tagMatureThe Lady Across the Hall Ch. 01

The Lady Across the Hall Ch. 01


The following events occurred the year following my graduation from college, and two years prior to my marriage. At the time, I was pretty certain that I would be marrying Lori my college sweetheart. We had been dating for several years and marriage had been discussed although mostly during sex. In retrospect, I was probably more certain about it than was Lori.

Lori and her parents were citizens of my college town that was located a day's drive from my hometown. During my time there I boarded with several different families. I met Lori soon after my arrival and we quickly became a steady twosome and fortunately I hit it off nicely with her parents.

Following my graduation I had found a job within a four-hour drive of Lori. Our affair continued and I tried to see her every weekend. Her parents were comfortable enough with me to allow me to bunk with them on my visits.

I did not realize it at the time, but Lori was growing a little distant from me and I later discovered that there was a new student in town who was slowly replacing me in her affection. But when we were alone together, she was as deeply into the sex as she had ever been.

I normally called her Thursday night if I was going to be able to get down to see her. But on this occasion I did not discover until Friday afternoon that I would be free to go. I called but there was no answer at Lori's apartment.

I was horny so I took a chance and left to see her on Friday afternoon. It was almost 8 pm when I got to her apartment. There was no answer to my knock, so after a few discouraging minutes I turned to leave.

There were two apartments on this floor, separated by a long hallway accessed by an outside stairway. Lori and I had spent many hours in that hallway making out and did everything there except get it on. When our affair finally evolved to screwing, we had to find other places but the hallway had been ground zero. Just as I turned to leave, the door across the hall opened and Muriel, the neighbor appeared and said, "Oh Jim, they have all left for the weekend, didn't they tell you?"

Muriel was a thin gaunt quiet woman about 40 years old. She was married to a traveling salesmen who left her alone for long periods of time. In all the years that I had been visiting this apartment I had never met her husband. Lori and her parents considered her a kind and thoughtful neighbor and we had met several times on those occasions that they had invited her for a meal or party. Muriel had always been very pleasant to me over the years. She was always upbeat despite leading a very lonely life.

I suppose disappointment showed clearly on my face and Muriel said, "Come on in and have a beer while you decide what you will do."

I thanked her and accepted the invitation; perhaps I could call around and find a motel room for the night. I entered her apartment and sat at the kitchen table as Muriel dug two bottles out of the fridge.

I had only ever thought of Muriel as a pleasant woman who had always treated me with courtesy, and I in turn had treated her with respect. If I had thought of her appearance, it would have been along the lines of her being attractive but dowdy and drab. She was no different this particular evening, no makeup and dressed in heavy sweater, long skirt and slippers. We chatted and drank our beer, and then had another one.

We were relaxed and I began to look at her more closely. Her drab clothes and lack of makeup soon became less significant, and her eyes began to lighten and her lips soften and part as we chatted. Our knees rubbed a few times under the table by accident, and then suddenly my knee was clamped between her two knees. Our eyes locked as she dropped her hand over mine and we held on as if frozen in place. She took a sudden breath and stood up.

She moved around the back of my chair to stand beside me and said, "Why not stay for supper; I eat late anyway and was just now planning it and have enough for two." She placed her hand on my neck and allowed her fingertips to tease my ear while she pressed her hip against my shoulder.

I was startled at the sudden familiarity but quickly returned it by putting my arm around behind her and pulling her to me in a sort of hug. She took in her breath at my touch. I let my hand slide down her hip and then around to the back of her leg. She bent and rubbed her cheek in my hair. I slipped my hand up under her skirt and up the back of her bare leg. Muriel whimpered softly as my fingertips located the hem of her panties and slipped inside caressing their way up to her cheeks. We kissed, her lips parting as I pushed my tongue into her mouth.

"That would be nice, thank you Muriel, I would like that." I had been considering either driving back home that evening or finding a motel. There was another option developing now and my cock stiffened at the possibility.

Muriel lingered a minute against me, before moving away. Events had moved more quickly than expected, for both of us I might add. She fussed around with something at her counter before opening the oven, "Why don't you watch some TV in the living room while supper is cooking; I am going to have a bath."

I was quite confident now that she was looking for some action and I was certainly ready for it. I had been expecting some hot sex with Lori, but it now appeared that getting in Muriel's panties would be much more likely. I rose to go to the living room but stopped behind Muriel grasping her hips while pulling her back against me. She pressed her butt back against my hard cock, turned her face to me for another tongue filled kiss. I moved my hands up and cupped her small tits. "You know what I want Muriel."

She slipped her tongue fully into my mouth then whispered, "Oh yes. I know."

I had just settled down in the living room when I heard her back in the kitchen after what must have a very quick bath. She returned to the living room with two more beer and sat beside me on the sofa. She was wearing a very light robe that pretty much suggested nakedness beneath. I could see the contours of her hips and legs moving around inside the robe and pointy nipples jutting through the material. Her hair was loose around her shoulders. She was a different woman, relaxed and softer in appearance, and she smelled very nice.

