tagBDSMThe Keyholder Ch. 02

The Keyholder Ch. 02


Ben returned home and stood alone and naked in his minimalist lounge. The belt was a beautiful object, shiny, sleek and contoured around his narrow waist. The smooth metal ran down behind him, partially covering his butt, with only a small hole through which he could shit. It eased between his legs and widened as it came up over his cock and balls. They were now hidden beneath the shaped steel that pressed firmly against his body.

He had the strange feeling of being totally aroused and yet unable to do anything to consummate the feeling. At first it felt nice, after all being locked in chastity with an attractive woman holding the key is what he'd wanted, but that started to change as the hours ticked by. Now he really wanted to get at his cock.

He had to stop thinking about the woman in the shop so that his fucking cock could take a break, but a picture of her body was permanently in his mind. She must be forty-five at least, why the hell was he interested in her in the first place? He flicked on the TV only to see some woman in a short skirt take a bunch of keys and lock her front door. Fuck, were women taking over the world?

Ben peered into the empty keyhole on the front of the belt and tried to remember what the key looked like. He'd only caught a quick glance before it had disappeared up inside her skirt. Fuck, the skirt was back in his mind. He grabbed his keys, but none of them would even fit into the hole. He started to push bent paper clips into the empty keyhole, even though he knew he had zero chance of picking the high security lock. There was only one key in the world that would unlock the high security device that sealed off his cock and balls and that was with the woman in the shop. Inside her panties, to be precise.

As the hours and then the days passed, this woman became more and more important to him and not just because she had his key, he also felt a strange need to obey her.

Three days later and Ben was back with the guys from the football team. He'd had to fake an injury to get out of the game as the chastity belt wouldn't allow him to run. The belt did allow him join the guys for the post match drinks, but somehow he found their sexist jokes and innuendo less amusing than before.

He left early and was walking back when he received a text from an anonymous number. 'Bar Ella, one hour'. An anonymous number, it had to be from her, after all she had been careful not to give away anything about herself, not even her name.

The bar was almost empty at that time of night and Ben took a seat on a stool at the back. Finally the woman walked in wearing black boots, blue jeans and black leather jacket. Her dark hair was hanging loosely over her shoulders and she wore make up that made her eyes look bigger, darker and sexier than before. Ben kissed her nervously on the cheek while she in return rubbed her hand against his crotch.

"Hi, it's great to see you again," Ben said with feeling.

"I bet it is," she smiled back.

Ben ordered two beers and looked at the woman who was now sitting opposite him with a curious smile on her face which spread to her glinting brown eyes.

"How's your cock?" she asked with interest.

"Hard to say, I haven't seen it in a while."

"Mmm, not since it was in my mouth," she purred, "did it like that?"

"We both did," Ben smiled as he reached down and pushed against the steel belt in an attempt to reduce the pressure, "I guess you've brought the key?"

"What do you think?" the woman asked as she stood up, lifted her jacket and turned full circle, showing off her cute round ass inside her well fitting jeans.

"I think I need to take a closer look."

"Your cock would be crushed in agony before you even reached my panties," she smiled, "and by the time you reached my pussy your cock would have exploded."

Amy loved to tease, even though she really wasn't sure why she was talking this cute guy out of touching her pussy.

"But at least I would have the key," he replied.

"Maybe, maybe not," she whispered, "I'm a twisted girl with twisted friends. I might have given the key to any one of them... and there are too many girls in the world for even you to search."

"Too bad, I only want to 'search' you...."

"Really?" Amy was buzzing, this guy could be so much fun. He hadn't taken his eyes off her since she'd arrived. He seemed obsessed with her and Amy was one of those girls that liked men to be obsessed.

Ben watched the 'mystery' woman intently. He knew so little about her, not even her name. The only new information she'd divulged was that she no longer worked at the shop and therefore would now be impossible to find.

They finished their drinks and Amy led them outside to an alley behind the bar. Now completely alone, she unbuttoned his trousers and ran her lips over the warm metal of the chastity belt.

"Oh fuck, I really want what's in here," she breathed as she tried to bite the steel with her teeth.

