tagNovels and NovellasThe Lady Executive Ch. 08

The Lady Executive Ch. 08


I had to change planes in Atlanta and had an hour before my flight to Wilmington. I turned my phone on as the plane arrived at the gate. I had voicemail and email notifications so I decided to find a lounge as soon as I could and check the voicemails and emails to see what was waiting for me. I got brave enough to have all of my emails from my "Johns" forwarded to my cell phone but have to remember not to reply from that email account. I noticed a few emails from my potential sex partners there but would need my laptop to reply from my sex website email. As I anxiously awaited my turn to leave my seat on the plane, I couldn't resist reading a couple of them. I had some from Bailey but I was more interested in the ones from Sam, Cory, and Lance that I noticed. Sam, who I just referred to my website, had already emailed me wanting to meet. Cory emailed as promised and was ahead of schedule and ready to meet this week. I didn't get to Lance's email as it was time to leave the plane and find my next gate and a lounge.

My next gate was a little farther away than expected and no lounge in site. So I found a seat at the gate, got out my laptop. While I waited for my laptop to start up, I checked my voicemails.

The first message was from Bailey telling me that the package was delivered to Randall's office as planned before anyone got to the office. There was another one from Bailey warning me that Randall made it to work and she had never seen him so angry.

She said, "Let me know if I need to make a drop at his house on my lunch break. I haven't heard any rumors from any of the other assistants but he is pacing in and out of his office." Randall's office is two doors down from mine. He has always been mad at me anyway because I have a corner office with a fabulous view. Now he has even more to be angry about because I beat him at his own game. I smiled as I thought of the video, the corner office, and beating him out of the Wilmington contract.

The final voicemail was from Randall. He was surprisingly calm as he said, "Good morning, Joanie. I got your package and agree not to reveal your online sex chat room as long as you keep your deal and not release the video. We do need to talk privately when you return. I want to have a drink with you in a public place of my choice." He finished the voicemail with a disturbing statement. "This isn't over yet Joanie." Everything in his voicemail was fine until the last. What did he mean by it not being over yet?

I decided that I would email him now that my laptop was up and ready to go. I logged into the airport wireless network and wrote, "Randall, I got your voicemail. We will talk as you wish when I return from Wilmington. Until then, rest easy and don't work too hard.....Joanie"

Now it was time to log into my sex email and see what Sam, Cory, and Lance had to say. I clicked on Lance's email first. He wrote, "Hey Babe. Can't wait to see you Thursday morning when you pick me up at the airport. I was able to change a few things and would like to stay through Sunday morning. If this is ok, let me know and I will change my flight." As much as I enjoyed Lance, I am afraid this will be too long for just sex. He is very comfortable and exciting to be with sexually which is something I was looking forward to. I have spent so much time texting, emailing, and talking on the phone with him. This seems excessive for a mere one time fuck and walk away plan. Why can't I let him go? Is it because there could be something more between us? I had to see what Cory and Sam's emails said before I could reply to Lance. Besides, that reply needed some thought.

Sam wanted to schedule a Skype session with me so we could get to know each other better. Cory wanted to meet. He said, "Joanie, I will be in Charlotte, NC Wednesday through Friday. Let me know a good night for you and I will come to Wilmington. I would like to spend the night with you. I know we won't get much sleep, but it will be worth it. I look forward to hearing from you." I smiled with the thought of having Cory and Lance back to back. If I scheduled it right, Cory would leave Thursday morning before I had to pick Lance up at the airport. "That could prove to be exciting and dangerous!"

I didn't write Lance, Cory or Sam back. I would need to think about Lance on the next flight. I realized I had some strange experiences lately and Lance was a fun fuck but I wanted to avoid getting attached. Sleeping with him more than once could lead to something but I just don't know if that would be a danger with Lance or if it would be something I could handle. Could I have an ongoing sexual relationship with Lance while continuing with my other one night stands? It was time to shut down my laptop for boarding time and on to Wilmington. I decided it would be best to write them back once I got checked into my beach house.

