it could be his imagination. "Fuck this. I'm going to help her."

True enough, a couple of the crew tried to stop him, "She'll pull you in. She'll steal away your breath and drag you into the depths. Best not meddle with the affairs of the sea folk." Their voices so heavily accented it was hard to understand them, but they all continued to warn him against his folly. Clarke might have been born in Scotland, but he wasn't one of them, he didn't know the risks, this was for his own good.

His mind pushed away the supernatural bullshit with a snort and he shouldered by the men trying to stop him from getting into the life boat. He couldn't live with himself if he had that image of the cold, white flesh floating in the ocean knowing he did absolutely nothing. Even if he couldn't save her, no one deserved to be left at sea. A bunch of crazy seamen weren't going to stop him.

The little boat struggled out towards the body floating on the surface of the water. He was sweating from the effort to row the damn thing out to her. There was no mistaking the womanly curves along the ivory flesh against the dark water now. He dreaded reaching to touch her, fearful of the texture and the cold feel of her flesh but he'd struggled out this far to bring her body back, he couldn't back out now. He secured his oars and gave himself a metal kick to get moving and leaned over the edge in time with the roiling waves and reached for one of those long, graceful limbs.

Her skin was warm and velvety like the flesh of a ripe peach when he grasped ahold of her. In fact, his senses were awash with the sweet fragrance of summer warmed peaches and a summer warmth bloomed through his hand and up his arm from where he'd made contact with her pale flesh. Overhead, the clouds broke and the wind died as a shaft of golden sunshine streamed down from above and settled over him. And her.

Her skin gleamed and twinkled like the dew of water over her flesh were diamonds. As one of the lazy waves pushed against her, she rolled onto her side and her face draw up from the sapphire waters. She was beautiful. Clarke felt his heart squeeze in his chest and his loins ached with a thrill of lust he'd never felt before. Gooseflesh prickle against her flesh as she arched towards his touch, a soft, musical sigh escaped her brilliant red lips. "Clarke." Ruby red hair clung to her high cheekbones in glossy coils, glinting in the glare of summer sunlight. When she arched up from the water, her tight nipples broke from the waves, taunt, red buds against the ivory of her flawless skin.

Azure fingers of sky seemed to peel back the clouds, pushing away the grey of the landscape, more warmth flooded through him and he wanted to peel off his jacket and gloves and the rest of his clothing so he could press his flesh to hers until he didn't know where she stopped and he began. He wanted to be part of her until he heard her screaming his name in pleasure. He wanted to be balls deep in her until his cum filled her tight little womb. His cock throbbed in the too tight confines of his pants.

He forgot everything but her. The sound of his name spoken, breaking past the full, sweet lips. "Clarke." A plea and a moan whispered over the sigh of waves, somehow both echoing and accenting the sound of the sea. She reached her other hand towards him, legs lazily scissoring the waters now as she tried to climb into his boat. The movement made the ship jostle and that movement broke the spell and he remembered that only a breath ago, he'd been battling the bitter cold, wind and waves to reach the body. He jerked his hand away and the real world came crashing down on him.

Wind raged in his ears and the little boat wobbled. His hands were freezing. He'd soaked them in the cold water, nearly falling out of the boat. He'd loosened the jacket and it was half off him already as the dream and fantasy encouraged him—and his cock. Oh his cock ached, he could feel the lust beating at him as it hadn't in years. Hhe felt like he was going to cum in his pants. And the white form of the woman was no longer there. She was just there. He could still smell the peaches and sunshine through the brine and ice on the stormy air. He leaned over the side of his boat to look and a savage wave struck this boat from behind. He had a moment to realize his mistake and try to counter balance and then the water surged over him and knocked him into the turbulent grey sea.

"There you are lover." The musical voice filled his head through the roar of cold and waves and then the sting of ice needles was gone and warmth flooded through him anew as velvety warm arms slid around him. He was no longer in the sea. He was no longer on the boat. He was on a long, golden beach strewn with wild flowers. The lovely redhaired woman held him close, his head in her naked lap. The sweetness of her peach fragrance was intoxicating. "I have you now. Never you worry." She crooned and bowed forward to brush her full lips against his.

The kiss burned away the last hint of his bafflement and any memory of a life before this moment. Gone was the expedition and gone was the sea and cold. Gone was the reality that he might be drowning. Her soft, creamy tongue arched forward to split his lips and fill his mouth with honey-sweet nectar. The only thing that mattered now was the taste of her. She moaned against him, a little mewl of delight as though the feel and taste of him thrilled her beyond reason. Her warm little fingers coiled through his damp hair in her eagerness.

