tagNovels and NovellasThe Lady Executive Ch. 01

The Lady Executive Ch. 01


I entered my Houston office Monday morning as the other executives ignored me. A meeting was scheduled at 10am to decide who should take the lead in the opening of the new office in Wilmington, NC. I knew the competition would be tough and had spent weeks studying the weaknesses of my competition among the other three executives being considered and had my assistant type a memo to the senior vice president of the national healthcare corporation I worked for. In the memo I outlined that I was honored to be the only female considered for the position and unlike Bob who was married with children at home, I was single and travel would not be a problem. Randall had come in over budget on the last opening he did in Denver and Scott who had one opening under his belt in Memphis took two months longer than was planned and was also over budget. Having had the chance to learn from their experiences, I expressed the need to show I could do it on time and within budget given the opportunity. My assistant delivered the memo to the senior vice president the Friday before the meeting so it would be fresh in his mind for Monday morning. I knew this was dirty pool but I didn't care.

I dressed for the occasion in a short black skirt, low cut blue blouse with the proper amount of cleavage, matching black business jacket, and completing the look with black stockings and pumps. I looked smart and sexual as I entered the boardroom and took my seat.

Mr. Simmons the senior vice president was the last to enter and took the seat at the head of the table. He opened his notebook which contained one piece of paper and began the conference. He started by thanking us all for attending and read from his document that I immediately recognized as my memo. He pointed out every detail and announced who the memo had come from and that he was pleased with my honesty and research and said, "The opening in Wilmington is to be officially awarded to Joanie." Mr. Simmons thanked everyone and wished me the best of luck.

I told him, "You will not be disappointed."

As we left the conference room, I heard the mumbling from Scott, "What a ruthless bitch."

"It's a cut throat world in the corporate environment and one must do their research to get what they want." I thought to myself. I walked straight to my office and rang my assistant who was waiting in anticipation.

She strolled in my office and asked, "Well?"

I told her all about it, she kissed me and said, "I will run out to get us some lunch to celebrate."

"I have a better idea." I said as I crossed my office and locked the closed door. When I turned around, I smiled as I began to unbutton my blouse and walked back across the office to her.

She smiled. "You are a naughty bitch." she said seductively as she also unbuttoned her blouse.

Before long we were both naked and engaged in a wonderful 69 on my office couch. I had just locked my lips around her clit when there was a knock on my door.

I quickly said, "I'm on a call."

Bailey started to move off of me but I held her around the waist and thrust my pussy against her face. She took the hint and continued to nibble on my clit in a most delicious way.

A female voice said this is Marylyn, Scott's assistant and he would like to see you.

I told her, "I will be there when I am done with my call." I sighed as I begrudgingly released Bailey's hips.

Bailey and I laughed quietly, got dressed and she headed out to get our lunch.

I headed over to Scott's office and Marylyn escorted me in and shut the door. I asked, "Did you need something Scott?"

He said, "Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I believe you owe me and the others an apology for the dirty work you did in sabotaging everyone else's chances at the new project."

"I believe you need to grow up, Scott. I heard your comment as you left the conference room. If you guys had done your jobs, it wouldn't have been so easy for me to take the position. I won't apologize for your apathy." I said, looking him in the eyes and then turning my back on him and closing the door behind me, cutting off any reply he might have been considering.

Even though I worked with mostly men, I resisted the temptation of getting involved sexually simply because I didn't want to bring any emotion into the workplace and possibly ruin my career. I preferred to keep things professional except with my assistant Bailey. Due to my work and travel schedule, I didn't date much or get involved in relationships. I played out my sexual fantasies by working for an adult online web chat company as a webcam model at night, a virtual "Call Girl" for men. I had fantasized about being paid for sex for years anyway so this seemed a safe way to fulfill that desire as well. I have been chatting, masturbating and exposing myself to men all over the world for a couple of years.

