tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe King Pt. 07: The Escape

The King Pt. 07: The Escape


In the previous chapter: John has discovered the whereabouts of the ship which holds them hostage and how little time he now has before the planet is harvested. He is running out of ideas and time. Soon they will be sent to the front lines, a slave force for an evil alien empire...


The sun poked through the tree tops as it rose across the sky, peeking it's way over the horizon. It was dawn and everyone was still asleep. There was a slight rustle of wind blowing through the tree tops, but otherwise it looked to be another perfect day, as perfect as it ever was on this planet. The temperature was pleasant and cool and the ground was dry underfoot, acceptable weather to be naked. John had never worn clothes since arriving here, there had been no need, the temperature was always perfect, and everyone was related. To be fair they hadn't even had the materials to make clothes until they had been here a decade and by that point it wasn't even an option. John wore his ceremonial cape though, fastened around his neck. It fell to his ankles and swayed as he walked. Otherwise that was it, no shoes, no crown, nothing. Where he was going, he wouldn't need any of that.

He walked through the courtyard of the castle. There were two guards standing at the entrance beside the main doorway but otherwise it was empty. The smoke from the torches lit last night wafted through the breeze but none now remained burning. John strode through the courtyard towards the guards. He had arisen early, careful not to wake any of his wives. They lay asleep, content and happy, with no knowledge of what was to come. Only June knew of his plan but she didn't know he planned to carry it out so soon. She had cried and begged him not to go but it was the only way he could come up with to save them. He had tested this plan as far as he could go and this was the only option he could think of to get them all off planet. Today was the day they escaped.

John passed the guards, nodding. Even in the early morning they stood rigid and tall, spears to their sides, radiant and glowing bellies. It was possible they had just done a guard swap with a night crew as they appeared refreshed and alert. Despite no predators even being encountered on the planet, John had made it a duty that there be a warrior class in their society, trained soldiers to fight if need be. Despite all of his daughter's appearing heavily pregnant, they had never known their bodies to be anything but like this, so they knew how to move, balance and fight with grace while looking nine months pregnant. He hoped they would be ready today.

He exited the castle and entered the village surrounding the walls. There was something like three thousand of his daughters living around the stone castle, all the way down to the river bank. The remaining thousands lived across the jungle in their own villages, the furthest one a few days walk now from the castle. That was a rarity, as most of his daughters liked to stay close to him, but at the same time the population was not slowing down at all. Eventually if they stayed here they would have to continue to expand. He walked down a dirt road, passing grass hut after grass hut. They were all very similar: built from timber and bamboo, with thatched roofs. They were built with floors to stay off the ground, and some had fireplaces built in the middle of them. His daughters slept together around the fireplaces, nestled and quiet.

He passed only one or two of his daughters walking down the path, one was Claire's daughter carrying a pitcher of water, another was Nala's daughter in a red cape heading for the castle. The path wound around the village like a snake, heading to the river at the bottom of the hill. John turned halfway down though, heading away from the water and into the jungle. The jungle would be quiet at this time of day, perfect for what he needed to do. He crunched through the underbrush, dry and brittle underneath his feet. He walked for a few minutes with a clear sense of purpose until he reached his goal. Stepping around a tree he came across a small opening in the woods. A tree had fallen over recently and created a gap in the canopy directly above. It lay at a 45 degree angle, wedged in the trunk of another tree trunk. It had snapped at the base, with the wood completely splintered and shattered. With the roots still in the ground, John had cleared the space and with an axe had carved down the trunk still in the ground, creating a smooth surface. It was rough but adequate for his purposes. He walked over to the trunk, making sure his instruments were still there. On the trunk sat a sword, carved and forged in the last few days by his blacksmith daughter Anna. This was the first she had produced. It was a meter long, a broadsword. It was thick and heavy but the cutting edge was razor sharp. Next to it leaning against the trunk was also a spear. It was perfect, smooth and straight, the stone tip hardened and smoothed to a fine tip. John had placed both of them here last night in preparation for today.

