tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 09

The Lake Monster Ch. 09


(AN: This chapter is lovingly written for those who very passionately commented on how much they wanted to see a cock on a certain character, although that is not what I had in mind for this story, I hope you will enjoy this chapter where it does happen. This is also the longest chapter I've written so far so be prepared for some reading :)

The chirping of birds outside the tent woke Amarisa up from her sleep. For a second she didn't remember where she was, then it came back to her, the night yesterday, the fun she had with Elena and Nikki. She smiled and turned to her side. Elena was gone already, but Nikki was still beside her, sleeping. Her eyes glanced over at her mate still sleeping peacefully, one smooth shoulder tantalizingly exposed. Amarisa leaned over and kissed it gently, and Nikki stirred slightly, a hint of a smile appearing on her lips. Amarisa grinned at the subtle response.

Oh such fun they had last night! Nikki had watched her fuck Elena and then finished her off when she had been close to the edge. She was thinking fondly of the moment when she realized that oh no! She hadn't returned the favour before falling asleep! She looked over at Nikki and whine unhappily, she felt very selfish for doing that but she had been exhausted. She ran her hand down Nikki's shoulder, accidentally knocking down the blanket and revealing one cream colored breast. Immediately she felt the tug of desire between her legs. Then she had an idea and made her way to the bottom of the blanket and ducked underneath it.

Nikki woke up, suddenly aware that something was very different. She sat up and looked around. Well, she was in the tent, alone. And she was naked she realized suddenly. She grabbed her blanket, pulling them up to cover her exposed breasts. That's when she felt it. When she had moved the blankets they had brushed up against her body. And something else... She lifted the blanket off and then gasped, covering it again. No...it was impossible. She peeked underneath the blankets again, certain that it had been an illusion. No, it was still there. Nikki fell back onto the sleeping bag in shock. There was no denying what she had just saw. She was now the proud owner of a large, juicy cock.

Oh. My. God. This was not happening. She closed her eyes and then opened them, convinced that she was dreaming. She pinched herself. Ow. Then she peeked under the covers again. Maybe it was attached by something...she didn't want to touch it but it seemed like she had no choice. She closed her eyes and reached down, grasping it by the base. She let out a gasp. The feeling of her cold hand on her cock almost made her gasp. Nope, it was her cock alright. She cried out in frustration, slamming her hands on the sleeping bag, which poofed up and absorbed all of the force. She rolled her eyes and got up.

Where the hell was everyone anyways? She got on her knees, trying to avoid the feeling of her cock resting on her leg. She grabbed a pair of underwear and started to put them on. "Come on, get in there..." She grumbled, trying to stuff her cock into her panties. Wow that was uncomfortable. Guess I'm going commando today she thought to herself as she pulled on a pair of baggy black sweatpants. At least you girls are doing alright. She said fondly to her breasts, pulling on a bra and t-shirt. She took a deep breath and unzipped the tent, stepping out.

The campsite looked exactly the same as it used to, Nikki wasn't quite sure what she had expected, purple mountains? Trees made out of candy? Something that would resemble what she felt inside. She sat down on one of the lawn chairs with a heavy sigh.


She turned around quickly at the sound. Her mermaid was standing there, an opened bag of chips in one hand and a hot dog bun in the other. "There you are." She said with a relieved sigh, getting up and running over to the mermaid to hug her. The mermaid made a questioning noise. "How can you think about food at a time like this." Nikki said to herself.

"I was hungry." The mermaid said with a shrug. Nikki froze. Wait, rewind. "You can talk?" She looked up at the mermaid, unable to form any more words. The mermaid sounded very similar to her crush back in high school, she realized.

"Uh. Yeah." The mermaid said nonchalantly, taking a bite out of the hot dog bun.

"Nevermind that." Nikki said, taking the food and putting it on the table, ignoring the mermaid's protests. "I need you to tell me what's going on with me."

" Wow, that's quite the impressive member you got there." The mermaid said. They were back inside the tent and Nikki had dropped her pants to show the mermaid the foreign appendage. Now the mermaid was crouched on one knee examining her new cock. " No it's not, and I don't want it. Hey!" She darted away when it looked like the mermaid was going to touch her. "Don't touch it, it's sensitive!" she said, glaring as she pulled her pants back up.

