tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 02

The Lake Monster Ch. 02


Despite Nikki insisting several times that she was fine, Elena was convinced that Nikki had a concussion and it was only after a tiring barrage of questions about what seemed like everything under the sun that Elena seemed convinced that Nikki was in a healthy mental state.

Even so, Elena insisted that she take care of everything, and so Nikki sat on one of the lawn folding chairs they had brought with them, deep in thought as Elena set up the tent, built the campfire and now was sharpening roasting sticks for the both of them. She had told Elena of her painful cramp that had almost caused to her drown, but altered the part of how she got back to the beach, making it sound like she had swam back to the shore and passed out. Elena had believed it all. That had been the easy part.

The hard part was Nikki coming to terms with what had actually happened. She swore that there had been a…woman? That had rescued her and brought her to shore. She remembered vaguely hands on her, and when she had opened her eyes she had seen a woman with blue skin and the most violet eyes she had ever seen. But there couldn’t just be a blue skinned woman just wandering around the lake, could there? Of course she couldn’t tell Elena about this bizzare event, Elena would probably freak out and take her straight to the emergency room. She wouldn’t have believed herself if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.

As she munched half-heartedly on a hot dog that Elena had cooked for her, she decided that she needed to know if the blue skinned woman was real, that she hadn’t been a hallucination from her near death experience.

It was nearly two before she could coax a very drunk Elena into the tent, the woman had been keen on regaling Nikki with several tales of events that happened back when she was in high school. While they were hilarious, Nikki was eager to get rid of Elena. It was as if the lake was calling to her, wanting her to know of its secrets.

Amarisa’s instincts told her to swim away, to get as far away from the lake as she could. She was certain the human had seen her. But after the sunset the darkness emboldened her and her curiosity drew her back to the shore. She had never seen a female human before, the brief times she had glimpsed a human being they had all been male, and their raucous laughter had kept her far away. She wanted to see the human female again; she was intrigued by the female’s anatomy which seemed so similar to hers.

This is stupid, Nikki thought to herself as she clutched a just-roasted hot dog in her hand, complete with bun and dressed with ketchup and mustard. She wasn’t even sure if the mermaid, yes, she had decided the creature she saw was a mermaid, maybe couldn’t even eat human food, but she felt like she need to do something for her rescuer. If there had even been a rescuer at all. Now she stood on the shore, waiting.

Even if the creature had been a figment of her imagination, the scenery was worth stay up for. The full moon had never looked so clear, shining down at its counterpart in the lake, and the sky shone with stars like a sprinkling of diamonds in the sky. Every once in a while, a shooting star would streak across an area, so fast that it was like it had not been there at all. She sat down on a boulder, admiring the night view, something that she could never see in the city thanks to light pollution. She took a glance back at the lake and then froze. There was a very distinct shape in the lake a few meters away, the shape of a head.

“You’re real.” She whispered quietly, staying completely still, almost as if she was watching an animal and the slightest movement would cause the mermaid to leave. She stayed still for a full minute and was rewarded with the head moving closer to the shore, soon the mermaid’s shoulders and chest emerged from the water as she walked? along the lake bed, moving closer and closer to Nikki, whose heart was beating so hard she felt like she was going to have a heart attack.

The mermaid was almost the exact color of the lake, a turquoise color all over except for the mermaid’s aerolas which were a darker color, and her hair, which was a lighter blue. She couldn’t help staring at the mermaid’s breasts, which bounced gently as she walked towards her. Soon the mermaid was stepping onto the shore, and her entire body was exposed. Nikki’s eyes took this sight in hungrily, having never seen anything like this mermaid before. Well defined shoulders led down to those mesmerizing breasts and then a muscular stomach, which Nikki saw did not have a belly button. Her eyes flickered over the area between the mermaid’s legs, seeing that the area was bare there. She looked down, marvelling at the webbed feet before she looked up at the mermaid’s face again.

“Hello.” She said, not knowing how to begin. “You saved my life earlier today, didn’t you?” The mermaid looked at her silently. “Well um…” She felt flustered now. “Thank you.” The mermaid looked over at her for a second, almost hesitant, then she emitted a low whine, it was like no sound Nikki had ever heard before.

She was certain that this human was the one from before, but the coloring of the human’s skin was different now, baggier with different colors and to her disappointment the soft supple breasts were nowhere to be seen. She didn’t like the new version of the human as much, but she was still curious. The human was emitting some kind of sound but she couldn’t understand it. It annoyed her, her first contact with a human and she couldn’t control the situation. She let a whine, frustrated. Then she spotted the object in the human’s hand. Sniffing it, she identified it as food and took a step forward. “Do you want this?” She looked over at the hand reaching out to offer her the food. Cautiously she took it, taking a bite. It was like an explosion of flavour in her mouth, she had never tasted anything like it. She rolled the morsel around in her mouth, savouring it. She couldn’t help but let a happy grunt. “You like it, huh?” She couldn’t understand the sounds the human was making but they sounded good to her ears. She finished the food in two more bites, licking her fingers to get all of the liquid.

