tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 10

The Lake Monster Ch. 10


(Author's Note: Hey everyone, I was happy to hear that so many of you enjoyed that last chapter, so much so that you wanted the dream sequence to be real! The amount of feedback I got was astounding and I really enjoyed reading all your comments and ideas, they're really quite good and I'll probably use some of those ideas later. I'm still going to stick to the ending I had in mind but I haven't forgotten the massive response I got back from you guys, hopefully you will like some of the additions in the future ;)


"What the-" It wasn't the first time Nikki woke up disorientated on this trip, it seemed like it was quickly becoming a trend. Immediately she felt the sweat on her body, the heat that could only be from one thing. A tug on her clit made her gasp in pleasure, she quickly pushed the lump of blankets aside.

Shit! Where'd it go? She looked down in dismay before realizing that it had all been a dream. But it had seemed so real...She thought to herself as the mermaid sucked at her pussy lips. She let out a lustful moan. Ok who cares, this feels fucking good. She stroked Amarisa's hair as the woman pleasured her, soon she lay back to enjoy the treatment. From the feel of it, Amarisa had been at it for quite a while when she was asleep. Oh you sneaky mermaid she thought, though she wasn't complaining, she could herself close to the edge. With a little nip from Amarisa she came easily.

"That was a sweet idea." She panted, putting a hand up to her chest to sooth her hot chest. The mermaid purred happily, crawling up to lie beside Nikki. "I had the most wonderful dream, you know..." She said to the mermaid, though she knew she didn't understand. Idly she rubbed Amarisa's belly, who squirmed happily as she listened to Nikki. "You could speak, and I had a cock, and we had this amazing sex." Amarisa grinned up at her as Nikki looked away, lost in the memory of the dream. A small whine brought her back to reality. "Oh, sorry." She said, resuming the rubbing of Amarisa's belly. "And you spoke to me and..." She felt the smile fade from her face. "You said you loved me." Oh how she had wished that it was true! Such joy she had felt when Amarisa had told her she loved her. She looked down and saw the same mermaid as in her dreams, but it wasn't meant to be. And today would be their last day together. She tried to ignore the unease she felt in her stomach when she thought of leaving tomorrow, but the feeling was getting harder and harder to ignore.

"Let's go get some breakfast, shall we?" She said, pulling up the surprised mermaid.

"Now where's Elena? Hm she must be out for her morning jog." Nikki spoke mostly to herself as she grabbed the remaining eggs and some bacon. "Meep." The mermaid said agreeably as she snooped through Nikki's belongings. Nikki looked fondly at the mermaid. Even though she had just had an orgasm she felt her yearning for the mermaid grow stronger ever minute they were apart. Already she wanted her again.

"Hey guys." Elena trotted into the clearing, sweaty and flushed. The mermaid greeted her affably, and Nikki noticed with surprised that Amarisa's cock was hanging between her legs, free from her prepuce sheath. Just the look of that gorgeous cock was enough to make her pussy wet. Mmm....later. Food first. She watched as Elena looked unabashedly at Amarisa's cock, a hint of a smile on her face. It looked like Elena found her cock equally distracting.

"Meep?" Amarisa called to both of them, confused that everyone was just standing there. Elena seemed to jerk herself out of a daze. "Oh why don't I uh-get started on the bacon." "Yeah, why don't you. Come here A-" She paused, catching herself. That was the name of the dream mermaid, not the actual mermaid. She grabbed the mermaid's hand anyway and pulled her back into the tent. "Thought I appreciate seeing your gorgeous cock, I have to admit it's a little distracting..." She pulled out a pair black sweatpants. They were too long on her, she always had to roll up the legs, but on Amarisa they would fit just fine. "Here." She handed them to the reluctant mermaid. "Come on baby." She said coaxingly.

Amarisa picked up the sweatpants curiously. She sniffed them curiously , they smelled like Nikki, the scent of a field of flowers. She would gladly wear this item of her lover's. She struggled as Nikki helped her into them. "There." Nikki said with satisfaction as she rolled down the pant cuffs. The mermaid ran her hands over the soft material fondly. Nikki looked down in surprise and saw the outline of that impressive member displayed in the material. She felt a spike of arousal. "I guess nothing can hide this gorgeous piece of equipment, huh?" she said with a flustered laugh. "Meep." The mermaid said happily. She pulled the mermaid in close, kissing her lightly at first, then harder. She had never felt so turned on before, there was a heat stirring between her legs, it was hard to think about anything else. She ached for her. The mermaid gave her a knowing smile before heading out of the tent. "Wait! Ugh." She rolled her eyes. "Can't believe you're thinking about food at a time like this." She took a moment to compose herself before stepping out of the tent.