He stood by the trunk now and looked up into the sky. It had turned from a purplish glow to a soft baby blue as the sun was now risen. It was time. He grabbed the spear and felt it's weight. It was light but perfectly balanced. He had practiced with these for years, his muscles allowing him to throw further than any human ever could, and he was deadly accurate. He looked up to the sky once again and prepared the spear. He located roughly where the alien ship had been spotted by his daughter Genevieve. He poised, brought his arm back, then took two quick steps and launched the spear into the air. Like a rocket the spear took off into the air, propelled by his superhuman strength. It traveled straight and true, and it was headed directly for the alien ship. One spear was not going to take out the alien ship, hell he didn't even know what the thing in the air was made out of. No, this was just to get their attention. After thirty seconds, John believed the spear would of hit the ship by now. Now everything rested on what he was going to do next. He picked up the sword. He thought of his wives, his love for them, how they made him so happy and fulfilled. He thought of his daughters and how proud he was of them. The past two decades had been the best years of his life and he wouldn't of changed a thing. Everything he did now was for them, to get them off this planet. He knelt on the ground now, knees in the dirt. He held the sword in front of him. He positioned the blade to his chest, closed his eyes, and drove the sword into his heart.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Elizabeth stood over John's body, disgusted at him. Here lies John, king of an entire planet, father to nearly twenty thousand incubators, the last hope of her race, now dead. What had been the point? Nearly twenty years she had spent on this rock, looking after him. She had watched him closely, made sure everything was provided, everything had been perfect. Even June had been created to be his perfect companion and wife, a form Elizabeth had taken just to mock them. He had shown no signs of discomfort, no distress, in fact on every level he seemed happy with his role. So why had he killed himself?

He laid on a smooth bench that rose up out of the floor like a bubble, part of the ground itself. The room was dark, only a down light on John's body to provide illumination for Elizabeth. The sword had been removed from his chest and had been placed next to his corpse. A huge gash had been opened in the middle of his rib cage which ran through to his back. The blood had been cleared as best as possible but the wound dripped dark drops still. They had beamed his body up from the surface as soon as he had died. Alarms had gone off all over the ship as their prize took his last breath. Everyone had been in a panic, not least of all Elizabeth. She now had a serious problem. She was still short of incubators needed for the first wave to the front lines. Her research team had promised twenty thousand, she had about eighteen thousand at the moment. The plan had originally been to harvest them all when they were ready and place all the daughters in stasis pods. There they would be kept, unconscious, while John was kept sedated and milked of semen daily. They would trigger a genetic switch in all the daughters and they would now be able to be impregnated. They would be injected with John's sperm, and like their mothers, would have an accelerated pregnancy, producing a new warrior identical to John every month. They could deploy a hundred thousand troops to the front line within a year. John's sons would be relentless, mindless killing machines that could turn the tide of any battle. Meanwhile they would still use John's sperm to impregnate his wives, and more and more of his daughters would be born. The ship would serve as a creche, a mobile factory of warriors.

That plan was now ruined. They needed John's sperm in order for the plan to work. They had kept some of it stored from when they had experimented on him in the past but it would run out eventually. They could find another human, but out of all the billions they had scanned when selecting a candidate, John's DNA had been a perfect mixture. Cloning was out of the question. Elizabeth's DNA had been manipulated to become human, so had June's though her memory had been wiped in the process. Clones typical broke down easily, were lifeless and never functioned as well as an already living organism. Not what they needed for their alpha male. Finding another one would be difficult, then they would need to recode all of the wives and daughters to this new male, which could take years. Years! Elizabeth swore. They needed troops on the front line now, the war was escalating, and now they would have to wait years for her plan. The war could be over by then.

