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The Kiss


In the beginning I really wasn't into exploring this type of lifestyle, but I did it anyway. First it started with a kiss. I really felt something when she pressed her lips up against mine. Lilly and I had been friends for about six months. I mat Lilly in the break room where we work. I walked in and she was sitting at the table crying. I walked over and place my hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

She looked up at me and said," Yes everything is fine."

Her eye make-up was running. "Is there something wrong, are you sick, can I call somebody for you?" I asked.

"No thanks I'm not sick or anything I just broke up with the love of my life."

"Oh I see would you like to talk about it, I'm a good listener," I sat down across the table from her and we talked, that how we became friends.

The kiss you are wondering, well the kiss was the first time I began feeling what I was feeling about woman. Lilly and I was at her apartment she was doing some spring cleaning. Getting rid of some old thing so she asked for some help, I agreed. I pick up this box with something in it.

" Lilly!" I called out to her," Who is this photo of?"

Lilly walked over to where I was standing with the box. She reach for the photo, she stared at the photo for a few minutes and started to cry. That when I knew who this person was. It didn't take a genius to figure out this person was he ex-lover. I put my arms around her shoulders she laid he head on my shoulder and cry some more.

"I'm sorry I guess you still have strong feeling. How long were you two together?"

"About two years," Lilly said. "I thought she was the one but now I know that not true."

My heart felt for her I reached over and held lily face in my hand. "Look you are a beautiful woman and very sweet and lovable person you will fine another true love. I know it hurt right now but I am here for you."

She looked into my eyes I looked into her eyes. That when it happened Lilly reached up and pressed her lips against mine. It was so passionate and sparks went through my body. It also frighten me and I jump away.

"Wait what just happen?" I asked.

"Don't be afraid! I feel the same way too," Lilly said. The only problem is, I wasn't sure what I was suppose to be feeling. "You kissed me," I said to her.

"I have been feeling you all alone I just didn't know if you were feeling me," Lilly said. "But Lilly!" she put her lips up against mine again I didn't exactly push away this time.

"Lilly wait I don't think you understand," I said to her. "Rhonda don't fight the feeling I have been feeling this way for you for a long time I wasn't sure how you felt about me"

"I am not sure how I feel about you either," I was thinking to myself.

Lilly grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom. She sat me down on her bed and sat next to me.

"Rhonda I started having feeling for you awhile back. Now that we are here together I want to show you how I feel."

She stroke her hand across my face, it felt so good as if that what I needed for so long. She laid me back on the bed before removing my blouse. Lilly took off her clothes and climb on top of me our breast and bodies touch. I felt a warm sensation Lilly kissed me on my neck, her hands roamed my body.

It felt so good, I was thinking only one thing, do I want to do this or am I feeling obligated to do this for her.

Was I afraid of knowing I wanted to be with a woman and couldn't face it? Suddenly I felt Lilly hands roam my pussy and how wet she made me. Then when I realize that what I wanted I gave in.

I whisper in her ear, Baby take me," she got totally excited and I knew then, that I could turn back now. Lilly really knew what she wanted she suck on my neck and then she moved down to my nipples which was hard and at attention. I spread my legs letting her know that I was ready to let her in and take me out of this world. Lilly dive into my wet pussy she was licking me like she was a cat licking a fresh bowl of milk. The sound the feeling it was so exciting. Lilly licked me until I came all over her face. She then kiss me allowing me to taste my juices. It was one experience I had never experience. I then rolled over on top of Lilly, "Take me I need your love, she said. I kissed Lilly on her soft lips I too roamed her body with my hands. Her body was so soft and smooth her breast just a hand full nice and big and plumped. Massaging her breast felt so good a moan escaped her. Hearing her moan really had my juices flowing. She spread her legs wide letting me know she was ready and waiting with the wetness. I started sucking her clit she couldn't do nothing but scream out in pure pleasure. Lilly and I spent hour pleasing and each other. After having hot passionate sex with Lilly we took a hot shower together. She scrubbed my back and I scrubbed hers. After the shower we sat in bed with a bottle of wine and talked.

"So how do you feel now? Do you still feel that you can't do this?" Lilly asked me.

"Well, I won't say that this wasn't wild and crazy sex, but I will say that this is differently something I will do again."

Lilly just looked at me and smile, all I could do is reach over to her and kiss the lips that sent a jolt of electricity through my body. Who would have known that a kiss like that would change the way I feel about women. The sad thing is that I may have had different feeling about this type of lifestyle. But I decided that I love men, more and never had sex with another woman again.

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