Then one evening Lance entered my chat room and changed my life. He opened my eyes to a new world. It was a world of excitement, public sex, and the possible dangers of meeting my webcam "Johns" in person. Lance was special. He was the first of many. He immediately got my attention as he took over my chat room while the other men who were the usual crowd that followed me online quit typing to watch how this was going to play out. Lance was different from the others somehow and I knew it. He treated me with respect and dignity while being complimentary and attentive. He also took the time to get to know me, something I never would have allowed anyone else to do. We had fun together online. My intense interest in him led me to give him my Skype information during a paid private session online so we could get to know each other better outside of the public and paid private chat room I was working. Bringing him to a personal one on one internet encounter was not something that I had ever done before. I had been asked by others several times but never gave out any information or took anyone outside of the chat site I worked for. It could be dangerous. I preferred to play my character, get off, and not get involved.

As the days and weeks progressed, we traded email addresses, phone numbers, and instant messaging information. We continued to play out sexual encounters while learning about each other's work and private life interests. Neither of us had ever done anything like this. Both of us being successful business minded professionals that worked too much and didn't play enough, the internet seemed to be a great way to have sexual play without interrupting our careers. This sexual play got me thinking about how I could expand my sexual needs and bring my favorite men from the chat room closer to me without getting too personal. I developed my own website to send my best clients to, allowing me the control of who I would choose to receive my personal information. The adult site I worked for would terminate me if I were caught giving out personal information. They warn the webcam models of this not only for the company's obvious monetary reasons but for the model's safety. My sexual needs were more overwhelming than my own personal safety at this point because the sexual tension between Lance and I was mounting more and more each day.

Despite the potential risks involved in meeting a stranger, I made the conscious decision to meet in person while I was working at the new office in Wilmington, NC for the next 2 weeks. I could never let him know the name of the company I worked for or any office phone numbers or addresses that I worked from. It could ruin my professional career as an executive if this got out.

We had decided that we would meet for the weekend at The Carolina Beach Courtyard Marriott. This was perfect for me. It was far enough out of town away from my Wilmington office. When we were on Skype making our plans, he told me he would be arriving Saturday morning on the 10:15am flight and I agreed to pick him up at the airport mainly so I could stay in control. I had fantasized about this many times and it was finally going to happen. No more phone sex, Skype, texting or erotic emails with sexually explicit pictures attached. I could fuck him and send him on his way.

I was always worried my assistant, Bailey, who I enjoyed sexually and trusted more than anyone, would find an email on my computer, hear me on my personal cell phone having phone sex in my office, or catch me taking pictures of myself with my webcam that I packed in my Burberry business bag every day. Even though she was a trusted assistant, she was also a dear friend of many years. I know she would never say anything to anyone but I wasn't sure I could deal with the embarrassment. We went to college together and I got her a job with my company after her second child. She was married with three children and even though she was educated and intelligent enough to do my job, she was completely happy being my assistant. With no travel and late night dinner meetings, she was free to raise her family and be home every evening with her husband and children.

I thought I would never make it through work Friday. With the thought of knowing that Lance, my first prey, was arriving the next morning. It had me so excited that it was difficult to concentrate. I had a smile on my face all day and no one could figure out why this difficult business woman was so happy. The time seemed to move very slowly as I watched the clock and tried to complete my work and meetings without thoughts of him in my head.

It was torture, but I finished work at 5:30 and called Bailey at our corporate office in Houston with the details of the work week, promising her the written reports Monday morning. I decided it was time to go shopping for some new lingerie to surprise Lance in when he arrived.

As I shopped around various lingerie stores in the area, I entertained a number of wild public sex fantasies. I ended up buying a black lace slip with a deep blue trim that would match my dress. Along with the slip I bought matching underwear sets of crotchless panties and half cup bras in three different color schemes, one of which was a match to the slip and dress. I planned to wear the new lingerie under a sexy short blue dress that matched my sparkling blue eyes when I picked him up at the airport. However, without my knowledge Lance had spent his morning planning a surprise for me.

