tagMatureThe Ladies of the Mall Ch. 02

The Ladies of the Mall Ch. 02

bymangrove jack©

Tom had opened a Pandora’s Box when he finally got Mrs Angela Turnbull to fuck. She had made him realise that young school girls with their tiny bodies and little experience could never lay a finger on a wild mum when it came to inventive ball blowing sex.

He was amazed at the way she kept his prick alive. Using her cunt muscles and her hands on his balls, she would stop him from coming time and time again. She used her body to work him higher and higher until they both reached a situation where they were losing control.

She seemed to know instinctively when he had reached a plateau where his brain was telling him this was torture. Then and then alone she would relax those marvellous muscles. Within seconds they both would be moaning and screaming as their bottled up sexual frustration caused fantastic mind blowing orgasms. He had never experience sex like it. It was as if he was a virgin. Every minute with her was new. He described it in his mind as he revisited their love making in his bed at night, “as a series of first times.”

She rang him at school just as a class finished. “My bodies still sore from yesterday,” she groaned as he answered. “Oh shit I’m sorry” he whispered moving away from his mates so he could talk. “Did I hurt you?”

“Your bodies partly to blame,” she laughed. “My bodies certainly no longer used to sex for hours. She licked her lips. “I think the real reason is my bodies not used to sex on a hard hall floor, or on the hall table and some of the other places you took me yesterday.”

“I’ve decided I’d like a little more comfort. My business owns a lot of property around the mall. Some time ago we bought some shares in that boutique hotel not far from your school. When they restructured, they gave us strata title ownership of three suites. I keep one available at all times for business purposes.”

“Suite 28, it’s at the end of the building on the second floor. You can come in from the back so no one will recognise you. Leave your bike in the mall car park” she instructed.

Ten minutes later she rang again. “I’ll be there at twelve, can you come during your lunch break?” she whispered in that breathless voice that made his prick jump.

Tom’s first visit to the hotel found him nervous but horny. The more he worried the bigger his prick seemed to grow. He felt as though everyone was watching him as he made his way up to the room.

Angela was waiting. She wore the tiny black satin outfit that turned him on in the fashion parade. Thirty Eight year old Angela had spent the morning preparing her body for her eighteen year old lover.

She stood in four inch stilettos, her firm milky white tits peeping out from behind the tiniest piece of shiny black satin. The few inches of satin barely reached to the round underside of her tits.

Her trim hard stomach shone from the oils and perfumes she had lovingly applied as she recalled Tom’s ever hard prick. Tom’s eyes dropped to her milky white thighs and her cunt covered by a black string covered with shiny jewels. He stared as he realised the string was so thin that the jewels disappeared into her cunt in the front and her arse in the back.

“You’re magnificent; you have the most magnificent sexy body.” Tom growled as he stood amazed. “I told you I dreamed of you each night after the fashion parade. Well I couldn’t sleep last night after holding you nude in my arms.

“When I was coming here this morning I planned to strip you and just look at you. I’ve been so fucking horny all morning in class just remembering what we did yesterday.”

“Stop talking and come here” she moaned as she fell back on the bed and held her legs out wide.

“When you rang you asked can I come during the lunch hour” Tom said later as he rolled over off the bed on to the floor. You should have asked me “can I keep coming during my lunch hour. You’ve drained me dry” he groaned.

Tom had never seen a body like Angela’s. He inspected it at every opportunity. “Your fucking fantastic” he whispered as he lay on his side lazily stroking her cunt marvelling at the perfection of her body.

His tongue was wallowing in her cunts juices when Angela’s watch buzzed. “Time to get you back to school” she whispered as she kissed him. “My lunch hour is not enough Tom complained. “I’ll skip class, I can learn more here with you. I don’t want to go back to school.”

Angela would have none of that. “Come on” she urged leading him by his ever hard prick, “we’ll shower together.” As they showered she convinced him of the need to be careful. “No one must know. If you don’t care for yourself, care for me,” she added as she checked to see no one was in the hall and pushed him out the door.

Tom drifted around the BBQ; He had been invited by his mate Charlie. As soon as they arrived Charlie wrapped himself around a sexy blonde and led her out under a tree in the back yard.

Left to himself Tom took his time studying the crowd. As he pushed his way along the corridor that joined the pool area to the house, some one switched off the lights. “Turn on the lights” some one called. “No leave them off, it’s more fun in the dark” another called.

