tagBDSMThe Keyholder Ch. 08

The Keyholder Ch. 08


Amy was sitting astride Ben's waist when he woke the next morning. He was lying on his back with his arms by his sides, arms that were now pinned in place, immobilised by her thighs. She was sitting on his tiny chastity cage, enjoying the feel of the high security device resting between her bare cheeks.

Her long dark hair hung down over her shoulders, modestly covering her bare breasts. Everything from there down was on show. In turn Ben was completely naked other than for the chastity cage. When she was ready, it would be all too easy to release him and for their naked bodies to touch.

She ran her fingertips over his torso, sending shivers and tickles into his body. She was impatient for him to wake up and she giggled excitedly as she felt his muscled body stir beneath her. His eyes opened and she slid forward a little to keep him pinned to the bed.

"Good morning," she smiled, "Thank you for waiting..."

Ben lifted his head and tried to move his arms, but then relaxed, knowing better than to fight Amy's legs. She was also the woman with his key. His cock was already straining, his whole body now so desperate for release.

"My pleasure," he replied, his begging eyes heavy with lust.

She squeezed her thighs together more tightly. No one had ever loved her this much or been this committed to pleasing her; not even her mother. She knew how desperately horny Ben had been and yet he still obeyed her.

"I have a present for you," she sung.

Dangling her used underwear above him, she pushed her red painted nails inside the crotch lining to retrieve the key.

"It's been a while since this key has seen daylight..." she giggled.

"Oh fuck," Ben breathed as he tried again to move his arms, "Please?"

Amy had planned to tease him some more, but the look in his eyes was as much pained as it was aroused. She spun around and positioned her naked butt on his chiselled chest as she unlocked, unhooked and removed the interlocking parts of the Prince Albert cage. She had barely touched him when seconds later he climaxed, his cries of relief filling the room.

Amy giggled and jumped off his body. Ben could finally sit up. She shrieked with laughter as he caught her arm, pulled her back down and rolled on top of her naked body. Her giggling and shrieking echoed around the minimally furnished room.

"Now that you've unleashed me..." he purred.

Amy was trembling with excitement as he pinned her hands to the bed, his glistening biceps far too powerful for her to fight. She could feel him entering her, slowly and gently, his lips pushing down on hers. They came quickly and lay panting together. Amy loved that Ben was still lying on top of her, but disappointed that he had released her arms.

"My hands just love to love lock chastity cages," she teased, placing her arms back on the mattress.


"So if you don't lock them... They'll lock you!"

Ben's strong hands grabbed her again and a hot flush ran through her bare body and she tried in vain to free herself.


An hour later and Amy was sitting on Ben's chest with the chastity cage in her hand. His cock was still semi-erect and flushed from their love making and it looked gorgeous against his taunt stomach and muscled legs.

She positioned the ring behind his balls and looped the hook through his piercing. Then for the cruellest part as she concertinaed his cock back inside the one inch cage. Her fingers interlocked the cage and the ring and held them there as she slid the lock in place. One tiny turn of the key and she once again his goddess.

"Let's shower," Ben smiled, exhausted from the exertions.

"No... You make the coffee."

Completely at ease with her naked body, Amy led Ben back out to the kitchen and used a chain and padlock to lock his cock cage to the steel bar that supported the granite bench. Amy padlocked men by the balls in the same way as most women padlock their bikes, and in a matter-of-fact way she casually dropped the keys out of his reach on the sofa.

"Amy!" he begged, her lithe body just too gorgeous. He yanked the chain in frustration.

"What can I say, I'm twisted," her voice was still husky from exertions and a slight cold.


"It makes me tingle down here... and it feels fucking lovely."

"And that's enough to chain me up like a dog?"

She walked back and kissed him on the lips, "Careful... The idea of leaving you chained up all weekend also turns me on."

Amy's eyes glazed over as Ben ran his fingers down between her legs.

"You are twisted," he breathed, kissing her lips.

Her lips parted, searching for Ben who was now distracted as he rubbed his own cock cage.

"Good luck with that darling," Amy called as she walked back to the shower, "Oh and by the way the keys are over there."


Amy had only taken three strides of her long bare legs before dropping the padlock keys on the sofa. But three strides of Amy's legs was too far for Ben as he waited, helplessly tethered by the balls. He was still trying to achieve the impossible when his front door opened and his ex-girlfriend, Louisa, walked in a short red flared skirt and black top that contrasted against her stunning blonde hair. Her heels and skirt combined to extenuate her legs in a deliberate attempt to win men and intimidate woman.

