tagBDSMThe Kindergarten Teacher

The Kindergarten Teacher


It's the first day of school! Change is always scary. After the last hellhole I was in, I needed a change. Being the phys. ed. Teacher to a bunch of smart ass pre-teens wasn't for me. Today I start at teaching at a little elementary school in the what looks like the ghetto.

Arriving early, I meet the principal and some of the staff and given the nickel tour before being shown to my office and the gym.

Pretty soon the bell rings and I have my first class of kiddos. We play games, running, Duck, Duck, Goose, tossing the bean bags around and other fun activities. Next thing I know it's time for a break and step outside for some air and a quick cup of coffee. Looking around I see a couple teachers are across the street having a smoke. One of the male teachers waves me over and I wave back but decline. My eyes instantly lock onto one of the female teachers and she immediately looks away when our eyes meet. I wonder what her story is. She's short, black glasses and a big red coat on. I wonder when I will get to meet her.

A little later in the day it is time for the kindergarten class. They arrive in single file with their two teachers. Much to my pleasure the woman at the smoke break is bringing up the rear of the class. I get the kids busy playing in no time with the teachers help. I learn quickly that getting a class of kindergartners to do something as a group is a lot like herding cats. As the kids are playing the teachers come over and introduce themselves. Transfixed on the teacher from the smoke break all I hear is her name is Mrs. Masterson and don't even hear the other teacher's name. Hair black as night, beautiful green eyes, a pretty smile and curves in all the right places. I also see that she is wearing a loose collar with a heart on it. Little do I know she is watching me as much as I am watching her, and she catches me looking at her collar and I notice a twinkle in her eye if only for a second. She is shy and is difficult to make small talk with, but I know that I want her and that I want to claim that collar as my own.

As days go by we get to know each other a bit better and begin to hit it off. She's married but doesn't appear to be overwhelmed about it like myself. She is crafty as she likes to show off her centers that she creates on the weekends for her kids. She's a huge American Horror Story fan too. It's not my thing but I like to listen to her talk about it. As the days and weeks go by it feels like the sexual tension between us get stronger every day.

One day before school she drops by my office to drop off some things she'd like to try for her kids next P.E. session. Setting the box of stuff on my desk she sits on the corner of it and begins to explain her ideas. As I lounge back in my chair I listen while also drinking her in with my eyes. Her hair is down instead of in a pony-tail like normal. She's in a red flannel shirt, black t-shirt, black leggings that fit her perfectly and she smells amazing. I don't know what that perfume is but, DAMN!

"James. Earth to James!" you say.

Shaken out of my head, "Oh yes, sorry Lennox. I zoned out."

Giggling "I see that." Your eyes to the bulge in my running pants.

Throwing caution to the wind, I get up from my chair and grab you by the back of the head and kiss you. To my joy and surprise you return my kiss and grab my ass to pull me closer. Kissing furiously, we forget where we are until suddenly we stop at the ring of the bell. At that you slowly push me away.

"Ummmm that was...unexpected." You say with a smile.

"Yeah, I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry." I apologize as my face goes bright red.

You hop down from my desk, look me in the eyes as you kiss me quickly and grab my cock.

"No, you aren't and don't be." You say with a devilish look in your eyes, before walking out. "See you later today James."

Later that day at lunch, we sit at our normal table in the teacher's lounge except today you sit beside me instead of across from me. As you make conversation with the other teachers, I firmly place my hand on your thigh. When you don't flinch I move it higher, until my hand finds your mound. At my touch you close your legs on my hand and cough.

I look over at you, "You ok?"

You release our legs grip on my hand and blush as my fingers rub your pussy through your pants. "Yep. I'm good. Excuse me." I slowly remove my hand and let you collect yourself.

As the teachers leave the room, I lean over to your ear and whisper in a tone you've been aching to hear at home, "Turnabout is fair play Princess. You are to present yourself in my office after school today. Nod one time if you understand."

You blink slowly and gulp before nodding just one time looking me dead in the eyes. The bell rings and we part ways. You head to your class and I to the gym but not before I watch you walk down the hall. I can't wait to fuck you.

The rest of the day takes forever, but finally the last bell of the day. A few minutes after the bell you show up in the doorway to my office looking meek and shy.

"Come in and lock the door please." I instruct you. Without hesitation you comply.

With one arm I shove everything off my desk. "Sit here. Now."

"Yes, sir" you come around to my side of the desk and sit like a good girl with your legs together.

Standing in front of you, I place a hand on each of your thighs and spread your legs apart. Your head falls. Grabbing your chin firmly I bring your eyes to mine.

"From this day forward, you are mine. You will call me Daddy and I will refer to you as Little. Are we clear, Little."

Something changes in you. The sweet innocent school teacher reverts and instantly submits. Giggling and a little deviously say "Yes Daddy!"

Taking your collar in my hand I look at it and then look at you, "Who gave this to you?" I ask.

"My husband." You say in a depressed tone.

"From this day forward, you are mine and I claim this collar as mine. I expect you to bring me the key tomorrow is that clear?"

