tagLesbian SexThe Lake in Summer

The Lake in Summer


Hello and welcome to my readers. My sincere thanks to you for your comments, feedback and votes on my previous efforts; I look forward to the same on this new tale. I hope you enjoy it. My continued appreciation goes out to Alex the Cat for her support and encouragement.


"Wahhooo, there it is. There's the old cabin. Look out fish, here we come."

Laura Owens jerked awake as her husband Mark let out a happy cry. Their big SUV stopped in front of a dilapidated structure that vaguely resembled a house. She had been enjoying a dream in which she and her friends wandered through one dress shop after another, buying anything that took their fancy. It wasn't really that much different from her real life, but it passed the time on the three hour drive to get to Old Jim's Fishing Camp.

If only her friends had come with her, she sighed, this was going to be so boring. Two weeks in this dirty place, she thought darkly, with no one except her husband and his three friends to talk with. Darn that Beth Saunders anyway, her bright idea got me into this mess. Beth had insisted that the wives accompany their husbands on their annual fishing trip this year so they could 'connect' as couples.

As far as Laura was concerned, Beth had been watching too many of those touchy-feely 'advice' programs that solved everyone's problem in an hour. "That's where she probably got this dumb idea," Laura grumbled to herself. Beth's husband Dave worked with Mark at the same investment firm, along with Carl and Ted, the other members of the fishing expedition. Beth and Mark had been having 'problems' lately, mostly of a sexual nature to hear her tell it, so maybe it was to be her way of 'connecting' with her husband again.

Of course, one of Beth's children had contracted chicken pox the day before they were supposed to leave, so she remained behind. Carl and Ted's wives had also quickly developed excellent last minute excuses for not going, so she was stuck for two weeks in a dirty cabin surrounded by testosterone and slimy fish. She had shopped so carefully for just the right outfits to wear, going to all the stores and on the internet. Now there was no one who would appreciate her new wardrobe, making Laura crankier than ever.

The men began unloading the SUV and the small trailer attached to it, talking excitedly about the fish they were planning to catch. Laura sulked in the passengers' seat, almost totally ignored by her enthusiastic husband and his friends, wishing she were anywhere else but here. Finally, when the fishing tackle, coolers and suitcases had been unloaded, Laura opened the truck's door and walked into the cabin. It was ugly, dark and smelly and she hated it. The men didn't seem to notice, already removing their custom designed rods from their cases and opening their tackle boxes, preparing for a day of fishing.

Laura walked out on the cabins porch and gazed at the vast expanse of Clear Lake, its far shore invisible in the morning mist. It was a beautiful view that Laura found strangely comforting, as she was not an outdoor person. Maybe she would walk along the shore later when the men were out in their boat and do a little exploring. Then she saw a figure walking along the path to the cabin from the lakeshore. At first, she thought it was a man dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt, but as the figure neared, she could see it was a tall, blonde haired woman.

Molly McClure loved the early mornings on the lake; it was her favorite time of day and had been since she was a little girl. She had grown up on the shores of Clear Lake, its inlets and coves as familiar to her as a city dweller would be with streets and avenues. Her father, Jim, had died last winter and she missed him terribly. Her mother had abandoned them many years before, simply disappearing one afternoon from their cabin, never to return. Her father had raised her as best he could, sharing his extensive knowledge of the lake and all its wonders with his only child.

This would be her first summer in charge of her fathers fishing camp. Jim's employees had remained after his death, content to work for his daughter that they had watched grow to maturity. She was nervous, but confident her abilities and knowledge of the lake would carry her through the busy fishing season. As she neared the cabin where her first guests of the season were staying, she saw a stylish red haired woman standing on the porch, watching her as she approached. She waved and smiled, the woman waved and smiled in return.

Oh goody, thought Laura as the woman strode purposefully toward her, someone to talk with in this hellhole. I hope she's friendly. Laura looked at the woman with eager curiosity. She was tall, probably 5' 11", at least a head taller than she was. She appeared to be about Laura's age, in her late twenties. Her skin was tanned and glowing, fairly bursting with health. With her red hair and pale skin, Laura felt washed out in comparison to this athletic individual. Her figure was slim, small breasted with narrow hips and long legs. As she neared, Laura could see her dark blonde hair worn shoulder length framing an attractive angular face, with a narrow nose, thin lips, and high cheekbones. Laura drew her jacket about her shoulders and shivered as she looked into the woman's' piercing blue eyes, not entirely from the mornings chill.

