tagRomanceThe Lady in Blue Ch. 05

The Lady in Blue Ch. 05


Chapter Five: A fight before satisfaction

Lisa's point of view

On the drive back to the vineyard, Ted seemed to take every back road he knew. I tried to watch the scenery and act as though it didn't matter how long it took to get back to his house but I was melting in my seat. Never in my life had I been so worked up as this morning and I needed release. He wouldn't let me touch myself but he did reach over every few minutes and caress me, like he was keeping a pot simmering.

My glorious plans to drag him right into the bedroom and have my way with him hit a roadblock as soon as we pulled into the driveway. There was a black SUV sitting there. Both of us said the same thing explosively at the same time. "Shit!" It was good to know that I had him wanting me as badly as I wanted him.

Ted brought the car to a halt and climbed out. As he frowned at the vehicle, the door to the SUV opened and a man got out. Boy, did he looked pissed.

The man stalked right up to Ted and got in his face as I was getting out of the car. "You son of a bitch," he shouted at Ted. "Who the hell do you think you are, trying to sic the police on me, asshole? You think I tried to blow you up and got the wrong car? Screw you!"

Ted stood his ground and didn't flip out. I can't believe Ted kept his cool. This guy frightened the hell out of me. I fumbled in my purse while Ted responded.

"Back off, Price. I didn't tell them you did it, just that we had words. This is private property so get off it before I give in to temptation and throw your sorry ass off it."

This testosterone fest was getting out of hand. I could tell from the way that Price guy was turning red and tensing up.

"Stop it," I said loudly. "Get back in your car and get moving, whoever you are."

That focused Price's attention on me. Bad call on my part. He started towards me. "Fuck you, cunt! You were just lucky that bomb was on the wrong car, killed your fag friend and didn't kill the right guy and you with him! Oh, didn't think it would get out?" he sneered. "It's all over the news. Queer killed at club, film at 11!"

Ted grabbed him around the throat from behind as I reeled back in fear and shock. He elbowed Ted and twisted loose. Then they started circling and exchanging blows.

I pulled myself together and decided it would take too long to call the police so instead I pulled out my mace. I stepped in and aimed it right into his face as he reacted to me, swinging. The mace went flying and I stumbled back.

Ted caught him with a body blow as they grappled, fists flying. The prick's fist exploded against Ted's jaw and he went sprawling. Price stepped up and kicked him.

I started screaming and scrambled for the fallen mace. I had to stop him from hurting Ted! Mace in hand, I ran back around him and sprayed. He screamed and swung blindly at me. The world exploded in stars and the universe landed on me like a ton of bricks. I heard more screaming, so I must have been awake.

The screaming cut off after a few moments with the meaty sound of blows. I tried to get my bearings and call out for Ted or crawl to him but I couldn't seem to gather my rattled wits. With a sudden movement, everything shifted and I was looking up at Ted. He looked worried. "Lisa, are you okay?"

I shook my head and decided I was going to live but my face hurt. "Owww! That prick hit me! Let me up!" I was suddenly furious. Was testosterone contagious?

Ted helped me up. I saw our attacker huddled in a ball on the ground, moaning and writhing, his hands covering his face.

Before Ted could stop me, I planted my heel right into the prick's crotch. As he screamed, flopped and retched, Ted wrapped his arms around me, pulling me back, laughing. "He's down. Let it go. We'll call the Sheriff."

I struggled against him for a moment before I came to my senses. Reluctantly, I nodded and stepped back, trembling from the adrenaline rush of what had just happened. He pulled his cell phone from his belt and dialed. I could hear him speaking as I stalked back and forth. I was trying to get a grip on my fear and anger.

Right after Ted hung up, I saw a dust plume from a red sedan coming up the drive. It couldn't be the Sheriff. It was way too soon. Dina was driving with Stan in the passenger seat and woman in the back. They all piled out when it pulled to a stop and took in the scene with surprise.

"What in heaven's name is going on?" Stan asked. Briefly, Ted told him and Stan's face contorted in the first angry expression I had seen on him. He stalked off towards the back of the house, muttering under his breath.

The woman threw herself into Ted's arms and I stopped, open mouthed in surprise. Dina must have seen my expression, because she shook her head and pulled me aside. "That's his sister, Sue. We just picked her up at the airport. She flew in when Stan called her." She frowned at me. "What happened to you?"