Nikki watched the mermaid devour the hot dog with enthusiasm, not believing her eyes. Maybe this was the first time any human ever saw a mermaid before, this could be a scientific discovery of some sort. Now that the mermaid had finished eating the hot dog, she saw the mermaid look at her, thinking. The mermaid took another step forward, and then, so did Nikki, the two women quickly closing the remaining gap between them.

The mermaid was the first to reach out slowly to touch Nikki’s sweater, letting out what sounded like a confused gurgle. She tugged at Nikki’s sweater, her short claws snagging on the fabric. With a short laugh Nikki untangled the claws, feeling more at ease with the situation now. “Oh…you’re confused by my clothes?” It didn’t make sense for the mermaid to be naked while she was dressed, and then after a spur of the moment decision so she slipped out of her sweater, then her shirt, and then unhooked her bra. She dropped her pants and then her underwear too when the mermaid seemed to perk up. She stood there holding her clothes, feeling slightly exposed.

Now this was the human she had seen. Amarisa reached out with her hands, then jerked then back when the human let out a small, shocked gasp. She paused, confused when the human reached out with her own hands to touch hers. The human was warm like the sun’s rays, and she enjoyed the warm feeling, allowing the human to take the hand and then place it on her shoulder. The skin was soft there too, though not as enjoyable as the human’s breasts. She put both hands on the human’s shoulders, feeling the smooth texture of it.

The mermaid’s hands were slightly rough and lukewarm, and now that the mermaid was closer to her Nikki realized that the mermaid’s skin wasn’t one solid color as she thought, but reflected in the light gave of several colors like the scales of a fish. She touched the mermaid’s forearm, feeling the bumpiness of it, marvelling at the feel. She dropped her clothes to the ground and all of a sudden the mermaid had her hands on her breasts, fondling them. “Hey…” She said, but her complaint quickly faded when the sensations started to hit her, the roughness of the mermaid’s hands were just enough so that when they ran over her nipples it caused them to tingle with pleasure. “Ugh…” She couldn’t believe this was happening. She felt her clit tingle at the stimulation and was shocked to find that she was getting wet from the mermaid’s ministrations. Okay, two could play at that game.

Her hands sneaked underneath the mermaid’s to squeeze the two blue mounds on the mermaid’s chest, unable to contain a chuckle when the mermaid let out a shocked squeal. Once Nikki started to massage her breasts however, the mermaid started to emit a low rumble in her chest, even closing her eyes every so often. “Oh you like this, don’t you.” She was eager to feel more of the mermaid with her hands, and soon her hands traveled downward to the mermaid’s waist, feeling the strong muscles ripple beneath her hands. The mermaid’s continued stimulation of her breasts was causing her to start to feel very horny, and without thinking she lowered her head to catch one of the mermaid’s nipples in her mouth, sucking the peak and running her tongue over it, tasting the lake on the mermaid’s breast. This time the mermaid let out a loud moan so loud that for a second Nikki was afraid that Elena would have heard it, but soon her worries disappeared as the mermaid copied her, running her rough tongue over her already stiff nipples.

“Oh god.” The mermaid was a fast learner, she thought to herself and almost by instinct she pushed the mermaid away from her breast so that their lips could press together. She felt the mermaid stiffen when they first kissed, but then again as she realized that it felt good, it was the mermaid that was now kissing her back with a passion that left Nikki’s head reeling. As they kissed Nikki moved them closer to the boulder that she had once placed her clothes on, and now she leaned against it as they continued their steamy makeout session.

It felt like the mermaid’s hands were everywhere now, caressing her breasts, running over her thighs and squeezing her buttocks once they had discovered them. Nikki realized that although the mermaid was touching her body eagerly she was making sure not to scratch her with her claws. She appreciated the thoughtfulness and in return slid her hand between the mermaid’s legs, touching the softer flesh that was there. To her surprise it didn’t seem like the mermaid had a pussy, but there was a large bump there that the mermaid seemed like Nikki touching, the mermaid was now thrusting into her hand almost desperately. She felt a slickness in her hand and confused, looked down. Now she realized why the mermaid had no pussy, the bump was actually a prepuce that was covering the mermaid’s cock. She stared at it, amazed at the seven inches of it and thickness of it but also the darker blue color it had, especially the tip of it which was a midnight blue.