People were enjoying the freedom the pitch black night provided. There were whistles and shouts, some girls singing out, others started to scream as boys took advantage of the sudden darkness.

He heard a girl laugh and then found himself being touched up. He bought his hand up to hold the person touching, but she broke away with a giggle.

Two or three more groups of laughing and giggling girls pushed past giving him a touch up as they went.

He stood waiting for the lights to return when he felt another person bump him. She wore a strong heady perfume. “I’ll be first this time” he thought as he grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her hard, his tongue entering her mouth. She struggled for a minute then relaxed and kissed him back. “That’s nice” she said “but what was that for.” Feeling around in the dark his hand rubbed a large boob, “just for fun” he whispered, “I’d like to have more fun with you.”

“Would you now, what would you do?” she laughed “Come up to one of the bedrooms and I’ll show you,” he responded.

Just then the lights came back on and for a moment they both were blinded by the quick change from total darkness to bright light. When Tom `s vision returned he found himself holding a woman of probably thirty five to forty years.

“Oh shit” he thought “now I’ve done it.” He started to stutter “I thought you were a girl I know, your perfume seemed familiar.” She laughed. “That’s a goodie, I think you’re just a cheeky young bugger who took advantage of the dark. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was you who turned the lights off.”

He was relieved when she laughed “If I’d known I’d snare you, I would have not only turned them off but made sure they stayed off,” he responded as he slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him.

She accepted his tongue as they kissed and for a moment responded. Then she pushed him away, “behave” she said, “my husbands here.”

Tom was starting to feel horny so he pulled her back, “let’s go some where, where he can’t find us,” he whispered. He kissed along her cheek and ran his hands up to her boobs. “You’re fucking beautiful, I can’t wait to get your gear off,” he groaned.

”Don’t even think of it sonny boy you’ve got no chance.” she said as she pushed him away and straightened her clothes. “Some one will see us.”

Tom leant back as a door opened behind him and a couple came out. He held her tight and backed inside, pushing the door closed behind her.

“I can’t” she whispered, “stop it,” as his hand once again moved down from her waist and his mouth closed over hers.

“Oh my god what am I doing” she thought as she responded to his kisses. “This is stupid; I’m married, happily married.” She started to worry, “some one will find us here in the laundry closet.”

Her panic was building, her mind full of conflicting thoughts as she kissed him back. “I don’t even know who he is. I haven’t seen him before. I’m old enough to be his mother dam it, he’s only a boy.” “Why am I letting him take control?” Her mind was in a whirl when Tom’s hands stopped seeking her pussy through her jeans.

She heard herself groan as his lips sucked on hers. He was distracting her with his biting and nibbling whilst his hands worked hard to get down the back of her jeans. She gasped out loud when his hand succeeded in slipping down inside her jeans to massage the bare skin of her arse.

She stopped worrying to take note of what he was doing. “No wonder I’m getting horny,” she thought when she realised her pussy was being held hard against what seemed to be a rather large cock.

Suddenly she felt his other hand on her back trying to open her bra. “Oh hell this has got to stop,” she cried. “What the hell do you think you’re doing,” she said as she pushed him away and opened the door.

When she stopped to see if anyone was outside, she felt him move up behind her. I’m sorry” he whispered in her ear. “Your so beautiful so horny I got carried away.” “That’s ok, no harm done,” she said. “Now let’s get out of here before anyone spies us.”

Tom returned to the BBQ area where Charlie grabbed him. “Where have you been, you missed the fun.” “Someone took the fuse out of the lights and it was all tit and bum as we touched a few of the girls up in the dark.”

Charlie introduced Tom around, “you haven’t met Mark Walsh, this is his parents place. His mother Mary runs the bookstore down the mall.” “His parents put the BBQ on for his birthday, he’s eighteen on Saturday.”

“Join the club,” Tom said. “I was eighteen last week.” “Let’s go get a beer and toast to eighteen,” Charlie said “it was the best 12 months of my life.”

They were ratting round in the cooler for a cold beer when a voice asked “what are you boys doing.” “Oh mum,” Mark answered quickly, “some of this beer hot, there’s nothing worse than hot beer,” he moaned. “At eighteen you’d be an expert” she laughed, “any way if there’s a problem get out of the way and I’ll sort it out.”

