tagBDSMThe Keyholder Ch. 06

The Keyholder Ch. 06


Amy returned to her flat and ran straight to her dirty laundry basket. She pulled out her orange gym shorts and unzipped the back pocket. The key! Why the hell hadn't she taken it with her to Ben's place? It had been an amazing evening, but it could have been so much better if she could have felt him inside her. At least he was hers for another day, still locked up and still besotted with her as his keyholder. He had so wanted to make love to her and next time, assuming she remembered to bring the key, he would.

She often fantasised about how she would unlock him. Would she first handcuff him to the bed so that she remained totally in control, or would she release him completely? That would be exciting too. He had such a fit and strong body he could do anything to her, pin her to the bed with his muscled arms and pushed his cock deep inside... She brought herself back to reality. She was a lonely single woman with a key and a guy who she really hoped would remain interested.


Ben lay in bed playing with his one inch long cock, locked inside 'her' one inch long metal chastity cage. Somewhere inside was a metal hook that ran through his Prince Albert piercing. He could think of nothing but the amazing woman who had locked him inside. She was sexy cruel, exciting, teasing... fuck she was perfect. He had really wanted to make love to her last night, but her denying him that pleasure made her even more desirable. He'd given her oral sex, he'd had his head buried between her sexy legs and that memory was all he needed.

However, two days later and Amy was still filling his daydreams and he still had no way to disperse the sexual energy that that created. This little steel device was once again taking over his life and he had to do something. So later that night, he decided to take the initiative, to take a chance that could either result in an amazing weekend, or piss her off totally and leave him permanently locked up in her device.

'Paris, this weekend, will you come?'

Okay the text had been delivered and now he could only wait for her response.


Amy appeared minutes before the train to Paris was due to leave. She was wearing a large rimmed sun hat, sunglasses and her long dark hair was hanging loose by her shoulders. She wore a fitted white blouse made from thin, slightly translucent material with a large silver necklace. She wore short shorts in a silky black floral print which were loose enough to look dressy yet did little to hide Amy's figure. Her long legs finally ended with high black heels and a small carry on case.

"You look fantastic!" Ben smiled as he kissed her cheek.

"Just keep saying that," Amy smiled back, pleased with her bitchy 'response'.

She was nervous. She'd dreamt of spending a weekend in Paris with Ben and he looked so good in his tight white shirt and tan chinos. This weekend could be so much fun, but familiarity could all too easily destroy her mystique. Without their special 'chastity' relationship she doubted he would have ever noticed her. She had to keep him on edge, be a cruel sexy bitch, but without going too far.

They boarded the train and Amy slipped into the window seat and Ben took the aisle seat next to her. Amy's shorts had already ridden up reveal most of her thigh and then she pushed them up further. The many hours in the gym had firmed up her legs and she was proud of their slight muscular definition. She placed her hands on her knees and then ran them slowly up to her crotch to make sure Ben had noticed.

"I'm going to tether you to my leg," she explained in response to his look.

As instructed, Ben had taken the chain that she had left at his apartment and padlocked one end to his cock cage. Amy had already taken the padlock keys from him and now dug her hand into his trouser pocket to retrieve the excess chain.

"I love it when I woman puts her hand in my pocket," Ben smiled.

Amy pushed her hand in further and grabbed his cock cage through the lining of the pocket. "I've felt bigger," she replied.

"Believe me it's trying!"

"My money's on the high strength steel."

Ben's look changed to one of resignation and that made Amy smile as she pulled the chain out of his pocket and passed it underneath her nearest thigh. She then wrapped the chain around her leg for a second time and then lowered her thigh to pin the chain between her leg and the seat. The silver chain glistened from the overhead reading lights and contrasted against her soft tanned skin.

"You can't go anywhere with your cock tied to my leg," she purred as she kissed Ben on the cheek.

"Just don't stand up suddenly."

That made Amy giggle. She crossed her legs towards him and kissed him again, this time on the lips.

