tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Key Ch. 01: Should've Known

The Key Ch. 01: Should've Known


A note from the author...

This is the first installment of a multi-part story. Part 1 begins to establish the background and history of the main female character. FYI... there is some abuse and a sex scene with the abuser in this story, which may not appeal to everyone. It was necessary to establish the background and get the main character where she is going in the next part of the story.

I also want to note that the sci-fi aspects of this story are not introduced until several chapters into the story

A huge thank you to secretsxywriter for the very thorough feedback and editing of this story.

The Key

Chapter 1: Should've Known Better


Saturday, June 16, 11 pm

I clumsily burst through the door of the club onto the deserted city street, nearly toppling over from my jelly-like legs; my body trembling uncontrollably. Salty tears stained my flushed cheeks while I sobbed and gasped for breath in my state of panic. The cool, steady rain mixed with my tears, making fast business of drenching my long waves of cinnamon tresses and soaking right through my lightweight, red dress.

I glanced to the left, then to the right, panic settling into the pit of my stomach. Where do I go? What do I do? Damn it! No time for questions! I needed to get out of there quickly before he came after me! Pivoting to the right, I took off running down the wet sidewalk. Why the hell had I worn these heels?

No sooner had I thought it, my heel caught in a sidewalk vent, and I toppled over, my bare knees smashing into the metal grate. I cried out when a bolt of pain radiated from my, now bloody, legs. I tried frantically to get back to my feet, but I fell onto my hip, the stabbing sensation emanating from my injury was too much to bear, and a bout of nausea washing over me.

Rubbing my knees, I tried to soothe the sharp throbbing but ended up staining my hands with streaks of blood. I scooted on my butt the few feet to a metal bench. Using the back of it for support, I garnered all my strength and willed myself to stand. Flipping off my shoes, I took a few tender steps, still holding the back of the bench. Pain was still shooting from both knees so intensely that it made me woozy, but I had to go on.

Lurching forward, I limped and hobbled as fast as I could despite the blood trickling down my lower legs and onto the wet pavement. It was eerie how quiet and deserted the street was. But what had I expected, really? It was near midnight in the industrial district. The next closest club was several blocks away, and it was still early enough that people weren't leaving this one.

Voices. I heard voices coming from behind me! They were far enough away that I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I was sure it was Rick and his friends coming. My already pounding heart picked up its pace while I desperately staggered along. Reaching the corner, I turned to the right, heading up the next block. I could see cars passing at the next junction. My heart soared! I could make it! I could get help and get away from there!

I was halfway down the block when hands grasped my shoulders, and an involuntary, guttural wail tore from my throat. A surge of adrenaline coursed through me and I twisted out of his grasp, trying to run faster. My fear was so acute that, for a moment, the pain from my wounds seemed to subside.

I could hear him speaking from behind me, but I was in such a state of panic that I couldn't comprehend his words. He reached me again, placing a hand on my upper arm. I spun, my hair whipping around and sticking to my face, the heavy, wet, strands lashing my cheeks. He had let go of my arm, but I was screaming like a rabid animal—tearing at him with my fingernails—punching at him. My hair was so screwed up on my face that it was obstructing my view, but I saw his figure stumble backward when I lunged at him, pushing him in the chest. I turned and took off again, tears still flowing down my cheeks and a lump forming in my throat.

With a yelp, I fell onto the grass next to the sidewalk when something sharp pierced the skin on the bottom of one of my bare feet. A shadow loomed over me. Terrified, I cowered, hugging my knees to my chest, sobs racking my shoulders and tears blurring my vision. I knew I'd been defeated. What would he have in store for me after I had embarrassed him in front of his friends, knocking him right off his feet?

"You're hurt. Let me help you," he offered, his masculine voice smooth, like a good brandy.

Wait, what? Who...?

My head jerked up. I desperately brushed at my tangled hair to clear it from my face only to see the concerned eyes of the man crouching next to me.

I recognized those sea-green eyes that were staring back at me. They belonged to the handsome stranger I had encountered in the club the last two nights. A wave of heat washed over me, and I felt my cheeks warm while he held my gaze. It was the same reaction I seemed to have every time our eyes met.

