tagNovels and NovellasThe Lady Executive Ch. 11

The Lady Executive Ch. 11


The first thing that Reggie did after he landed in Houston was to stop at a gift shop in the airport and purchase a disposable cell phone. With the help of the clerk, he activated the phone right there in the store. After that, he headed straight for Enterprise and rented a car for Carl Jacobs, at least that's what his ID said. He used a different ID than the one he flew under. After getting his car, he wasted no time in following Joanie's directions to her office. He sat outside the building, watching people enter and leave for an hour before calling the main switchboard.

"US Healthcare Products and Supplies, Inc. How may I direct your call?" answered a very impersonal receptionist.

"I'd like to speak to Randall Evans please." Reggie said pleasantly.

"One moment." said the receptionist before connecting him to the mind sucking force that is corporate hold music. Fortunately, Randall's assistant, Ramona, answered before too much damage was done to Reggie's mind.

"Randall Evans' office." she said, abruptly.

"Yes, this is Jim Blackwell with Medi-Tech. Is Mr. Evans in?" Reggie asked quickly.

"Mr. Evans is in a meeting at the moment. Can I take a message and have him call you back, Mr. Blackwell?" she asked.

"No, no. I'll try him again later. Thank you." Reggie said and quickly hung up.

Having established Randall's presence at work, he decided it was time to get some supplies for the mission at hand. He drove around until he found a Wal-Mart. Inside, he wandered around aimlessly and eventually left the store with a wide variety of items from food to hunting supplies. After he left Wal-Mart, he went back to US Healthcare and spotted Randall's car in the employee lot. He checked the time and found he still had three hours before Randall would be leaving if he followed the schedule Joanie had told him. He went to a gas station nearby and bought duct tape, some more snack food, a ball cap, and filled the tank. When he returned to US Healthcare, he had plenty of time to put a nice razor edge on the hunting knife while he patiently waited for Randall to leave.

It was two hours later that Ramona finally left the building and walked to her car. She was followed by Randall 10 minutes later. Just as Joanie had predicted, they were the last two to leave the office. Reggie had no problem following Randall to the hotel where he knew Ramona would be waiting. Joanie had told him that Randall and Ramona had a regular Wednesday night fling that everyone but their spouses knew about. Randall's wife supposedly thought he was in a bowling league and Ramona's husband was under the impression she was in a weekly book club.

At the hotel, Reggie got lucky and found a parking spot closer than Randall. He was in the lobby and talking on his cell phone when Randall came in and went straight to the elevators. They got on the same elevator and Reggie let Randall step out first. He followed Randall down the hall and walked past the room as a very sexy Ramona opened the door for Randall. After the door closed, Reggie noted which room they were in and went back down to his car.

Once in the room, Randall quickly realized Ramona had been very busy since she'd arrived. Ramona was wearing a mid thigh length black silk robe, covering her up to her neck. The bed had been remade with black rubber sheets. On the nightstand were three different bottles of massage oil. Black fragrant candles burned all over the room. There was a BDSM porn movie playing on the television. Ramona quickly turned it off and when she turned around, the look on her face told Randall she meant business.

"On your knees and kiss my shoes, slave!" she ordered, cracking a small whip Randall hadn't even noticed she was holding.

Randall jumped at the crack of the whip and immediately dropped to his knees as she ordered. As he bent over to kiss her shoes, she hit him hard on the ass with a riding crop she had in her other hand, also unnoticed by Randall until she hit him with it. He yelped at the sting on his ass and tried to crawl away. Ramona laughed and hit him two more times before she stopped chasing him.

"That was punishment for making noise and for trying to escape your punishment. Every time you disobey, you will be punished in some form. I promise you that most of them you will not like. You would do well to keep that in mind, slave." Ramona said as she slowly paced back and forth in front of Randall. "Now, slave, you will stand and strip naked and then you will lay face down, spread eagle, on the bed. You will not struggle or resist me, lest you shall be severely punished. Well? What are you waiting for, slave? I SAID STRIP!!!" she yelled and cracked the whip again.

Randall wasted no time taking his clothes off and literally jumping onto the bed, face down as he was ordered. He also began to worry, wondering just how far Ramona would be taking this little fantasy of hers.

Ramona chuckled as she rounded the bed, taking his hands and handcuffing them to each corner of the headboard. After securing his hands, she reached under the bed and pulled out a strap for each of his ankles and secured them to each corner of the footboard. After admiring her work, she began teasing Randall for a few moments. She lightly ran the riding crop from his feet up to his shoulders and back down his body over and over again before changing to the whip. When she finished teasing him for the moment, she knelt on the bed and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"This is going to be a night of firsts, a night of lasts, and most important of all, a night you'll never forget, slave." she whispered softly before gently licking his ear. Then she stood up and stepped back from the bed, making sure he could see her clearly. She opened her robe. Her bra was a half cup push-up red leather bra with pointed studs around the edges of the cups. Her panties were red leather crotchless. She shrugged the robe off her shoulders and tossed it across the room.