"Oh hey! Have some breakfast." Elena said. The mermaid was already sitting at the folding table, bacon in hand. She waved the bacon at Nikki, as if saying 'look! Food.' Nikki smirked and took a seat. "So, any plans for the last day here?" Elena asked Nikki. Nikki frowned thoughtfully as the mermaid put eggs and bacon on her plate. "Well I was hoping I could spend it with the mermaid today." She said.

"Sure." Elena said with a shrug, "I think I'll just chill by the lake, read a book."

"I'm sorry if we didn't get to spend as much time together as you'd liked." Nikki said to Elena, who waved the thought away with her hand.

"Don't worry about it, this camping trip was all about relaxing, we'll have other days." She paused, a frown appearing on her face. She seemed to hesitate for a moment and Nikki knew that was a sign she was going to say something serious.

"And does she know it's our last day here?" She looked over at the mermaid who was helping herself to a second helping of eggs. "Well I'm sure she knows, I mean we weren't here before so it makes sense that we would have to leave." Nikki said uncomfortably. "Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Her best friend saw right through her false confidence.

Amarisa studied the two women as they had their conversation. She couldn't understand their language, but she could read their body language. Elena seemed to be saying something Nikki didn't like. Frustration filled her. If she could speak, she certainly wouldn't be making Nikki unhappy. She would charm her with her wit, possibly make her laugh with a joke. A growl built in her throat, but Elena continued talking. Amarisa stood up abruptly and roared with all her might. "Holy shit!" Nikki jumped at the sudden noise, Elena was so startled she fell off her chair. They both stared as the mermaid, chest heaving, sat back down and grunted in satisfaction.

"What was that all about?" Nikki asked, laughing. "I have no idea." Elena said with a raised eyebrow. " I think someone's done with breakfast." Nikki chuckled as she finished her breakfast as well. "I'm going to go get changed, keep her entertained will ya?" She paused at her choice of words, wondering if...nah Elena wouldn't do that. Still she ran to the tent, her intention was to get changed as quickly as possible.

Good, Nikki seemed happier now. Amarisa watched Nikki go to the tent fondly before giving Elena an indifferent look. "I know you care about her." Elena said gently to the aloof mermaid, who was ignoring her and pretending to be interested in a bird picking at the ground hopefully. "But it's really for your own good, you know." The mermaid let out a soft warble, and Elena smiled. " Are we good? I know." She went to the cooler, out of the corner of her eye she saw the mermaid watching her with interest. "Why don't you have some of these for later? I baked myself." She opened the plastic container and offered the chocolate chip cookies to the mermaid.

Amarisa took the offering suspiciously. She didn't completely forgive Elena for upsetting Nikki, but this was a good start. She took a bite of the cookie. Wow! It was good! She licked her lips and took another bite. Pretty soon the rest of the cookie was gone and she looked at Elena expectantly.

"Ok." Elena said with a laugh as the mermaid took the rest of the offered cookies happily. "Cookies?" Nikki had finished changing and was now wearing a white tank top and faded jeans. She held a dark blue hoodie casually in one hand. "You spoil her." The mermaid whirled around at the sound of Nikki's voice, she called to her happily. "Come here, you." Nikki held out her hand to the mermaid, who ran to her. "We'll be back later." Nikki waved to Elena.

Elena watched the two lovers disappear into the forest. She frowned. Nikki seemed so happy with the mermaid, there was a gleam in her eye that Elena hadn't seen for years. She worried what would happen when they had to return to civilization. Part of her wished they had never come here at all, it would pain her so much to see Nikki unhappy again. She just wished there was something she could do...

"Where are we going?" Nikki had intended on taking Amarisa to somewhere where they could be intimate. She had finally decided to call the mermaid Amarisa anyways, she liked the way the name sounded and it brought back warm memories of the dream she had this morning. She had intended on taking Amarisa somewhere private where they could be intimate, but it seemed like the mermaid had a specific destination in mind. She wasn't sure about the outburst earlier but Amarisa seemed happy now.