When Molly drew closer to the woman on the porch, her long flaming red hair and deep green eyes intrigued her. She was stylishly dressed in expensive outdoor clothing; emphasizing her generous breasts, tiny waist and flared hips. Her gently rounded face was beautiful, with deep green eyes, an upturned nose, full lips and rosy cheeks. As she stepped onto the cabins porch, Molly felt a sudden warmth pass through her body as their eyes met. The woman smiled shyly and offered her hand. "Good morning, I'm Laura Owens, happy to meet you."

Molly took the offered hand in hers and replied, "And good morning to you, ma'am. I'm Molly McClure, the owner of this fishing camp."

Both women felt as if they had taken hold of a live wire as they clasped hands. Molly's sparkling blue eyes merged with Laura's shimmering pools of green. Neither woman moved for a long moment, overwhelmed by the depth of feeling they were experiencing with one simple touch. Then a shout of "Hey guys, I think our guide is here" from inside the cabin jerked them from their emotional connection. Molly's face broke into a huge smile and Laura grinned back at her, white teeth gleaming. Both women suddenly felt that they had found a friend and deep down in their souls, something much more.

Then they were surrounded by four enthusiastic anglers, all talking at once, their voices a din in the women's' ears as they held tightly to their hands and continued to smile. "Hey Molly," Dave said, "Where's 'Old Jim', he always met us first thing so we could get on the lake. Where is he?"

Molly reluctantly released Laura's hand, her smiling face suddenly somber. "My father is dead," she said quietly, "I'll be your guide today." The excited men suddenly fell silent and glanced at each other in disbelief.

"Old Jim's dead," Mark finally replied. "I can't believe it. When did this happen?"

"Late last winter," Molly said sadly. "We were boring some holes for some ice fishermen when Dad dropped the auger and fell down. A massive heart attack is what the doctor said." She paused and looked at the astonished men evenly, "Are you ready to go fishing today?"

The men mumbled their assent and gathered up their fishing gear. Talking in low tones among themselves and casting sidelong glances at Molly, they began walking down the familiar path to the boat docks. When Laura made no move to follow, Molly asked, "Aren't you going with us? It's going to be a beautiful day."

"I, I hadn't planned on it," Laura replied. "They didn't invite me and I assumed I wasn't wanted."

Molly smiled, "Well, I want you to go with me. We'll have a lot of fun. Have you ever been fishing before?"

"No, no I haven't," Laura said with a wry smile. "I wouldn't know what to do. I'd probably make a fool of myself and those men would laugh at me."

"Go right back in that cabin and grab a hat and some sun tan lotion," Molly said decisively. "I'll teach you how to catch fish and no one will laugh at you if I can help it."

The warm sun and the gentle rocking of the boat made concentration difficult for Laura as Molly explained the proper way to cast a line where the fish would hide. She would have preferred to take a nap in the warm sun, but she felt obligated to Molly for bringing her along and tried to be attentive. "...and you flick your wrist like this," Molly was saying, "and it lands just short of the reeds." The line sung from the reel and the bass jig landed with scarcely a ripple at the edge of the grassy clump. Molly handed Laura another rod and said, "Now you try it."

Laura tried to emulate Molly's easy casting style, but succeeded only in tangling the line in an overhanging tree limb on the shoreline. Molly patiently untangled the line and encouraged Laura to cast again. As the sun rose in the sky, Laura's skills improved and soon she was casting her lures with reasonable accuracy. Then she caught her first fish! Molly helped her play her quarry, making sure the bass didn't swim back in the reeds and tangle her line. She squealed and laughed as Molly brought the flopping fish into the boat, disengaged the hook and put it in the boats live well.

"Oh Molly, thanks for bringing me along and teaching me how to fish," Laura said excitedly. "I'm having a wonderful time," she paused and said hesitantly, "and I really enjoy being with you." She leaned across the boat and hugged Molly, feeling a strange tingle run through her body as the tanned woman enthusiastically hugged her back.