What was he doing there?

There was shouting and the shuffling of feet on the pavement down at the corner from where I'd come. My eyes were wide and wild with fear. Frantically, I clutched onto the front of his shirt, causing him to wobble. The voices and footfalls were getting louder, closer. Then, I heard a car pull up on the street behind me and sit there idling.

He broke our eye contact to look down the street. "We need to go. Now. Come with me." Though he'd said it as a statement, he hesitated, looking at me expectantly for a reply.

I didn't know if I should go with the stranger but when I thought about the alternative—of Rick catching up to me... I quickly nodded to my green-eyed rescuer, unable to utter any words because I was still sobbing, my breaths sharp and ragged.

In one swoop, he easily scooped my small frame off the ground and carried me to the street where the car was waiting. Placing me in the backseat, the interior light went out when he closed the door. I startled when the light flashed back on as the other passenger door opened.

My shoulders tightened and rose while I shrunk against the door, holding my breath. No! Rick found me!

But it wasn't Rick. My state of panic was affecting my logic.

The tall, handsome stranger slid into the backseat next to me and soothed, "It's alright. I won't harm you." He then turned and addressed the man in the driver's seat in a low voice.

The tires made a slight squeal when the car took off down the street. My heartbeat was erratic, and there was a whooshing sound in my ears. I tried frantically to breathe, gasping for breath. I felt dizzy and sick.

What was happening to me?

The edges of my vision started to blur and then turned completely black.


I had met Rick in February at an Un-Valentine Party for singles. His brown eyes, side-parted brown hair, and a picture-perfect smile set above a square jaw had caught my attention. He'd approached me, and we spent most of the evening chatting easily. We began casually dating, seeing each other on Saturday nights. Often, we would go to a restaurant and then return to watch a movie at the little one bedroom house that I rented.

He was sweet, attentive, and frequently brought me flowers and little presents. Essentially, the perfect boyfriend. After a month, he told me he wanted to see more of me and asked if we could see each other on Fridays, as well. I was all too happy to agree.

Six-months before meeting Rick I'd moved to Wheaton seeking a fresh start. I hadn't made many friends before meeting Rick since I had thrown myself into my job teaching art at one of the city's high schools.

Honestly, there was really only Wynne, the music teacher, who had befriended me. She was in her fourth year teaching and had just received tenure the year before. In the winter, she had recruited me to work on the sets for the school musical, which took up a lot of my spare time. Occasionally, the two of us would venture out for a night of fun on the weekend. It was Wynne, in fact, who had suggested we go to the Un-Valentine Party.

After Rick and I had been dating for about two months, I was feeling happy... truly happy. It was a feeling that had been absent for the last two-and-a-half years. I was finally beginning to feel like I was coming back to life, after basically being a recluse my last two years at university.

In April, he had decided to introduce me to his friends. There hadn't been many opportunities prior because when I wasn't working on the sets for the musical at school, Rick wanted me all to himself. That Friday night, when I met his friends, I had seen a new side of my boyfriend.

Looking back, that was the turning point when things began to change. I should have paid attention to the signs. But since I was just starting to feel happy and normal again, I held onto those feelings, unwilling to easily give them up.

< < <

On the evening that I met his three pals—Mike, Craig, and Russ—Rick introduced me as 'his girl.' Normally, that wouldn't bother me, and in fact, it probably would have made me smile. But his words were accompanied by a grab to my ass, and his hand running up my hip and the side of my breast before his arm landed slung around my shoulder. I didn't like that he'd touched me so intimately or caused me to blush so intensely in front of his friends.

Later in the evening, when I was bending down to pick up my sweater that had fallen on the floor, Russ made a comment that I had a nice ass. Rick's reaction was to yank my arm to pull me upright. Then, he pulled me up against his chest, his hands sliding down over my ass before he grabbed both cheeks while pressing his groin into me. It was a rather lewd gesture for a public place. I can imagine the shade of crimson that stained my chest, neck, and ears.

