tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe King Pt. 08: Arrival

The King Pt. 08: Arrival


Hey guys, sorry for the length between posts. I have had this idea sitting in my head for awhile and over the last few months it's been great finally get it on paper. I'm thinking however of taking my time and rewriting it as I feel it needs more work. In the meantime I've got some other stories I would like to write.

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading. Please I would love any feedback you would have, please keep it constructive, but things you liked, things you didn't, just to help me.

Enjoy the last part of the story of John for now :)


Twenty years.

For twenty years of his life he had been a prisoner.

Now, after everything he had done, the time spent waiting, then the killing and the fear, it was time. They had arrived back home.

Earth lay before him.

John looked out the main viewport taking it all in. The blue planet hung like a jewel, taking up the whole window, sitting there peacefully and patiently. It was a perfect orb, it's deep blue colour beckoning him forward. He hadn't seen Earth or set foot on her for nearly half his life. At long last he as was back. And he had brought company.

He was in the creche, the largest section of the ship. It was essentially one giant cylinder the size of a skyscrapper within the ship. It ran nearly the entire length of the spaceship and was in reality everything the ship was designed for. Around the walls, from top to bottom, were stasis pods, small little cylinders designed to hold a single adult human. They were transparent except for the tops and bottoms which were metallic and bright red. A single hinge door on each pod allowed the occupant to get in and out. And inside nearly every one was one of his daughters.

It had been the only solution for them to travel across the stars back to Earth. Instead of prisoners though they were just passengers and would be freed as soon as they made planet fall. Once inside, a breather running from the floor extended up and attached to the occupants face, providing fresh air and nutrients while a green solution was pumped into the pod. Not quite water but not quite a goo, it was thick and surrounded the individual, allowing them to bob freely inside floating comfortably. The solution helped with the movement and force of interstellar travel, cushioning the bodies inside.

The rest of the pod was filled with mechanical tentacles, all doing different jobs, rising up from the bottom of the pod. The thickest one, about 5 inches thick in diameter, rose from the bottom and was inserted into the anus of all the women. There it remained lodged permanently about 10 inches inside and was designed for waste removal. However he knew his daughters well and suspected that they were happy with the pleasure currently filling them up.

Another tentacle was inserted in the vagina, about three inches thick and about five inches deep. A small tentacle protruded from this one as well with a sucker on the end which attached to all his daughter's clits. The tentacles constantly vibrated at an exceptionally low frequency, keeping all his daughters in a perpetual state of arousal. Every now and then he watched one of his daughters twitch and moan as she orgasmed after a few hours of the constant penetration and manipulations of the tentacles. Elizabeth had stated that the And'Krall and her had concluded the best way to force compliance was too keep their minds so dazed and wanting orgasm, that they would never be able to form a plan to escape. At first he had decided to go against this. His was already wary of keeping his daughters in the pods for the duration of the travel to Earth. However his had shouted him down. They were too much like their mothers and had wanted to test it out. Nala's daughters had been exceptionally vocal about it. After all, they said, it was only a week and what else had they to do in the pods? So be it, he had decided.

Two other tentacles were attached to each breast, a flat funnel covering their areolas and attached with suction. These tentacles pumped almost constantly on their breasts, milking them twenty four hours day. No regular woman would of been capable of such machinations but his daughters were not regular women. Their breasts had swollen to meet the demand, all gaining two cups size at least, the regular size now GG. The milk was collected and stored in the ship for use when they would all give birth, but at the moment they were still all to be impregnated.

The whole pod set up looked a lot like a womb from the outside and John suspected that was on purpose. As he gazed about the room, he saw thousands of pods all down the chamber and adorning the wall. Over twenty thousand pods were in the creche and they rotated slowly around in an anti clockwise direction, never stopping unless signaled for by a computer down the middle. It was like being in the middle of a huge, pregnant kaleidoscope. A walkway ran down the direct center of the chamber and if selected a pod would be brought forward by a robotic tentacle to the walkway, allowing an occupant to enter or leave.