"Don't worry. I want what's inside that cage as much as you do..."

"You've brought the key to unlock me then?" Ben checked.

"Maybe, but there's no guarantee I'm going to release you," Amy said seriously, the feeling of power making her tingle.

"At the whim of a sexy woman then," Ben thought out loud.

"Yes, that's exactly what you are..."

Part of Amy wished that they were just a regular couple spending a weekend sightseeing and making love, but having said that, the more she teased and tormented him with her words the sexier she felt. If she kept this up, she would climax before they arrived. Her feelings were only fuelled by the look in Ben's beautiful brown eyes. He was breathing heavily, his heart was pounding and his mouth was dry. His whole focus was on her, he would do anything for her right now and this feeling of power was removing all her inhibitions.

"These beautiful lips," she breathed, running her fingertips around his mouth, "I want these beautiful lips planted permanently on my vagina. Remove them before I tell you and... I won't unlock you."

"That won't be a problem, I can start right now," Ben breathed back.

"Really? In the train?"

Ben tried to pull the chain free so that he could kneel in front of her, but it only tightened up around her thigh. "Why don't you untether my cock from your thigh and tie my head there instead."

"What makes you think that you have access to my panties?"

"My lips on your vagina?" he reminder her.

Amy's stern look broke into a smile as Ben once again pulled against the chain. This time Amy took the second small padlock and used it to lock her end of the chain to her thigh.

"No way to escape now."

Ben looked jealously at the shiny chain that ran around her thigh, tantalisingly close to the front of her underwear. The chastity cage was once again playing with his mind and he found himself able to focus on anything other than kissing her between her legs. Not because he wanted her to unlock him, but because he wanted to please her and hear her come to orgasm. Amy crossed her legs and the chain was lost from sight. Ben put his arm around her and she nestled into his shoulder as they watched the train pull away.


They walked out of the station talking and smiling like all the other couples that had just arrived in the city. There was no visible sign of the Prince Albert cage locked on Ben's cock, or the key that Ben assumed, or at least hoped, was somewhere in Amy's possession.

They left their suitcases at the hotel and started to walk to the Latin Quarter to find somewhere for lunch. To start with they walked side by side, but then Ben took her hand. Amy squeezed his hand in return. A few minutes later, when the opportunity arose, Ben put his arm around her shoulders and again Amy quickly returned the gesture. Her body felt warm and sexy and a few steps later as they turned on to quiet side street, Ben stopped her and wrapped both arms around her waist.

He knew he was crossing the boundary between a keyholding relationship and a lover relationship, but he didn't care as he instinctively kissed her on the lips. Again Amy didn't fight it. She removed her sunglasses, and without breaking contact, slowly opened her lips. Ben's tongue was going deeper and his hands had dropped to her butt.

He pulled Amy towards him and again Amy reciprocated with a gentle thrust of her hips. At this point he would usually be hard and the girl would feel his cock pressing gently between her legs. His touch would start to arouse her, start to waken her body. This time however, he had no erection, only an increasingly aching cock.

With the ache reaching danger level, Ben let go off her butt and reached for his own sore groin. When that didn't help, he crouched down with his legs apart. That helped, but he was now face to face with Amy bare legs. He instinctively ran his hands up the front, her smooth skin feeling warm and soft. His hands continued up inside the front of her shorts, following her panty line. They then traced a path around her hips, down her butt and back down to her ankles.

He looked up at her eyes that were once again hidden behind sunglasses. He had a pained look, his heart was pumping and his breathing fast. He placed his lips in the inside of thigh and kissed her once more.

"I can't do it," he winced, "This fucking thing stops me from even kissing a girl!"

"Everything's possible," Amy replied, "...with my permission."

"When will that be?"

With her eyes hidden behind her shades, he focused on her full lips which twitched into a slight smile, but did not reply. He stood up and kissed her lips some more in the hope that they might reply. The lips remained silent, but broke into a beautiful smile.