She heard movement behind her, something moving in the water. She knew it was the Commander come to see for himself. This was not going to go well. The lights in the chamber now slowly began to come on. Elizabeth stood on the middle of an island made of metal, surrounded by water. The water was only a meter deep, but the color of the water was a deep unnatural blue, dark enough you couldn't see the bottom. The chamber was huge, the size of a football field and they were in the middle. The walls curved up to the ceiling which was a few stories tall. Everything was smooth and a machine grey, with the only exception the lights recessed above and now shining bright. The Commander slithered onto the platform out of the water. His species was an And'Krall, and they were the rulers of their star empire. On the human planet of Earth, they resembled something similar to that of an Octopus. They were an aquatic species, accustomed to living in water. The had a huge, oily sack of a body, black with purple splotches that pulsed and expanded in a rhythm. They had huge eyes that were positioned on the creature about the size of a dinner plate, two on either side and one in the middle, which never blinked but darted quickly across the room, never stopping for too long on anything. From it's huge body sack seven huge tentacles extended out, it's suckers gripping the floor and hauling it's body out of the water and onto the platform. Elizabeth had been born an And'Krall many years ago but had been genetically modified years later to become human, to better understand how they worked, functioned and lived. There was a time when she would of found the commander attractive and mate worthy, however she had been a human for far too long now. She accepted the site of him, but he did nothing for her.

The Commander crawled up and lifted his black body up to observe John. One eye looked him over while one eye never left Elizabeth. She couldn't tell where the third was looking. "Your experiment is a failure," He growled. He wore a communicator somewhere underneath him which translated his grunts into something her human hearing could understand. "All the time spent here on your project - wasted."

"My commander it is not a waste. We have eighteen thousand incubators ready to go. We just need another human male and to re-splice all their gene codes. It will take time but -"

A tentacle smacked the water, making a large clap sound. "Enough!" Elizabeth quieted down and stared at the floor, waiting. "You studied the humans for years. You said they would make the perfect warriors for the And'Krall. That we would conquer the galaxy with this slave army. Look! Here is your army. Dead! We can't have the most genetically enhanced warriors in the universe with tendencies for suicide!"

He moved closer to Elizabeth now, all three eyes trained on her.

"We are thinkers, cunning and manipulative. Scientists. We are not soldiers. Or has your human brain forgotten who you are?"

She stared daggers at him now. "I have not forgotten. I am here for the glory of the And'Krall. I just need more time."

The Commander stared at her for a moment. Then his whole bulk lowered to the ground and he expelled air from underneath him, as if sighing. "There is no more time. The empire moves to conquer now, not tomorrow. Everything is in position. We will go without your warrior force, we will just take new conscripts from other worlds. This mission is terminated today."

He moved back into the water, half submerged, leaving a stunned Elizabeth standing there. Her whole life's work for the last twenty years, ruined. She had nothing left. All her research had come to nothing. The Commander turned to her in the water, eyeing Elizabeth. "Have this planet destroyed and all evidence turned over to the strategic council. And dispose" a tentacle rose out of the water and pointed at John "of that." His body sunk beneath the water and disappeared, the water moving with him, heading for some unknown tunnel in the deep.

Elizabeth stood for a moment, watching him go. If all her evidence was moving to the strategic council it meant she was to be removed from any position of power. She would be investigated, every command questioned and then, probably... death. The And'Krall did not take kindly to loss. They were a vicious race, it's why they had conquered as much of the galaxy as they had. Now she herself would be the latest victim.

She sat down by the water's edge, the almost black water up to her knees.There was nothing she could do. The Commander's rule was final. She refused to accept her fate however. There had to be something she could do! She sat at the water's edge, thinking. The water rippled out from her legs, and she watched it travel across the pool. She missed the water. She had been born in it, had been one of the fastest of her kind and enjoyed teasing the males as they tried to catch her. She swam often even while human but it wasn't the same. But as much as she missed that part of her old life, she did enjoy being human. They were a proud race, smarter than the And'Krall she secretly thought. They were powerful and highly sexual. That time she had fucked John was still the most pleasurable experience she had ever had. She secretly wished that she had been given another opportunity to fuck him. She masturbated often to that memory. Sometimes she would watch from the ships scanners his mating rituals with his wives and imagine herself as the wife, pleasuring herself to the pornographic displays, timing her orgasm with his. That was all over now she thought. "Well," she said aloud "time to clean up this mess."