A year earlier Ben had been infatuated with this stunning blonde, despite the messed up woman behind the looks. The infatuation had passed, but she still had a key to his apartment.

"Oh I thought you were away for the weekend," she exclaimed.

In her heels Louisa was almost as tall as him and she strode towards him imposingly.

"Not a good time Lou," he cried.

"Fuck, you're in chastity!" Louisa exclaimed as Ben tried to fend off her hands, "And chained to your kitchen bench?"

It felt humiliating having his ex pace around him, but without the keys he was trapped. "Just trying new things," Ben replied as he tried to fend off her hands.

"I remember it being bigger than that!"

Louisa laughed as she distracted him with a hand to his cock and then changed tack and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on his lips.

"Just leave!" Ben hissed.

"I want the keys," she breathed.

Neither of them had noticed Amy who had showered and was standing by the open bedroom door. She watched for the briefest of moments before striding purposely in the room, her long legs extenuated by tight white cotton trousers and black heels. Her hair was in a ponytail that hung down over a low cut grey top.

Barely looking at them, Amy plucked her handbag from the sofa and clipped noisily to the front door.

"Amy, this is Louisa," Ben tried to explain as his keyholder slammed the door behind her.

Ben and Louisa looked at each other in stunned silence.

Louisa released his neck, took a step back and crossed her arms, "Who the fuck was she?"

"Just pass me my phone!"

The blonde didn't move, but instead tilted her head down with a pout and waited for Ben to explain about the cage, the piercing and the woman with the key.

"You used to have such a lovely cock," she sighed.

"I still do!"

"No, you're 'fucked'," Louisa corrected, "If that woman has the only key."

Ben was more concerned about Amy than he was about the key and again tried to stretch across the kitchen to reach his phone, "Please Lou my phone," he begged.

Louisa deliberately flicked up her short skirt as she turned and elegantly stretched for the phone. She then placed the phone on the floor and rubbed one bare thigh against Ben's face as he crotched down to retrieve it.

Louisa pouted again as Ben ducted away just in time to avoid being scooped up between her legs. A second later and he would have been trapped and her legs could have worked their magic.

He started to text, 'Lou is OLD girlfriend'

Amy replied immediately, 'Will leave key in mail box later. Assume blonde can unlock your chain.'

'I want you... not your key'

'Key or nothing!"

Ben could almost see the pain in Amy's eyes, her insecurity welling up again.

'Nothing then'

'Your bad if fuck up cock trying to remove it'

'Won't remove it!"

'Enjoy celibacy.'

Ben looked up. Louisa was now sitting on a stool, her already short shirt hitched up, looking at him with a teasing smile. She had always wanted to get back with this cute guy and in his current predicament, naked and chained up by the cock, he looked even cuter.

"Lou, can pass me the key to this chain?"

Louisa ignored him and leaned forward, her lips apart as she tried to kiss him. Ben backed off as far as his chain would allow.

"Fine! Have it your way," she replied, her voice laced with frustration.

Louisa slowly uncrossed and opened her long legs to reveal a black thong that was barely there. She slipped her thong down to her feet and edged forward on her stool, anticipating the tender attention of Ben's lips.

"Please, you were always so good at this," Louisa smiled with staged puppy dog eyes.

"Really? After what you've just done?"

"Me?" she exclaimed, "You got yourself into this... letting some moody bitch lock you up."

Shit, now she was looking hurt too. It hadn't been his best breakup. With Louisa starting to collect up her phone and keys, he knelt down and placed his head inside her skirt.

"Thank you darling," she whispered.

He reluctantly kissed his ex-girlfriend, bringing her to multiple orgasms.


It was over half and hour later when Louisa released Ben from her legs and let him climb dejectedly to his feet. She stood up, stretched and reached down to pull her thong back into place between her cheeks. She straightened and smoothed her skirt and retied her ponytail.

"Goodbye then," Louisa said with a false smile across her beautifully tanned, made up face.

"Lou... the key?"

She swung her hips, swirling her skirt and walked towards the door.

"Please Lou, don't leave me chained to my fucking kitchen bench!" Ben cried in frustration.

She turned again, clipped back to the sofa and picked up the key. She slammed it down on the granite kitchen bench and stormed out.


Amy was sitting alone in the cafe. She had been crazy to think that this incredible young guy would stay interested in an almost forty year old. He had loved her as his keyholder, but she had fucked up by wanting more. She had spent far too much time with him and blown her cruel mystique. The blonde bitch was younger and a tart and she couldn't get the image out of her head.