She opened a drawer on the night stand and took out a strap-on harness and a large life-like double-ended dildo that looked like a cock at both ends and a combination butt-plug/dildo. The butt plug end of it seemed impossibly wide to Randall, though in reality it was a small plug. Attached to it was a six inch dildo that acted as a handle as well. Randall's eyes went wide and Ramona just smiled as she held the big dildo in front of Randall's face.

"You see, slave, this is one of those firsts I was talking about. You have spent years fucking me up the ass. It's about time the tables were turned. Tonight you are going to feel this monster penetrating deep into your bowels. The best part of it is that while I am fucking you with this beast, this beast will be fucking me too. However, that is for later. First we have to prepare your virgin ass for the onslaught that will be my cock. It might sting a little bit, but you'll grow to like it, I promise."

Then she pulled another toy out of the drawer. It was a much smaller cock-shaped device. She smiled as she spread her legs and slowly pressed the cock into her pussy. Then she secured it there with the strap on harness.

"For now, you will want to bite down on the pillow. The first ones are the worst." she said and before he could ask her what she was talking about, she produced the riding crop again and slapped him on the ass.

Randall jumped and yelped and immediately decided he didn't like this game. He began struggling against his bonds and quickly realized it was useless.

"I told you to bite the pillow, slave!" Ramona exclaimed and smacked his ass again, harder this time.

This time Randall did as he was told and yelped into the pillow at his face. He continued to struggle against his bonds.

"You will lie still and take your punishment or there will be no end to your suffering on this momentous evening." Ramona ordered before smacking Randall's ass again.

He tensed as much as he could but to his credit, he stayed still after the strike.

"That was very good, slave. Now that you understand your position, you may have your first reward." Ramona said as she stepped back into Randall's view and slowly removed the small cock and harness from her pussy.

"Your reward is that you may now taste your Mistress' pussy. Open wide now." Ramona purred gently.

Randall opened his mouth wide and Ramona rudely shoved the small cock into his mouth and quickly secured the straps around his head. The cock was large enough to fill his mouth but short enough not to choke him. He looked at Ramona with questioning eyes.

"Oh stupid slave, you didn't think Mistress was actually going to allow you to lick her pussy, did you? Oh heaven's no, that will never happen. The pussy flavored cock in your mouth is the closest you will ever come to having your mouth on my pussy. Now, where were we? Oh yes, preparing your ass." she said with an evil leer and disappeared from Randall's view.

As Randall struggled, Ramona spoke. "If you want to see what is going to happen to you, simply look at the mirror slave. Watch and learn what it means to be Master."

Randall looked in the corner and for the first time, noticed a mirror placed there to allow him to see what was going on behind him.

Ramona took a bottle of massage oil from the nightstand and placed it on the bed between Randall's legs. Then she knelt there and opened the bottle and poured a generous amount of the oil on Randall's ass. He giggled as it ran between his legs and over his balls. Ramona quickly reminded him of his place with a firm slap on his ass. He stifled his giggling. Ramona proceeded to rub the oil into his asscheeks and massage his balls. She felt them building tension so she went to work on his asshole, working quickly from one finger to three, occasionally slapping him firmly on the ass, alternating cheeks. Soon she felt as though Randall's ass was relaxed enough for the intruder, so she held it up.

"Slave, look now and gaze upon the beast that is about to intrude upon your virgin asshole. Embrace it and enjoy it and you will know pleasure you have never experienced before." she announced.

She placed the tip against his asshole and slowly pressed down. Randall groaned as the butt-plug slowly entered his ass, opening him wider and wider. Ramona snaked her hand under his body between his legs and grabbed his rock hard cock and began to squeeze and massage it as the plug penetrated his ass further. Eventually the plug was firmly seated in his ass.

Just as Ramona stood up and positioned her pussy over the dildo end of the device, the phone rang. She angrily answered it.

"I thought I told you I was not to be disturbed!" she exclaimed into the phone. "Oh, I see. Ok, I'll be down in a moment. Thank you." she said. Then she just stepped off the bed and removed her bra and threw in on the chair by the table before she grabbed her dress from the hook on the door and pulled it over her head. She looked at Randall and smiled reassuringly as he began to squirm and struggle and mumble around the gag.

"We are going off game for just a moment, Randall. Apparently there is an emergency message for me at the front desk. There is only one person in the world that knows I'm here right now. I have to go find out what it is. I'll be right back, I promise." she said, worriedly.

To Randall's horror, she grabbed her purse on her way out the door. He struggled as mightily as he could, but to no avail. He realized that if she didn't come back, he was screwed.

After finding out which room they were in, Reggie went back out to his rental and turned his jacket inside out and put on the baseball cap and then went back inside.