I made it to the beach house and everything was perfect. It had a fabulous view of the ocean from the deck and a private walkway right to the water. As I looked around, I noticed how private the area was. There were only a couple of people out walking along the beach. It was warm and time to change into some shorts and sit on the deck alone with the sound of the waves and my laptop. I had emails to write and some fabulous sex to line up.

I emailed Cory first and wrote, "Wednesday night will be better for me and yes you can spend the night. However, I have to leave for work the next morning by 9am. If this will work, let me know."

I pressed send and was on to Sam. He just wanted to set up time to Skype so I wrote him back, "Ready to Skype whenever you are. Let me know." I pressed send again and was off to the dreaded Lance email.

I had decided on the plane to Wilmington that the entire weekend might be way too much for a second encounter and that I would use the excuse that my daughter was visiting me for the weekend. Since she goes to school at UNC, it's not a long drive for her after her classes on Friday. That would be sure to get Lance back to Boston Friday evening if I could get him to buy that story. I wrote the email to Lance explaining the situation with my daughter visiting and went for a walk on the beach. As I walked along the beach, I wondered what Lance could possibly have planned for an entire weekend. I thought this was just about sex for him as well. I shrugged off those thoughts and continued my walk. He will email or call me later.

I returned from my walk on the beach and immediately checked my email. I had no replies from my men yet so I decided to call Bailey and let her know about my voicemail from Randall and my reply to him so she wouldn't worry. I put her on speaker phone and talked with her as I unpacked my things and put them away. I found my bikini as I was unpacking and set it aside knowing as soon as I got off the phone with Bailey it was time to get some tanning in on the deck.

I finished the call with Bailey as I finished putting on my bikini. I made my way to the deck with a towel, sunscreen, and a glass of ice water. There were four lounge chairs on the deck. Two were one person loungers and the others were built for two but all of them were cushioned and quite comfortable. I decided to stretch out on a large one. I positioned it facing the sun and reclined it flat then started applying my sunscreen as I noticed some workers at the beach house next door. As quickly as I noticed them, they turned their heads. They were obviously watching me so I decided to give them something to look at as they worked on the siding and widows of the house next door.

I paid them no attention as I continued to slowly spread the sunscreen on my legs then lying flat I continued up to my stomach, cleavage, shoulders and arms. As I laid there on my back with my sunglasses on, I could see them out of the corner of my eye watching every move I made. I reached behind my neck and untied my bikini top and tucked the strings under my breasts. This was going to be a long slow tease as I applied more sunscreen to my breasts exposing more and more. The bikini bottom tied on each side so I reached down and untied them one by one.

I reached for a drink of water and let my exhibitionist side take over. After a long drink of the cold water, I took a piece of ice out and rubbed it on by body cooling me down some but not nearly enough so I untied the back of my top and set it on the deck next to me exposing my breasts in the sunlight. Feeling the eyes of the workers next door, I reached for my sunscreen and rubbed the lotion on my breasts slowly while paying close attention to my nipples. I love being watched so the excitement of this was building. My nipples were erect and my pussy was wet so I raised my butt and removed the already untied bikini bottoms, giving them a nice view of my naked ass as I rolled to my side and reached for my glass of water. Drinking from it, the cold droplets on the outside of the glass dripped down my body exciting me even more. I turned to lie on my stomach and spread my legs a bit, giving them a look at my freshly waxed pussy.

I stretched out on the lounge chair spread eagle. Anyone that happened to get close enough would have a great view of my puss. As they enjoyed the view of my ass for the next ten minutes, it was time to turn over. When I rolled over, I noticed one of the workers coming up the steps to my deck. He was tan, buff and wearing only his jeans. I glanced down his body and saw that he was already sporting a large bulge at his crotch. His sweaty bare chest glistened in the sunlight.

"Well this could be interesting." I thought. I took off my sunglasses and gave him my best cold-hearted bitch look as I reached for my water without taking my eyes off his. I took a sip as he took the last step onto my deck. As I set the water back on the deck, I took a moment to look him over, trying to decide how best to handle him. He was a beautiful man, easily 6 ft tall with a very nicely developed upper body. His arms, chest, and abs told me he had been in construction for quite some time. This initially set off alarms because construction workers don't have the best reputation for being gentlemen. However, when I looked him in the eye again, they had an unexpected softness and innocence in them. When he spoke, he made my decision for me.

