tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Lab Ch. 03

The Lab Ch. 03


"This is the last experiment I have to show you," Ms. Hawthorne spoke, her gaze fixed ahead of her, "and probably the most important."

The two approached a shiny metal door with a keypad lock. Ms. Hawthorne quickly punched in the code and with a click, the door unlocked and the keypad light flashed green. She pushed the door open, without hesitation, and led Aaron into a large, circular room. The floor, walls, and ceiling of the room, were made of plain concrete and the only illumination came from a brightly lit tank in the center. The tank was roughly seven feet tall and three feet across. It sat off the floor about a foot, mounted on a plain steel pedestal. Inside was a viscous clear liquid, and blue lights shone from the bottom. This caused the whole tank to look like a blue lantern, casting eerie shadows along the perimeter of the room.

The tank was also capped with a similar metal pedestal at the top which connected it to the ceiling. Eight thick metal hoses were attached to this cap. They ran radially outward, along the ceiling, and then down the walls. The end of each hose was connected to the top of one of eight odd looking capsules. Each capsule was about six feet tall and sat at a fifteen degree angle to the wall. They were made mostly of steel with a curved glass front face. A multitude of hoses and colored wires weaved in and out of the capsule on both sides. Every few minutes a pressure relief valve opened with a loud hiss and white puffs of steam were jettisoned from underneath.

"This is my power generation experiment," Ms. Hawthorne said proudly. Aaron moved closer to the tank and placed his hand on the glass. It was ice cold but the fluid inside was not frozen. A gas was being fed from the bottom and the bubbles raced and zigzagged their way to the top.

"That is my vaginal secretions power converter," Ms. Hawthorne explained, "it must be kept very cold to preserve the electro chemicals involved."

"Vaginal secretions?" Aaron repeated, still staring at the bubbling blue liquid.

"It works much the same way a battery does," Ms. Hawthorne continued, "I've discovered that under the right conditions, a woman's vaginal fluids can be polarized and voltage can be induced from it. The only drawback is that, like any battery, the fluids degrade over time and must be constantly renewed. The advantage with my system though, is that the raw materials are renewable."

She motioned to the capsules along the perimeter of the room.

"Currently it takes eight to power my lab. I still have some more research to do, but if I can increase the yield, I should theoretically be able to use just one. If I can accomplish this, I believe it would be a viable alternative to oil and coal."

"It takes eight what?" Aaron said now moving toward one of the capsules. The whole thing was cast in shadow and surrounded by yellow guard rails. As his eyes adjusted he realized the front glass cover was opaque from a layer of condensation.

Ms. Hawthorne did not answer his question. Instead she moved next to him where a small control panel was mounted to the guard rail. She pushed a few buttons and the capsule made a loud hiss. The fog on the glass cleared, revealing a naked young woman inside.

At first, it appeared that the girl had no arms or legs, but as Aaron studied her further, he saw that her arms and legs were bound in metal sleeves that cuffed her to mid-bicep and mid-thigh. The sleeves were built into the metal body of the capsule. Her hair was also hidden by a plastic, flesh colored skull capped which kept her head restrained and gave her a bald looking appearance. The rest of the girl's body was completely exposed and she lay in a molded groove which made her look as if she were physically part of the machine.

"This is Samantha," Ms. Hawthorne said, "she has only one cycle left before she is relieved. The restraints are necessary during the collection process. They also sustain her during the ordeal via IV tubes in her arms."

Samantha's eyes were closed and she seemed asleep. Her breathing was deep which caused her massive breasts to rise and fall slowly. Of all the girls Aaron had seen today, this one, he judged, had the largest chest. Beads of sweat dotted her breasts, and her large nipples stood up from her areolas, pink and hard. Aaron could only imagine how sensitive they must be. He found himself longing to put his hard cock between them. To fuck her tits until he creamed all over her beautifully tanned chest.