She barely had time to think before the mermaid’s lips were against hers, kissing her eagerly as the mermaid squeezed her butt cheeks. She felt the mermaid’s tongue prodding her lips and she parted her lips, allowing the mermaid’s tongue to dart in and dance with hers. She let out a moan as she felt the mermaid’s cock slide between her legs, rubbing against her pussy lips and indirectly stimulating her clit. The mermaid was thrusting against her but didn’t’ seem to know to enter her. She enjoyed the motions though, her clit getting harder and harder. The mermaid’s cock seemed to have its own lubricant, the cock stayed slick and soon her pussy lips were covered with the wetness. Pretty soon she couldn’t take it anymore and spread her legs, grabbing onto the mermaid’s cock and inserting the tip into her pussy.

She couldn’t believe how good it felt when the mermaid entered her, the girth of her spreading her inside, filling her pussy. They both let out a loud moan at the sensations as the mermaid thrust into her. She was so turned on that her pussy eagerly took the entire length of the mermaid’s cock and every time the mermaid thrust into her, their breasts would brush against each other. Oh god it felt so good.

The mermaid filled her like no man ever had, and the sensations of the mermaid’s cock against her pussy walls were so deliciously satisfying, she found herself thrusting her hips against the mermaid’s, impaling herself on the mermaid’s meaty shaft over and over. It wasn’t enough, she wanted to be pounded, fucked hard. She grabbed onto the mermaid’s buttocks, pulling the mermaid towards her, wanting her deep inside. Their breasts pressed against each others as Nikki kissed the mermaid roughly, wanting more, needing more. The mermaid seemed to understand, and Nikki found her legs being lifted up so that she was now resting entirely on the boulder, her legs being pushed up to her chest as the mermaid thrust into her.

In this position as the mermaid thrust into her with an almost wild abandon, her gspot was being stimulated hard as the mermaid plunged into her, going all the way in as she fucked her. The waves of pleasure were building up and Nikki threw her head back as she started to reach her climax.

Nothing had ever felt so good to Amarisa, the female was so tight inside, and the muscles inside her were twitching, clenching and massaging Amarisa’s cock, giving her so much pleasure. Each time she thrust into the woman she would let out a moan, the arousing sound making Amarisa thrust faster and faster into her. It was getting tighter inside the woman, and she couldn’t thrust as the speed she could before, though it was a small price to pay for the increased sensations. She lifted up the human’s legs, giving her greater access to that wonderful area, and now she thrusted hard, the air filled with the slap slap sounds of their bodies against each other. The human let out a loud moan and now the mermaid felt her cock being squeezed impossibly tight, she shut her eyes as she climaxed gasping as her cock pulsed with the pressure being applied to it, she continued to thrust as best she could, her orgasm hitting her and she thought of nothing else but the waves of pleasure hitting her over and over until her legs were jelly and she fell ontop of the woman who embraced her and kissed her and still she was climaxing, they were orgasming together until finally the human’s inner muscles relaxed and she shot her load into the woman.

It was the longest and most powerful orgasm Nikki had ever felt in her life. It seemed to last forever as the mermaid continued thrusting until finally she had collapsed on Nikki, who had wrapped her legs around the mermaid’s waist and her arms around her shoulders, desperately wanting the intimacy, the skin to skin contact on every part of her body. She felt something warm inside her and kissed the now exhausted mermaid ardently, stroking the mermaid’s cheek.

She didn’t want to let go of her and the mermaid didn’t seem to want to break the embrace either, they stayed that way for a long time, kissing each other and just holding each other, the mermaid still inside of her the whole time. It was the sound of the first bird chirp that made Nikki realize that they had been on the beach for a very long time, the sun was already peaking over the tops of the mountains. Regretfully she started to sit up and the mermaid did too, her cock slipping out of Nikki’s pussy with a squelch.

She felt empty now, both physically and mentally. The mermaid was taking her time standing up and stretching, almost as if reluctant to leave. The mermaid then gave her a look so full of longing that made Nikki certain that the mermaid didn’t want to leave.

Then she had an idea. “Tonight.” She said, pointing to the sun and moving it across the sky. “Here.” She pointed to where she was standing. The mermaid’s eager grin let her know that she understood. Now there was a bounce in the mermaid’s step as she leaned in, giving Nikki a tender kiss on the lips before jogging to the edge of the lake, wading in.

Nikki watched her as she walked deeper and deeper into the lake until she disappeared under the clear water. But it was ok, she would see her again, tonight! She couldn’t help the large grin that spread across her face as she picked up her clothes, her clit giving a final, happy twitch as she thought of the mermaid. This was the best camping trip ever.

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