tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Lab Ch. 04

The Lab Ch. 04


Aaron stood in Ms. Hawthorne's laboratory alone. She had left him with few instructions and a massive hard on. He had hoped that maybe she would have done something to relieve him before she had left. After all, it was the tour of her lab and her experiments that had excited him so. He was sure that either she or one of her attractive lab assistants was going to relieve him in the end. Instead he stood in the middle of a dimly lit laboratory with only the wood of a mop handle in his right hand.

Aaron took the mop and plunged it angrily into the bright yellow bucket that stood at his feet, splashing soapy water onto the floor. He began to move the liquid around the floor, under the lab benches and around the stools. Despite his sexual frustration, he had to get some work done. It was, after all, his first day, and he did want to keep this job. Not only for the money, which he desperately needed, but also for the beautiful girls that worked here. He was sure that if he stayed long enough, something good would happen to him.

As he continued to mop, he found his mind drifting to the tour Ms. Hawthorne had given him just under an hour ago. In his mind he could see them all vividly. He saw Angela's deep black hair strewn across her sweaty body as it convulsed under the metal probe that would never fully satisfy her, Rebecca with her eyes wide in surprise as foreign tentacles invaded her body, and sex crazed Amanda that wanted nothing more than to tear him apart with animal lust. As Aaron's imagination raced, his hand, on its own, moved down to the front of his jeans. It began massaging his crotch and he closed his eyes, losing himself in the fantasy.

He could feel his cock throb and ache underneath his jeans and Aaron knew if he was going to get any work done tonight he would have to take care it. He looked around the lab. It was empty and dark and only a few lights remained on for him to clean by. The three main experiments had large red sheets drawn across them, blocking them from view. He continued to scan the room looking for cameras or anything that might get him in trouble. The ceiling was a maze of silver pipes and wires but there was nothing that Aaron could recognize as a camera. He decided he would take the chance. Even if he did get caught, who could honestly blame him for alleviating some pressure, after all the things he had seen today. It was Ms. Hawthorne herself who had jerked him off with her feet during his interview, so Aaron was sure no one would be terribly offended.

He rested his mop against one of the lab benches and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. As soon as his fly was opened his cock sprang free and bobbed in mid air in front of him. The head was swollen and purple and the tip glistened with pre-cum. Aaron thought it a sorry sight. He took his right hand and grabbed his member firmly. Images of Ms. Hawthorne's silky toes caressing his balls filled his mind as he massaged his long hard length.

He had only gotten in a couple of strokes when he heard a soft noise from across the far side of the lab. He froze in mid stroke. He listened intently ignoring the throbbing rock in his hand. He heard the noise a second time and followed by a quick bang. It had come from Amanda's cell. Aaron furrowed his brow curiously. Could she have sensed him masturbating from across the lab? Aaron didn't know a lot about pheromones and such, but he knew they existed. Visions of the unkempt girl writhing like an animal underneath him as he plunged into her gaping holes filled his mind.

He stuffed his cock quickly back into his jeans and picking up the mop, began to pretend to clean the floor as he made his way to Amanda's cell. The red curtain was still drawn across the experiment area and the familiar yellow guardrail blocked his way. Aaron moved to the front of the experiment, near the small control panel from earlier today. Looking left and then right, he set the mop quietly on the floor and hoped the guardrail with ease. Quickly he moved to a break in the curtain and slipped behind it.

The thick curtain cast the entire area in blackness and Aaron could barely see a few feet in front of him. He stood still for a while, letting his eyes get adjusted to the darkness and noticed what looked to be a light switch. He bent over and flicked it on. A row of UV lights that lined the base of Amanda's cell flickered on sporadically, many not turning on at all. This lit the area slightly, but not enough for anyone outside the curtain to notice.

As Aaron stood back up he saw Amanda kneeling down on the other side of the glass wall. She was completely naked, as before, and just as disheveled. Her breasts bore light red scratch marks and a couple purple bruises dotted her arms and legs. She knelt with her knees apart and her right hand was slowly massaging her clit. She watched Aaron as he stood up and took a step away from the glass. Immediately she pressed both hands against the wall and whimpered softly. Aaron was moved with pity, and lust. The girl was hopped up on so many hormone pills, nothing could satisfy her lust. All she wanted was him.