They were now walking up a steep cliff. Sweat started to accumulate on her forehead and she brushed it away in annoyance. She just wanted some mermaid cock in her, there was no need for all of this exercise. They weaved through the branches, and it seemed like they were getting closer to the destination, Amarisa was walking so fast, Nikki had to practically run to keep up.

"Baby, maybe we could-" She gasped, her complaints completely forgotten when she saw the quaint little rustic cabin infront of her. Amarisa pulled her excitedly to it. Nikki watched in fascination as the mermaid fiddled with a piece of the wooden door frame, revealing a secret hide a key. Nikki watched as Amarisa used the wooden key to unlock the door. She was still admiring the house. When Amarisa gently tugged her into the house. It looked a lot bigger than it did outside, there was a chair and table with various things on it in in the corner, a large queen sized bed in the other corner, and there was also a a shelf against the wall with various carved wooden sculptures .

Amarisa took Nikki's hoodie and hung it on a hook. She admired it resting on the hook inside her cabin with pride. This was her home, and now it was Nikki's too. Now satisfied, she went to the table to return to her work. Nikki had been admiring the wooden objects on the shelf, whoever made these certainly had a creative mind, the wooden sculptures were fantasy based, from fragile imaginary creatures that looked frail but elegant to strange looking trees and plants. She was wondering who this artist was when she noticed that Amarisa wasn't with her. Amarisa was sitting at the table, a tool in hand, working on a new piece of art.

All this time she thought the mermaid lived in the lake. She felt ashamed that she hadn't even considered that Amarisa would have her own interests and hobbies. She watched the mermaid work with a sadness that weighed heavily in her heart. There was so much more to her, and yet, they could never be.

Amarisa looked up when she heard the sound of Nikki crying. She panicked, dropping the sculpture she was working on. She whine softly, rushing over to Nikki. She took the hoodie off the hook and gave it back to her. Was she cold? What was going on?

Nikki shook her head at the offered hoodie. " No, baby." She allowed herself to be led to the bed, where the mermaid sat down and pulled her into her arms. She cried, and the mermaid rubbed her back as she did, cooing softly to her. Amarisa didn't know why Nikki was crying so, but she held her, determined to let her lover know that she was here for her. She loved her little Nikki human very much, and she would take care of her always. She rested her head on Nikki's shoulder and comforted Nikki until she stopped crying.

Nikki wiped at her eyes, embarrassed that she had cried so much infront of the mermaid. "Meep-a-meep." Amarisa looked at her, bouncing her on her knees. Nikki giggled as Amarisa nuzzled her cheek. "I love you, do you know that?" She told the mermaid, who let out a happy noise before kissing her. The crying seemed to have helped, she felt better, and though the feeling of dread remained in the back of her mind, she was determined not to it ruin the last day she had with this amazing woman. As Amarisa kissed the nape of her neck she felt the insistent stirring in her legs again, it made her want to rub her legs together, she had never felt such a strong arousal before. She kissed Amarisa back, putting all her passion behind it. She reached between Amarisa's legs, cupping her through the fabric of the pants.

Amarisa was happy that Nikki had calmed down, and she was more than surprised when Nikki touched her. She blinked in confusion before realizing. Her mate was in heat! Immediately she was filled with excitement as Nikki kissed her neck. She helped Nikki get out of her clothes, unable to help the grin on her face when she saw Nikki's bare form, so beautiful and pure. Nikki touched her through the fabric of the pants and when she slipped her hand into Amarisa's pants to grab her stiff shaft she moaned, Nikki's cool hand was a soothing relief to the heat that was building up in her cock. Nikki pushed her down into a lying position on her bed, she helped her remove the pants and her cock sprang free.

It wasn't long before Nikki took her in her mouth, sucking on that wonderfully large cock, running her tongue over the tip. Her cock tasted so good to her, she eagerly took in as much as Amarisa's cock as she could, marveling at the texture, she was rock hard and yet so soft on her tongue. She ran her tongue on the underside of Amarisa's cock, feeling the tendon on that thick meaty shaft. She had missed the feel of a throbbing mermaid erection in her mouth and showed her lover just exactly how much she appreciated it by licking and sucking every inch of it. Nikki squeezed Amarisa's muscular ass as she lovingly massaged her cock with her tongue. She watched her lover enjoy the blowjob, eyes closed, a small grin on her face. When Amarisa started thrusting her hips she knew she was close, she inverted her cheeks and felt the gush of Amarisa's sweet essence on her tongue.