"Not just yet."

Elizabeth spun around. That was a man's voice! She jumped involuntarily and looked behind her. John sat on the edge of the table, his legs swung over the side, his hands gripping the edge. He looked right at her. Very much alive.

"But... you're dead!"

He looked down at his chest. His wound was nearly healed and even as Elizabeth watched, it continued to close up, new flesh being rebuilt and grown, and then suddenly the wound was gone. All that was left was some blood, not even a scar.

"Glad that worked," John looked down at his chest, his left hand running up and down the now invisible wound. "I was worried I'd died for real."

Elizabeth still sat there, staring at him. He jumped off the table and landed with a loud thud. He stretched, testing his chest and his body, apparently pleased with the results. Finally something clicked in Elizabeth's brain. She jumped up and attempted to dive into the water, to escape and alert the ship. However quick she was, John was quicker. He moved like lightning and caught her in mid air.

"Not so fast. We have to talk."

Elizabeth squirmed, trying to get out of his grip but it was no use. He had his hands around her waist. She tried to pry them free but he was like iron. She punched him in the face but the only result was hurting her wrist. His jaw hadn't even moved. He hadn't even flinched.

"You made me. You know what I'm capable of. Stop before I hurt you. If I wanted it, you'd be dead already."

Elizabeth finally stopped. She knew that it would be impossible to fight him, he was right. Instead she needed to take control of the situation and quickly. No one ever came down here to this level so it wouldn't be surprising if they sat here for a week before being discovered. So time was on his side.

She crossed her arms over her chest. "OK then. John. What do you want to talk about."

"Us actually. I couldn't think of another way to talk to you, so here I am."

She raised an eyebrow. "Killing yourself was the best idea you could come up with?"

"I don't think I can die. Well, no ways I've thought of yet. I knew stabbing myself in the heart would get me onto the ship. Then it was only a matter of time till I healed. I heard your conversation with the guy in charge, interesting plan I must say. To bad it's not going to work."

She smirked. "What do you mean? You work better than we expected. As soon as you're captured again and back on that planet, the plan will proceed. You've done nothing but delay the inevitable."

John put her down on the ground now, but didn't let go. "But that's not what's going to happen Elizabeth. You're going to help me rescue everyone on that planet and head for Earth."

She laughed. He was serious. He continued to watch her intently. "You're serious aren't you?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"I'm not human you moron. I may be now, but I didn't use to be. I'm And'Krall. Why would I betray my people an army that could win them any war?"

"Because you are human now Elizabeth. I remember what you were like, when we met, all those years ago. You were detached, icy, manipulative. But you changed when you fucked me. I saw it in you, felt it in you. When you orgasmed that first time - you liked it. You never knew you had needed it until I gave it to you. You know about the connection between me and my wives, but what you don't know is how deeply that runs. I can feel what they are thinking, it's a mental connection. And I connected to you that day."

Elizabeth scoffed. "That can't happen. And it especially can't happen to me. I'm a different genetic template to your wives, even June."

John nodded. "You're right... to a degree. But you've given me powers you don't understand. My power over you isn't as strong as over my wives. I know what they are thinking. They do my bidding without thought, without question. But I've still felt you all these years, even from all the way down on the ground. I know what you truly want."

John moved closer to Elizabeth, his body towering over her. His muscles were strong and defined, pure man as she took it all in at his chest height. She stealed a glance downward, just to see his manhood swaying between his legs. She was nervous now and took a deep breath.

"Oh really, and what is it that I want?" She continued to try and act defiant.

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