tagRomanceThe Lady in Blue Ch. 15

The Lady in Blue Ch. 15


Chapter Fifteen: Where no man has gone before.

Lisa's point of view

After Hawk went into the bathroom, I sat down on the couch and ran my hands over my face. The last few days were taking a toll on me. My world was turned upside down and now my boss was somehow involved. There wasn't enough to go for a warrant without him pushing it, but he was part of it. I felt like pulling my hair out by the roots. I was angry, upset and wanted to break down, but that would gain us nothing.

Hawk had a lead on the bomber, we had the old man and his link to the DA. If we could get something from the disk, we might be able to find out who they were. I thought about my boss, that rat bastard, he had to be in it up to his neck. He killed Calvin and then had all those sweet words of support for me. The schmuck was going to pay.

Calvin had worked so hard, collected all that evidence and we just let them take it away from us. It made me so mad. With a growl, I got up and began pacing the living room. I had been going about this in the wrong way, like I was just a victim, not a prosecutor. I needed to be building a case against these people. They had been ahead of us every step of the way because they knew us and we didn't know them. That was gonna change.

The back door opened and I heard Ted call out. He came into the living room and stopped with a grin. "Do you always stalk around your living room naked? You look like a Valkyrie with your face all stormy like that." He set down the grocery bags and took me into his arms.

I buried my face in his neck, kissing his skin. He smelled like smoke. "You stink about as much as I think I do. Hawk is in the shower. Get these nasty clothes off so I can wash them."

With a kiss, he held me close for a moment before he started stripping. I stepped back and watched him. Sooty, smelly and grungy, I still wanted him, and just watching him take off his clothes made me wet.

I took his clothes and stuffed them into the washer, after emptying the pockets. Then I started them all over again. A second wash couldn't hurt. Ted was in the kitchen, putting up some sandwich materials and drinks when I wandered in. I stood in the doorway, watching the way his trim ass moved. When he bent over to put the lettuce in the crisper, I thought my heart would stop. He was so damn sexy. I was eying the table, trying to judge its load bearing capacity when he turned around and caught me gawking.

"Well, well. See something you like, little girl?" he asked with a grin. "Hawk is still in the shower..."

I took him into my arms, rubbing my body against him. "Yeah, I do." I captured his face in my hands and crushed his mouth with mine, taking him.

The first inkling I had that Hawk was done with her shower was when her hands slid around me and twisted my nipples, shooting lightning bolts through me, while she kissed my neck and rubbed her breasts against my back.

"You two go shower," she whispered in my ear. "There will be time to prove we're alive when you smell like you weren't in a fire." She pulled back and swatted our asses. "Go. Shower now." She gently started pushing us toward the bathroom and we, giggling like school kids busted making out, obliged.

I climbed into the tub and set the water temperature to something just below roasting. Ted climbed in behind me and we lathered each other up. I looked into his eyes as he kissed me, and melted inside. "I love you," I said softly.

He held me, the hot water sluicing down us. "I love you, Lisa."

We bathed each other, cleaning the grime and soot away, leaving us smelling fresh. The scent of his hair made me squishy inside. My hands began caressing him and he squeezed my breasts gently.

Suddenly, his hunger took him and he pushed me against the wall of the shower. His hands lifted me and in one sharp thrust, that took away my ability to speak, he was inside me. He felt molten hot as I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside me. His eyes were wild as he rocked his hips against me.

The feel of his slick skin under my hands made me groan with desire. My breath caught in my throat as he filled me again and again. Each thrust was as if it were the first, fueling my lust and love.

The rush of sensation and emotion, made me unable to think. I suddenly felt my hunger rise and take over my mind. With a growl, I bit his shoulder. Not hard, but I had to taste him. He bucked like an animal beneath me.

"Faster," I moaned in Ted's ear. "Fuck me faster. Make me come. Fill me with your come. Oh, god!" A small orgasm exploded between my legs and I writhed around him, rooting my sex onto him, lost in the moment.

He impaled me and held me close until I could see again. Then he started fucking me slowly. Pulling out almost all the way before filling me. The feel of the ridge on his cock brushing the entrance to my sex made me moan with every thrust. The slap of our bodies mixed with the rush of the water.

I watched Ted's face as he made love to me. His eyes unfocused, his mouth open and panting. Then he leaned forward and began devouring my neck. I flashed hot all over my skin and screamed as he made me his.