"I used to listen to you and Lori making out in the hallway. The two of you must have spent hours at it. I could imagine what all you were doing and it turned me on. I thank the two of you for reviving my interest in sex. It has been years since my husband has shown any interest in me."

Her robe had parted a little and I could see her legs half way to her hips. I leaned towards her and slipped my hand between her knees and slowly caressed her skin while working slowly up her inner thighs. She sat back against the sofa with closed eyes. Her legs parted as my hand advanced. I kissed her neck and cheek. Her hair and skin had the aroma of rose petals.

I untied the belt and opened the robe to expose her. She had small virginal breasts, the nipples pointy and erect. Her eyes were closed; I suppose worried that I might find her nakedness unappealing. But it was just the opposite. She looked very alluring and sexual and my mouth watered at the thought of licking and fucking her.

She had a full triangular bush and after rubbing her mound with my fingertips, I parted the pussy hairs to expose her cunt lips. I felt wonderfully relaxed and in control, the entire night available to me with a woman obviously wanting my attention.

We kissed more urgently, her tongue lashing out looking for mine as my fingers slipped between her spreading legs, one finger each side of her slit. She whimpered as I rubbed them back and forth, thrusting her hips upwards, trying to capture my fingers with her swollen pussy. I bent and licked the very tips of her nipples. She pulled my head down and moved one nipple to my lips.

"You used to go down on Lori. I could hear her moans and even the sound of your tongue in her. I would be tight up against the wall to catch every sound."

I lifted my head to look at her while slipping a finger into her wet cunt. She cried out "Ah sweet Christ" as I pulled my finger up and put it in my mouth.

"Did you imagine me licking your pussy Muriel? Did you wonder what it would feel like for my tongue tip to force its way between your pussy lips?" I slipped two fingers into her and she clenched her arms around my neck, thrusting her hips up on my fingers.

She was still recalling those nights when Lori and I were at each other in the hall. "Did you ever, you know, go all the way with Lori?"

"Did I ever fuck her? Is that what you mean Muriel? Did I ever fuck her like I am going to fuck you?" Her body was almost vibrating now, trembling each time my fingers or lips touched her.

She fumbled with my belt and zipper. I leaned back to allow her more freedom to explore. I wanted to feel her hands on my cock. I had to grit my teeth as her hot trembling fingers teased and circled the knob of my cock.

"My God, it is so big and hard. Goodness, I have never felt anything like it." She pushed the top of my shorts down and looked down to see my cock spring out at her. She moaned as she began to slide her hand up and down, my knob as purple as a big plum sticking out from her fist.

I groaned, "Be careful Muriel, you could end things right now. I have other places I want to put that." I demonstrated by sliding two fingers up her pussy, right to my knuckles. We clenched together on the sofa, masturbating each other.

I said, "I want to go down on you Muriel, show you what I was doing to Lori. I want to lick your pussy before I fuck it. Let me do it. Let me taste you."

There was no verbal answer, nor was there one expected, she just lay back on the sofa, reluctantly releasing my cock and closing her eyes. I moved to my knees between her legs. Her pussy looked almost virginal despite the fingering it had received. I moved my head directly between her legs and kissed then licked the slit. Her body stiffened as her hips arched upwards at my touch.

I worked the slit with my tongue and ran one long lick from the bottom to the top with flattened tongue. I captured her large clit with my lips and tickled it with my tongue tip. Muriel had left this planet by now, her knees clamped on the sides of my head, her hands pulling my mouth to her pussy, and she was crying with pleasure.

"Now Jim, now, please, I want you in me; put it in, now, now."

I stood up quickly and undressed, and moved up over her on the sofa. She had pulled a tube of jelly out from under the couch pillow and squeezed some on her fingers. "I'll need this," she moaned, "It's been a while since I've had anything except a vibrator in me." She began to swab her pussy, pushing some jelly into her slit with her fingers. I knelt between her legs and whispered, "Put some on my cock Muriel." She grabbed the tube again, squeezed a blob on the palm of her hand and quickly wrapped it around my stiff shaft. "No more, enough now baby, I want you."

She lay with her back in the corner of arm and backrest, her head bent ahead. The robe was wide open. Her nipples were like little pyramids jutting outwards from her small breasts. Her cunt was a red gash glistening beneath her big dark bush. Her thin legs were spread wide with knees drawn upwards.

I wasted no time and rubbed the knob in her slit and jammed it home in one slick move. I was not wearing a condom but that was apparently not a problem for her. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her up and fucked like a maniac, driving her head back and forth into the armrest of the sofa. I leaned over her, her fingernails dug into my ass to pull me tightly against her pussy.

I began to cum and took three or four wild long jabs in her, holding the last one deep as I began to spurt. She finished me off with her hips grinding and twisting my cock, sucking it dry.

After a minute I lifted up with my cock still in her. She looked upwards at me with languid stare, really the first time that she had fixed her eyes on mine. I enjoyed four or five of those achingly delicious finishing strokes and we both looked down to see her quivering pussy squeeze the knob out.

She grasped my slippery cock again, swirled the knob around in her cum-filled slit and murmured, "God that was nice, it has been many years since I have enjoyed one even close to being that good. Thank you for it, you are wonderful. I hope you can stay with me, I'll die if I cannot have more tonight."