When he turned around Tom’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he spied Mark`s mum. It was the woman he had kissed in the dark. “Who’s your friends,” she asked as she looked at Tom. “Sorry mum this is Charlie and Tom they go to my school.”

She smiled as she said, “Pleased to meet you. “Now get out of here Mark and entertain your friends, while I rearrange the drinks.” She took Mark and Charlie by the arms and steered them towards the door. She looked at Tom and winked.

Outside Tom was on pins and needles. He’d been kissing Marks mum. He could still smell her perfume and taste her lipstick. His prick started to grow as he recalled her big boobs. “Would she tell her son or worse still her husband?”

Tom shook his head in amazement as he realised that the time with Marks mum had been more exciting than any similar experience with girls from class. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. “Shit she’s Marks mum” he reasoned. “She’s as old as my mum, but Christ I’d love to fuck her,” he groaned as he straightened his prick in his pants.

As he settled down, he recalled that she had kissed him back more than once. “I wonder whether she’d let me go further. Would it be possible to fuck her?”

He made up his mind to try, “I’ll go get another drink,” he explained after the rounds of toasts to year eighteen were completed. As quickly as possible he returned to the kitchen where Marks mum was standing at the sink sorting bottles and cans.

He stood and studied her. She was tall, a little heavy but in proportion. Her waist nipped in nicely to meet her wide hips. Her arse filled her jeans showing two perfectly rounded cheeks. Long wavy brown hair fell down to her shoulders, moving as she worked.

“Hi” he whispered, “I was really pleased to meet you Mary Walsh.” She opened her mouth to speak, but he cut her off. “Someone might come in so I’ll be quick, I’d really like to spend some more time with you,” he said as she studied him closely.

Mary was pleased, but didn’t show it. She had to admit to herself that she had hoped he’d come back.

When she stood looking at him and did not answer he thought “well she doesn’t look angry. She didn’t say anything when Mark introduced us; maybe she is waiting to see if I’ll try again.”

“Can I help?” he whispered as he leant over to pick up some cans, his body touching hers. He stumbled over a can on the floor and placed his hand on her thigh to steady himself.

The touch of his hip and then his hand on her thigh made her flinch, “no I’m OK I can do it myself,” she replied quickly. To hide her confusion she busied herself putting the cold cans aside. “I’ll put the hot ones away,” he whispered his mouth now near her ear.

She straightened up and turned her head only to find she was now looking directly at him. His eyes were devouring her; his face close enough she could feel his hot breath on her cheek

“Where would you like the hot ones to go,” he grinned suggestively. He looked directly into her eyes and quite deliberately pursed his lips showing his tongue. Then as she watched, his tongue licked his lips erotically.

“What did he say? Where I would like him to put a hot one, “my god even his questions are upsetting me,” she thought, becoming more confused every minute.

This has gone far enough she told him as she snapped out of her confused state. “Look you’re a nice young man but I’m married, so get out of here and leave me alone.”

“You’re even sexier when you’re angry” he whispered as his head closed on hers. Before she knew it he was kissing her and she was responding, or at least opening her mouth to lets his tongue invade.

“No!” she cried, “no leave me please, some one will come in, we’ll get caught, I can’t……..”

“I think you can, I think you want to,” he whispered as his hand tweaked her nipple. “I’ll go but I’ll be back, I want you,” he groaned as he heard some one coming.

Mary Walsh’s heart was beating at a hundred miles an hour. “Thank god for the interruption,” she mused “I was really starting to enjoy myself.”

“Having someone so young infatuated with you, especially when your bodies starting to go to seed and your husband has lost his sex drive is exciting.”

“Of course I wouldn’t have let him do anything,” she rationalised as she stacked the fridges. She smiled “a bit of teasing is alright.”

“Alright,” she thought “it was more than bloody alright it was fantastic. He wanted me and he turned me on. Thank god for the interruption or I might have done something crazy.”

Tom was horny, Marty’s mum had lit his fire and a few kisses hadn’t put it out. The crowd was starting to thin. His mates had all paired off with girls from school. Where ever he turned he saw them making out.

The few older men present had adjourned to the Walsh’s rumpus room to play billiards and drink.The older mums were helping gather gear together and combining to supervise the younger pairs.