"Take it!" Ben cried, "Now!"

Ben grabbed her waist and started to search her. He smiled as he felt an object nestling in the small fold between the top of her left thigh and the base of her butt. It was completely out of his reach inside both her jeans and her tight underwear. He was desperate to retrieve it, but first he needed to explore the rest of her body. He ran his hands up inside her jacket and gently caressed her warm breasts through her thin top. He tried to kiss her lips, but she stopped him and instead guided his lips down on to her bare breasts.

He slid his hands down to her waist, which was so taut for a woman in her forties. He tried to slide his fingertips down the front of her jeans, but they were buttoned too tightly around her waist. He tried to unbutton them, but she slapped his hand and instead positioned him so he could feel her clit through the denim.

"Warm, damp and ready to have sex...," she whispered.

"I'll do whatever you want."

"I know, but unfortunately there's no way to access your cock."

"There is, the key's in here!" he replied, grabbing her butt.

"Yes, but I don't want to unlock you.... not yet."

The woman looked fantastic in the dimly lit alley as she turned and started to walk. Ben looked at her jeans that contained two things he wanted more than anything in the world, the key and her pussy, but somehow her control over him remained absolute.

He caught up with her and they walked together back to the high street. "I'll call you," she smiled as flicked her handbag back over her shoulder and put out a hand to attract a taxi. She swung her butt into the back seat and pulled the door closed behind her. Ben then watched as the woman and the key disappeared up the street and were lost from sight.

It had now been a week since the woman had locked him inside the steel chastity belt. He hadn't touched, or even seen his cock during that time and certainly hadn't been able to masturbate. He hadn't been able to play soccer or swim and had had to sit down to piss. The power that this metal device had over him was starting to fuck with his mind. He looked down at the heavy steel around his waist. He'd actually bought this, paid for it with his own money and now here it was, locking him out of this own cock. Mind you, he'd also paid for the key which he didn't have.

He was now desperate to get out of the belt and let his cock extend by more than the measly two inches that she'd allowed him. His cock had been trying to defeat her belt for a week now and had lost every time. Why had she only given him two inches? She'd seen his cock and must have known how cruel that was. Fuck this belt, he cried as he tried in vain to get an erection.

The phone beeped, with the same message, 'Bar Ella, one hour.' Again Ben arrived first and waited. She eventually arrived and strode in wearing a short black leather skirt, thick grey jumper and ankle high leather boots.

"Hi, great to see you again," he smiled.

"Is it great to see me or the key?"

"I haven't seen the key yet, I doubt anyone has."

"No they haven't," she smiled slyly as she slowly crossed her legs and placed one toned thigh down on top of the other.

Ben was still looking at her thighs as the waitress arrived to take their order. "When you're ready," the waitress giggled. Ben was embarrassed and quickly ordered two beers. The drinks arrived and they started to chat, with Ben desperate to please his female companion. Amy loved the attention.

"OK, I think I'll give you ten minutes out of the belt," she announced after debating the question with herself for several minutes.

Ben smiled and finished his beer in one gulp before following Amy out of the bar. "Where are we going?"

"The train station has very cheap rooms to rent," she said as she marched to the back of the empty station and over to the back row of the left luggage lockers.

"These are the room?" he asked.

"Aha, cheap for a full twenty four hours... or maybe longer..."

Amy stood there in the dimly lit station, one hand on her hip, the other holding open the door of a large steel locker. Ben was both totally besotted with the woman and also desperate to have some time out of the belt and so eagerly crouched down and slid back first into the locker. He sat in the tight space with his head bowed, looking at the heavy steel door that she would no doubt close.

Amy looked down. "Do you have any cash?"

Ben knew he was paying for his own imprisonment as he handed her the notes from his wallet. He watched as she fed one into the machine and then selected a six digit code. She slowly closed the locker door and pushed one finger gently against the 'lock' button. 'Click'.

"Just give me a moment while I extract the key," she whispered through the ventilation grille.

A few moments later, Amy squeezed the warm key through the ventilation grille and into the locker where it clanged loudly on to the metal floor. She turned and leaned against the locker door so that her skirt rested against the grille. That felt good, both because her skirt was stopping all light from entering the locker, but also because the force of her butt against the door was adding an extra layer of security.