Aaron moved closer to the glass until he was maybe a foot away. As he approached her eyes traveled down to the bulge in his jeans. She licked her lips as she studied it and one of her hands want back down to her parted thighs. The other began to pinch and squeeze her breast angrily. She then looked back up at Aaron and cocked her head. She rolled back on her rear and parted her knees, displaying herself before him. She rubbed her swollen clit and pulled her pussy lips apart exposing as much of herself as she could to him. Aaron studied the deep rich folds of her pussy. He watched as she poked and prodded every piece of pink flesh, whimpering and moaning the whole time. She was showing how warm and inviting her cunt was, hoping he would approve and enter her.

Aaron did approve, but sadly he saw no entry to her cell, let alone Amanda. As he looked around he noticed that the cell was glass on three sides, and the back shared a wall with the laboratory. Far to the right he made out what looked to be the outline of a doorway. He glanced back at Amanda who was staring at him intently. He pointed to the doorway as he began to move toward it. With a small yelp she jumped to her feet and followed him along the glass with a look of concern on her face.

As they turned the corner of her cell she noticed the doorway and raced over to it. As Aaron approached he saw the door was made of the same glass like material as the rest of the cell. It was clear and flush with the cell wall. Steel hinges held it firmly in place, along with a metal keypad lock. Aaron frowned when he saw this and doubted he would be able to get in. He gave the handle a futile tug, but the door did not budge.

Since he could not get in, he decided the least he could do for this depraved girl was give her a good show. Hopefully she would understand. He unzipped his jeans and retrieved his hardened member. As soon as it was visible Amanda pushed her face against the glass and began scraping it with both hands. Her nails, chipped and damaged, did little to the impenetrable wall. She began to whine in futility as Aaron began to stroke his cock slowly in front of her.

Amanda squirmed and writhed against the wall trying to get to him and his cock, constantly making sounds like that of dog at the dinner table. Aaron had never seen a girl so lust crazy and began to think that masturbating in front of her was maybe cruel. He did enjoy watching her naked body smear and compress against the wall in front of him. He also liked the attention his cock was getting too. Amanda had not taken her eyes off of it since he had brought it out and drool was forming at the corners of her mouth.

Aaron could already feel the pleasure building and his balls were sore and aching for a release. He let out a deep breath and set his feet. He always had trouble cumming on his feet, but he was sure with Amanda in front of him, he would have no problem. As if she read his mind, Amanda took a step away from the glass and sat back down. Lying down on her back, she scooted her ass right up against the glass and stretched her legs upward so that her knees were locked and her toes were pointing at the ceiling. Then she parted them, making a 'V' in front of him.

The sight of her red, raw pussy and tight pink asshole almost made him come right there but he held back. He wanted to watch this vixen fuck herself before he let himself come. He moved closer to the glass until his cock was only inches from it. He stared, caught in a trance, as Amanda dove two fingers into her wet pussy and worked her clit with the other. He wanted nothing more than to push his cock those last couple inches and into her warm hole, but the unsympathetic barrier between them, refused to budge.

Moving her head to the side, so that she could still watch him, Amanda added another finger into her slick pussy and began to thrust her hips in time with his jerking. Her other hand left her clit and began feeling around the room. It soon fell on a short black dildo and she grasped it firmly. Moving it down between her legs she scooted her ass off the glass just enough to jam it roughly into her puckered rectum. Her anal muscles spasmed against the foreign object but Amanda merciless drove it deeper. When it was about half way in she pushed her ass back against the glass using her body weight to drive it the rest of the way. She let out a little yelp as the black dildo penetrated her all the way to its base. Her pink rectum had turned a painful shade of red as it stretched taut around the thing. Amanda, however, didn't seem to mind, and continued to finger fuck herself faster than before.

Her small whines and whimpers had now become short, high pitch screams. She began panting as her speed increased and her toes curled as the orgasm built within her. She jerked her body in pleasure and this bumped her ass hard against the glass, pushing again on the dildo buried there. The renewed pressure in her anus sent her orgasms even higher. She screamed as the pleasure washed over her, and nearly pushed her whole fist into her cunt as she came.