The mermaid laughed jovially. "Oh of course, I know. Did you forget I have one too?" She stood up and held out her hand for Nikki. After a moment's hesitation Nikki took it. "I don't even know your name." She muttered half-heartedly as the mermaid pulled her into her arms.

"It's Amarisa."

"I'm Nikki... "Fuck, this is the weirdest day." She muttered, shaking her head. "Did... did you do this to me?" She thought suddenly, glaring up at the aquatic woman and shrugging off Amarisa's hands.

"Me? Of course not!" Amarisa looked hurt. "Well...not intentionally."


"Well, I can't help it! It's part of my biology." Amarisa held out her hands in a surrendering motion. Nikki sighed and brushed her hair away. "This is fucked up, really."

"It's not that bad, is it?" Amarisa followed her as Nikki stepped out of the tent.

"Oh yeah, I just can't wear any of my clothes, I look like I stuffed an orange down my pants and oh ya, my pussy is gone!" Nikki huffed, kicking a rock for emphasis.

"I'm sorry, Nikki." Amarisa said, looking devastated. "I didn't realize you would hate this so much, I feel awful."

"Well, it's not that bad." Nikki said contritely, "but to me this just feels...wrong." Still, even with the dramatic change to her body Nikki still longed for Amarisa's touch on her body, yesterday had not been enough.

" Well I think you look beautiful no matter what." Amarisa looked at Nikki fondly. They sat down on the sleeping bags, holding hands. "You're sweet." Nikki said with a happy sigh as Amarisa ran her hands down her shoulders. "Mm that feels good." It was almost enough to make her forget her new equipment. "You looked so hot last night." Nikki leaned back against Amarisa's chest, recalling last night's events. "The way you fucked Elena was amazing...so sexy..." She gasped as she felt hot lips against her earlobe, and again when she felt her desire, so much more physical than she was used to. She could feel the blood pulsing to her nether regions, felt her cock stiffen and throb as her body responded to her lover's touch. She started to look down at her phallus but a hand tilted her chin away and she felt Amarisa's lips on hers.

"You could do the same thing now, Nikki." Nikki arched her back when she felt her t-shirt being pulled up and over her head. "You could be the one deliciously inside her....her tight pussy, you could be the one spewing your seed over her gorgeous breast." She couldn't have imagined the sexy voice whispering into her ear, the voice that she had longed to hear coming from the mermaid, could elicit so many conflicting emotions. Jealousy first, it was hard to hear how much Amarisa enjoyed having sex with Elena, then distaste when she thought about her own cock, but then lastly, and the most overpowering emotion, was arousal. "Please, Amarisa..." She gasped, " Don't stop."

She inhaled sharply when Amarisa tugged on her earlobe with her teeth, the area between her legs twitched hungrily in response. Ok, her cock, her cock twitched in response as Amarisa explored her body with her hands. "Don't worry Nikki, if all I ever did again was to make love to you I would do so, gladly." She felt the heat of Amarisa's body pressed against her back, the mermaid's nipples rubbing between her shoulder blades and when Amarisa pressed her entire body against Nikki's back, Amarisa's eagerness sliding between her butt cheeks. "God that feels good." She muttered. Amarisa teased her, her hands trailed up and down Nikki's front, avoiding the areas where she was most sensistive. She felt Amarisa's cock sliding between her butt cheeks, could hear the soft grunts of pleasure as Amarisa pleasured herself. "Touch me." She begged, taking Amarisa's hands and placing them on her breasts. It felt good to have Amarisa massaging her breasts, but the low down throbbing between her legs was only getting stronger. "Amarisa..." She said thickly, finding it hard to say much of anything, she was so horny. "Yes?"

