tagNonHumanThe Lake Monster Ch. 11

The Lake Monster Ch. 11


(AN: I would just like to say a big thank you to all the people that have commented, your input is greatly appreciated and a lot of it was very entertaining and inspiring. It was a lot of fun writing this with such imaginative reviewers, your suggestions made writing this story very exciting and fresh. I put a lot of effort into this final chapter so I hope all of you will enjoy this conclusion to the Lake Monster Series. :)


Nikki woke up comfortably nestled against Amarisa, their legs were intertwined and Amarisa had her arms wrapped tightly around Nikki's waist. Mmm...Nikki snuggled up against her, she enjoyed the feel of the mermaid's smooth skin against hers. She shifted her leg and Amarisa stirred, tightening her hold on Nikki. One hand reached up to cup her breast. Oh you sly dog Nikki thought. Her stomach growled and she frowned. They had fucked for several hours and now Nikki was getting hungry. She left the cabin and the sleeping mermaid and headed down to the lake where she washed the mermaid's dried cum off of her. Oh man it was all over her, she waded into the lake, splashing water on her chest, then on her hair. She heard a noise behind her and whirled around, startled. Amarisa splashed into the water, joining her.

"Hey baby." She chuckled as Amarisa greeted her with a big kiss on the lips. "I didn't want to wake you." She squirmed happily as Amarisa cleaned her off with lake water, she enjoyed the attention as the mermaid rubbed her shoulders and her back. The sun was low in the sky and bathed the area in a cheerful orange. The sunlight shone down Amarisa, she glowed like the goddess she was. Their eyes locked and as if responding to an unspoken cue, they both leaned in and they kissed for a long time.

They went back to the cabin and Nikki put her clothes on and Amarisa put her sweatpants back on too. The thought of hot food was very tempting right now, and Nikki quickened the pace as they headed back to the campsite. She slowed down when she felt Amarisa's hand take hers, and they walked the rest of the way hand in hand.


"Eh?" Amarisa had stopped and Nikki turned to see what was going on. The mermaid beckoned her to keep going towards the campsite, but now she was heading towards the lake. "But...food." Nikki said, confused as she pointed at the campsite. Amarisa nodded, but still waved her towards the campsite. She pointed at the lake and mimed grabbing something, then stripped off the sweatpants, handing them back to Nikki.

"Ok, but hurry up." Nikki said. She wanted every last moment she could with her lover. She walked the beach, back to the campsite where Elena was waiting. "Hey." She said to Elena who had a beer in hand and was sitting in front of a roaring fire, reading a book. There was the mouth watering aroma of grilling steak and bbq sauce.

"You came back just in time." Elena said as she checked on the steaks.

"I didn't know we had steak." Nikki said, looking gratefully at the three massive sized steaks and the large rack of ribs as they cooked.

"We didn't, I drove to the nearest town and bought some food, we needed some more gas anyways." Elena said with a shrug. "I wanted today to be special, for all of us. If you want to go get the rest out of the cooler and the jeep everything will be ready when these are done." Elena said.

"Oh ya, for sure." Niki said. Wow, Elena had seriously downplayed how much food she had bought, there was enough in the cooler and the back of the jeep to make a real feast. She put on the table a premade potato salad, an entire loaf of French bread with butter, fresh ears of corn, veggie kabobs and chips and guacamole and salsa.

" Jesus, Elena." She said with a laugh of delight after she took two trips to get everything to the fold-out table. "You could feed an army with this."

"Probably." Elena said with a laugh. "Or two big eaters and a very hungry mermaid. Speak of the devil." Elena jerked her head in the direction of the lake, and there she was, a fish in her hand. "Hey." Elena said with a lazy grin. "Get over here."

"Look what Elena bought for us." Nikki said to Amarisa, patting Elena on the shoulder after she pointed to the spread on the table. She had to fight not to laugh as Amarisa's eyes opened very wide as she took one look at the picnic table, the large grilling meats on the fire and then slowly back to her own contribution, an impressive sized tuna but no way comparable to what Elena had brought.

"Oh that's great." Elena said enthusiastically, taking the already gutted fish from Amarisa, who handed it over meekly. Nikki tended to the cooking meat as Elena busied herself with getting the fish ready for the fire.

" Oh look at the coloring, Nikki." Elena showed Nikki the inside of the fish. "Such a healthy, beautiful color." Amarisa watched them shyly and Nikki quickly caught on. "Oh yeah, it looks so fresh and delicious." They fawned over Amarisa's catch until the mermaid seemed to get her confidence back and puffed her chest up proudly. "It'll take a while to cook this, let's get eating!"

They washed their hands with some soap and even managed to coax the reluctant mermaid to wash her hands too. Then it was time to eat. There weren't enough chairs for everyone to sit down at so when Nikki suggested they take the waterproof tarp from the jeep to sit on Elena agreed and then then all three of them were sitting, and cutting into the succulent steak and enjoying the other sides as well. Well Elena and Nikki were using knives and forks, the mermaid just ate everything with her hands.