Rick replied to Russ with a sneer, "This ass is mine, buddy. Don't get any ideas."

They both chuckled, but it gave me a chill. And I got the idea that Rick was not joking.

That evening, when we were back at my house, Rick accused me of purposely displaying my ass for his friends. When I told him I'd done no such thing, he slapped my face.

I was shocked! My mouth gaped, and my hand slowly rose to my face to touch the spot where heat radiated from my skin. When I looked at him, I could see the anger simmering in his dark eyes. I couldn't help the tears that spilled over the edges of my lower lids while my bottom lip quivered.

His eyes morphed from anger to sympathy and he closed the distance between us. I shrank back from him slightly, but he whispered that he was sorry—that he wasn't sure what had come over him.

"Let me see," he said gently.

Hesitantly, I let my hand fall to my side. He held my chin softly while tenderly kissing every spot of my injured cheek. Then he covered my lips with his in the most passionate kiss.

I was reluctant at first. He'd just hit me. Did I want him to be kissing me? But I soon relented when his mouth continued to toy with mine.

Rick tugged at the zipper on my dress until it was at my waist. Then he pushed the material off my shoulders, the dress slinking down my body and falling away to the floor. It left me standing in front of him in a matching black, lace bra and panty set and black heels.

I was still learning to be comfortable on display for him, but I tipped my head to one side and put one hand on my hip, watching him step back to admire me... something he did frequently.

He gave a wicked, crooked smile and returned to stand close to me, grabbing my ass. "You are so fucking sexy... And all mine."

While he spoke, his hands traveled up my hips and sides. He grasped my breasts, kneading them before circling around my back to effortlessly unhook my bra. His thumbs drew lines up my shoulder blades and hooked under my bras straps, brushing them off my shoulders. My bra slid down my arms and fell to the floor, revealing my creamy, pert breasts and my erect nipples.

Rick growled and cupped my breasts, my round soft flesh filling his hands. My head dropped back, and I moaned in delight when his fingertips began to fondle my nipples. He took the invitation and latched his mouth onto my exposed neck, biting my tender flesh.

I cried out at the spark of pain where he'd bitten me rather forcefully, but it was soon forgotten, his lips and tongue soothing the area he'd just assaulted. Warmth spread throughout my body while he continued to kiss and lick my neck while teasing my nipples.

His mouth returned to mine, moving with such ferocity that I could feel my lips swelling while he nipped and suckled. While we kissed, he pushed his shoes off with his feet and walked me backward toward the family room while pulling frantically at his own clothing. He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it to the ground. Then he unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, stepping out of them after he pushed them down.

He broke our kiss and looked down between us. His eyes raked over my naked breasts and landed on his erection, which stood at full attention. He smiled proudly. His thumbs traced the lacey edge of my panties, sliding around to my hips where he looped his thumbs around the thin elastic. Then he pulled my panties down, revealing my Brazilian-wax.

"Mmm," he growled, laying one hand over my previously hidden skin, the other one wound around my waist, keeping me close.

A finger slid into my slit, and I purred, my arms linking around his neck. My back arched when his head lowered to suckle one of my nipples. Another moan escaped my lips, and my body shuddered with pleasure. Then, Rick treated my other nipple to the same delight.

I sucked in a ragged breath while his finger explored my slit, sliding down until it reached my opening. When his finger dipped inside me, I let out a yowl and felt a rush of hot fluid flood my pussy. His finger continued to slide in and out of me, increasing my heat with each stroke.

"I want you so fucking bad, Keira," he groaned. "Lie down, babe" he insisted, indicating the rug.

I began to remove my heels. "Leave them on," he said lasciviously.

We both walked the few paces to the rug. I sunk to my knees and then lay down. Rick followed, spreading my legs and settling on top of me. He pulled my knees up so the heels of my shoes were on the floor beside his hips, and then he rubbed his cock up and down my wet slit. My hips rolled, and I moaned each time his dick dragged across my sensitive nub. Then I felt him line up with my opening.

"Open up wide for me, baby," Rick growled. "I want to see how much you want me."