Then a light above the capsule caught his attention. A green light had begun to blink rapidly and another loud hiss of steam followed.

"Her final cycle is beginning," Ms. Hawthorne said as she pointed to Samantha's crotch, "look."

Between Samantha's thighs was an odd metallic device. It came up between her thighs and slowly suctioned itself to her pussy so that only her trimmed black pubic hairs were visible. Then, a red light began to blink on the device and Samantha's body tensed and shivered.

"You can not see," Ms. Hawthorne explained, "but the collection device between her legs has inserted a suction tube inside her. Small mechanical fingers will also enter her and begin to stimulate her vaginal walls and clitoris. This is necessary so that she will secrete enough fluids to power the converter."

No sound could be heard outside the capsule, but inside Samantha began to moan as the mechanical device attacked her sensitive pussy once again. The half-conscious state she was in allowed her to ignore everything, except the intense pleasure she needed to orgasm. The device was merciless and cared nothing for foreplay. It poked and prodded every sensitive part of her. She could feel the suction of the tube inside her, pulling on her spongy pussy walls, as it gobbled up every drop of her sweet juices.

Her body convulsed again as the machine turned on a vibrator against her clit. Aaron watched from outside the capsule as her mouth opened in a silent scream. Her face twisted in pleasure and her body struggled against the restraints. Her hips bucked causing her tits to bounce and slap against her chest violently. Eventually she threw her head back and clenched her teeth as she came into the device. Although she was screaming at the top of her lungs, neither Ms. Hawthorne nor Aaron could hear.

Unfortunately for Samantha, the device did not care if she had orgasmed or not. It did not care if her pussy and clit were ultra-sensitive. It was programmed to draw as much of her fluid as it could during its cycle. Half-way through her orgasm, Samantha felt more tendrils enter her pussy and dive even deeper inside her. She was being stretched to her limits and the added pressure only took her pleasure to new heights. They wriggled and massaged her from the inside out, stimulating every nerve ending. She thought she could feel them in her very womb. No sooner had her first orgasm begin to subside but another ripped through her.

As Aaron watched her silently rage against her restraints again, he could only imagine the types of animalistic sounds she was making. Her face was contorted and her mouth was open wide in a silent scream of ecstasy. If Aaron did not know better he would have thought she was being tortured.

After about ten minutes the red light on the device went out. Samantha's body went limp and hung lifelessly. She was exhausted. Her breasts rose and fell quickly as she tried to catch her breath. Her heart was beating as if she'd just run a marathon.

A flash of light then caught Aaron's eye. He turned and saw the slim silhouette of a girl in the doorway to the room.

"Come in quickly Jennifer," Ms. Hawthorne spoke to the girl, "Samantha is almost done."

The girl approached them wearing only a pink robe tied around her waist. Her bleach blonde hair was matted up underneath a plastic skullcap, much like the one Samantha was wearing inside the capsule.

"This is Aaron," Ms. Hawthorne introduced him to the girl, "he will be helping me out around the lab. Right now I'm just showing him what we do here."

"Pleased to meet you," Jennifer smiled politely and shook his hand.

Before Aaron could say anything, Samantha's capsule began to buzz loudly. The green light now turned to a solid burning red one. White jets of steam were released from all sides and the glass began to slide slowly open to the right. At the same time Samantha's eyes began to flutter open.

"You're yield was excellent this time," Ms. Hawthorne spoke loudly to the now conscious Samantha, "you will receive something extra in your check this week."

"Thank you Ms. Hawthorne," she responded weakly. The long restraining metal sleeves on Samantha's arms and legs split along unseen seams and sprang open with a loud click. The collection device between her legs had also retreated back into some unknown hidden place.

Samantha grabbed the edges of the capsule and pulled herself up and out to her feet. Her thin legs trembled slightly under her weight and she leaned forward, clutching the metal guard rail for support. Aaron instinctively grabbed her by the bicep to help her from falling. She looked up at him curiously and then to Ms. Hawthorne.