I growled, pointing at the prick. "He hit me before Ted took him out."

Dina's eyes narrowed and glittered dangerously. Now it was my turn to hold someone back from going after him.

"No. I already kicked him in the nuts. Wait for the police," I said calmly.

"Good!" Dina exclaimed.

Stan returned with a length of rope. He flipped the prick over and tied his hands behind him. "That should hold him."

Ted came over to me with his arm around his sister. Up close, I could see some family resemblance. She was crying a little. "Lisa, this is my little sister, Sue. Sue, this is Lisa. I'm not sure but I think she's my girlfriend."

I snorted. "Yes, Ted, I'm your girlfriend." I held out my arms and hugged his sister.

"I heard what happened," Sue said. "I'm happy Ted and you are okay but I'm so sorry about your friend. Do they know who did it? Was it that guy?" She gestured at the prick as she let go of me.

"Damned if I know," I responded. "He doesn't like Ted very much, so maybe. The police will get it out of him."

A siren growing louder drew our attention to a sheriff's car as it turned into the drive and sped towards us, dust plume behind it. After it came to a stop, a deputy jumped out. Not one of those from last night but that made sense - they wouldn't be on duty.

The deputy looked around, his hand near his gun and then laughed. "Looks like things are under control."

Ted gave him a rundown and a second car arrived with an ambulance while they were going through the event. The two deputies took the recovering prick, cuffed him, removed the rope and handed him off to the paramedics to treat the mace.

Price started shouting that we had attacked him and that he was pressing charges. The paramedic told him to shut up.

One of the deputies, Cavanaugh, took our official statements. I showed him my DA's badge and he nodded. "Good enough for me. Sounds like his sleaze ball word against a respected property owner and an officer of the court on private property. We'll take him in and let the judge deal with him. I wouldn't worry about his assault charge sticking, though. I'd like to get some pictures of your face, Miss Davis."

I nodded and he took several pictures. When he finished, I was starting to ache and just wanted to go inside. I wondered if steak really worked for black eyes.

Sue put her arm around my shoulders and started leading me inside. "Come on, Sugar. Dina is inside fixing some tea. Let's go in and let the men-folk deal with taking out the garbage."

Not resisting, I let Sue lead me into the cool inside. Dina was bringing a pitcher of tea and some glasses with ice into the living room.

"Just sit down and I'll take a look at your face," Sue said.

The comfortable leather couch seemed to draw me in as I sat down, exhausted, the adrenaline high dropping off abruptly. Dina poured me a glass and I sipped the sweetened tea slowly as she sat next to me. The quiet washed over us.

A few minutes later, Sue was back with a damp wash cloth, an ice pack and a grin. I wasn't sure what she was smiling about. "What's so funny," I asked her as she knelt in front of me.

Sue's eyes twinkled. "I'm not sure I should say. We've only just met and it might be a bit embarrassing."

I was liking her already. "Don't worry about my sense of humor. I can take it, Sue."

"Okay, Stan told me you stayed here last night. My bed doesn't look slept in. I doubt you slept in Stan's room so..."

Dina giggled and they both stared at me.

I felt the burn of a good blush and tried to fight it off. "No," I said. "Hold up! We slept together but nothing happened." Hmmm. I'd heard that before and didn't believe it then either. They weren't buying what I was selling. "Really! He was a perfect gentleman."

"Sure, okay," said a smiling Dina. "We understand. You just slept in the same bed." She leaned forward. "That's all Stan and I did, too."

Sue started laughing. "I can see my brothers have hit the jackpot with you two. You're pistols! We're going to get along just fine!"

I gave up. I might as well just accept that they thought we were sleeping together. It would be true as soon as I could get Ted alone, anyway. I threw my hands up. "Fine, you caught us. We spent all night making passionate love. Ted is a sex god!"

Sue kept laughing and hugged me. "Oh, God! I am so happy that he found you! I was afraid he would stay locked up in this place and waste away. He's a good man and he deserves happiness. Thank you!"

Sue wrapped the ice pack with the cloth after cleaning my face and I held it over my bruised eye. I was going to have a shiner, I bet. That damned asshole. I'd have to keep the ice handy and put it on occasionally to lessen the bruising.

We all heard a catchy little jingle coming from my purse. I let her go with a smile and pulled my cell phone out. Sue sat down in a chair as I answered it.