I knew he was close by the slow groans that came from him. "I love you," I whispered in his ear. "Your cock feels so good inside me. So big, so thick, so hot. You make my head spin when you make love to me. Take me. Make me yours."

His hands, slippery on my skin, gripped my hips as he powered into me. I used my legs around his waist to thrust back down onto him and groaned into his ear to urge him on. It didn't take much urging. Ted buried himself inside me and his face in my breast. The groan that ripped from him coincided with the swelling of his cock and the pulsing as he filled me with his seed.

I cradled his head to me and squeezed him gently, sighing in pleasure. His footing seemed a bit unsteady, so I slid one foot down to help keep us standing. Together, we stood holding each other, him still deep inside me. "Thank you," I whispered in his ear.

"You never have to thank me," he said back with a smile. "I'm happy to be here for you."

I smacked him on the arm playfully. "Oh, you!"

He turned the water off and opened the shower curtain as we pulled apart. I should clean up again but I might have some more sweating to do before we were done, if I was lucky. We dried off and he snagged me up, carrying me in his arms back into the master bedroom.

On the bed, lying on her side, her hair tumbling down across her chest, was Hawk. She grinned at us. "You two sure know how to have a good time." Her smile faltered a little. "Do you mind a little company or should I scram?"

Ted looked at me. I smiled at her. "You can join us. Same as last time, you tell us where your limits are." Ted set me on the edge of the bed and I could see her looking at his still erect cock with an interesting mix of lust and dread.

I took her hand in mine, drawing her eyes to my face. "You don't have to go any further than you want to."

She nodded and a slow grin crept across her lips. "But, I'd hate to see Ted waste good money."

I raised an eyebrow and looked at Ted. "What would he waste money on?" I asked.

She reached behind her and dropped an unopened box of condoms on the bed in front of her. "Look what I found in the grocery bag. Unlubricated condoms!"

Ted turned a bit red. "Just in case. No pressure. I just had the chance to get them and took it."

Hawk laughed. "Were you a boy scout? Always prepared? I'm fine, Ted. I want to. Maybe only once, but I want to make love to you." She fell back on the bed and opened her arms. "Take me," she cried theatrically.

Ted grinned. "I think I can do better than rushing in. This is going to be slow and as perfect as Lisa and I can make it. We have some time until our clothes are finished, so there's no rush. Let's take our time."

"Go get some wine out of the kitchen, Ted. Hawk and I will get things started while you get us some drinks. Then, you can watch us make love while you recover from the shower." I grinned at him. "You don't mind if I get her warmed up for you, do you Ted?"

Ted shook his head. "I don't mind at all. You girls have fun and I'll be right back." He wandered out, with my eyes drilling holes in his butt. I sighed. Sex with Hawk was fun, but he was gorgeous.

"If you think that I'm coming in between you, tell me and it won't hurt my feelings," Hawk said quietly. "I can see how much you love each other and I don't want to hurt that. You two are important to me."

"Hawk," I said gently, "if I think that it's an issue, I'll talk with you about it. Ted doesn't feel threatened with this for now, and neither do I. Just like no means no, yes means yes. We both want to make love to you, but Ted won't push. Don't worry about it. Just have a good time. And, let's take it slowly. I want some more of Ted, too," I said with a toothy grin.

To emphasize my point, I touched her breast with my fingers, rubbing along her nipple with my nail gently. The deep inhalation told me that she liked my touch. Using only my fingertips, I traced the curve of her breast, the flat skin of her abdomen.

Her fingers began tracing the same path along my body. With a sigh, Hawk leaned across and our lips touched. Soft, sensual, she kissed me. The taste of her exploding as she slipped her tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues dueled, our kisses becoming more heated and our hands pulling each of us to the other. Her stiff nipples set off an ache of need in my belly, and I felt my own nipples harden in response.

Hawk rolled on top of me and broke our kiss. "Let me show you something new, lover. I think you'll like it. A lot." She slid her leg between my thighs and slowly rubbed it along my damp sex. I sighed and let her settle down on my leg. Her sex was drenched. When she groaned, I realized we were fucking each other. She was masturbating herself on my leg as I was getting off on hers.

With hungry hands, I pulled her down to me and kissed her passionately. We writhed together, kissing, as I grabbed her ass and held her as we thrust together. I heard the 'pop' of a wine cork but ignored it. The sound of wine being poured into glasses sent a shiver up my spine.