Molly's mind was whirling as she embraced her blonde haired fishing companion. She had never felt this way about a woman before, but she wanted to take Laura in her arms and smother her with kisses. Stop thinking this way her mind screamed at her. This woman is married. She's not interested in you. However as Laura continued to cling to her, chattering happily about her fish, Molly lifted her face to hers and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Laura was surprised and excited as Molly's lips pressed on hers ever so softly. Without thinking, she returned the kiss, brushing Molly's lips with her tongue. She had never kissed a woman in this way before, but it felt so right to kiss Molly. The women moved closer on the boat's seat, tightening their embrace, their kisses becoming more passionate and intense.

"Hey Molly, where are you guys," came the call from beyond the reeds. "We've got our limit for today, let's head back."

Molly and Laura reluctantly released each other, gazing lovingly in each other's eyes. Molly replied to the men's call, started the engine and turned the boat around as Mark and the others came around the bend. With Molly's boat leading the way, the two boats returned to the fishing camp. Laura sat as close to Molly as she dared, staring straight ahead, her emotions in turmoil. Why did she feel like this? She had never desired a woman like this before. She was a married woman, for God's sake. Then she felt Molly's hand caressing hers and she uttered a little moan of happiness. It hit her like a thunderbolt; she was falling in love with Molly. She turned her head and looked into Molly's blue eyes.

Molly tried to concentrate on piloting the boat back to the camp. However, seeing Laura seated in front of her, scarlet hair flying in the breeze, filled her heart with joy. She reached out and clasped Laura's hand, feeling an answering squeeze in return. Then Laura turned and looked at her. The love in her eyes made Molly's heart soar and she felt like crying. She returned the loving gaze and saw Laura's green eyes sparkling with unshed tears. The feelings and emotions were mutual and it was wonderful.

With the boats tied and secured, the fish put on ice and the rods and tackle packed up, Mark and the others walked back to their cabin. Laura told them she would be along in a minute; she wanted to speak to Molly. She felt a twinge of guilt as she watched her husband walking down the path talking to his companions, but then he always seemed more at ease around other men. For some time now, Laura's feelings for the man she married ten years ago had diminished significantly as his indifference to her increased. He was spending more time at the office and out with his friends than he was with her. Their sex life was non-existent except for a few rapid couplings induced by Mark that brought Laura no satisfaction, only frustration. They had become virtual strangers, sharing the same house and bed but little else.

Laura felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked at Molly, her blonde hair radiant in the glow of the setting sun. "Molly, I..." she began. Molly smiled and placed two fingers on Laura's lips. "Shhh, don't say a word. Just answer me one question. Do you love him? If you do, please go now and we'll forget that this ever happened."

Laura took a deep breath and sighed. "Not any more," she said in a low voice. Not for some time." She took Molly's hands in hers, "I think I love you Molly. I have never loved a woman before. I am scared and excited at the same time. This is all new to me."

Molly swallowed hard, "I have never loved anyone before, woman or man. My life and love has been my father and the lake. Then I saw you standing on the porch of the cabin and all that changed. I think I love you too, Laura, and I am as scared as you are." She hesitated for a moment, "Will you meet me tonight in the shower building at nine o' clock? It will be quiet there and we can talk."

"Oh yes," Laura replied happily. "Mark and his buddies play poker all evening, they won't miss me. I'll see you at nine." She moved off down the path towards the cabin, waving over her shoulder at her friend. Molly watched her walk away, wishing that time would pass quickly so she could be with Laura once again. Then she turned and headed toward her office.

Laura picked absentmindedly at her food as Mark and the others ate most of the stew she had prepared. Her repeated glances at her watch didn't make time move any faster. Would it never be nine o' clock? Finally, the hour arrived and she packed up her towels, soap and shampoo, announcing to Mark and the others where she was going. They were engrossed in their game and briefly acknowledged her. "I may visit Molly afterwards," she said in passing. Laura walked quickly to the shower building, looking anxiously for Molly. After waiting for almost an hour, Laura decided Molly was not interested in her like she thought. She felt like such a fool. I may as well take a shower as long as I'm here, she thought, no point in making a trip for nothing.