The kiss ended too quickly, her breath warm on his cheek, "I want you so badly." Brilliant emerald eyes shone down at him, gleaming with mirth and desire, gleaming in the summer sunlight as she spread her thighs wider under his cheek, "You saved me. You should be rewarded."

The fragrance of her pussy was even richer and more lovely than the taste of her lips and mouth and tongue. He turned his head and kissed along her graceful leg, feeling the muscles under the skin tighten as she spread the limbs open wider and wider. She was natural between her thighs. A thatch of curly scarlet accenting the mound of her pussy.

He groaned as he stroked his fingers through the fragrant curls, dewy from her lust and the ocean and peach juices. It had been years since he'd been with a woman who'd let herself go natural. He squeezed his hands over her ass, feeling his cock lurch in desperation to be deep in her; sheathed in the heat of her perfect cunt. He wasn't some youngster though, he could hold back and enjoy this. He would enjoy every inch of her perfect fucking body. He let his teeth graze her inner thigh, rewarded by a squeal of delight and an arching of her muscular, swimmer's body under him.

One of her legs threaded around his shoulders, her heel nuzzling the nape of his neck as her calf flexed, drawing his head down towards her cunt. Using his fingers, he pushed her swollen lips open and lapped his tongue over her folds, coiling around the tight pearl of her clit hidden in the pretty curls of red. Then his fingers pushed into her creamy pussy, feeling her clench against him in eager need as her leg pulled him closer in.

Her fingers tangled into his hair and held on as her hips churned under him, writhing and arching upward to offer herself up to his lips and fingers. When he slid a second finger into her, she screamed out his name and quivered. He rolled his tongue around her clit and then grasped it between his lips to suck, using teeth very softly until her whole body tensed and she begged him for more.

He looked up over her body as he lapped at her clit, enjoying the swell and arch of her breasts with her breasts in time with the tightening of her inner muscles around his fingers. He slid a third finger into her and pumped in and out of her slow and steady in time with her licking and sucking. The slower he moved his fingers, the louder she cried for more, gripping her hair in both hands to try to force him to go faster but it wasn't until she begged him that he gave her what she really wanted. Fast. Steady, deep strokes of his fingers. Each time deeper, grinding his knuckles up against the base of her clit where he was flicking and licking in earnest now.

She came in a fountain of sticky cream honey around his knuckles while he shoved deep and hard into her. The scream of her climax echoed off the rocks of the cliffs and birds flew up from the flowers around the beach as cries tore from her lovely throat. And he fucked her with his fingers through every last ripple of those beautiful inner muscles.

God she was magnificent. The taste of her like honey wine, leaving his tongue tingling and his head spinning. He licked her one last time, driving his tongue into her in place of his fingers, never wanting to leave this place. Wanting to tongue-fuck her into another screaming orgasm. But she had other ideas. She quivered and squirmed, pulling at his hair until the pain made him relent his duty to worshiping her with his mouth. He drew his head up to find her gazing at him through lust glazed eyes.

"Now, you will fuck me. I should be fucked properly!" She whispered and arched up against the flowery grasses where she'd rescued him. He could hear the lazy lap and sigh of the waves behind him as he drew off his now dry jacket. Her eager and skillful fingers worked on the front of his pants and belt but her emerald eyes never left his. When her warm fingers wrapped around his shaft and very slowly drew him out, her lips parted and a soft whimper broke from her throat. "You are hung like a stallion."

He groaned and his hips arched forward, looking down to see her ivory fingers barely able to wrap around his shaft. She sucked her lower lip between her teeth while her grip stroked up to the fat head, squeezing out a bead of precum that she rubbed against her taunt nipple. Sunlight made the droplet of his lust look like a diamond, glistening bright against the red of her taunt nipple. "If you're not careful..." He warned, growling out the words, "I'm going to cum right now." His balls were so full and tight with his seed, his stomach tense with the urge to let loose. It was almost too much to imagine what the fountain of his cum would look like gushing over those perfect tits. "I would love to see what that beautiful face looked like dripping with my seed."

She smiled and bowed her head forward, bright coils of red hair tickling his shaft as she whispered along the head, "I want your seed deep in me. In my womb. Filling me." Her tongue darted out to drag along the slit dripping more precum. He hissed in his pleasure, cock leaping wildly as he watched the jewel of cum against the red of her tongue before she sucked in it.

The seed in her womb. Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. He arched his hips forward, "Yes!" he growled brokenly. He'd never wanted anything as badly. He thought he might go insane if he wasn't inside her now. Still stroking him, she lay back into the flowers, arching that beautiful body under him while he slide down her body, watching the precum leave a wet trail between her breasts and over the tight muscles of her stomach. He even trailed pearls of his lust in the curls of her damp public hair before the head nuzzles at her clit. He hadn't fucked a girl without a condom in years. Years and years. His heart hammered in a mixture of desire and fear. The old fear. What if he knocked her up?