I stretched my knees as far apart as I comfortably could. Then the head of his cock nudged inside me, and I cooed.

"Oh, yeah, baby! Fuck, yes!" he muttered through gritted teeth. He slid inside me, not stopping until his entire cock was fully sheathed. Even then, he ground his hips into mine trying to get deeper.

I mewled loudly, my back arching, and my eyes closing while my head rolled to the side.

He backed out of me slowly. And then he waited at my entrance again, saying, "Look at me, Keira. I want to see your eyes when I take you."

I was feeling weak and on the edge of the precipice. It took a few seconds for me to pull it together and look at him. My heart skipped a beat when I looked into his eyes. I was expecting to see passion--lust. But instead, I saw a smug enjoyment of the power he was wielding over me. It was unsettling. Then he plowed into me, a thrill of pleasure shooting through my abdomen.

While he continued full strokes inside me, my troubled feeling from before was forgotten. He moved one hand between us, found my clit, and began to rub it gently up and down with two fingers, while he continued to move like a piston in and out of me.

Nearing my climax, my breathing became shallow, and I grabbed the rug beneath me and my whole body tensed. When I rolled over the edge, my hips bucked, and I cried out his name. I felt Rick's body stiffen just before he roared, his own climax washing over him. As soon as he caught his breath, he withdrew and stood up quickly.

"That was fucking, hot, baby." He held his hand out to me, offering to help me up from the rug. "Let's go take a shower."

> > >

After that first night, Rick's jealousy and irrational accusations had become a fairly regular thing. It was almost like a switch had been flipped—that he had become someone different. But as time went on, I had realized that the darker part of him had always been there. He had just been really good at hiding it. Not to mention, we had also spent the first two months just the two of us, not with his friends or out at a club.

He hadn't hit me again after that first night, but he had grabbed me forcefully enough to bruise my arm. Despite my pleas asking him not to, he had continued to manhandle me in any way he wanted. Especially in front of his friends, which made them howl with delight.

Every now and then, he would make a comment about my clothing and make me change. But other times, when I wore something that didn't show off my curves, to try to avoid his accusations that I was purposely flirting with his friends, he would send me back in to change into something "more appetizing." It was often dependent on his mood, but not always. I just couldn't win.

But there were also times when we were alone that Rick would act like he had when we first met. All doting and kind. When he did get into one of his irrational, jealous fits, he almost always apologized. And that always led to some great sex.

However sweet those moments were, his other less desirable behaviors would always resurface. I began to question why I was staying with him. I knew what he was doing was wrong. I knew I shouldn't have to put up with his emotional abuse and his disrespectful handsy-play in front of his friends.

But I admit that a part of me feared being alone again. I guess I convinced myself that what he was doing wasn't that bad. If only I had known just how wrong I was.


Friday, June 15

Rick was waiting impatiently in the kitchen, a bourbon in hand. It didn't matter whether I was ready in ten minutes or thirty; it was never quick enough for him. I was hurrying as fast as I could, but I had not arrived home until seven since it was the last day of school, and I had to pack up my entire classroom so the building service workers could clean over the summer.

"Are you fucking ready yet?" he yelled from the other room.

"Two minutes!" I called back.

I wore my sapphire-blue, chiffon dress. It tied around my neck, leaving my back bare below my shoulder blades. The bodice was tight-fitting through my hips and flared out into a romantic, floaty, skirt that landed about five inches above my knees. To be honest, I loved the way it fit me; how it showed off my hourglass curves and thin waist, leaving just a hint of cleavage, which I thought Rick would both approve of and appreciate. The full skirt worked to my advantage, covered my upper thighs, which—if I scrutinized—were possibly where I carried a little extra baggage and could stand to tone up. Though I was certainly not unhappy with my shape. It was definitely one of those dresses that you could say was 'made for me.'

My light-auburn hair was styled in loosely defined spirals that fell over my shoulders, nearly reaching the bottom of my shoulder blades. I had just finished applying smoky shadow to my eyes and began on my lips when he appeared in the doorway behind me.

"Are you trying to impress someone tonight?" Rick said sarcastically before he took a swig from his glass.

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