Placing her towels, clothing and underwear on a bench, she turned on the taps and waited for the water to warm. The hot spray felt good on her skin after a day outdoors. As she began to wash, her hands moving over her breasts and thighs felt erotic and exciting. She remembered Molly's soft lips on hers and the warm embrace they shared. She began to caress her pink nipples, feeling them harden and become sensitive. Then her hand was rubbing her wet pussy, her finger stroking her pulsing clit. Laura began to masturbate as thoughts of Molly filled her mind. She imagined it was Molly's fingers touching her as she became more excited.

"Ohhhh Molly, touch me there. It feels so good. Ohhh Molly, I love youuuu..." Laura rubbed herself faster and harder, feeling her orgasm building, whimpering in her fantasy. She felt as if she would explode.

Molly ran down the path towards the shower building. A last minute check-in with credit card problems had delayed her for almost an hour at the office. She hoped Laura had not become discouraged and gone back to her cabin. Molly knew she was falling in love with the red haired beauty, but she also felt guilty about coming between Laura and her husband. She decided to tell Laura that it was important that she try to rekindle her relationship with her spouse. She did not want to be responsible for breaking up their marriage and decided that they should not take their summer infatuation any further.

Stepping through the door of the building, Molly heard water running in the last stall. She saw a pile of woman's clothing on the bench in front of the stall. As she moved closer, she heard Laura moaning and saying her name repeatedly. Molly pulled the shower curtain aside and the breath caught in her throat. She saw Laura's naked body for the first time, the pale skin shimmering under the flowing water. She was leaning against the wall, her eyes closed, pinching her stiff pink nipples and rubbing her hand in her red furred crotch. "Ohhh Molly, touch me there, I love you..." she moaned, masturbating furiously. Molly's resolve crumbled at the erotic sight as she tore at her clothes.

Laura was close, so close to cumming. Her nipples ached and her clit was throbbing. She gasped as she felt strong hands cover hers as she rubbed her pussy and pinched her nipple. Her eyes flew open and she saw Molly gazing at her with love in her eyes, her firm tanned body glistening in the shower spray. "Molly, Molly, you didn't forget me.", she cried. "You do love me, I knew you did. Please Molly, make me cum. I want to cum for you, my darling..."

Molly pulled Laura against her and smashed her lips onto Laura's upturned mouth. Their tongues slid and writhed against one another in one long passion filled kiss. Molly pushed Laura's hand aside and drove two long fingers deep in her lovers sopping pussy, her thumb tormenting the pulsing clit. Laura spread her legs wider for her lover's hand, caressing and squeezing Molly's firm round ass, grinding their hard nippled breasts together. Molly felt Laura's spongy g-spot under her fingers and stroked against it rapidly. She felt Laura's body stiffen against her as she orgasmed. "Ahhhhh, my Goddd, Mollyyyy, do meeeee, I love youuu..." Laura screamed as her creamy juices flooded Molly's thrusting hand. She came twice more on Molly's stiff fingers and collapsed against her lover, gasping and moaning.

Molly's body was screaming for release, her pussy ached with need and her nipples were so hard they hurt. With an anguished cry, she grabbed Laura's delicate hand and shoved it deep into her pussy, pushing it back and forth. Laura reacted instantly, her erotic senses heightened by her massive orgasms. Laura sucked Molly's tongue down in her throat and opened her hand wide inside her lovers gushing cunt, spinning and wriggling her fingers. Molly whimpered and moaned as Laura's fingers stroked and rubbed against her soft, pink walls and her upturned thumb found her pleasure spot. Laura worked her hand deep in her lovers' pussy and rubbed her aching cunt against Molly's slick thigh, seeking another orgasm. Molly's hands clutched the firm globes of Laura's round ass, kneading the pale flesh like stiff dough.

"Ahhhhh, please, Laura, please push harder, harder. Ohhhh, I'm cumminggg, eeeeeeee..." Molly howled as wave upon wave of orgasmic ecstasy swept over her, her cum gushing past Laura's thrusting hand, swirling away in the showers stream. Laura screamed and exploded against Molly's hard thigh, her body wracked with yet another fierce orgasm. Molly's knees give way and she slid down the tile wall, pulling Laura with her as the water cascaded over them. Laura slid her hand from Molly's pussy and straddled her waist, covering her lovers' face with kisses they recovered from their intense orgasms.

"Oh Molly, my sweet Molly, I love you so much. I know you love me too. I never want to be apart from you, never," Laura whispered in her sweethearts' ear, hugging her tightly.

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