"Touch me." She squirmed against Amarisa uncomfortably, there was a part of her that still wanted Amarisa inside of her, and she yearned to have her pussy back. "I am touching you, my love." Amarisa purred, pinching Nikki's nipples. "Not there..." She took Amarisa's hand, guiding it lower. "Here." She said, putting Amarisa's hand on her cock. They both gasped at the sensations, Nikki looked down at Amarisa's hand, wrapped around her cock, which stood erect, and proud. Now this, Amarisa's pleasuring her, that felt right. The dark tip of her cock was already gleaming with precum, and it looked like her cock had the same self-lubricating quality that she had always appreciated with Amarisa. When Amarisa started to move her hand up and down Nikki's shaft, she felt like she almost blacked out, she had never experienced anything like this. It felt like she was half a second from orgasming already. "Am-"

"Sh...." Amarisa quieted her effortlessly with one stroke, Nikki let out a whimper of pleasure, her hips bucked of their own volition, she thrusted into Amarisa's hand mindlessly. Her orgasm was peaking sharply, her mind blanked as she came forcefully, her orgasm more intense than she had ever experienced. "That was quick." Amarisa chuckled as Nikki collapsed against her, panting.

"Ok, that was amazing." Nikki said with a chuckle as she turned around. Her cock felt good now, and already she wanted to be touched again. She kissed Amarisa, showing the other woman how much she enjoyed her first handjob. Something was different now, she felt different, even more than before. An intense arousal consumed her, her senses were heightened and she felt the fresh air through her throat, the tenseness of her own muscles. She felt strong. She flipped Amarisa onto her back and pinned her easily, Amarisa's initial surprise soon gave way to delight, she allowed herself to stay pinned but still she strained, wanting the taste of Nikki's lips.

"Come here, you sexy woman." She broke the distance between them, putting her mouth on every available area of mermaid that she could until she felt Amarisa's rigid cock pressed against her navel. She gasped when their cocks touched; an intense longing brought her down, her face an inch from Amarisa. "Oh god, I want you so badly." Without thinking she brought her hand down to her cock. She stroked it feverently and moaned at the pleasure it brought her. " Let me." Amarisa said, pushing Nikki's hand away to replace it with her own. "Oh god." She pumped her hips, feeling the heat rise in her cheeks. But she wanted more. Suddenly she had an idea. "Get on your knees."

She said gently, coaxing Amarisa to turn over. This way, the small star that was Amarisa's butthole was clearly visible. She put her hand on her cock, using some of the lubricant to rub around Amrisa's anus.

"Nikki?" Amarisa said, a tinge of fear in her voice. Nikki chuckled, amused by the fact that her strong mermaid lover would be afraid of anything. "Don't worry, lover. I would never hurt you." She kissed between Amarisa's shoulder blades, kissing while fondling Amarisa's impressive member from behind.

She was in unfamiliar territory now, but Amarisa trusted Nikki, after all, she was the one who introduced to the infinite pleasures of love making. When she felt Nikki's lips on her hole she tensed, but that anxiety soon dissipated. She soon wondered why they had never done this before, it felt so good to have Nikki's velvet tongue on her sensitive sphincter. With Nikki stroking her cock and tonguing her asshole she climaxed, but it wasn't the immediate orgasm she was used to, this time Nikki's slow ministrations let her enjoy the gradual build up to her peak. She wiped a tear from her eye, it was incredible. "That was just a teaser." Nikki whispered into her ear.

"I can't wait." She said with a laugh of disbelief. She felt herself immediately harden again when Nikki slowly inserted one finger into her, massaging her. The feeling was incredible, she was moaning uncontrollably as Nikki moved her finger in and out of her. Now she knew why Nikki always had that look on her face when she fucked her, that look of pure bliss when she thrust into her. It really was that amazing. And two fingers was even better than one, she found out. Soon she wanted more, she wanted Nikki's wonderful new cock inside her. And she wanted Nikki to enjoy the feeling of her cock inside her lover, the intimate muscles tenderly squeezing her to orgasm.

"Please Nikki, I want you inside of me." She finally blurted out, and her request was quickly satisfied. She let out a cry of pure pleasure when Nikki entered her, she felt every inch of Nikki inside her, to the very core of being. Nikki put her hands on her hips, thrusting into her, finding a rhythm they could both enjoy. Nikki's hand rubbed the tip of her cock, a welcome relief to the pressure building up inside of her. She came, and the tensing of her body made Nikki come into her, and she into Nikki's hand. They collapsed onto the sleeping bag together, breathless and extremely happy. Curled up in each other's arms, Amarisa felt a swell of affection for her incredible lover. "I love you, Nikki." She confessed before planting a kiss on Nikki's lips. And the words that came out of Nikki's mouth made her the happiest mermaid in the world.

"I love you too, Amarisa."

Then Nikki woke up.

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