tagErotic HorrorThe Lady in Blue Ch. 03

The Lady in Blue Ch. 03


Meetings, meetings and more meetings—Brunches, lunches, dinners and drinks. All Dan wanted to do was get back to his room and lock himself in. he hoped beyond hope that she would show herself again tonight. He wanted to be with her in every way possible. He couldn't believe that he was thinking this way about—a ghost. He never even believed that they could exist. But he knew better now, he had seen her—felt her and now he longed for her.

After finishing out his meetings and made the sale for the firm on his newest design Dan headed straight for his cozy little room. And hopefully to the lust of the beautiful blonde ghost known as The Lady in Blue. After returning to his room Dan fixed himself a stiff drink and ordered up some late night room service. He hated these days long meetings. He could never eat when his ideas—his designs—his dreams—were on the line...so it was nice to feel the release and the pleasure of success, and finally be able to feel hungry.
After watching half of a movie and eating his fill, Dan made a nightcap and settled in. once the TV and lights were off. He lay there, waiting. Waiting for his beautiful Lady in Blue.

"Will she even come again?" He wondered to himself.

"Maybe I should tell her I want her to..." Dan thought as he began to speak his very thoughts aloud to the room—To thin air.

"I'm waiting for you, waiting to feel you again. Won't you please come out and play?" He said to the still of the darkness.

Within seconds he felt a cold rush of air breeze past him. Dan sat up in astonishment as he saw the flame start to grow on the mantel candle below the gilded mirror. And felt her presence enter the room. As he gazed into the mirror this time he saw her from behind as she slipped her luscious ass and long legs from her dress and crinolines and saw the small corseted back laced and tied just so.

But something happened that he didn't think could, she materialized and stood before him a ravenous beauty. He stood and walked to her and as he touched her, walking around her he bent and began to untie the laces of the corset with his teeth.

"I want you Sammmmmmm..." She moaned.

"And I want you." He replied. "All of you..."

As the laces finally freed her buxom breasts he stood behind her. Arms wrapped around her caressing each of them. Rolling, squeezing and pinching the nipples between his thumb and finger as he kissed and licked her long graceful neck. He ground his hips up behind her hot, round rear. She could feel his excitement growing.

As she turned into him and began to kiss him passionately, he moved her back towards the bed laying her gently down across it. He began to remove her stockings and made his way to her garters, which he unhooked with his teeth. Then he gently removed her silk panties in the same manner. Now all that stood between his mouth and her body was gone, diminished into the darkness of the room around them. And as Dan descended onto her, his mouth devoured her inch-by-inch and layer-by-layer. Sucking her lips and her wonderful nectar as he tongued both her holes to ecstasy.

She screamed and writhed inside his grasp. She had never had sex like this, as he licked and popped a finger or two into each of her precious holes and began to stroke them back and fourth he bowed his head and caught every drip of cum as she let go for the first time in 80 odd years...

She slid out from under him and urged him to lie in her place. Without a word she straddled him and took him deep inside her lonely aching cunt. She had been living for this feeling again for years...and she'd finally found it...she slid him deep inside herself and rocked back and forth in a gentle, loving motion until he felt her temperature rising to the top. And then felt her boiling over from the inside out.

The night continued on and on and they were together over and over again. In every imaginable way possible—they were together. She did things and let things be done to her that she'd never even imagined before.

And when he finally pulled her up to her knees. He kissed her on the back of her neck gently as he laid a hand there and pushed her down onto all fours.

"Let me take you...really take all of you –like you've never been taken before." Dan whispered as he rubbed his stiff cock between her lips sliding it up and down in her wetness.

As his slipperiness and hers began to spread and multiply he took her by both shoulders and speared her tender un-alienated ass. Her whole body shuttered and shook as drove his thick, dripping-hot cock to the core of her being time and time again.

She'd never felt anything like it before and he could see how much she was enjoying it when he saw that her hand was down between her sweaty thighs. As he pumped into her virgin ass she plunged into the depths of her own juicy cunt over and over again. When he let go and she felt the first hot spurt leave his manhood and enter her raw ass she too lost it and they came and fell into a giant heap in the middle of the bed.

Just then the phone rang...and she vanished the candle went out and she was gone. It was Dan's boss and he wanted to congratulate him on his job well done. After that she returned no more that night and Dan slept like he never had before.

In the morning Dan awoke to the familiar feeling of her hand caressing his cock. The candle on the mantel was once again lit, and the day was beginning in what Dan thought was the best way possible.

Dan had planned to spend this third and last day of his trip stretched out in the California sun and sand. But to his pleasure...and the pleasure of The Lady in Blue, he never left his room that last day. He took the phone from the hook, unplugged the TV and the radio-clock and hung out the do not disturb sign. Took away any possible chance for her to be scared away from him. And she stayed with him every second until he had to leave for his red-eye flight.

On his way out of the hotel he stopped by the bar and had one last drink with the bartender, Pete.

"So man, how was your stay?" Pete asked.

"Interesting to say the very least." Dan replied.

"Well, glad we could bring some interest to your stuffy old business trip dude." Pete chuckled.

"You take care now, and have a safe flight." He continued.

"Yeah thanks buddy, I will." Dan retorted.

"Oh, and your right...she does like 'em young and single." He retorted with a grin and a chuckle as he walked out of the bar, out of the hotel.

As he went, The Lady in Blue watched, watched and wept just as she'd done for the last 80 years—For she was alone again, indefinitely.

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