Then, "I think supper is burned." She straightened as if to get up but paused over me, the burning meal suddenly no longer an issue. She straddled me as I lay naked on the sofa and placed her arms around my neck, nestling her tits against my mouth. "God Jim, suck my nipples again, it has been years since they have been loved like that."

I have always loved sucking nipples and I could feel her body melt in my arms as I sucked one in. My theory is that the nipples are hard wired to the pussy.

She had planted her knees each side of my hips as she leaned ahead to present her aching nipples. Her wet cunt was brushing and teasing my cock with predictable results. As it stiffened she lowered her body until the slit was sliding up and down along the bottom of my cock. She tried to capture the knob in her slit as I worked on her swollen nipples, sucking and teasing them, nipping and pulling at them.

I used my hand to move my knob to her slit, raising my butt to push the knob just inside her. "Squeeze it Muriel, just behind the knob, ah God yes, keep doing it."

Muriel's entire body was into it, she braced herself with her hands on my shoulders, her eyes closed and concentrating on fucking my knob with her cunt. Then she dropped right down until her ass was on my thighs and my cock fully engulfed. I watched her abdomen clenching and releasing as she slipped up and down.

"Lift up, just a little, give me room, I want to fuck your pussy now." Muriel's face was in the crook of my neck, kissing and sucking my neck and shoulder as I drove my cock up her again and again. Her orgasm was less volcanic than her first one, but obviously just as satisfying. She collapsed on me and I was in no condition to move her. We were a mess, two fucks in the space of an hour without moving off the couch.

She said, "I better get that food out of the oven, we will have the fire department here shortly." I watched her ass cheeks jiggle rhythmically as she moved away from me to the kitchen. She was full of confidence and unashamed of her nakedness knowing that I desired her and that she had pleased me as well as herself.

We had a bath together, toweled off and danced together naked to some slow music. We had some wine and ate a little. We went to bed and slow fucked, taking our time, tasting and rolling around naked before falling to sleep.

I had never slept all night with a woman and I recall waking up with a start whenever I bumped into her through the night. But what I had regularly experienced was exquisite early morning hard-ons. I was now provided the chance to combine both situations into something that I have grown to enjoy many times since that night.

Early morning sex is one of a kind. The woman is relaxed after a night's sleep, the concerns of daily life banished from her mind, feeling soft and warm and becoming slowly aware of a man with a very stiff cock rubbing on her. Naturally, her first conscious thought is of sex.

The man awakes, similarly refreshed with this soft silky body cradled tight to his chest. As always, he is erect with an aching cock yearning pleasure. He slides his hand around under her arm, it is suddenly filled with a silky breast and instinctively creeps lower down a soft belly to find legs drifting apart and exposing a hot swollen pussy.

Two people awaken, their minds empty except for the thought of sexual pleasure. Muriel's warm soft naked body would turn out to be my first experience with one of life's wonders.

We turned to each other on our sides. It was early dawn with just enough natural light to see the softness in her eyes and face. We moved closer together and she lifted one leg up over my hip. I felt her pussy as we necked again, crunching the heel of my hand on her mound and bush, and sliding two fingers easily into her slit.

"You will have to leave soon, make love to me one more time before you go. But take your time like you did before we slept, and leave me with a memory."

Her hand went between our bodies to grasp my cock and ease it between her legs. My knob slipped easily along her wet cunt lips. She moved her hips slowly back and forth, enticingly, wetting the top of my cock with her juice. We kissed softly as my hands found her ass, my fingertips meeting in the crease to caress and spread her cheeks. No jelly required on this morning.

"Give me the knob; let me squeeze it like I did last night until I almost cum."

I pressed it into her, and her lips clamped tightly behind the knob. I just lay there as she fucked my knob. Her arms went around me and she pulled her little tits tight against my chest, her entire body seemingly involved in the knob fuck. God it was nice, I contemplated getting off just with that. But soon the need to drive it deep in her took over and I began working it in and out, a little more with each jab until our pubic bones were banging together. I could feel the soft licks of a thousand little tongues as my cock penetrated the folds of her eager pussy.

She rolled to her back, pulling me on top of her, reaching her legs up and over my back and surrendering her cunt to my thrashings. "Give it all, all of it Jim."

We finished in perfect unison, her clenching my cock each time as I withdrew it and opening for my thrust. We lay for a while and then, "we both need a shower," she moaned. The shower ended with a long knee weakening blowjob. She smiled as she lifted off of my cock, "been wanting to do that for a few years too," she said, a little cum dripping from her mouth. It was a beautiful finish to a great night. The significance did not sink in for some time, that it had been my first "all nighter" with a woman.

I broke up with Lori by telephone a few weeks after the above night with Muriel, totally unrelated to those events. I called Muriel a few times after that but could never bring myself to spend the night with her in the apartment across the hall from my ex-girlfriend and her family. But Muriel had been re-ignited sexually and she took a bus to visit me several times over the following months. I had a bachelor apartment, not too big or well furnished, but it did have a bed and a fridge for beer. Food was never a concern when Muriel paid a visit.

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