Right now though all his daughters slept, a process of the pod. They bobbed inside, the pods luckily big enough to contain their pregnant forms. Had John not taken over this ship, eventually he would of been placed in one of these pods as well and milked daily for his cum. There the And'Krall would of impregnated his daughters continually, the whole creche a baby making factory. With John's high volume of semen output and using clinical machines, they could birth twenty thousand of John's sons every month, enough to win any war. But for now everything was silent and peaceful except for the low hum of machinery. His daughters waited for their return to Earth.

They had been traveling for a week now. The ship was faster than light but they were still at the other edge of the galaxy and it had taken time to traverse the expanse. His daughters had entered the pods at the start of the journey and all of their dietary and other needs had been taken care of from within the pods. They had been designed for them after all. John however and his wives had remained out of the pods and primarily on the bridge, helping Elizabeth pilot the ship. That was where he was needed now.

John stood at the end of the chamber and looked out the view port once more. The Earth grew ever closer. He smiled. He was standing on a viewing platform right next to the elevator. It was metal and wet, the temperature controls unable to be taken off the setting for the And'Krall. The humidity was always present. He lent against a guard rail next to the view port. It was going to be some entrance. There was a part of John however that was scared. Here he was, Commander of a great alien spaceship arriving to Earth who, for the vast majority, had no idea aliens even existed and he was bringing home himself and twenty thousand genetically redesigned women who existed for the sole purpose to breed an intergalactic army. It was going to be bizarre no matter how the world reacted.

The other problem John had noticed was more personal. He had been the same person for the last twenty years. He had not aged, he had been physically perfect, a true warrior. However since leaving the planet he had begun to notice slight changes in his physique. For one his dick had gotten bigger. His wives had said nothing but he knew. It was thicker and perhaps a tad longer. He'd also noticed his balls had grown heavy and larger, his sack now housing two rock melons. His cum had increased in quantity as well with the swelling of his balls, that he knew for certain. He also seemed to have grown a bit taller and a bit wider, still shredded and full of muscle but even a tad more threatening if it could be believed.

It felt like he was getting stronger and required sex even more so than usual. The only person he felt he could bring this up with was Elizabeth but he dared not yet. Maybe she knew what was happening to him. He didn't want to worry everyone yet if there was a problem, perhaps this was another natural evolution of his body? If things got worse he promised himself he would.

John finally turned his back on his planet and made for the elevator. The doors opened before him. He entered and caught one last look at the creche, his entire family, before the doors closed. He pushed a button which in And'Krall stood for the bridge and suddenly off he flew. A moment later the elevator dramatically slowed down and came to a quiet stop. The doors opened and John stepped out. The bridge was much the same as when he had took it by force however it was far brighter. He had turned up the settings suitable for humans. No bodies of the And'Krall remained, they had been cleaned up and thrown out the airlock, their dark blood washed away. In the large window before the computer banks stood Earth, already closer since the last time he had seen her minutes ago. The bridge however was busy and he walked over to the computer banks into the organized chaos.

Before the computer banks in the large communal pool rested a portion of his wives. These were the more heavily pregnant of the group and the ones who needed more rest. Rosa bobbed in the water, her hair wet and slick and her skin moist as if she had just been for a swim. He couldn't see her belly but he knew she was a day or two from birth. Her gravid tits bobbed in the water covering her nipple line. She was chatting to Claire who was actually due today. She was leaning against the side of the pool and was half floating in the water which allowed her belly to breach. Clearly she was still to give birth.

He expected from her size she was carrying only twins or triplets. However as she talked to Rosa every now and then a moan escaped her lips and suddenly he knew why. A leash handle was wrapped around Claire's hand and disappeared into the water. As he approached, Rosa blowing him a kiss, Nala's head breached the water. She had clearly been administering to Claire, helping to start her birth. She licked her lips clean and he noticed her fist was buried inside Claire's vagina, moving in and out, the water splashing around them.