She didn't want a drop to go to waste, but it seemed like the mermaid had more to give than usual. She swallowed, and then swallowed some more, but soon she had to stop for air and even then Amarisa's powerful cock spurted glossy white cum from the tip. Amarisa's tangy cum dripped out of her mouth to splatter on her legs.

Deep within the back of her mind, dormant but never forgotten, Amarisa's instincts told her what was going on. She had wondered earlier why her cock and not shrunk back into its prepuce sheath, but now the answer was as clear as day. Her partner was in heat, and they would mate over and over until they were both satisfied. Nikki was trying to take in all of her cum and was struggling to do so. She shook her head and pulled her lover up, she had plenty more for later. Already her cock was at half mast already, she longed to feel the flesh of Nikki's womanhood against her throbbing phallus.

They kissed, the heat of their passion was scorching, nothing else in the world mattered except Nikki and their need for each other. Amarisa pulled Nikki onto of her and delighted in the tiny squeal of pleasure Nikki emitted when she took one the small brunette's pink nipples into her warm mouth, returning the oral pleasure. She knew it would be enough to satiate her, and soon Nikki was rubbing her wet pussy on Amarisa's thigh, funny, it was the same leg that most of her cum had spurted onto. She ran her hands down her firm body, as smooth as velvet. Insistent hands squeezed the muscles of her back, exploring and caressing. She couldn't help herself, her hand reached between Nikki's legs to feel the wetness that was there. She rolled the damp folds between her fingers until Nikki begged her for more. Nikki was so aroused she easily took in two of Amarisa's fingers into her warm hole. She curled and uncurled her fingers, teasing that soft spongy tissue that was Nikki's gspot.

"Oh god you're going to kill me." Nikki gasped in response. She let Amarisa change places with her so that she was now the one lying down on the soft, downy bed. Oh to continue to have those fingers plunging in and out of her she would put with practically anything. With Amarisa ontop she had easy access to that magnificent organ lolling on its base. She fondled it in her hand, gently at first but her need grew too strong and she stroked her roughly, until with a growl Amarisa took her fingers out.

She let out a longing groan when she felt the tip against her entrance, she turned her head away to shut her eyes. She was trembling in anticipation when Amarisa took her chin in her hand, coaxing her to turn her head back. She was confused until she realized what she wanted. Amarisa wanted to see the look on her face when she entered her. Her heart hammered in her chest and she thought she might explode with joy when Amarisa entered her fully in one stroke, her heavy penis stretching Nikki's walls in a pleasure that only she could invoke. Now this is what she craved, Nikki though as Amarisa piledrove her, thrusting into her repeatedly.

Oh god it felt amazing to have the entirety of the mermaid's cock buried deep inside her, she dug her fingers into Amarisa's muscular ass, wanting everything the mermaid could give her.

Sheathed in Nikki's silken passage, Amarisa almost burst with joy. Nikki's body molded to hers, her intimate muscles pulsing, squeezing her. They fit perfectly together, and it was this thought that she clung to when her vision narrowed as she convulsed, shooting her hot seed into Nikki, it was this act that sent Nikki over the edge, it felt like it lasted forever and so did her orgasm, it surged through her, wiping all thought from her mind as she continued to pump her powerful mermaid come into her lover. Nikki wrapped her legs around her exhausted girlfriend as they both cooled down after that very long and very appreciated orgasm. She imagined Amarisa's potent emissions gushing into her, flooding her channel, claiming her as her own. She had never allowed anyone to ejaculate inside of her until now, Amarisa was her first.

She caressed the mermaid's cheek gently with one moist hand. She made eye contact and was surprised to see small red flecks in her eyes. She had never seen those before... Amarisa took her index finger into her mouth, sucking on the wetness there. The nerves in her hand seemed to travel everywhere, especially to her clit where it throbbed in yearning.

The tangy taste of Nikki's secretions were too tempting to resist. Amarisa had to enjoy the source. Ducking down, she reached the cleft between the brunette's thighs, flicking her tongue over the exposed bead. "Oh!" Nikki jerked her hips up in response. But she took her time, breathing in the heady scent of Nikki, parting the folds, softer than flower petals. Her own cum mixed with Nikki's juices oozed out of Nikki's entrance and she lapped it up. She kissed Nikki's small clit before taking it into her mouth, sucking on it. She knew better than to tease for long and slid two fingers into Nikki's wetness, using her mouth and her fingers to bring Nikki to another orgasm.

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