The Lady in Blue Ch. 08


I pulled the panties to the side and dug my tongue into her flower, savoring the sweet flavor. My face was promptly made damp as she ground herself onto me. Crossing my fingers, I slid two inside her. A low moan of pleasure came out of her lungs.

"Ted, Alice is watching us. I can see her in the mirror. She can see you eating me."

I pulled back. "Does that excite you? Do you want her to watch me lick you, Lisa?"

"Oh, God. Yes... I want it." She sighed.

"Then hold up your skirt so she has a good view," I said before digging back into her with my lips.

Lisa didn't hesitate this time. She pulled the skirt up all the way to her chest. I watched her face as I kept on and could tell her eyes were locked on Alice, not through the mirror but directly over the clothes racks. Her breathing was getting ragged really quickly and her nectar was flowing. I guessed it would only be a minute before she exploded.

"I found these nice..." Hawk said from behind me. "Oh..."

I started to pull back but Lisa grabbed my head with one hand. "Finish what you started. Let them watch. I want it."

Unable to look around, I mentally shrugged and resumed fingering her and running my tongue up her wonderful sex. I wondered what Hawk was thinking now.

"I think I'll go talk to Alice and let you two have some privacy," Hawk said. She sounded embarrassed.

"You can watch, if you want to," Lisa said huskily.

"I'm not used to this, so I'll feel better watching from up front. Please, don't be disappointed. Maybe next time, after I adjust to the idea. Okay?"

I saw Lisa nod, her eyes locked on Hawk. She was really getting into this. I was shocked when she started unbuttoning her blouse. It was twice as shocking when she pulled her bra up and began massaging herself and pinching her nipples.

"It's okay. Go ahead up front and watch," Lisa said.

I could see her watching Hawk move away. I could even hear Alice when she arrived at the counter.

"They do make a sweet couple, don't they?" Alice asked. "I locked the door so they could have a good time without interruptions."

"Lisa?" I asked in a breathless voice. "What do you see? Tell me."

"Alice and Hawk are standing there watching you eat me through the mirror. I think they like what they see."

Her body began shaking and she closed her eyes. I focused my attention on her nub and was rewarded with her explosive orgasm. She came for seconds and then slid down the wall, pulling herself away from me.

I sat next to her and held her close to me, her clothes in wild disarray and her sex on display for all to see. She seemed almost unconscious and was breathing heavily.

Lisa slowly came back to herself and slid her knees open, allowing them a better view. She turned and kissed me deeply, moaning at the taste of herself on my lips.

Lisa climbed to her feet and pulled me up with her. Slowly, she put her clothes back into place.

I dusted myself off and hugged her. "Lisa," I said quietly. "I think you should give Hawk and Alice a thank you kiss."

Her eyes flashed to me, and she searched my face, looking to see if I was serious. At my nod, we walked up front and she enfolded Hawk into her arms and kissed her.

Hawk pushed her back in surprise and looked at me. "Ted?"

"A thank you kiss from both of us, for not being upset," I said.

With a sigh, she pulled Lisa into her arms and kissed her passionately. Lisa molded her body to Hawk's and returned it with her own ardor.

Lisa broke the kiss after a minute and pulled back. "For both of us, thank you, Hawk."

Then she hugged Alice, her kiss on the woman's cheek. "Thank you so much!"

Alice hugged her back and kissed Lisa's cheek. "My pleasure, sweetie." She looked at me. "You can kiss the other cheek."

I grinned, hugged her and kissed Alice's cheek.

Hawk looked at me. "Ted, that kind of trust is really special. To let Lisa be herself and help her without being hung up on the details of what she wants." She looked at Lisa. "I'm sorry, Hon, but I think Ted needs thank me himself."

I wondered what she was talking about until Hawk took me into her arms and tilted her head as our lips met. I stiffened, in a couple of ways, as her tongue ran across my lips.

She pulled back an inch. "Loosen up, Ted. I don't bite - much. No obligations. The rules bent, not broken, for all of us." She kissed me again, her tongue pushing it's way into my mouth.

The kiss seemed awkward for a moment and then she melted against me. Her eyes were closed and I realized she was tasting Lisa. After a moment of that, I returned the favor, and she didn't object to my intrusion. We french kissed for just a minute and then she pulled back. "That wasn't so bad," she said so low that I almost missed it. Then she grinned and reached down to grasp me through my pants as she stepped back. She released me almost as soon as she touched me. "I see junior is okay with the afternoon."

Lisa was watching Hawk, well, like a hawk. When Hawk let me loose, Lisa kissed her deeply. I could see their tongues dueling and it made me like granite.

Lisa finally pulled back. "I think we need to leave before I do something we are not ready for."

"I'm starving," Hawk agreed, grinning. "Let's go eat something." She grinned even harder. "Or at least go eat something else."