"Everything's so good." Nikki said with a surprised laugh. It was hard not to be extremely happy in the presence of good company and good food, and they joked and teased each other as they devoured all the delicious food.

"Oh, I couldn't eat another bite." Nikki said, lying back onto the tarp, feeling stuffed and very happy. "Woof. Agreed." Elena said, putting her plate down away from them and leaning back as well. Amarisa was still merrily munching away at a cob of corn. They watched the sun set on the horizon, admiring the beauty of nature. Amarisa had seen this sunset almost every day so she took the time to get another helping of the potato salad. She really loved this human food! Finally even she was done and it was then that Elena decided that they should bring the sleeping bags out so they could unzip them and lie on top and enjoy the last rays of the sun.

Nikki lay on the soft sleeping bags, her arms behind her, propping herself up. It would be her last day here, and with that thought came sadness, she didn't want the wonderful camping trip to end, ever. The three women sat close together, Nikki in the middle, Elena on her right, Amarisa on her left. She could feel the heat emanating off of both of them, and she had never felt more happy, more loved.

"Meep." Amarisa had sat up and leaned over Nikki to put her hand on Elena's knee. She rubbed it gently and gave Elena a light squeeze. "Guess you did good with the food." Nikki said with a laugh. Elena beamed too. "I'm glad you liked it, you too Nikki." She said, reaching over to pat Amarisa's thigh and then to squeeze Nikki affectionately on the shoulder.

Nikki got up to go put the food away, and when she came back after a few minutes to see the two women sitting close together. Elena was showing Amarisa something on her Ipad. "And here's Nikki, feeding the monkeys." Nikki grinned as she walked over and sat back down, this time Amarisa was the one in the middle.

"I was just showing her some pictures of that time we went to the zoo." Elena said as Amarisa flipped through the pictures like a pro with a swipe of her finger. Nikki snuggled up to Amarisa, who was very absorbed in the pictures, an eager look on her face.

"Why don't we watch a movie?" Nikki suggested.

"Good idea." Elena said. "What should we watch?"

"Romantic comedy?"

"Ok. Sure. I downloaded some, let me just find it...." Elena took the Ipad back to find a movie, Amarisa seemed reluctant to return it but she did so politely. "You know, she has really grown these past few days." Nikki said as Amarisa rubbed her shoulders. "Mm that feels good."

"Yeah she catches on pretty quickly, it's quite amazing." Elena said, looking at the mermaid fondly. "Ok you hold it." She put the Ipad back into Amarisa's hands as the movie started to play.

"Meep?" Amarisa gazed down at the tiny people on the device. It was like nothing she had ever seen before, yet it seemed so familiar...she had been having this feeling a lot lately, like she knew of these things even though they were so novel to her.

The three women watched the movie, which was really quite funny, there were a lot of funny scenes, both verbal and physical so all three of them could enjoy it. It got a little awkward when there was an erotic scene, and Nikki looked away. Of course it was one of those that seemed to go on for forever, and it was hard to tune out the moans of pleasure as the two lovers finally consummated their relationship. Even in the dim light of the remaining rays of sun it was hard to ignore the impressive bulge in Amarisa's pants as her cock strained against the fabric.

"Oh she is just beautiful." Elena said. Somehow Nikki figured she wasn't talking about the actress. Amarisa let out a groan and passed the Ipad back to a surprised Elena. The two girls watched as the tall mermaid got up and walked away from them and pulled the pants down. Her cock sprang free, thick and proud. Nikki saw the burning question in Elena's eyes and she nodded. "Let's have another threesome."

"Great!" Elena hopped up. "We should take a shower first, I'll get some water."

Nikki walked over Amarisa who was already jerking off next to a tree. "Mm stop." She said, pushing away the hand. Amarisa protested with a groan that quickly turned into one of pleasure as Nikki put her hands on that warm, hard organ. Amarisa was already reaching for Nikki's pants, trying to take them off. "Mm, wait baby." She said as she saw Elena walking back with the portable solar shower.

Amarisa let out a moan of frustration as Nikki walked out of reach, but she paused as the two girls hung up the strange object on a tree. She looked at it cautiously, but when the two girls started stripping she quickly walked over to join them.

"Oh god there's nothing like a warm shower." Elena moaned in satisfaction as the two girls huddled under the warm stream of water. They turned off the shower to rub soap over their bodies, it was then that Amarisa walked over, tempted by the provocative image of the two girls running their hands over their own bodies. "Good of you to join us." Nikki teased the mermaid. Amarisa pressed her lips against hers and she moaned as her soap slicked breasts brushed against Amarisa's sooner than she expected.

