The Kiss


Ever seen a pair of lips you wanted to just go right up to and kiss? Pity real life isn't like this short tale. Same goes for other parts of the body I suppose....would you mind if I just had a good look/feel of your breasts? Thank you so much for obliging my curiosity. You'd like to see my appendage you see dangling down deep inside my chinos? certainly madam here you go. Lets have an "international show me yours day"!

* * * * *

He was passing by a baker's shop when he saw their Danish pastries in the window. They looked delicious. As he peered into the shop through the window he saw serving behind the counter a young woman adorned with long thick dark hair tied in a pony tail waving its way down her back reaching her denim clad buttocks; as she turned around he saw she had the most stunning pair of lips he'd ever seen. He decided to buy some pastries.

As he walked in he noticed another woman was also serving, an older woman, short and stout. She looked at him and said, "yes?"

He tried to ignore her and sought the attention of the woman with the lips.

"Excuse me, are your Danish pastries as delicious as they look?"

"No!, they taste-a like-a shit, we find-a people prefer them like that-a!" came her surly reply, in a gorgeous Italian accent.

The older woman started to berate her in Italian, she gave back as good as she got.

He watched her lips mouthing the words. Their movement seemed so erotic to him that his organ stirred; he found himself imagining his erection between her succulent lips being kissed oh so softly by them.

"I'll have two please" he offered, to calm him, and them, down.

The one with the lips, still talking Italian, arms gesticulating, grabbed a paper bag and strode to the window display.

"You wanna one with cinnamon?" she asked sharply, her temper obvious.

"Two!" he replied, knowing that wasn't quite what she meant.

She stared at him, fire in her eyes.

He thought she might hit him or something.

"I mean with-a or without-a. Imbecile!"

The woman behind the counter muttered something inaudible, gesticulating at her younger co-worker.

"With; both; both with" he made clear.

She grabbed the tongs and snapped them at his face before reaching for a pastry to put it in the bag.

"Just a minute" he said, taking the Danish from her tongs. He pulled off a corner and placed it near her mouth.

"Taste it, and tell me what you think. If it tastes of shit, I don't want it"

"What? I kid-a' you! " she responded with a surprised look.

He neared the morsel to her lips, "I insist".

She opened her mouth and placed her hand on his to guide the cake through her lips. As she eat it she moaned in exaggerated delight at the taste. He watched her lips twist and pout as she chewed.

"Mmm, beautiful!" she declared, now smiling at her performance.

"Exquisitely beautiful" he added as he placed a finger on one lip and ran it across both of them, gathering the crumbs stuck to them. He half expected a slap for this, but thought it worth the risk.

She could have moved away but didn't, instead she stared at him, her lips parting slightly at his audacity. She looked at him as he brushed his finger lovingly around her lips several times, savouring their pliant erotic texture. Her lips seemed to grow even fuller and redder as he did so. When he could collect no more he brought the bits to his own lips and sucked his finger clean.

She let out a gasp at his action, her eyes narrowed, reacting to the erotic nature of his act, innocent tho' it could seem.

"Anything else you wanna?" she asked, her voice softer, quieter than before. She studied him with a puzzled and somewhat stunned expression on her face.

"A kiss" he said boldly. She could only refuse, the prize of a kiss from her exquisite, widely flared mouth was worth any amount of risk and boldness.

"Wha-t?" she breathed.

"A kiss! you know what one of those is don't you?"

"Yes of course, but why?" she searched for words to express her confusion.

"You have the most desirable lips I have ever seen, I might never see you again and I cannot live without tasting them if only but once in my life" he explained, in the most convincing voice he could muster.

"Fool of a man!" she replied looking even more stunned, after a pause she said: "if it make-a you go away then one-a; only one-a!" expecting a quick peck.

Without waiting for her to change her mind he placed her head between his hands and gently drew her towards him. His lips touched hers and pleasure leaped between them. He tasted her upper lip with both of his, sucking at the thick voluptuousness, he ran his tongue back and forth along the edge jutting into his mouth. Without loosing touch, to obey her instruction of only one, he slid his mouth down to her bottom lip and gave it the same caress.

The sensual nature of her lips aroused him to erection. A deep groan sounded from her throat as her legs weakened, she threw her arms around him to stop from falling, he moved his hands around her and squeezed her closer. Both pairs of lips smeared each other, heads rotating to vary pressure, their breaths stifled against their cheeks. She melted into his caress.

Their tongues didn't become involved, this kiss was all about lips, her lips. He made love to her lips and only her lips. Now she understood his desire; the way he kissed her told her; he loved her lips and wanted to show them his feelings and she envied them, feeling their arousal, her nipples stiffened, her other pair of lips parted to secrete into the cotton covering them. Staining them with pungent dampness to accompany her for the rest of the day. She felt his pleasure also, pressing hard on her abdomen.

He released her slowly from his embrace, their lips sticking until the last pore parted. She stood breathing heavily, her eyes glazed, her mouth pouting, longing for its lost embrace.

He took the tongs from her hand and placed another pastry into the bag. He had what he wanted, the experience of her perfect lips on his. He glanced at the other woman behind the counter, her mouth also open, wide, a hand on her chest, shock on her face. He waved the bag at her to question the price, she waved back at him indicating no charge, or to go away, which he did, looking at her lips a last time, the owner too stunned to speak or to move as he left.

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