"Hello, Ma'am." he said shyly with a somewhat sheepish grin on his face. When he glanced over his shoulder at the rest of the crew, all of whom were watching intently as their buddy approached me, they broke out in laughter.

"To hell with interesting, this is going to be fun." I thought when I saw the embarrassment in his eyes. I glanced past him at the rest of the guys then raised my hand to my face as though to shield my eyes from the sun. I looked him in the eye and winked. The relief on his face made my pussy wetter than it already was. I relaxed and raised my left leg and let it lean a little sideways, opening my pussy to his gaze but hiding it from the crew. I innocently scratched at my nipple and smiled as his eyes widened. I could see the internal struggle going on as he tried to decide where to look, at my nipple or at my pussy. I gave him a second to decide and much to my surprise, he chose my eyes. I knew at that second I was going to fuck him. The only question was whether I'd let those assholes he worked with watch.

"Hello. What can I do for you?" I asked, loudly enough for the guys to hear.

"The guys just sent me over here to make sure we weren't disturbing you with all the banging and stuff." he said, embarrassed and rolling his eyes and smiling the cutest smile I'd seen in a long time. His body said he was easily in his late 20's but his voice betrayed him, telling me early to mid 20's at the oldest.

"You guys are banging over there?" I asked with a smirk followed by a long, drawn out, seemingly innocent scratch on my pussy lip. I was rewarded with a wide-eyed gulp as his eyes instinctively followed my fingertip as it moved up and down my now glistening pussy lip.

"Umm, yeah...No no no! Not that kind of banging! The hammering and the sawing and stuff, all the noise! Oh Jeez I am so sorry. We're not like that!" he suddenly exclaimed when he caught my innuendo. The guys all burst out laughing hysterically and some dropped to the ground and rolled around as they laughed at their coworker. I must admit, that kind of pissed me off so I decided not to make him suffer any longer. I also decided I would fuck him in private but make sure his buddies knew he was getting the fucking of a lifetime.

"Dear God I should hope not. You are entirely too cute to be fucking any of those assholes. How about we go inside and you can fuck mine?" I asked, again making sure they overheard the conversation. Without giving him time to answer, I stood up and stepped close enough to him that my breasts were pressed against his hard belly and his hard cock pressed against my lower belly. I looked him in the eye and smiled as I reached up and pulled his face down to mine. "I am going to jump and I want you to catch me and kiss me, then carry me into the house. I'll take the lead from there." I whispered into his ear. The moment he started to nod, I did exactly that. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled back just a bit so it was obvious that he made the move to kiss me. I gasped in surprise when his hands squeezed my ass hard and without the slightest effort he strode across the deck and into the house, slamming the door behind him.

"I am so sorry about them, Ma'am!" he exclaimed as he gently set me back on my feet once we were in the house and out of sight of his buddies.

"Oh sweetheart, don't worry about them. They're obviously a bunch of the stereotypical jackasses that give construction workers a bad reputation. I think we just gave them a shock of their lives." I answered, laughing. "Do you want something to drink while we let them stew in their juices for a bit before the action starts?" I asked, and laughed again at the look on his face.

"Action? Starts?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"Oh wow, you are so fucking cute. Yes, before the action starts. You didn't think I would get you all fired up playing with my nipple and pussy and letting you squeeze my ass...quite deliciously, by the way...then not do anything to help you out with that, did you?" I asked, pointing at the very impressive bulge in his jeans.

"Well, um, I really had no intention..." he stammered and blushed.

"Maybe you didn't, Honey, but I most certainly do." I purred as I stepped close to him again, placing my breast firmly against his body again and emphasizing my point by grabbing his ass as squeezing hard.

He startled a bit when I grabbed hold and he tensed his ass in reflex. His butt went rock solid in my hand and my pussy clenched again. I knew I was going to enjoy getting my hooks into him in a few moments.

"Oh wow." he squeaked.