I was sitting on the beach Friday night relaxing in the night air after a walk on the beach when I received a text message from Lance asking what I was doing. I smiled and texted back that I was sitting on the beach relaxing outside the hotel. I waited for him to text me back but I received nothing further. Within minutes after I had pressed the send button, Lance was standing over me on the beach.

He saw my eyes light up accompanied by an infectious smile. He reached for my hand to pull me up close to him. I could feel his growing excitement pressing against me as he held me tight in his embrace. Lance's hands slowly went from the small of my back to my firm buttocks as he grabbed my ass with his very strong hands squeezing my cheeks and pulling my pelvis even tighter against his body. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lifted me up as I wrapped my silky legs around his waist. He kissed me longingly and passionate.

I tried to ask him when he arrived and he stopped me from talking by kissing me again and laying me down on the beach. I was conflicted and aroused at the same time. He wasn't supposed to be here yet. Had I made a mistake?

Lance began by gently running his hands over my body and then proceeded to remove his shirt, tie, and pants. As we lay on the beach with me in my shorts and bikini top and Lance in his boxers, he untied my bikini top ever so slowly. He then kissed me just beneath my right ear as I reached my hand down his boxers to find his tight ass cheeks and rub them softly as we kissed long and hard. I was aching with desire for him and practically begging for him to take me right then and there on the beach, but Lance continued to tease me by running his hand down my shorts and rubbing me in places that had not been touched by a man in quite some time. He then slid his fingers inside me as I began to stroke his cock with my soft, warm hand.

Consumed with lust, I had relaxed and the thought of him arriving a night early momentarily escaped my mind. Our bodies were covered in sand, knowing we wanted more and more of each other; we grabbed our clothes and entered the hotel. Lance was in his undershirt and boxers and me in my shorts and bikini top as we made our way toward the room on the 5th floor.

The elevator was empty so he pinned me against the wall of the elevator and kissed me from my neck to my breasts while pressing hard against me. I grabbed his waist and my hands slid down to his ass again pulling him into me as tight as I could. I noticed what a firm body he had and that he was very fit.

We reached our floor and hurried to the room. As soon as the door was closed behind us, I suggested a shower to remove the sand from our bodies but Lance would not allow. This was yet another turn of events for me. I was used to being in control with my high powered profession and I had worked hard to make sure I had this weekend under control but for some reason I was quickly caught up in his lustful charm and relinquished control.

He picked me up and carried me to the bed where he quickly removed my shorts and hopelessly wet thong and started kissing my body, moving closer and closer to the promised land. He teased me with his tongue and I felt his every breath on my clit as I thrust my hips into him begging him to eat me. As I moaned in delight and rose up to remove his undershirt. He stood up and quickly took his boxers off and threw them on the floor in a heat of passion. He ripped my bikini top from my body exposing my erect nipples.

Our naked bodies begging to become one, Lance mounted me and entered me slowly as he kissed me in the mouth looking me deep in the eyes as I sucked his tongue. My fingernails dug into his back as he began to thrust into me deeper, faster, and harder.

Our desire to climax together was increasing by the seconds. I was reaching heights of passion with him that I had not experienced in quite some time. Maybe it was just the danger of meeting a stranger from the internet for sex. I didn't know and I didn't care at the time. It was everything I'd been missing in my sex life and I reveled in it.

Lance decided he wanted to take me from behind and rolled me over quickly as I positioned myself doggie style at the end of the bed to allow him to stand and enter me again even deeper than before. He was slowly going deeper and speeding up while he placed a thumb in my ass.

"Oh Lance! Ooohh god yeah, cum with me! I'm gonna cum!" I screamed in the heat of the moment.

Wanting to please me even more, Lance growled, "Cum again, Joanie and I will cum with you!" He teased me more by going slow and then speeding up again all the while going as deep inside me as possible. I achieved orgasm again as he pressed his thumb deeper in my ass. My orgasmic fluids were now dripping down my inner thighs. Lance had reached the point of no return but wanted to look me in the eyes when we climaxed together for the first time as he had discussed in our emails. So he immediately turned me over on my back and inserted his engorged cock inside me while looking deeply in my blue eyes.