On the other side of the glass Aaron watched the spectacle. His balls were aching and physically hurting him as they began to tighten. He took long rough strokes now, which extended over the tip of his head, which was slick with pre-cum. Soon he felt the familiar knot of pressure build as the base of his cock and the orgasm flooded his brain. He erupted onto the glass in thick ropy jets. He felt his aching balls pulse with ecstasy as they pushed upward launching another milky rope onto the glass, directly in front of Amanda's dripping pussy. His pelvic muscle continued to spasm, shooting out wave after weave of hot sperm toward Amanda. With each pulse, a relief fell over him as the pressure in his cock was finally released.

Amanda in the meantime had lost control. Just as her orgasm had subsided she watched Aaron ejaculate his precious fluid onto the glass in front of her. She hopped up onto her knees just as the first blast spattered on the glass. She licked at the white globules that hung loosely on the other side, but could not taste them. She longed for the warm salty sensation in her mouth and down her throat. She wanted nothing more then for it to cover her face and drip from her every hole. She clawed at the glass futility as Aaron took his cock and wiped the last of his seed onto glass. It hung there for a moment and then slid down to the floor with the rest, leaving a white smear in its wake.

Aaron took a deep breath of contentment. His orgasm has been pleasurable, but it was more a relief from the pressure and teasing that had been building all day. He looked at Amanda who now seemed more frustrated then ever. Although she had cum, masturbation could not satisfy the hormones that raged inside her. As he watched her lap at the glass hungrily, and hopelessly, he couldn't help but feel aroused, and his limp, half-erect cock stirred again.

Then out of the corner of his eye, he spied something. He turned and looked closely in the area of the door. He had not seen it before but there was another anomaly in the glass, about six feet to the right. He walked over to it and noticed an outline in the glass, about two feet tall, four feet wide, and about as tall as his waist. Hinges, held it on similarly to the locked door beside it, but on the opposite edge was a simple latch. This latch could only be accessed from Aaron's side of the glass and he quickly deduced that he had found a small access or food opening.

Amanda, finally breaking the spell of oozing sperm, made her way over to Aaron. She sat, cross-legged in front of him gently massaging her swollen pussy lips as she studied him. Then a look of realization crossed her face as she saw the feeding door. She moved to her knees and pushed her hands on the glass trying to push it open. Aaron watched her, considering if he should indeed try to open it. He looked down at his cock and was surprised that it was almost fully erect again. His balls tingled, confirming that they still had more to give.

With his left hand he slowly reached toward the latch and Amanda backed away from the glass some. He carefully undid the latch and grasped the handle. With one quick motion he pulled and the door swung open easily. They both looked at each other for a moment without moving considering the implications of what just happened. Then Amanda dove from her knees, hands outstretched toward Aaron's cock. Her right hand grasped it tightly and her left went around his back and forced his hips toward the cell, pushing his genitals through the opening.

He panicked for a just a moment, after all, a crazy woman had a death grip on his most sensitive and vulnerable area. Then he felt a warm mouth envelope his semi-erect member and all thoughts of escape melted away. She sucked and slurped his cock and Aaron could feel fresh blood pumping to it as he grew and hardened in Amanda's mouth. Amanda savoring every last drop of residual cum, made it her job to clean him. Her tongue danced over every curve and every vein. She even delicately lapped the moisture left in the narrow penis slit.

When she was satisfied, she cupped his balls in her free hand and brought them into her mouth. Cum had dripped down onto them, as well, and she had to have it. She brought each into her mouth rolling it back and forth with her tongue. She bit lightly and sucked hard on his scrotum. She licked every square inch of his sack until it too was completely clean.

Finally, she moved her mouth back over his cock. Without hesitation she threw her face down onto it, taking it deep into her throat. She continued to swallow him until her nose touched his pelvis. She held herself there for several seconds and then pulled off of him with a cough. As soon as his cock head touched her lips though, she dove right back onto it. This time as she did she squeezed his balls hard. Sharp but short jolts of pain shot through him, but were outmatched by the warm tightness of Amanda's throat muscles as they contracted around his member.