I literally had to bury my face against his chest for fear of laughing at him again. Instead, I stretched and began nibbling at his neck and gripping his solid ass and pulling his loins hard against my belly. I nibbled and gently bit my way down his body, tasting his fear and sweat. When I was kneeling, I looked up at him with my most seductive look as I unbuckled his belt and began to open his jeans.

"It's not wow yet, Honey, but it will be soon. Relax and let me take you on the ride of your life." I said in what my webcam guys had called my fuck-me-running voice. Then I pulled his zipper down and his rock-solid cock literally slapped me on the nose. I yelped in mild surprise, then I grinned and looked him in the eye as I took his beautiful dick in my hand and licked his shaft up and down a couple times before briefly sucking on the head. "I take that back, Sweety. Wow time is now." I said sensually as I slowly stood up, making sure to run his cock between my breasts on my way up. He hissed and closed his eyes and growled softly as I sucked on his neck some more. I stepped back from him and stroked his cock twice before turning away. "Leave your clothes there and come upstairs. I'll be in the second room on the right. Don't keep me waiting, Loverboy." I purred as I slowly walked away out of the kitchen.

I could hear him struggling out of his jeans and then curse as he realized he still had his boots on. I had to smile as I pictured him frantically fighting to get them off. I quietly took the stairs two at a time and left the bedroom door open. I walked over to the windows which I knew would be facing the house they were working on and I opened the blinds. I looked down on the idiots just sitting there. They didn't even notice there was a naked woman in the window above them until I rapped my knuckles on the glass. One of the guys looked up and choked on his drink and pointed up. The others all looked up and, as expected, hooted and hollered. I just shook my head and turned my back on them, giving them one quick look at my ass before sitting on the bench stretched below the windows. At that very moment, I heard my boy toy clambering up the stairs toward my room. I had to stifle another smile and quickly put on a sultry face as he all but stumbled in the door.

"Come over here. We have an audience waiting." I purred and I motioned out the window with my chin and smiled, licking my lips.

He slowly walked across the large bedroom, stroking his hard cock and eyeing my body. I boldly displayed myself, caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I spread my legs and ran a finger between my bald, wet pussy lips, gasping involuntarily as my finger slid back down across my clit and inside my pussy. When he finally reached me, I wasted no time taking his cock in my mouth and sucking him into my throat. I continued strumming my clit gently as I stroked and sucked his cock slowly. He read my mind and slowly wrapped his fingers into my hair, gently pulling with every stroke of my lips down his cock. I grinned and giggled softly as he gently set the pace to his liking, gently pulling my face down his cock and holding there for a moment before pulling me away. I fondled his balls as I sucked and nibbled on the head of his cock. It didn't take long before I could feel the tension building in his loins and balls so I pulled back and gently shook my head. He took the hint and let go of my hair, then to my delight, he reached down further with my nipple in his fingers and proceeded to roll and pinch it, sending a wonderful shot of pleasure to my pussy. I pulled my lips off his cock for a split second and looked up at him, grinning.

"For a construction worker, you have absolutely wonderful hands and fingers. Don't stop what you're doing. In fact, put a little more muscle into it. I have tough nipples." I purred and licked up and down his cock a few times before concentrating on the head.

He did as he was told and began to play a little rough with my nipple. He pinched it hard and rolled it back and forth between his finger and thumb. It didn't take long before my pussy was literally dumping juice onto my fingers buried inside it.

I stroked his shaft and sucked and nibbled on the head of his cock until the tension built again. Then I had a stroke of genius and tried something I like having done right before he came. I took my fingers out of my wet pussy and slid the lubed digit between his legs and began to stroke his asshole. Just as his orgasm hit, I gently thrust my finger into his ass and he roared as the orgasm ripped through his belly, balls and cock, filling my mouth with shot after shot of cum. I did my best to not spill a drop but there was so much that I couldn't help but let a few drops slide out of my lips and onto my breasts. I kept sucking and stroking his cock, expecting it to go soft after the orgasm he just had. To my surprise and delight, he never even started to soften. He grinned at me when I looked up at him, with surprise on my eyes.

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