The Kennel Club


Ted loosened his grip on my hips and pulled out a little. Fire followed it like striking a match. Ted leaned back and thumbed my clit that felt pretty good, and helped to lessen, or I should say mask, the pain. The stimulation to my clit was beginning to excite me. The extra lube from that helped slide Teds cock in and out as he started to stroke. They weren't full length strokes but short easy ones. I could hear his steady breathing, long full deep breaths like those of a runner pacing himself.

Will was stroking his meat, his fist thumping into my chin. Suddenly his straightened up and grunted loud. Pulled his balls from my mouth and thrust his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged and coughed when the first jet splashed against the back of my throat. I tried to swallow it so I wouldn't drown. But he jerked it back out again and finished cumming on my tits, some spraying as far down as just above Teds imbedded Cock.

He was rewarded with applause from the watchers and several comments of "nice one."

Seth stood up and stepped into my view as he pulled off his t-shirt exposing his finely form chest covered in a thick thatch of dark curly soft hair. His nipples visible through the fir were erect and a little larger than most men's. He looked at Brian and raised his eyebrows in question.

I turned to look at Brian who glanced at me and said "Go ahead Brother, it's your turn. You always share everything I have."

"Thanks Bri." He said and came to kneel by my left breast. He plucked the nipple, pinched it hard and started rubbing it on the head of his cock. His attention wasn't focused on me or my tit or his cock it was singularly focused on Ted's rhythmic, steady, solid thrusting into my pussy. His mouth opened as his watch Ted drop a little more spit onto his thrusting cock. Somehow I know he wanted to be there licking my clit and Ted's cock.

Ted noticed Seth's reaction to the vision close up. "You'd like to taste this wouldn't you?" He said just loud enough for Seth and me to hear. Seth's nod was barely noticeable. "You Gonna clean up after me? You want to taste my cum as it drips out of her cunt?" Again Seth nodded, his eyes locked onto Ted's huge shaft. "Ok, then."

"Ok." Seth whispered and scrubbed his cock harder on my nipple.

"You'll like this next part," Ted Said, "but you'll have to move some to get a good view."

Seth dropped my tit and settled back out of the way to see what Ted was talking about. Slipping his hands under my arms Ted gripped my shoulders and leaned over me in a type of missionary position. He shifted up on his toes, legs bent and spread to allow him to continue fucking me. His first thrust slammed his huge cock hard against my cervix. It felt like a fist in the stomach and I grunted and begged for him to stop. He looked down at me and smiled "Not on your life, you're one of the tightest softest pussies I've had in a long time." He held my gaze with his intense blue eyes. They darkened and took on a sleepy look. With the next thrust he lowered his head and muffled my scream with his mouth; his tongue making lazy patterns on mine. I felt his balls slap against my ass at his complete penetration.

Seth moved so he could watch Ted's cock ramming in and out, his balls bouncing off my ass. I heard him moan softly and start to stroke himself. The others must have shifted to that end of the room as well. I saw Matt from the corner of my eye as he moved. God I wish I could've seen that. I got hotter just thinking about watching myself being fucked by such a big cock. Watching Ted's finely chiseled ass as it arched up and flexed forward. I wanted to rest my hands on the curve of his butt so I could feel the rocking motion on the outside at the same time I felt the thrusts of his cock on the inside. But I was tied in place, restrained, forced to be used and that sent the fireworks to exploding in my head.

Ted shifted again resting his knees on the edge of the footstool his strokes were longer and slower now using almost the full length of his cock. Ted deepened our kiss and increased his thrusting speed. He moaned as I started to return his kisses. He was a great kisser, slow and demanding and hungry. I liked the feel of his tongue as I sucked on it. The friction of his chest against my nipples and breasts was exciting and I was getting used to the size of him.

I tilted my hips just a little and his cock found a spot in the bottom of my pussy that had never gotten attention before. It sent thrills racing along my body, took over my mind, opened the door to a new world. One filled with sensations of brief contact with that one spot. My pussy contracted trying to keep his rod buried and rubbing against it. I felt the muscles grip and release, grip and release; felt the tightening of orgasm building to breaking point as his thrusts came faster and faster.

Seth was raptly Ted's balls and cock and my ass. Watching the huge cock stretch my hole.

I released Ted's mouth for more air. I couldn't breath hard enough or fast enough. The climax was almost overwhelming. Ted was groaning in unison with me, my moans growing louder as the peak neared. I started to shake and the tension burst open in wave after wave of profound and utter bliss. I had never cum that hard in my life and I wondered at the time if I would survive it. Just as the last of my orgasm began to recede I felt Ted stiffen, felt his muscles tense and with a loud grunt he thrust in, spewing his hot sperm over the tender inside of my pussy. Awakening another orgasm in me, it was smaller, weaker than the last one, and a surprise. His hips jerked several times with each pulse of his orgasm wetting me with more semen; filling my pussy to overflowing. He jerked one last time and then was still, his pulsing cock buried to his balls in my shuddering cunt.