Again she pushed herself all the way down to the base of his cock and buried her noise in his short pubic hair. Her tongue wiggled underneath his dick as she held her face there. With large, teary eyes she looked up at him for approval. Aaron simply moaned in response. That was all she needed. With another cough she pulled off of him and took several heavy breathes. She then forced herself back down and began to face fuck him.

Aaron grabbed the side of her head through the small opening in her cell. He buried his hand in her silky blonde hair for control. Amanda gagged and spit as his cock continued to violated her throat. Thick foamy saliva dripped from her chin and tears now flowed freely down her cheeks. When she began to slow, or take shallower gulps, Aaron used his hand to drive her deeper. In revenge, she squeezed his balls that much harder.

Eventually Aaron felt his climax beginning to build again. He felt his cock swell inside her mouth as pressure built at its base. However, when his balls tried to lift upward to release their load, Amanda squeezed them and pulled them down hard. Immediately the climatic feeling dissipated. Surprised Aaron loosened his grip on her head and she pulled off of him spitting and gasping for air. She took two quick breaths and impaled her face on his cock again. Apparently she knew what she was doing and did not want to give him an release so soon.

Aaron gripped her head again with renewed vigor, desperately wanting to cum down her throat. When he felt his climax build again he forced his cock deeply into her throat and held her there. Again, she used the same trick and pulled his balls down ending the sensation. He looked down at her struggling for breath as her nose tickled his abdomen. Her eyes were tightly shut and saliva dripped from her chin. He pulled her off and she spit up clear liquid on the ground. Her cheeks were slick with her own tears and she looked up at him, and between gasps, gave him a devilish grin.

Aaron, now determined to cum, snaked his other hand threw the opening and took hold of her head with both hands. Amanda, sensing her impending doom, released his balls and put both hands on the glass in front of her for support. Still panting, she stared down at his glistening cock as it bobbed in front of her. She licked her lips once and then threw herself onto it again. Aaron's fists balled in her hair and his hips thrust in time. He could feel his cock sliding down her spasming throat with each thrust. He could feel her gag reflex working around his shaft, trying to prevent him from entering, but he blasted right through it. His balls, now hanging freely, slapped her in the chin and he could feel her face slam into his stomach with each thrust.

Amanda meanwhile was struggling for life. Although the pain was intense, the desire for a cock and his sperm overrode it. Whenever she could not suppress her gag reflex she simply spit up onto his cock. The liquids rolled out of her mouth and splashed onto her face. Her breasts were slick with the dripping saliva from her chin and the tears from her cheeks. Whenever she tried to gasp for air all she got was a mouthful of Aaron's cock. With her hands on the glass, she tried to push herself off his member for air, but he would not relent. Her throat and mouth were solely for his pleasure and he continued to ravage them.

Within a few minutes Aaron's cock stiffened again. Slowing his pace, he took two long deep strokes and then held her face in stomach and erupted into her throat. She flailed about and beat against the glass as the steaming liquid was forced down her throat. She tried to cough it up but Aaron's massive member filled her whole mouth. Semen spilled out at each corner, some even leaking out of her nose. Wherever there was an opening, cum spilled out, and Aaron held her fast. Her gagging throat muscles only served to milk his cock, sending load after load of hot cum down her throat.

Soon, Amanda began to feel feint. She had not taken a complete breath in some time and her whole body felt weak and her head, light. Aaron noticing this pulled her off his cock but held her face close. Cum poured out of her mouth like a waterfall and she coughed violently. He rubbed his sperm soaked cock off onto her cheek, mixing her tears with his semen, and then she collapsed.

She passed out as soon as she hit the floor, semen and saliva draining out of her abused mouth. She was breathing but her brain had just shut down from the trauma and lack of oxygen. Aaron watched the rise and fall of her chest for a short while to make sure that she was ok. He then noticed the mess. The whole area, both around and on Amanda, was covered in their various liquids. He also remembered the glass wall that he had ejaculated onto earlier. All this would need to be cleaned up before anyone came in tomorrow morning. Luckily, he was the janitor and that was his job. Aaron took a final look at Amanda. Her face was drenched in his cum and the black dildo was still in her ass. Aaron smiled at his handiwork, stuffed his cock back into his jeans, and went to fetch his mop.

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