Oh Fuck yes! His instincts lurched with passion as his cock jerked and precum smeared against her clit. He almost lost his control. Almost came all over her cunt at the thought. She smiled adoringly at him as though she could read his thoughts and reached up to cup his cheek. "Yes darling. Yes! Fuck me. Fill me until I overflow with your potent seed." Her body arched towards him and she whimpered, stroking him, working the head to her entry where he could feel her heartbeat thrumming through the silken heat of her.

He dug his toes into the sand, uncertain when he'd torn off the rest of his clothing. All he knew was he was naked now and the sun burned against his shoulders and bare ass. The sand tickling at his knees and shins as he pressed forward. She was hot around him, perfect and so tight. So very fucking tight and he felt it just before he lost control on being slow—virgin. He felt her heels against his ass as she angled upward, lifting her ass up as she drew him down to her, begging and sobbing for more. "Clarke please! Please fuck me. Take me!"

She screamed in that mixture of pain and pleasure as he drove several more inches into her and he felt her body give against her, the heat gushing around him as his cock arched upward in a spasm that matched his heartbeat. He bit down on his lip to keep from cumming and shoved the rest of his length into her as she begged for it. Feeling his heavy balls nuzzling up against her tight little ass. Under him, she squirmed, arching and wriggling her hips to swirl his massive cock around in her as she moaned.

"OH Yes! Fuck." He growled against her neck as she squeezed around him, so tight it felt painful. She felt like a milking vice around him aching cock. "Oh Fuck." He wasn't sure if he could even move inside her without losing it.

"I want your cum in me." The sweet little redhead purred against his ear and bit his earlobe.

"You're going to fucking get it." He promised her and draw his hips back a fraction only to shove back into her as she mewled in pleasure and clutched his shaft with the muscles of that snug little cunt. She was milking him for all she was worth that that virgin cunt. His eyes rolled back as he drew back to the head, feeling her pulse around him and drove all the way into her with a hot slap and smack of flesh, feeling the wetness of her coat his belly and thighs. Again he drove the full length into her and a third time and then she was clawing at his back, arching herself up so he could get in even deeper.

The world spun around him as he gave up any chance of being careful as the fingernails ripped down his shoulders and back and her teeth bit into his shoulder. It was too good. Too fucking good! He screwed her rough and hard, plunging the length of his cock into her until her screams rang in his ears. He lifted one of her legs over his shoulder, spreading her wider still and pounded into her, watching her face twist with pleasure and delight as she clawed over his chest and ass, leaving his red and bloody and claimed.

Her perfect little bits bounced and jerked with the impact of his thrusts and she opened more for him and he reached in deeper, grabbing a handful of her hair as he burred himself in repeatedly, no longer thinking about her pleasure, his body thrumming with the pain of her bites and scratches and the ache of his balls as they slapped her ass and then there was no holding back. There was only the perfect silken tightness around him, throbbing and suckling hungrily for the seed.

"You want it? You want it in your tight little womb? Oh Here it is baby. Here it is darling!" He gazed into her hypnotic green eyes as he pulled her head back by the roots of her hair and his balls tightened, his cock thickening and swelling as he came.

"Yes! Yes Yes! YES!" She chanted it over and over as claws raked down his back again shuddering under him, heartbeat frantic around him as she joined him in orgasm. The hot gush around his cock only making his orgasm that much more intense. She squeezed around his throbbing shaft, making it painful to move in her and yet he couldn't resist that sweet agony to fuck her through the joined orgasm.

The sun dazzled him, screams of her pleasure mixing with his, the taste of her burning his mouth and making his blood sing with lust. He crumpled over her, kissing her lips and throat and breasts, licking the sweet salty wonder of her. Somewhere between his whispers of affection and adoration, he drifted to sleep. He woke as the sun was setting, the sweet scent of her all around him and felt her velvety warm body curled tight to his side. She nuzzled her face into his chest and smiled as he winced, the deep scratches she'd left on him burned slightly. The last light of day were playing over her and him, making her look even more beautiful than she'd looked under the glare of the sun.

She didn't say anything, just watched him, curious and full of wonder and mischief. Something hung in the air between them, and he had the sense that she was going to say something when he heard hoof beats coming down the shoreline. With an effort he pushed himself up, head swimming still, body aching from the wild afternoon fucking in the dunes. A black horse was galloping up the beach. Impossibly, between one stride and the next, it was no longer a horse but a man. A naked man. Clarke's mind shrank away from what he'd witnessed for a heartbeat and then realized of course people could throw off their skins and be whatever form they wished. Against him he felt the woman's silent laughter as she slid a look at him, gaze twinkling. Of course it was natural.

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