"Davis," I said.

"Where are you," an imperious male voice asked. I couldn't help but recognize it. It was my older brother, Arthur. He sounded irked, as usual. This day just kept getting worse.

"Where I am is none of your business," I snapped back.

"Hey, I was just checking, since the news mentioned your close escape. Forgive me for doing the family thing."

As Arthur droned, the front door opened. Ted and Stan came inside. Ted sat next to me on the couch while his brother sat down on the love seat with Dina cuddling up to him. Why couldn't I have a brother like Stan? Why is it always other people's families that are worth a damn?

"You haven't given a crap about me since mother re-wrote the will, Arthur! Try again. She's in the home and doesn't even know her own name anymore. Do you come and visit? No! So don't try to weasel your way back into my life so easily. You burned that bridge when you became a 'freedom fighter,' joined the militia, told me to take my government lips and plant them in the State's ass."

I hung up the phone and dropped it into my purse. Now I was trembling again. Ted put his arm around me and held me close. I couldn't stop shaking and then the tears started. Damn it all to hell! I hated crying, but I couldn't shut the faucet off. He pulled my head onto his shoulder as I sobbed. I felt his hand stroking my hair until I was cried out.

"You know, Calvin wasn't like that," I sniffled. "The things that prick said really hurt. Calvin was my friend and I loved him!"

Ted touched my face softly. "Don't worry about it. Price is an arrogant, insensitive prick who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. It doesn't matter what a person's sexual orientation is. What's important is what kind of person they are. He was a good man and I know he loved you, too."

That started another rush of tears. When I pulled back from him, I saw the rest had withdrawn and left us alone. A box of Kleenex was now sitting in the center of the coffee table. I took a tissue and blew my nose. As I was wiping my eyes, he just held me. "Are you sure I'm a good catch as a girlfriend, Ted? I seem to cry a lot. I might be high maintenance."

Ted kissed my cheek. "I'm sure. And, no, you're not high maintenance. It's been a rough couple of days."

I smiled through the remaining tears. "Good, because they know we're sleeping together."

Ted looked at me wide-eyed. "They know what? Who knows what?"

"Dina and Sue. Sue especially. She guessed we were having sex so I told her it was true."

We started laughing and then he kissed me again. And again. Soon we were making out on the couch like teenagers. When he came up for air, he looked into my eyes from a few inches away, our noses touching. "Well, then, I better let you sample the goods so you can giggle away all the right details when Dina puts the thumbscrews to you."

I looked at him. "Now? Your sister and brother are in the house! They'll know!"

"They already know, courtesy of you. You know they're talking about us right now."

My face flushed. "They probably are."

Ted grinned at me. "So, Miss Exhibitionist, shall I make love to you right here on the couch?"

I blushed furiously and I felt my treacherous pussy start watering at the idea. Dammit! The idea excited me but I was not going to make love on the couch! Especially with his family hiding under every nook and cranny!

"You look unsure," Ted said with a grin. "Let's not push that showoff streak of yours too far just yet." He stood up, picking me up in his arms. "It's time to go get dessert. I'm starving, Lisa. Are you hungry?"

I snaked my arms around his neck and kissed him. "I need you. Right now. If that means you making love to me on the couch with your family sitting right here and calling out comments, I'll do it."

"That's my girl but not this time. Let's get some privacy." He started carrying me towards the bedroom.

I stopped him and pointed. "My purse, please."

He snagged it without letting me out of his arms, then he resumed our trip back to the bedroom. "Stan, Sue, Dina, I'm going in back with Lisa for a while. Answer the phone and keep away the salesmen, okay?" he called out.

A trio of laughs came out of the kitchen. "We've got you covered, Bro," Stan called back. "Take your time."

"Oh, I intend to," Ted said softly, just to me. "I intend to make this perfect. Just like you."

I watched him as he carried me into his bedroom and kicked the door shut with one foot. Laying me gently on the still unmade bed, he untied and removed my shoes. We never bought any socks for me, I realized. Then he pulled his own shoes off and slid up next to me, kissing me deeply. The feel of his body next to mine, his arms caressing my back and the scent of his skin stoked the fire inside me.