The belt that had been so inescapable all week was amazingly easy to open once he had the key. Click, he was in! He eased the metal down between his legs and gently extracted his cock. The feel of his own hand was fantastic and he had to let go to make the moment last. Within two minutes though, he'd climaxed and the elation sent waves of energy through his body making his muscles twitch. He instinctively tried to stretch, but with his body still locked inside the tiny steel box his arms and legs just clanged against the steel walls as he writhed around in pleasure. He slumped forward, panting trying to recover from the enormous high.

"Belt back on," she ordered through the steel door, her butt still resting on his only window on the world.

Again he was driven to comply and eased his now soft cock back into its small tube which in turn was hidden inside the steel cover. He pulled the cover all the way up and hooked it back on to the body of the belt. With everything back in place, he turned the key to lock himself up. He placed the key on the floor in front of him and pulled at the belt meticulously, to make sure everything was secure. Happy that escape was again impossible, he pushed the key back through the grille where it pushed into her butt. Seconds later, the additional leather barrier had gone from the grille and with it the key.

"Is it back on?" Amy asked as she shone the light from her phone through the grille, "that's good, I wouldn't have unlocked the locker otherwise."

Amy typed in her secret number, waited for the click and then opened the door. With her legs standing in front of the open locker like bars of a cage, she looked down at the sexy guy beneath her.

"Let me check," she purred as she reached in to inspect, firstly the locked belt and then the muscles on his well developed legs, "Good boy, but I think it's only right that I be the one who locks the belt."

With the key still in her hand, Amy bent down and unlocked the chastity belt. She pulled it open slightly and then immediately closed it again. She then pushed the key back into the keyhole and turned. "Now every time you look at the belt you'll know it was me who locked you in," she breathed as the key disappeared up inside her leather skirt.

Amy stood up, leaned against the open locker and hitched up her skirt. With only a few inches between her thighs, there was no way Ben could get passed her legs to freedom, but at least he could explore the new impromptu cage. Amy didn't look down, but she could still feel his kisses on her inner thigh. Her skirt was now hitched up almost all the way, allowing Ben to get right up to her panty line. Mmm, his lips were there right now, bushing gently across her underwear.

"You see, good boys get to go inside my skirt and even kiss my panties," she breathed, wishing at that moment that she was naked, "Very good boys who have spent a month in the belt get to go even deeper."

Ben kept kissing the soft black silk and breathing in her scent, imagining what was inside. The silky fabric was only thin, but it would take him a month to get inside.

"I can do it," he mumbled, his lips still trying to massage her clit through the fabric.

"Good, I'm looking forward to you reaching the next stage."

Amy pulled down the hem of her short skirt to cover up her thighs. The skirt may not have been long, but it was so tight that Ben's lips could no longer reach her panties. The skirt fitted her curves perfectly, hugging her narrow waist, fanning out over her hips and then closing in tightly around her thighs. Ben studied the way the leather gripped her, knowing that the only key to his chastity belt was somewhere inside.

She moved back to let him climb out of the locker, but then changed her mind and stepped forward so that her legs were again acting like bars to his cage. "I've paid for six hours in this locker and it seems a shame to waste the last five and a half."

Ben moved forward as far as her legs would allow and looked up so see the woman silhouetted by the streetlight outside. He lowered his gaze to see her strong thighs disappearing up inside the skirt, the smell of leather all pervading.

"You may as well stay locked up in this steel box," Amy suggested, "especially as that belt makes you useless to women."


"Well in one very important way."

Amy was pleased with herself and allowed him to kiss her legs one more time before she used her legs to flick the locker door closed. Her finger rested teasingly on the 'lock' button for a few moments. "Shall I, shall I not," she said before stabbing it forward. On her command, the steel bolt shot across, condemning Ben to a night in a cramped steel cell. 'Perfect', she thought as the small clock on the front of the locker ticked over to five hours twenty nine minutes, 'at least I won't have to worry about him following me tonight'. She turned and swayed her hips as she walked away with the only key.

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