Tom watched Marty’s mum as she moved around. “Bloody hell she’s hot, I wonder if I can get her alone again.” She in turn could feel him watching her, his eyes seemed to be always on her, when ever she looked up.

Tom was dreaming of the possibilities as he watched her work. She was fully clothed but he mentally undressed her at every opportunity. It wasn’t all mental, on many occasions he glimpsed her ample bosom. At one stage she moved past where Charlie and his girl were half a sleep. His prick moved when she bent over and her tits hung down to show their fullness.

Tom couldn’t help it; he moaned out loud, “what a great pair of tits.” “Which ones, where?” Charley sat up to ask. “Oh she’s gone now” Tom said. He realised that he had been talking aloud.

Tom went looking for Mrs Walsh and found her farewelling some guests as they climbed in their cars and pulled away from her front gate. Waving the last car away she came inside and made her way back to the house. Tom kept to the shadow until she was near, and then joined her as she walked along the path.

“Oh its you,” she said as her heart skipped a beat, “what do you want now.” “You know what I want” he growled “come here and give me a kiss before you go back inside.” He kissed her vigorously until she couldn’t resist any longer, her arms came up around his neck “gently” she whispered, “gently.” Tom responded by kissing her lips softly whilst his hands unbuttoned her shirt.

Marks mum enjoyed Toms kisses. When she was young kisses were a turn on for her. As they kissed she realised how she missed the long kissing sessions of her youth. Tom could kiss, his kisses were hot and steamy, she moaned as she felt them melting her resistance.

She felt his hand as it opened her shirt. It stopped for a minute then started to push her bra up over her tit until he could rub her nipple. She could feel her nipple harden and at the same time felt her pussy become moist.

“We shouldn’t,” she whispered as he led her back into the trees. “I can’t be missing for long,” she moaned. Then just as Tom was leaning down to kiss her nipple, she made up her mind that risking everything like this was crazy.

She pulled her bra back down and tucked her shirt back in her jeans, “behave! This has gone far enough, my husband and family are here, please leave me alone.”

Tom felt guilty; He had been carried away by their kisses. The element of danger in trying to get off with a school mates mother, in a house full of people had been an added turn on.

He looked at her as she buttoned up her shirt, “I’m sorry” he said “it was dumb to think a lady like you would have anything to do with me.”

“I won’t embarrass you any more. Let’s get you back without being seen,” he said as he took her arm. Mary Walsh saw his disappointment and although she didn’t want to admit it shared that disappointment.

She would love to keep their kisses going, but she knew where that was leading. Her nipples even now as they walked into the kitchen were still hard and her pussy was leaking.

At the kitchen door she gave him a kiss on the cheek thank you, you are a young gentleman”. “What’s he done to make him a gentleman” her husband Jim asked from inside the door. “He escorted me back from seeing off some of your drunken friends,” Mary replied her eyes flashing.

Tom drifted back to find Charlie. “Let’s go” he said. “Mate I’m going to score,” Charlie whispered, “see you later.”

“Charlies going to score and nothing for you tonight” Tom said as he looked down at his rock hard prick. “Tomorrow’s another day, maybe Angela will want another lunch time session.”

He spied Angela as he strolled into the Mall the next afternoon. She smiled as he joined her. “I can’t get you out of my mind,” he whispered when they finished ordering. She smiled and looked around to see who was watching. “Be careful,” she whispered as she took a mouthful of scotch.

Tom sat drinking his milkshake when he spied Mary Walsh walk past. “I went to a BBQ at her place to celebrate her sons 18th birthday,” he said making small talk.

Angela was a fund of information. “Mary’s bookshops a good business, very profitable but she works strange hours.” “Her girl opens up in the morning.” “Mary stays till ten at night; she has a reading room and an internet café upstairs above the bookshop.”

Mary had noticed Tom and Angela talking with their heads close together. “I wonder what they’re talking about” she thought, and then a thought struck her “don’t tell me he’s trying to get off with her.”

Tom sat dreaming after Angela left for home. “I’d like to fuck that Mary Walsh,” he thought. “With those thick thighs wrapped around me and my head in her big boobs she`d be so different to Angela Turnbull.”

He smiled as he compared them both. About the same age and both with successful business they were the type of women he would never have thought of trying to kiss, let alone fuck. “A couple of weeks ago” I’d have said “too fucking old.” he thought.

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