I was about to push him back, to start doing things to him when he began kissing my neck and ears. Jolts of pleasure ran through my nerves and I sighed happily. The scent of his hair was twisting my insides into knots. The good kind. His strong hands began caressing my breasts through my clothes. My nipples we so stiff they ached with sensitivity. His gentle squeezing and rubbing made me growl with desire.

Ted chuckled at the noise I made and began unbuttoning my blouse with maddening slowness. Since I had not worn a bra last night, I didn't have one on now. Another lacking we failed to fix in town. As my breasts came into view, I could hear his intake of breath.

"Do you like them?"

Ted looked into my eyes. "Like the rest of you, they are perfect."

I smiled and started to say something pert but I lost control of my speech centers when his tongue began circling my nipple. The shocking dampness of his mouth made it tingle with need. My comment became a groan and I ran my hands through his hair. Lips and gentle nips with his teeth followed as he slowly made the journey from one breast to the other.

His hands were not still as he sampled my breasts. They finished unbuttoning my blouse and then ran up my body, returning to gently squeeze me. I didn't think I could come with just my breasts being stimulated but I was close.

When he finally began kissing his way down my stomach, I could feel my muscles rippling under his lips. I must have sounded like I was running a marathon, my breathing was so hard. I began mauling my breasts, pinching my nipples and adding to my pleasure as he made his way lower. He didn't take off my skirt but instead lifted it. Then he began kissing, licking and gently biting my inner thigh. I moaned in response and thrust my hips at him. The bastard just smiled and started kissing his way down my leg, away from my sex.

The muscles in my leg trembled under his onslaught. That wicked tongue tortured me and after what seemed like an hour, he was at my foot. He held my foot and began licking my toes, taking them one by one into his mouth, teasing them.

"God, that feels good. Lick my toes..." I rubbed my other foot along his back as he made love to my foot, licking along the arch and across the top.

Ted stopped, stood up, and began slowly undressing for me. I watched through a haze of arousal as he did a little turn. He bumped and ground his way through a striptease. Sexy as hell, his body was tanned and fit, stomach flat. When he pulled his pants down, the bulge in his underwear spoke deeply of his desire for me.

I went from damp to soaking wet instantly. Forget foreplay. I wanted him now. I needed him now. "Ted, make love to me."

"I've been a good boy and I want my dessert." He pulled his underwear down. His cock stood out, straight and proud. I focused my attention on it lustily. It was bit longer than average and thick. I shivered as I imagined it splitting me wide open. I slid my hands down and started fingering myself as he watched. I expected him to stop me but he just started kissing and licking my other foot.

By the time he had made it to my knee, I was moaning and shaking, getting oh so close. He hands snaked their way up and I felt his fingers interlace with mine, stopping me again. I groaned and tried the other hand only to have it captured as well.

"That's my job, so just lie back and let me do the driving."

"You are," I said back, my voice husky with desire. "You're driving me crazy. You've tortured me all day..."

Ted laughed and kissed my inner thigh. "Like you did at dinner last night?"

I nodded jerkily. "Yes, but worse. You keep letting me getting close but won't let me come. I need to come. Please, Ted. Please. I'm begging, see? I give up. I'm yours. I'll do whatever you want, here or anywhere else, anything, anytime. Just stop torturing me! I want you!"

"I'll remember that and hold you to it, but I promise never to make you regret it." His lips kissed up my thigh and to the shaved area beside my outer lips. I heard him breathe in deeply and knew he was sampling my scent. As wet as I was, I knew he was getting a lungful of my muskiness. Then he began a campaign of kissing and licking everywhere on my crotch except my sex. It sent so much sensation along my spine that I arched my back, ground my mons into his face and moaned like a slut in heat. He relented and just like in my dream, a hot tongue dug between the petals of my flower. He began eating me in earnest. I looked down at him, his brown eyes smiling and watching me. This was no dream. Fantasies about Hawkins couldn't compare.

I groaned, my hands tore free of his and grasped his head, grinding my crotch into his face. Finally! The pent up floodgates tore open and I could hear him licking me wetly. I was going to drown him in my nectar. When his lips found my clit and began sucking it at the same time he worked two fingers inside me, I thought I was going to die from the pleasure. My heart was beating wildly in my chest, my nerves were shooting off random signals. I was twitching and groaning. My sight seemed to be shrinking into tunnel vision and I could hear a scream building in the air. A part of my mind wondered who was screaming before I realized it must be me.

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