The Lady in Blue Ch. 05


Suddenly, my orgasm was upon me, massive and as unstoppable as a freight train. I knew I was screaming my pleasure loud enough that the neighbors could hear me, that his family and Dina could hear me. I didn't care. My feet beat a tattoo on the bed as I trembled and my vision danced with stars. Oddly, the scent of him from the pillows was overpowering and erotic. It only made me lust for him more deeply.

Then I was pushing him weakly away, abruptly too sensitive for him to touch me there. My pussy was on fire. I pulled him up on top of me and began kissing him furiously. His face was covered in my juices. I licked him across the cheeks and lips, suddenly hungry. An odd thought went through my mind as I tasted myself. I wondered if Hawkins tasted like me, so sweet and tangy. Again, I felt a stab of heat deep in my loins. I almost laughed out loud. Part of me wanted to find out. Maybe I was bi-curious after all.

As we caught our breath, my phone went off again. I laughed. "It never fails. Well, whoever it is can damned well wait. I have more important things to do." I pulled his face to mine. He zeroed back in on my mouth and we kissed like young lovers. My phone stopped ringing, then his went off, but we were not at all interested in it.

I could feel his manhood rubbing against me as he slowly moved on top of me. I didn't want to wait one more second. "Fuck me," I said. "I want to feel you inside me now."

"I need to get a condom," Ted said as he started to get up.

I pulled him back on top of me. "I'm on the pill and neither of us has had sex in a while. We're safe. Just do it."

"What do you want inside you?" he whispered back. his voice hot with his own desire.

I groaned. "You know what I want. I want you inside me now!"

"Tell me," he commanded. "Tell me what you want inside you."

"Your cock," I almost screamed. "Fuck me with that big, hard cock of yours!"

Ted reached down and began rubbing his smaller head across me. Between my lips and across my nub. I groaned and bucked like an animal beneath him. Then I felt him pushing inside me, spreading me, and then he stopped.

The feeling of him just inside me made something snap in me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, fighting, struggling to thrust myself up onto him. "Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!" I kissed his neck and his scent drove me wild.

Ted slid forward and buried himself in my sopping sex in one slow, agonizingly pleasurable thrust. My wail of happiness was, if anything, louder than the one before. With slow and deliberate motions, he started pulling out almost all the way before filling me with that pole of his. I felt wonderfully full and stuffed.

I began moving in time with his thrusts. When he started kissing my neck as he coupled with me, I threw my head back and moaned with each penetration. The inside of my mind was a jumble of primitive emotions and sensations. I was lost in the moment, nothing else mattered but him.

Ted began thrusting harder and faster. The friction was driving me to places I never suspected might exist. I felt more alive than I could remember. We struggled to become one. He grasped my hips and stood on his knees, powering himself into my depths.

"God, Lisa..."

I looked up at him, my chest heaving.

"Do it," I egged him on. "Come inside me. I need you to. I want you to. Fuck my hot, wet pussy, Ted. Fill me up." I could feel his thrusts bringing me closer to a massive orgasm but I didn't think I was going to get there before him. I began wildly moving against him and struggled to make my own pleasure.

Ted saw my need and buried himself in me. He held still to cool himself and heat me up.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" I reached between us and began madly rubbing my clit. My cries continued and got louder as I rose on the crest of an intense orgasm.

Then he started thrusting again and with shocking suddenness, Ted arched his back, his face contorted wildly. I felt him swell inside me and begin twitching and pulsing. The incredible hot, wet sensation of Ted's come inside me overwhelmed my last resistance and I wailed as my orgasm took me away like a tidal wave.

Ted groaned in anguished pleasure as my legs and pussy clamped down on him while I writhed madly beneath him. His face a grimace of ecstasy as I couldn't stop myself from scratching his back with my nails.

As suddenly as it was upon us, the waves began to recede. He collapsed upon me. His breathing was loud and fast in my ear. The sensations filled me with a warm afterglow. We kissed slowly, tenderly, sensuously.

Ted whispered softly. "I know we only just met and this is wildly too soon to say this but I think I'm falling for you."

I felt my insides melt again and my heart seemed to fill my chest. "I know it's too soon but I think I'm falling for you, too." I kissed him tenderly and started weeping a little with emotion. "It's been a long time." I laughed at myself. "Let's not get hung up on words." I gave him another kiss.

"We have a deal, lover."

A spike of pleasure ran through me. "Think Mister Grape has another round of juice for me?" I asked saucily.

Ted smiled back at me and kissed me deeply. "I bet so."

We made love again, slowly and passionately this time. I didn't have any more earth shattering orgasms but the two small ones I had made me feel really good when Ted finally came in me again. I was so happy. I will admit that I couldn't help myself. I screamed my pleasure and egged him on loudly as he climbed Mount Everest again. I felt no restraint as I let everyone know what a great lover Ted was and how much of a good time I was having.

We showered, caressing each other in the soapy water, not hungry for sex but for the touch of the other. I saw the long, deep scratches in his back and felt shocked. I don't think I've ever scratched up a man like I had Ted.

"Oh, Ted! I've scratched you to pieces! I'm so sorry!"

Ted smiled at me and shook his head. "It's okay. I'll take it as a compliment."

When we shut the water off, I found something in the medicine cabinet and doctored his back. He tried not to wince and that made me feel worse. When I was done, he held me.

"You were absolutely terrific. Don't be upset, please. You are far and away the best lover I've ever had."

My heart fluttered again and I held him for a minute. When we separated, we each scrambled back into our scattered clothes. The clock said that almost an hour and a half had passed. Now I was thirsty and hungry. A quick check of my phone told me that Detective Hawkins had called. So did Ted's.

I grinned at him as we closed the bedroom door behind us. "I think we're going to get some ribbing when we get to the kitchen. They just might have heard us," I said.

Ted smiled back and kissed me. "They heard you. Don't let it embarrass you."

I laughed in turn. "Me? You're the one that blushes at the drop of a hat!"

We stepped into the kitchen, arm in arm, and the ongoing conversation there ceased. Sitting all around the table, they grinned at us. All four of them. Stan, Dina, Sue and - Detective Hawkins.

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