Rolling Hawk over onto her back, I stared down at her, my hair a wild halo around my face. An innocent frame to a devilish arousal. "I want to taste you again, Hawk. I want to slip my tongue deep inside your hot, sweet pussy. Since you're feeling so adventurous, I want to feel you suck Ted's come out of me, one drop at a time."

Hawk groaned underneath me and nodded, her eyes wide with lust. "Yes," she moaned. "Do it. Make me suck Ted's come from your hot pussy. Oh, god!"

I swooped down, locking my lips around her nipple and she bucked beneath me, a scream of pleasure bursting from her lips. The metallic feel of the nipple ring made me shiver with excitement.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Yes!" Hawk screamed.

Nipping lightly with my teeth, I searched for the ragged edge of Hawk's line between pleasure and pain, not being afraid to use my teeth to twist the rings just a little. My hands squeezed her breasts as I feasted on them, sucking, biting, licking. I could feel the heat of Ted's eyes all over me but I wasn't going to look. Just knowing we were being watched made my pussy flood.

I slowly kissed my way down to Hawk's belly button, running my tongue along and inside it. Hawk's hands tangled in my hair, trying to push me lower. I resisted, digging in. This was going to be at my pace. I was going to make her beg for me to make love to her.

When I finally kissed lower, she moaned and called out for me. "Yes! Oh, yes. Make love to me, Lisa."

I grinned and decided to do the same evil that Ted had done to me. I skipped her slippery sex and started kissing down her leg. She screamed with desire and pulled my hair, almost painfully, trying to bring my tongue to her needy sex. I wasn't playing that game. I untangled her hands from my hair and kissed her inner thigh.

"I'm running this show, Hawk. Last time you were calling the shots. Now, I will do this my way and you will like it!" I whispered, my voice husky with desire, at Hawk.

Hawk gripped the sheets and groaned. "Ted, come here and help me!"

"No!" I called out, flashing a stern look at Ted, who was sitting in the chair by the vanity. "You don't get help. You're mine, for now. I'll make you scream my name when I am ready." I looked back up at her face. I was crouched, like a hunting tigress. I was almost shocked by how aggressive I was being and how passive Hawk was. I almost expected her to flip me over and ride me but she submitted to me. She was stronger than me and could push the issue but she just writhed under me. The scent of her arousal sent sparks through me.

Getting back to my seduction, I returned to kissing her leg, tasting her skin. I took my time, running my tongue along her flesh. I kept my eyes on her face, watching the waves of pleasure wash over her. I waited for her next move, I expected it. When she reached for her own sex, I snaked my hands up and captured them shy of their goal. "Bad girl! No touching yourself unless I tell you to. Keep your hands above your waist. You may touch your breasts."

Her groan of need flushed me with heat. I wondered if Ted would play along with this kind of thing later. I smiled and kissed my way lower, running my lips along her ankle. I spent a good five minutes torturing her foot, sucking her toes like Ted had done mine.

When I started back up, her breathing sped up. She was twisting her nipples so hard I was afraid that she might hurt herself. The musky scent of her womanhood was intense and overpowering. It took a lot of willpower not to taste her and still get within an inch of her mound before switching legs and starting back down.

Her screams of anguished desire filled me with lust. By the time I came back up, she could have worn a hole in the mattress from all the writhing. So, this was how it was for Ted, holding me on the razor's edge, tortured with need and pleasure. Waiting, knowing that when I finally touched her, she would explode. I shared a long, hot look with my boyfriend as I teased Hawk. I was surprised he wasn't touching himself, yet. Though he was as hard as a rock, he was keeping his hands away, sipping on some wine. He raised the glass in toast to me.

Returning my focus to Hawk, I repeated the slow descent to her foot and took my time. Even when she started pleading with me. "Please, I give up, Lisa." She called out to me. "Don't leave me like this!"

I laughed and shook my head. "An extra minute for begging. Wait for it!" I purred back. Another lusty groan met my delay.

By the time I was back above her knee, she was twitching with need. I made my way to her dripping pussy. I had heard the phrase before but always thought it was hype. Hawk proved to me that it could be true. The lips of her sex were dotted with nectar and she quivered like a plucked guitar string.