This wasn't the first time she'd felt jealousy and she knew that it could really bring her down. This time with Ben, it would be even worse. She pulled the chastity keys from her bag and played with them between her fingers, but even that felt pointless now.

Her phone beeped and she opened a picture of Ben wearing the full steel chastity belt. Fuck, why was he doing this? He knew that she had the only key.

'I'm not returning the keys!' she clicked send

'Tonight. Outdoor pool. Usual room?'

Amy smiled as she remembered how she used to lock Ben inside lockers before allowing him a brief reprieve from his belt. The lockers at the outdoor pool were one of her favourite as she could pose in front of them in her bikini, frustrating the hell out of the guy locked inside. Amy unconsciously uncrossed her white cotton clad legs as she pictured him inside.

She picked the keys up from the table and slipped them back into her pocket. Maybe they had some use after all. She stood up leaving a warm indent in the creaking leather seat.

It was six o'clock the pool was closed as Ben squeezed inside the discretely positioned steel locker had Amy had previously chosen for him. It was a cruelly tight fit. He pushed a coin into the coin operated mechanism and let the door swing closed behind him. He could see the key through the metal grille; anyone could now turn it and lock him in. He desperately hoped it would be Amy and he desperately hoped this would show her that he was still devoted. He also hoped that she wouldn't leave him locked up for too long.

Amy arrived less than ten minutes later and immediately knelt down to read the note on the roses that he had left outside. He could see her smiling through the grille.

"I know you love to play this crazy game," he called out

She was about to smile and so quickly turned and rested her butt against the grille to make sure that Ben couldn't see. There was a metallic clatter and a cry of pain from behind her. She tried hard not to giggle, quickly clamping her palm to her mouth. Maybe this was the reason to forgive him that she so wanted to find.

"I'm sorry about my ex," Ben called, "I was just trying to protect my cock when she kissed me."

Amy's face broke into a wide smile, relief flowing through her body.

"I can't see much," he called.

Amy giggled out loud.

"Can I take you to dinner?" Ben continued.

Amy was now grinning, inadvertently pushing her fingertips inside her grey top to stimulate her nipples that were now cold from the evening air, but erect.

"Maybe breakfast," she finally replied, turning and looking down through the grille into the tiny space inside.


Ben watched as Amy reached forward, but instead of opening the door she simply turned and withdrew the key. The lock engaged and the coin dropped.

"Thanks for the key," she smiled sweetly as it disappeared inside her warm pocket.

Amy blew him a kiss and turned to leave as Ben slammed his hand against the inside of the locker door, his eyes peering desperately through the grille. Her body looked so beautiful and he was so desperate for her to return his cock and let him play.

"Amy?" Ben pushed at the solid steel door.


"I want you!" he cried.

Amy looked back with a feeling of power welling up inside. She knelt down close to the grille and shook her hair free. Her large brown eyes were dilated and she parted her lips and traced around them with her tongue, her movements completely natural, driven by her overwhelming libido. As much as she wanted to release him, she had to get him back under her spell and there was nothing like an act of insane cruelly to mesmerise him.

In the half light she could see his gorgeous face and sculptured chest. He really was beautiful and locking him away from the world really was a crime.

"When I get home, naked, vibrator in my hand, I'll think of you," she whispered.

"Oh fuck!" Ben was both frantically pawing at the metal grille and grabbing his solid steel chastity belt.

"You have no choice but to wait for me," she breathed.

"Yes Amy," he panted.

Ben watched as Amy stood up and then stretched down to pick up her flowers. Her trousers that circled her waist so tightly were struggling to contain her body. She paused for several seconds before her walked away, leaving Ben alone outdoor the deserted swimming pool.

The familiar thrill of power was back as was the swing in her hips. She looked back at the long row of lockers, one of which she had just locked with Ben inside. Not only had he bought her flowers, but he was willing to sacrifice his night for her and would gladly stay imprisoned inside the tiny box just to win her back.

Oh fuck, she had to get out of her clothes.

She swung her hips into her car and slammed the door. Ben wouldn't be disappointed. She would play alone for an hour or two and then return, wrapped only in her long black coat. She would free him from the locker and unlock his cock. They would then pick up from where they had left things that morning.

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This story DEFINITELY needs more episodes.......

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Since last comment I have read your other stories. All first rate. One of the best writers I have liked on Literotica.

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Lovely story.

I really enjoyed this story. Would like to be locked up like this. Prince Albert makes it impossible to cheat or escape. It would be a huge turn on to give myself completely to a Mistress.

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Your writing is so sensual and realistic, thank you for sharing!!

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