"Go baby, cum with me now!" he exclaimed.

I screamed his name and said, "Lance, I am there GO!"

As we looked into each other's eyes and succumbed to orgasm together for the first time, he filled me with the gift he had been saving for me. No words needed to be spoken as I gazed into his deep brown eyes. As we lay in each other's arms sandy, dripping with sweat, and covered in our sexual fluids, we decided a refreshing shower was needed next.

The weekend was off to a great start and I was so happy I had reserved the balcony suite overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I made sure it was the best suite they had with a large shower and a Jacuzzi tub allowing me my space. Before Lance went to shower, he called room service for wine and a cheese and fruit platter. I grabbed my short silk robe from the closet and went to the balcony for a much needed cigarette after my first internet sexual conquest. I looked around and saw that there was no one else on any of the surrounding balconies. I was still feeling a bit naughty so I allowed the robe to open wide as I stood at the rail, exposing my entire body to anyone who looked up.

As I sat in the cool night air with the breeze seeming to come from the ocean specifically to meet the heat from my body, I had decided I liked this secret sex life. Although, I couldn't help but wonder about him showing up early. This was supposed to be a no strings attached encounter but I somehow got the feeling from him that there was something more. I wanted nothing more than a sexual tryst. I enjoyed the internet play on Skype with Lance but I was quickly realizing that maybe I wasn't the hunter. Had he sought me out or was it a chance meeting in my online chat room? I needed to pick out my next internet prey very carefully and do this again.

Lance paid cash for the room service and brought his choice of wine and snacks to the balcony to join me. He smiled when he realized I was essentially naked on the balcony. He handed me a glass of wine and made sure I had everything I needed. I didn't want to be pampered, I only wanted sex. I felt that I was losing control of the weekend that was supposed to be filled with lustful sex, rest and relaxation from the everyday rat race that I worked in.

He kissed me on the cheek softly. "So, any regrets?" he asked.

"No, not a one." I said.

"That's good. Are you ready for your shower?" he asked.

Still surprised at myself for meeting someone from the internet in person, I said, "You go ahead and take your shower first, I'm going to sit here and enjoy another cigarette in this wonderful ocean breeze for a bit longer."

"Ok. I'll try not to use all the hot water." he said, chuckling as he walked back into the bathroom.

I lit another cigarette as I smiled at what I had done. A mere weekend fling that would go no further and I would move on to the next one.

After my shower, I joined him in bed. We finished our wine, fruit and cheese and then fell asleep in each other's arms on our first night together, skin on skin.

We awoke to the sunrise. Lance was lightly caressing me as he admired my body in the light of day. I was famished from the previous night's adventures.

"Let's go down to the patio for breakfast." I suggested, trying to reestablish control of the situation.

"That sounds great, but I'll have to go get my clothes from my car. I was so hot for you last night that I left my bag in the car when I got here and immediately went looking for you. I'll get dressed and be right back." he said, with a smile that made my pussy twinge again.

I had never encountered a man who could do that to me with just a look. It reminded me just how careful I'd have to be around this man.

He put on his trousers and shirt to go get it, taking a room key. While he was gone, I got out the lingerie I had bought special for this weekend and put it on and slid into that blue dress before he returned. As I was finishing my hair and make-up in the bathroom, Lance returned and began to get dressed.

I walked out of the bathroom to put on my stockings and pumps. He was dressed smartly in khaki pants, shirt, tie and loafers. The moment he saw me I could tell in his eyes that he wanted me again.

He asked, "Joanie, how am I ever going to make it through breakfast?"

I simply replied as I brushed against the quickly growing bulge in his pants, "You won't." I kissed him softly and proceeded to put on my stockings and black pumps so we could go eat.

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