The rest of his wives sat in the pools before the command consoles or stood before them, each of them controlling an aspect of the ship. Elizabeth had explained early on to them that this ship was capable of more than just being a transport and was light years ahead of anything that mankind was capable of inventing for centuries. As such the ship could change and create at will, redesigning itself if need be to suit a new purpose. This was something they had not needed dramatically so far, except for making the ship more comfortable for human use, but the other extra advantage had been in the scientific labs dotted throughout the ship. In these labs were found the means to manipulate DNA, change a person's genome, add and remove memories and manipulate life with seeming abandon.

This secretly terrified John as did the implications of what he could now do with Elizabeth's help. Elizabeth herself stated it was a matter of day to day life which she was accustomed too. After all she wasn't even born human. After much debate he had allowed her to manipulate his wives brains only to allow them to understand the And'Krall language and become proficient in piloting the ship. He had stopped her going further. As such his wives were now controlling the vessel carrying them across the stars, despite wives like Nala having never even seen an aeroplane in real life before.

He walked up beside Penelope at the back of the console bank, who was busy by the looks of it controlling their speed. A quick glance at the screens and controls and he guessed they were currently slowing down. He gazed at her screen as she looked over to him, smiling.

"Gotta say: I'm quite getting used to this flying a spaceship thing hun. I like this job."

John let out a quick laugh. "Looks like you're a natural. Who would of thought a simple girl from the pacific islands would be the world's first intergalactic pilot?".

"Oh I knew I was going to be special. To be fair I hadn't thought I'd end up an astronaut."

John lent over and kissed her on the cheek. "You'll have a statue erected in your honor. Penelope the great explorer!"

Now it was her turn to laugh. "Yeah, a statue of a heavily pregnant black woman with a butt plug up her ass. That'll be the day. Go see Elizabeth though hun, I'm pretty sure she needs to speak to you."

John gave her a quick, light slap on the butt and walked down the middle of the computer banks headed for the front near the large oval window. He looked over at all his wives, looking like some sexy, perverted version of NASA. All of them were focused on their tasks, their naked bodies in various states of pregnancy were moving with purpose and speed as they glided the ship into a holding position above the Earth. He caught sight of Li who seemed to have a large, oversized ear piece which she held up to her left ear, the cord running to her screen. Her brow was furrowed as she seemed to be listening intently to something, her other hand running over her six month sized belly in a comforting gesture. He was curious to find out what was bothering her before he was interrupted.

"John. We're here." It was Elizabeth's voice coming from the very front and central computer bank. He walked up to it. She sat in the large pool before the console, leaning against the side, her arms resting out of the water along the floor. Her red hair fell down and into the water, spraying out over the water and covering her breasts. However nothing could hide the size of her belly. It was very rare any of his wives ever got this big but her belly was so huge that John suspected she was at least carrying five or six children. June had given both to seven a few times and Claire had once given both to six as had Geena, but the average was only ever two to three. And on her first pregnancy as well!

Elizabeth was a perfect sight of fertility. She had become too heavy to stand up for long periods of time so for the past few days she spent most of the time in the pool, letting the water help her out, removing some of the weight. John of course found her super pregnant form a huge turn on and still regularly fucked her when he could, as difficult as it was. Elizabeth's libido had only increased with her size, just like the rest of his wives. They made the sex work as best they could. June stood between Elizabeth and the computer console, taking direction from Elizabeth.

John had of course been worried about the two meeting and the implication of June being a form of clone, but luckily the worst case scenario had not happened. June had embraced her as a sister as soon as they had met, and welcomed her to the rest of the wives. June had gone out of her way to make her feel welcome and embraced by the family. She did not judge, she only accepted. It's what he loved about her. Of course the idea of twins was not lost on John, nor was it lost on Elizabeth and June. The very first night he had two very pregnant redhead sisters to fuck until they both collapsed in a heap. To this day the sight of the two girls down at his crotch, taking turns sucking his cock and making out with each other was one of the greatest sights he had ever since.