She arched her back and wailed softly when I blew a warm stream of air across her flower. My god, I don't know that I had ever seen someone so aroused. I was going to have to ask Ted if I was so far gone when he did this to me.

"Now, you may touch below your waist," I husked to Hawk. Her hands were like striking vipers, grabbing my head and burying my face into her sex. The taste of her exploded into my mouth and I heard her scream before her thighs clamped to my head. It took all my strength, but I forced her legs apart so I could breathe. Using my fingers, I spread her lips and dug my tongue as deeply inside her as I could. The ridges of her sex trembled as I licked her deeply, feeling her lower piercings rub along my face.

I licked her clit and she crushed my lips to her. When I locked my lips around her clit and sucked hard, she arched as taunt as a bowstring. Then she wailed her pleasure. I sucked her pussy until she bucked me partway off her. Then, I got the shock of my life. She clamped her legs around my head and I saw a squirt of nectar shoot out of her. I know it was pussy juice because it squirted right into my mouth. The next one just sprayed droplets of her sexy juice all over my face. That's something else I had heard of but never imagined seeing. Female ejaculation. I must have made her come like a dragon. I slowly lapped her sex as she came down from her high, toying with the rings in her labia. Finally, she collapsed in a loose heap, spent.

With a silly grin all over my face, I began kissing up her heaving body. When I got to her face, her eyes were unfocused. Hawk did react to my kisses, though. She moaned as she licked my face, tasting herself.

"You shot come all over my face and into my mouth," I whispered to her. "I guess that means I did a good job, huh?"

"Oh, god," Hawk moaned. "That was an A+ if I ever felt one."

"Caught your breath?" I asked her. At her nod, I climbed up and straddled her face. "Suck my pussy," I told her, planting my sex on her lips. "Suck Ted's come out of my pussy," I commanded.

Hawk didn't play around like I had, she dug right in and started eating me. When she tasted Ted's come, she groaned. I squeezed my muscles and forced some into her mouth. Hawk went nuts, sucking, licking and biting me gently. She was a great pussy eater. Better than Ted, I had to admit. I'd have to give him more time to practice or get Hawk to give him some pointers.

Hawk began sliding her fingers inside me and licking them when she pulled them out. I locked eyes with Ted and motioned him over. He set the glass down and climbed onto the bed. I kissed him and about sucked his tongue down my throat. His hands pinched my nipples and he began kissing my neck. My eyes unfocused and I ground my sex into Hawk's face.

I forced him back and leaned forward to capture his cock in my mouth. The salty taste of him revved me right up. I bobbed my head and moaned, which only set off Hawk. From the motion of her arm, I could tell she was playing with herself, so I wasn't too surprised when she came again.

Pulling my mouth back, I rode her as she writhed. I looked deeply into Ted's eyes as I came with a shiver. He held me close while I came back down, listening to Hawk coo and moan into my sex. I rolled off of her and onto my side, trying to catch my breath.

"Ready to take the plunge, Hawk?" I asked when we could both breathe. "Are you ready for Ted to fuck you? Do you still want it?"

Hawk's hair was in wild disarray. She looked like a goddess of sex. I wrapped my hand around Ted's cock and he was like iron. Hawk looked at my hand, swallowed and nodded.

"I'm ready, but I need you to guide him and be here with me," Hawk said. Her breathing was a bit fast but she looked like she was ready.

"I'll be right here. If you need me, call me and I'll be here. If you want to stop, tell Ted and he'll back off." I assured Hawk.

I found the box and pulled out a foil package. With a grin, I tore it open with my teeth and fit the condom on the tip of Ted's cock. Then I used my lips to push it up and unroll it, taking him all the way in and settling the condom around the base of his cock. I could see Ted's eyes cross when I massaged him with my throat. Pulling back, I used my hand to jack him a few times.

"Assume the position, mister." I whispered to him. Ted was funny, caught between eagerness and not wanting to be seen as too eager. I kept my hand on him as he knelt between Hawk's spread thighs.

I looked into her eyes, wanting to be sure. At her hesitant nod, I ran the head of Ted's rubber sheathed cock along her sex. She jumped a bit so I stopped.

"No," Hawk said. "Just go ahead. I'm only nervous."

With a nod, I positioned Ted right at her entrance and pulled him forward a bit. Slowly, an inch at a time, Ted sank his length into Hawk. She closed her eyes and sighed as he settled on top of her.

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