"This is the boy I told you I was going to hire," Ms. Hawthorne said.

"I'm Aaron," he interrupted her.

"I'm Samantha," she replied shyly, "and thank you."

Both of their eyes dropped down to her naked tanned body and Samantha's face flushed red with embarrassment.

"Here you go," Jennifer said as she pulled off the pink robe that she had been wearing and handed it to Samantha. Samantha straightened, her strength now returning, and took the robe and quickly slipped it on. She smiled shyly at Aaron as she drew it across her chest covering her gorgeous breasts. Then nodding toward Ms. Hawthorne she left the room, her walk still a little shaky.

Meanwhile, the nude Jennifer climbed into the empty capsule. Although her chest was not as developed, she was similar in size and proportions to Samantha, and settled into the molded plastic easily. Carefully she placed her legs and arms into the metallic restraints, and they snapped closed. Inside the right arm sleeve, a needle containing her IV drip and tranquilizers pierced her arm. As the glass covering slid back into place, Jennifer closed her eyes and let the drugs take over.

Aaron marveled at how quickly she had gone from a buxom blonde to cyborg. She looked just like Samantha had a couple of minutes ago, melded with the machine so that only her torso, head, and hips showed. Her arms and legs had vanished into the metal sleeves that were built seamlessly into the capsule.

As the door finally slid closed the red light at the top of the capsule changed to blinking green. Aaron noticed movement between Jennifer's legs as the unusual sucking device clamped itself onto her slit. As the device inserted the collection tube, her eyes opened wide. She was still wide awake but the machine demanded her juices and was not going to wait. It attacked her pussy the same way it had Samantha's earlier. She screamed at the sudden and intense pleasure as the mechanical fingers pressed their way inside her.

"It is time to go Aaron," Ms. Hawthorne said as she turned toward the door.

"Is she alright in there?" Aaron asked as he watched Jennifer writhe around uncontrollably.

"Yes yes," Ms. Hawthorne said quickly, waving the question off, "its not uncommon for the subject to be awake during the first cycle. Now come along; it is time for you to start work."

Aaron's ears perked up. Finally he was going to be able to participate. He wondered what type of experiment Ms. Hawthorne had for him. Maybe she was going to milk his seed similar to what she was doing to Jennifer and Samantha. Better yet, maybe he would undergo an endurance test by fucking one of her sweet lab assistants until he collapsed. Whatever it was, he was ready and willing. His cock had been aching since the first experiment and he longed for a release.

"Now," Ms. Hawthorne began to talk as they entered the main part of the lab again, "there is a special room next to my office. Here is the key."

She handed him a plain metal key attached to a large wooden key chain in the shape of a baseball bat. It bore the school's name and logo on it.

"Do not lose it," she raised her voice, "or you will not be able to get in there. Everything you need for this job will be in that room."

"Yes, Ms. Hawthorne," Aaron said excited. Apparently, his room was next to her office. She was keeping him close. Maybe he would finally get to fuck her like he had dreamed of last night. With all the beautiful naked women around him, he had forgotten how sexy Ms. Hawthorne was. As he walked behind her, he admired how her soft round ass rolled in her tight tee length skirt. Her high heels clicking against the polished concrete floor reminded him of how she had gotten him off with just her feet. An educated woman like her was probably the best fuck he was every going to experience.

She abruptly stopped in front of the locked door that adjoined her office.

"As you may have noticed, my experiments tend to get a bit messy," she motioned around the lab pointing small puddles and wet footprints, "water, vaginal liquids, and sweat seem to get all over the place. This is a slip hazard I can not expose my girls too."

She then opened the door with a key of her own and reached inside.

"This is for you," she said as she handed him a mop.


I can continue this story if I have an audience out there. Aaron may be just cleaning up now, but janitors have many long nights with the place to themselves. Let me know what you think and if I should keep going. I appreciate all feedback, good and bad. Keep those emails coming.

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