The Ladies Club


Sam asked Steve to come sit behind her on the bull. Leaning over forward with the bendable dildo still in her she showed him her sexy ass.

"Put your tip in and let me pull you in," she purred.

He thought he'd lose his load right there. She was gorgeous, sexy and wild. He did as he was told and felt himself slowly get pulled inside her sexy ass. She winced as she pulled him in. His manhood stretched her sexy ass ripping her apart and she loved it. Deeper and deeper he went with his cock straining to cum at the feel of how tight she was. He pulled off her nipple clamps and started playing with her tits while he fucked her. He thought of other things and tried to fuck her like a machine without allowing himself to come. Sam had another orgasm and got off the bull before his cock had a chance to release.

Laying down, he felt her pussy in his mouth again. Her spurs were up and the tips of her cowboy boots down as she rode his mouth, with her knees on either side of his head. She bucked and rode his tongue up and down.

"Slide me down your pecs, over your abs and put my wet pussy down on your big hard cock," she whispered with desire, and "Don't cum," she said sternly.

Slowly, while admiring her sexy body he slid her sopping wet pussy down his strong pecs feeling the wetness from her pussy adorn his abs to plant her firmly on his massive hard on. Sam started riding him with hard, pounding, rough strokes with her cowboy hat and boots on.

At one point she took her cowboy hat off, twirled it in the air and yelled, "Yippee,".

Steve almost came again. He knew he was ready. Sam kept bouncing on his cock, riding him so good.

"Plz," he begged.

She got up abruptly.

"Go jerk yourself off then make yourself hard again while I get myself a drink. Would you like anything cutie," she asked smiling.

He muttered, "A scotch," humiliated at being treated this way.

He reminded himself why he was here and continued to go along with her whims. When she returned with the drinks he could see she had poured them both triples.

"Drink up, sugar plum," she urged. "It's riding time again."

This time it was reverse cowboy. First, she covered his cock with lube so it was glistening and shiny. Sam then slowly lowered her pussy, reverse cowboy style onto his big cock, making him groan. Her back was so sexy he thought as he ran his hands up and down as she arched and bucked and rode him.

Happy to have been able to at least cum relieved the pressure and he could just enjoy the ride now.

"Fuck, she's hot," he noticed again. His cock was getting a good workout. Steve grabbed Sam's sexy ass cheeks and squeezed while she fucked him. She rode him swiftly, slamming down on his big cock every stroke.

"Fuck my ass with your fingers," she instructed.

He slowly slid two fingers in her ass watching as she came instantly.

"Fuck my ass, hard, she breathed as she positioned herself on all fours.

He started slamming deep into her sexy ass. He squeezed her cheeks.

"Don't come," she demanded until I say you can. "Fuck me harder," she demanded. "Harder, do it!"

Sweat formed on both on them as he slammed and rammed her sexy ass over and over again. Each stroke intense and amazing.

"Play with my clit while you fuck me," she said.

He did as he was told and listened to her breathing become more intense again.

"Okay, you can come with me now," when I say so, Sam said sexily, "Ready, uh uh uh uh uh yes, okkayyy Noowwwwwwwwwww."

He released his hot searing cum deep into her sexy ass, his thumbs in the center of her cheeks. They stayed there frozen in time as their orgasms took over their senses, leaving them both so satisfied and happy.

"Now kiss me and hold me," she whispered folding nicely into his sexy body.

He did as he was told. A half an hour went by and she was still listening to him whisper adoring words into her ears while kissing and playing with her sexy body.

Sam looked at the time sadly realizing her two hours of pleasure had expired.

She reached up to kiss him sweetly and said smiling lazily, "Thank you cowboy."

He kissed her goodbye sincerely telling her how much fun he had and escorted her to her vehicle kissing her again as she left. Sam left feeling pleasantly satiated and feeling desirable. Steve was happy. He took a shower and then sat in the lounge eagerly awaiting his next adventure.

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