Reaching in your purse you remove a small key from your key chain and hand it to me.

"Here Daddy. I've been hoping for this day since you first noticed it."

At that I pull your shirt off and kiss you passionately. Pulling your hair and controlling your head as we kiss. Your hands going up my back and running your nails down it. Using my other hand, I release your bra and pull it off you before kissing my way down your neck down your chest to your nipples. I had no idea how amazing your tits were before now. You always have them hidden under your shirts and I'm very pleasantly surprised. After getting close to leaving hickeys on your tits, I kiss my way back up to your lips. Before long you grab my shirt and pull it off my head and dig your fingers into my chest before moving your hands under the waist band of my pants and boxer briefs. Sliding your hands further down you grab my hard cock and I gasp. How I've waited for this day.

Stepping back, I pull you off the desk and push you down to your knees.

"Pull my pants off Little" I order.

"Yes Daddy!" as you eagerly release my cock for you to see for the first time. You instinctively begin to put it in your mouth, but stop yourself.

"Daddy may I please suck your cock?" you ask like a good little girl.

"Open your mouth Little" I order, and you do as you are told just before I shove my hard cock down your throat. You eagerly take my cock and devour it. Sucking it tightly while you play with my balls. When you least expect it, I grab your face with both hands and fuck your face hard and fast. Slobber coming out of your mouth and you gagging and gasping for air as I fuck your mouth with abandon to the point that I'm about to cum.

Pulling my cock out of your mouth you look up at me longingly as you catch your breath. I grab my shirt and wipe your mouth off.

"MMMMMM, thank you Daddy." You say happily.

"Stand up Little and face my desk." Without hesitation you do as you are told.

Looking at you through the mirror across the room, your nipples are rock hard, and you are breathing heavily as I stand behind you. My cock pressing into your ass as you lean back into me. Moving your hair to the side I kiss your neck before whispering in your ear.

"Take your pants and panties off Little."

"Yes Daddy." Your quickly move your hands to your waist and slide your pants and panties off before stepping out of them.

Kissing my way slowly down your back before forcing you to bend over.

"Spread your legs apart."

"Yes Daddy." You answer quickly and obey.

I smack your ass and you let out a moan. I was hoping you would enjoy that and I spank the other cheek before sliding my tongue in your pussy from behind. Eating you slowly enjoying how sweet you taste. Sucking on your clit and then your lips. You moan loudly, and your legs begin to shake. At that I pull away.

"Little, did you cum?" I ask forcefully as I smack your ass.

"No, Daddy, I am really close. May I please cum?" you beg.

"Not yet Little." I say to your disappointment.

Reaching in my desk, I grab a little bullet vibrator that I brought a couple weeks ago in hopes of this day. Turning it on, I place it on your clit as I begin to tongue fuck you. You instantly scream and beg to cum as the shockwaves from the vibrator go through your hard clit. Feeling your body get closer each time before stopping to let you come down only a moment before beginning again. After torturing you for what seems like forever I stand and slide my cock up and down your wet pussy.

"Daddy?" You beg while looking at me through the mirror.

"Yes Little?" rubbing my length up and down your wet slit.

"Fuck me Daddy! Please fuck me?!" begging and pouting.

With that I grab your hair hard and shove my cock in you hard. You scream, and I can tell you love how I feel inside you.

I slowly begin to fuck you. My cock throbbing inside your tight pussy as I begin to pick up the pace. Pulling your hair hard making you arch your back and lifting your chest off the desk. I watch your tits bounce with each thrust as I fuck you deeper and faster. My balls hitting your clit with each thrust.

"Little, use the bullet on your clit" I order.

Without hesitation you do as you are told, and I feel the vibrations on my dick as I slide in and out. You instantly get wetter and I can feel your juices begin to cover my balls. Not able to last much longer I smack your ass before giving your hair another hard pull.

"Look at me Little" firmly.

You look up unable to speak. You need to cum. I can see it in your eyes.

"Cum with me right fucking now!" I order.

With that the flood gates release and I feel you cum as your pussy contracts and pushes me out. Shoving back in instantly fucking you faster and harder before exploding inside you, filling your pussy with my hot cum.

Releasing your hair, you fall onto the desk and I fall on top of you. Kissing your back as your pussy begins to relax and you gently move your ass over my cock, milking that last bit of cum out of it.

Pulling out of you I turn you around and kiss you before taking our cum from your pussy and making you taste it. Looking down at my spent cock, I make you kneel and clean it off which you do greedily.

Once we agree that I'm sufficiently clean, we get dressed and stop to kiss again.

"We need to get going or we are going to be locked in here all night" I say.

"MMMMM that doesn't sound so bad. You are right though. I do need to be getting home.", you reply.

"See you tomorrow morning then Little?" I ask.

"Absofuckinglutely Daddy!" you say happily as you make your way to the door.

"Little?" I ask

"Daddy?" you turn with a grin.

"That teacher's conference in Ontario in a few weeks, you are going to that too correct."

"I am now Daddy. I am now." As you walk out the door.

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