He took Amy by the hand, "Can I buy you lunch?"


"Then can I make love to you?"

Her lips widened, but said nothing.

Amy was buzzing. Ben's attempt to seduce her in the street had been so cute and he'd done everything right. He'd taken her to Paris and he looked so gorgeous. His adoring glances made her feel so sexy and his kisses were like nothing she'd experience before. Yet all of his efforts had been in vain because of the chastity cage.

The key was actually hidden inside the bottom hem of her shorts. She could feel it bouncing against the back of her thigh as she walked and now that they were sitting in the cafe, she could feel it pinned beneath her leg. Amy smiled to herself. The key was right there, yet despite Ben's interest in her body and his intimate touch he had yet to find it.


After a long lunch that neither wanted to rush, they returned to their hotel room. Ben closed the door behind them and grabbed Amy around the waist. Using his kisses to distract her, he pushed her back on to the large bed.

"Careful," Amy giggled, "Apparently my body is dangerous for you."

"Not if you let me out to play."

"If...if...if. So many 'ifs'."

Ben was starting to learn the many steps he had to follow if he ever wanted to get access to his penis. He'd taken her to Paris, taken her to lunch and now her legs were spread and waiting for him to move to the next stage. He slid down the bed and placed his head between her thighs.

Amy was so ready for him that even his first few kisses through her silk shorts were making her cry out loud. Just as that feeling was coming off its peak, she felt him navigate inside her purposely short shorts and arrive at her clit. Ben was getting even better with practice and all those many hours between her legs were really paying off.

She climaxed and then as usual clamped her legs together around his neck to indicate that she needed a rest, but that Ben wasn't free to leave. Ben knew the signal well and, as before, he had to gently tap her legs like a wrestler conceding a fight in the hope that she would loosen her grip a little and allow him to breathe. Ben then waited patiently, still pinned between her uber strong thighs, as he listened to her after cries. Trying to leave at this point was both impossible and unwise.

The second orgasm arrived, but this time Amy's legs didn't clamp closed on him. He was just catching his breath when the horny brunette sat up and refocused on her prey. She unbuttoned his tan chinos and they both looked at his cock that had now been aching for hours. Just thinking about Amy would give him an erection and looking at her would make him rock hard. Spending the weekend with her in Paris, while in chastity, was taking its toll.

"I think my cock's given up any hope of getting out of here."

"There's always hope... no matter how slight," Amy purred.

"Are you sure this thing actually comes off?"

"Aha... with the key."

"The 'key', funny you mention that," Ben replied.

"But I want to see you try and get if off without that."

"I've been trying all week!" Ben cried out as his fingers pulled at the locked device, "It won't come off."

Amy giggled as Ben's strong hands pulled at the cage. Maybe she was enjoying this more than he was and so a minute later, she jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom to secretly remove the key from the back hem of her shorts.

Within seconds she was back and clicking her fingers to order Ben to lie down. With his cute head resting on the linen sheet, it was all too easy for her to simply sit on his face. The black silky shorts were making her feel sexy and so they must have been causing mayhem for Ben. Ben was moaning beneath her, which was no surprise as she had really made the poor guy suffer. Now was his reward. They'd both got off on the chastity and now they would both get off on the sex.

Amy kept him blindfolded by her shorts as she reached forward and pushed the long thin key into the lock. She turned it and removed the various parts of the steel device and carefully unhooked his piercing.

"Oh fuck, that feels weird!" he moaned as the blood rushed into his cock.

He tried to sit up, but Amy held him down, using her silky shorts as both a blindfold and a restraint. She gently massaged his cock to make sure all was in order after two weeks under her lock and key. His cock seemed to be fine and was already fully extended. Ben was desperate to make love, but Amy's silky shorts still pinned his face to the bed.

"Let's do it!" he cried.

"You'll come before I get anywhere near you sweetie."

"No, I'm ready."

"You just stay!"