Alice shook her head at us. Watching her scan the bra and panties Hawk had selected while winking slyly at her was funny.

Hawk refused to let me pay for them. "I wear my own underwear, Ted; not someone else's. At least, not unless they are my lovers. You're not looking to become my lover, are you, Ted?" She raised an eyebrow and I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

I did buy a gift card for $250 dollars. Alice grinned at me and said she looked forward to us coming back to shop again as she unlocked the door and let us out into the street.

Alice stopped Lisa and spoke softly enough to her that I could only barely hear her. "When I was younger, my sister was the chaperone on my dates. With the ones she really liked, she would sit on the hood at the drive-in and give us space to play around without it getting too serious or someone catching us. It taught me the value of having someone watching out for you when you are doing something risky. I don't want to be pushy but you really need to keep that in mind for the future. We all have our secrets that would hurt us if they ever got out, me included. Come back and we'll talk more. I bet I could help you with finding boundaries." She grinned.

Lisa hugged her. "Thank you so much."

The trip to the café was one of us falling back into some sense of normalcy. By the time we were seated, it almost seemed like an erotic dream. The girls sat side by side across from me and chattered about the food options. Lisa admitted it was really the first time she had read the menu.

I grinned and made my selection. Then the expected bare foot slid between my legs and I had a hard time keeping my game face on. I wasn't going to let Lisa know how much that was getting to me. She was returning the favor in spades, chattering away with both Hawk and myself as though she was just sitting there. So cool and collected. Hawk noticed nothing, her attention focused on Lisa and what she was saying.

When the food came, Lisa's foot slithered away and left me very excited. She bit into her steak with a moan of culinary pleasure. Hawk smiled at me and cut a bite off her own. The conversation was so normal it was almost surreal.

The lunch was very pleasant. Everyone seemed very relaxed. When at last we were finished, we all went and washed up. The girls were almost giggly when they came out.

I walked back to the car with my arm around Lisa with Hawk next to us. The drive back to the vineyard was wonderfully relaxed.

When we arrived, the weekly Sunday afternoon vineyard party Stan hosted was in full swing. The bluegrass band was already playing, and almost a hundred people were there, dancing, sitting, tasting wine and hobnobbing. Stan was moving through the crowd with practiced ease. A touch, a nod, a word. Everyone he passed felt his full attention. I still had no idea how he managed to do that.

"Hawk, if you want to get a drink, I need to take Lisa for a turn on the dance floor."

Hawk smiled. "You kids have fun. I'll get us all something to drink." She sauntered off without a backward glance.

"I think she likes you a little, Ted." Lisa whispered in my ear as we started dancing.

"Really? What makes you think that? The kiss was more for you than me."

She smiled enigmatically. "Let's just say I have some insider information that you don't."

I was about to ask what that meant when I was tapped on the shoulder. A glance back and I smiled.

"Representative de la Cruz! You finally made it!" I stopped dancing and wrapped my arm around Lisa. The energetic little man shook my hand. "I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Lisa."

"How wonderful to meet you, Lisa!" He stood beside us, his arm around a Hispanic woman about his age. "This is my wife, Mary." We were a little bubble in a very busy dance floor; the people didn't precisely bump us but they were thick around us.

I saw Hawk with three glasses of wine slowly working her way in towards us. With some difficulty, I helped open a spot for her to join us. She was smiling but she looked worried.

"Hi! I'm Hawk. Pleasure. Lisa, I saw someone that looked just like one of your cases. That Russian, Viktor Kotov. Can we... Gun!" Her eyes were looking between Lisa and me. Dropping the wine, she was pulling her own gun and shoving Ramon aside.

I don't know what I was thinking but I shoved Lisa and dove into Hawk, Ramon and Mary. A loud bang or a small explosion went off right behind me as we all tumbled to the ground. Pain exploded on the right side of my head. The crowd went berserk and a stampede away from us made the chaos total. I could hear Hawk cursing under me.

By the time she dug herself free there was no hope of seeing anyone. No real hope of catching anyone either. Some people were watching, some were milling and many were screaming for the fastest exit. Cars were already pulling out of the parking lot in droves. Lisa was helping Ramon and Mary to their feet and I started to get to my own feet and felt the pain grow worse. I sat back heavily and touched the side of my head. It was wet and sticky. I could feel the heat of blood flowing down my face and neck. In confusion, I looked at Lisa.

Lisa's eyes widened in horror. "Oh, my God! Hawk! Ted's been shot!"

Hawk was back in a second and lay me flat on the ground. "Lay down, hero. Let's look at this." I felt light headed and watched Lisa as she shouted into her cell phone while Hawk dug painfully at my hair. I decided this was definitely more surreal than lunch as my vision faded to a point and went out.

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