While Randall and Ramona were playing their game, Reggie sat down in the hotel bar and slowly drank a cup of coffee while he wrote a note to Ramona. It read, "Ramona, you are in no danger but by the time you are reading this, Randall will be dead. This has nothing to do with you. All traces of you will be erased from your room. You have a choice to make this very minute. You can freak out and call the police and expose the games the two of you have been playing for so long, or you can go home to your loving husband and work off that sexual energy you were building in that hotel room. Either way, you will never hear from us again. Make your choice."

He carefully rubbed a napkin on the paper to smudge any prints on it and then put the note in an envelope and wrote on it, "Ramona, Room 315...Urgent." After cleaning the envelope in the same manner, he handled it by the edges as he walked back to the front desk.

As he moved through the hotel, he made sure no security camera ever got a look at his face. When he got to the front desk, he handed the envelope to the clerk and asked him to ring the room and tell Ramona that the letter is an urgent delivery. Reggie was walking away, heading for the stairwell, before the clerk could respond. When he got to the stairwell door, Reggie listened to make sure the clerk got the right room and delivered the message and then he quickly entered the stairwell and climbed the stairs to the third floor.

Reggie was inside the stairwell, watching through the window in the door as Ramona walked past and stepped onto the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors closed, Reggie stepped out of the stairwell and quickly walked to Ramona's room. He easily picked the lock and stepped inside. As he turned and saw Randall on the bed, he burst out laughing.

"Oh I gotta have a picture of this!" he exclaimed and quickly took a picture of Randall's predicament with his phone. "Ok, fun and games is over. Now it's time to get down to business. It was so nice of Ramona to gag you for me. Now I don't have to worry about leaving prints on the duct tape. I am going to take a moment to wipe down the printable surfaces in here. While I do that, Randall, I want you to think about who would send someone like me to visit someone like you." Reggie said as he immediately and very quickly used a rag from the bathroom to wipe Ramona's prints from wherever she might have touched.

While he was wiping stuff down, Randall was freaking out on the bed, struggling against the handcuffs and straps. When he was finished cleaning, he wrapped the rag around the handle of the riding crop and slapped the bed next to Randall's face. Randall immediately stopped moving.

"That's better, Randall. Now I don't know how much time I have so I am going to get to the point. You deserve to suffer. I am here to make that happen." Reggie said as he dropped the crop back on the bed and moved behind Randall. He turned the TV on and giggled again as the porn movie was still playing. He changed the channel to MTV and turned up the sound quite a bit.

Randall watched in the mirror and began to scream into the gag when Reggie produced his freshly sharpened hunting knife. Reggie smiled charmingly.

"Ok, now I gotta tell you, this is probably gonna hurt quite a bit. Since Ramona already gagged you, I guess you can feel free to scream." he said and then he slowly pressed the tip of the knife deeply into each of Randall's asscheeks. Randall bucked and screamed and cried in pain but thanks to Ramona's gag, no one could hear him.

After he allowed Randall to experience the pain of being stabbed deeply in the ass, twice, Reggie pressed the point of the knife at the center of Randall's back, between his shoulder blades, and slowly cut a large "A" into his back, connecting the point on the "A" to each of the stabbings. Then he finished the "A" with the cross stroke and stepped back to admire his work. He realized at that moment that he missed the "Wet Work" he'd done for the squad. He decided another picture was in order and snapped it before finishing the job.

Reggie let him suffer with that pain for a moment before leaning close to Randall's ear and whispering, "Joanie says goodbye, Dickhead." Then he plunged the knife between Randall's legs and cut his dick and balls off. He dropped the severed organ on the bed next to Randall's face. As Randall's screams reached a fever pitch, Reggie stuck the knife into each of Randall's thighs, carefully puncturing the femoral arteries. When done, he wiped the knife on Randall's leg before taking the bedding and covering him as though he was sleeping. Reggie did a quick check around the room, making sure he left no evidence of Ramona behind, and quietly left the room.

Ramona sat down in the lobby and read the note again, doing her best to control herself. Stunned, she looked around the lobby, trying to spot anyone who may be watching her. Seeing no one that stood out, she stood on shaky legs and walked out of the lobby and across the street to her car.

On the way home, it started to rain heavily. She stopped at an intersection and quickly tore the message into tiny pieces and threw them out the window as she drove down the highway to her home. When she got home, she realized that she had never shed a tear. "Maybe I'll get through this after all." she thought to herself.

Earlier that same day, I was in Wilmington alone at my beach house smiling happily that morning while getting dressed up special for Bailey anxious as hell to see her. Reggie had left before I woke so I had the house to myself. While I was putting my makeup on in the mirror, a wonderful idea came to me. "It's time for me to break Bailey in." I said out loud to myself in the mirror with an evil smile.

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