He grabbed her hips and tried to lift her up, but she sat upright to channel her entire weight on to his face. Her butt was still winning when, only a few seconds later, he orgasmed. The feeling was like nothing else and he cried out in ecstasy, only for his loud cries to be muffled by Amy body that was sitting bolt upright on top of him.

"You see... I need to bring back on line slowly," Amy said as she tickled his stomach with her nails, "my little cage has really fucked with both your cock and your mind and I need to rehabilitate you before you're ready for a woman."

Ben stopped struggling and lay beneath her in post coital exhaustion. He was still shaking from the huge rush of endorphins and was grateful to be held in place beneath her. The room was spinning and without her safe warm weight, he feared he would fall off the bed.

Gradually the high subsided and he was ready to go again.

"Now let's do it!" he said, his lips fighting to move against her butt.

"Are you sure you're ready to please me?"

"Fuck yeah!"

Amy sat still for another minute as he squirmed beneath her. His nose was making her bottom tingle and the sight of his large cock sticking proudly into the air was doing the same for the rest of her body. She climbed off him and slowly started to strip. Now completely naked she stepped excitedly on to the bed and cried out in delight as Ben pulled her down and lay on top of her.

"I love that no one else can have you," she breathed.

"You have exclusive use," Ben replied, his lips now more concerned with her erect nipples.

He moved further up her body and his cock pushed up between her legs. It was now Amy's turn to shake as he slowly eased himself inside. Again he came before her, but remained inside to take her as far as he could.

"That cage has really taken my stamina," he panted slightly disappointedly.

"That's okay, you've all weekend to get it right."

"It won't take me long."

"Good," she replied with a teasing smile, "If you can't please me with your cock, there's really no point in unlocking you."

Amy was now kissing his cock as blood rushed back in for number three. Take three was good and take four was even better and after take five even Amy's insatiable sexual appetite was met. Her whole body was glowing as she kissed him on the lips and wriggled out from his embrace.

Ben was so relaxed that he felt as if he was melting into the bed. His eyes were closed, but he could still hear the unmistakable sound of steel clinking against steel as Amy collected up the various part of his cage.

"That time already?" he sat up and looked at the naked woman through half closed eyes.

"I'm done with you for now, so... click!"

Ben lay back down to enjoy the thrill of being locked up and also the thrill of having Amy's naked butt sit on his stomach as she put him back under lock and key. She had only let him out for just over an hour, but what an hour it was. He felt himself being squeezed back into the steel tube and the steel hook pushed through his piercing.

Ben wanted to see Amy turn the key and so tried to sit up. In response Amy's bottom moved from his stomach to his chest from where the laws of physics ensured he remained on his back.

"Can't I watch?"

"It none of your business sweetie."

"It's my cock!"

Ben realised his mistake as soon as he'd said it, but Amy had already decided on his punishment and had already planted her naked butt down on his face. She sat upright on top of him, her back arching up from her hips, her long hair hanging down over her shoulders.

"Whose cock is it?" she asked.

Ben's lips were far too deeply buried between her butt cheeks to answer and so Amy remained seated. When she finally released him, Ben looked up with dazed, oxygen deprived eyes.

"I'm sorry, my mistake," he panted with a smile.

"Apology accepted," she giggled as she bounced off the bed and into the shower.

Ben lay on the bed listening to Amy sing, she actually wasn't bad. He looked down at his cock that was now back behind bars. He glanced around the room to see if he could find the key. He still had no idea where she was keeping it, the key just seemed to appear and then disappear at her whim. He climbed to his feet and went to join her in the shower.

"That was wonderful," he smiled as he lent forward to take all her water, "shall we do it again?"

"Too late," she smiled, "the bitch has locked you up!"

Ben knew that this was an argument that he couldn't win and so didn't pursue it as they redressed and walked back out into the Paris afternoon. He still had no idea where Amy was hiding the key, even though her silky black patterned shorts that caressed Amy's hips were only inches away.

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