I felt Ted shiver. "Feels nice doesn't it?" He whispered against my ear. "mmmmhummmm." I answered and lightly kissed his cheek. I was wondering what it would be like to actually make love to him in a normal setting. I was secretly hoping I would get to again sometime.

Ted raised up and relaxed back down onto his knees pushing Jimbo out of the way. "You ready Seth?" He said over his shoulder.

"Yea I am." Seth answered from nearby. Ted slowly eased back pulling his still long but soft cock slowly out of me. God that was a good feeling but one that left me vacant, and wanting to be filled up again. He stretched out on the floor.

Seth knelt between my spread legs and leaned in and started to lick up the cum that ran out of my gapping hole. I felt his tongue at the edges licking all around my hole. His hungry noises as he cleaned up Ted's cum that was mingled with mine. He put his mouth over my entire pussy and sucked it. That was an incredible sensation. The feeling of pulling suction, drawing the contents out must be something like a straw would feel when you suck soda through it. His tongue probed the inside of my pussy, his lips rubbing and teasing my clit until it was hard again. I could feel the fringes of excitement returning as Seth's tongue bathed my battered cunt, massaging it with firm but gentle lapping.

"I want to see what you're doing, she really seems to be enjoying that form the sound of her." Matt said and I opened my eyes to see him leaning over me. His cock and balls dangling by my face. I hadn't even realized I was moaning. I was also rocking my hips in motion with Seth's stroking tongue.

"My brother has a magic tongue with the ladies." Brian commented. "And he loves the taste of cum fresh from a woman's pussy." The ice in his glass rattled as he took a swallow. "Although he's never cared much for putting any there." Brian's speech was a little soft around the edges from the scotch he'd consumed.

Matt bumped his hard cock against my mouth and this time I opened it willingly sucking him into my mouth tonguing his cock. I liked to feel the pulsing vein that ran along the bottom side and the little jerks I'm rewarded with when I get the special spot. Matt was squeezing and kneading my breasts and slowly pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, his balls tickling my nose.

I heard gasps form all the men in the room and felt Seth sag down a little. A sharp grunt came from Seth and he released his sucking grip on my pussy. He eased down onto one elbow and was jacking himself. Seth's groaning was gaining momentum.

Matt was really pounding my mouth and I was having a hard time breathing. I was just about to try and turn my head to get him out of my mouth when he started to cum. His grip tightened on my tits and it hurt and I knew I'd have bruises by morning. There would be finger marks around my tits for days. I squirmed and bucked trying to get him to let loose. Finally he jerked his cock from my mouth, I gasped for air. And he jacked his orgasm all over my tits and stomach and face.

Seth leaned back and straighted his back his head snapped forward his eyes open wide as he watched his own cum spurt from the end of his ridged cock. He pumped it with a frenzy that sent the spray over my pussy and up my belly onto my tits where it mixed with Matt's.

Matt was sitting on the sofa next to Brian his head resting on the back.

Brian was watching intently he saw the hardness of my nipples, the goose bumps on my arms and stomach, the swollen clit and the slight humping movements of my hips. Will had rolled over on the floor and was propped on one elbow to watch as well.

The dogs had started crowding around sniffing. I started struggling trying to get the dogs to go away. "Brian let me up. I've had enough and I want a shower."

Brian took a drink and waited deciding. "What do you say guys should we let her up, or let our dogs take their turn?"

"Brian this isn't funny. Let me up! Now!" Finally my demands brought Brian to my rescue and he leaned over and undid the lease tied around the leg of his chair. Ted undid another one and Seth undid the ones around my ankles.

I could barely move, I had been tied over the foot stool for so long. Gradually I sat up and Matt helped me to my feet.

As I walked past Brian on my way to the shower he stopped me with a hand on my leg. I stopped and looked down at him and slowly leaned over and kissed him. His hand caressed my breast and his fingers toyed with my nipple. "That was awsome, Babe." He said. "You're a fine bitch."

Brian - Annie's bf and seth's bro- Marmaduke - brindled - M
Ted - 6'4" red hair- Jimbo - red - M
Will bro to Matt - 5' 11"- Micky - black and white -M
Matt bro to Will - 5'7" -Mini - black and white - F
Seth bro to Brian - gay - 6'1" Babe - "blue" - M

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To be continued

Follow up with dogs involved needed

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