June turned around, the sight of her heavily pregnant form already starting to pump blood into John's dick. She gave him a smile and a wink then went back to work. Elizabeth continued to watch June's computer console as John knelt down beside her and entered the pool. He waded over to Elizabeth and she looked over to him, both lovingly and with a lust in her eyes. He kissed her passionately on the mouth once he was next to her, their tongues exploring each others mouths. John broke the kiss and lifted her up slowly in the water, grabbing her under her butt. Her belly rose in the water and she breached like a whale. Her stomach was taut and stretch marks were down her side due to her huge pregnancy.

John took Elizabeth's place, sitting on a bench under the water and lowered Elizabeth down on top of him. As she lowered herself in the water, he grabbed her ass and pulled apart her butt cheeks, and allowed his dick to find her butt hole. When he felt her hole he let her sink on top of him, her weight pushing his dick into her ass. She moaned as he entered her, inch after inch filling her up. She took all of his thick fourteen inches and bottomed out, resting on his waist. She sat on him reverse cowgirl style and tried to relax again, focusing on her job of commanding the ship. He looked her over as she went back to watching whatever June was doing and noticed her belly move. In fact as he looked at it it was constantly moving. The babies inside of her were restless. Her belly looked like a fireworks show was going off inside her, her skin rippling and expanding as the children kicked and moved. He was keen to meet his new daughters. He began to move his hips ever so slightly, just entering and exiting her ass at a very slow rate. He kept this up continually until Elizabeth finally looked back at him.

"We've activated the stealth shields and have a complete radio emission black out as you requested. No one knows we are here. As far as the planet knows nothing is currently coming towards them."

John had decided that was probably best for now. They had been away from Earth for over twenty years, who knows what had happened in that time? He wanted to get a scope of how the Earth would react to their return and whether it meant a complete reveal to the planet or perhaps something more covert. He wasn't going to risk his families life on the compassion of humanity. Earth now fully took up the huge window in front him and he could see the continent of Africa slowly turning with the Earth. It was still one of the most incredible sights he had ever since. He looked down to Elizabeth. She came awfully close to beating that image though.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Well, I've never been pregnant before. At least with human children. But I must say there is a large part of me that is enjoying this. Besides obviously the inabilities a form this huge creates, I feel a sense of... I suppose, contentment. Purpose. It's been a long while since I've felt like that. However I am ready for these children to born, they don't stay still for very long."

"I can see that. Have you been able to tell how many you're carrying?"

Elizabeth nodded. The ship of course was fully stocked with all lab equipment and for the first time in twenty years his wives had fully been able to ascertain what changes had been made to their bodies, as well as x-ray and blood tests which allowed them to keep an eye on all of them as they progressed through their current pregnancies.

"I'm carrying seven daughters," Elizabeth stated. "Which I believe equals a current record held by June."

June turned around and smiled mischievously. "Well, we are the same after all. I expect nothing less of my sister."

Elizabeth smirked. "Next time I'll have to carry eight. But for now, we focus on the ship. Fatima! Take us to heading alpha point taurus on three five."

John watched the Earth as the ship changed course. For the next few minutes the Earth grew closer until they took position on the equator and finally stopped. They hung over the planet, the curve of the Earth racing away and disappearing over the horizon. Elizabeth kept the girls working and they responded curtly, running the ship like a seasoned crew. The Earth turned underneath them, waiting for them.

Elizabeth turned to John. "The ship and planet is all yours husband. Everything we do now is your command. I await your orders."

John nodded. He continued his slow fucking of Elizabeth's ass, his arms resting on her hips under the water. This was it now. The choice. Would they be welcomed back to Earth with open arms, or would the planet regard them as aliens, hostiles to be destroyed. He honestly thought that was the more probable, as much as he hoped for the later. He turned to Li.

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