She laughed as Amarisa attempted to squeeze her breasts and they slipped out of her hands.

"Soap her up." Elena urged, passing the soap over. Nikki rubbed the soap, making a thick lather that she rubbed over Amarisa's chest.

Amarisa gasped at the foreign substance, she scooped up some of it with her hand to smell it. "Whoof." She said, shaking her head, it was like she had smashed her nose into a handful of flowers. She heard Nikki's silvery laugh beside her and grinned. Ooh but the slipperiness it made was incredible, soon both girls were running their hands all over her. She finally got used to the extra slickness and soon she was cupping Elena's beautiful plump breasts.

"I think she loves your breasts." Nikki said to Elena as Amarisa rubbed her face on those creamy mounds, emitting a long moan of pleasure.

"Mm they have that effect on most people." Elena panted as Amarisa discovered a new advantage to the soap, thrusting her hard-on into the crevice between Elena's legs.

"Oh fuck that feels so good against my clit." Her best friend whimpered. It was an amazing sight to see the two women together, Amarisa was taller than Elena and the height difference forced Elena to be off balance, she had to brace herself against Amarisa's chest in order to keep the clit stimulation going. Nikki observed with amusement that Amarisa could've knelt down but it was clear that she was loving the power dominance over the rainbow-haired woman. This is way better than any porn, Nikki had to admit as she rubbed her own clit.

Drawn to the erotic sight, Nikki walked behind Amarisa to squeeze the mermaid's rear, caressing the tight muscles. She turned the shower back on and washed the soap off all of them. She wanted to see her beloved mermaid fuck Elena until she came all over the place again, and she urged the two to the tarp. She pushed the sleeping bags away, not wanting to get them wet, but she left a blanket for them to lay on. She was smoothing out the corner of the blanket against the tarp when she felt Amarisa's familiar touch on her waist, she turned around to kiss Amarisa, she couldn't help but grin as she felt her thick phallus slide between her thighs, she had to part her legs a bit more than usual to accommodate it.

Amarisa's firm, hot length felt like heaven against her pulsating clit, she felt her head swim, her arousal was so strong. She looked down on Amarisa's breasts, surprised when she saw that they were significantly larger. They looked almost an entire cup size larger. At this point, she didn't care how that had happened, but they looked amazing.

She ducked down to catch one of the nipples in her teeth and experienced another surprise, the nipple squirted into her mouth a light creamy liquid. It tasted good and so she sucked on it, drawing out more of that delicious substance. She swirled her tongue around the smooth nipple, loving the way Amarisa's eyes closed at the feeling. The dizziness in her head had increased, it felt like every touch on her body directly teased her clit. She had never felt like this before, she was so aroused she could already feel her wetness drip between her pussy lips and onto her inner thighs. She was eased onto her back by the eager mermaid.

"I want you in me so badly." She whispered into Amarisa's ear. She glanced over at Elena for a moment to see her with three fingers deep inside her own pussy, her head tossed back in ecstasy. She turned her attention back to the mermaid and kissed her passionately, her heart and mind crazy with lust. She put her hand on that hefty cock, it felt larger in her hand and she looked and gasped. Amarisa must've been an inch thicker. "What's happening to you?" She mumbled drunkenly, her mind hazy with lust. She stroked Amarisa's new massive manhood almost in a daze. A tinge of apprehension manifested in the back of her mind as Amarisa positioned her cock at her entrance. Surely Amarisa didn't expect that enormous cock, no matter how magnificent and impressive it was, to fit inside of her?

"Baby-"She started but was softly hushed by the mermaid, who reassured her buy cupping her cheeks and giving her a brief, loving kiss. She smiled and felt the fear fade. "I love you." She pressed her forehead against Amarisa's for a second before lying back. "I'm ready for you." She said. She took a deep breath when Amarisa slowly started to ease that sizable length into her. She could feel the cock stretch her passage as Amarisa entered her, the sensations rocked her, it seemed ludicrous that she had thought she had already had the best sex of her life but this put everything else to shame. She let out a little whimper as Amarisa pushed another inch into her. Her hips rose up , her pussy desperate to take in more of that wonderful cock. Amarisa was only halfway inside of her and she felt like she was orgasming already.

"Oh please..." she begged Amarisa to move faster and thankfully she complied, sliding into her until all her was inside Nikki's channel. When Amarisa started to move inside of her, thrusting her hips Nikki felt like she would pass out, it felt incredible. She was so glad that Amarisa didn't seem to need any help, she had no energy in her limbs, everything in her body seemed to be completely occupied with telling her brain how mind blowingly good this felt. She came and she almost passed out from it all, immediately she was ready again as Amarisa took her over and over again. She was moaning like a porn star, she could feel every inch of that cock in every inch of her body, it felt way too good to be real. She was convinced she had died and gone to heaven. She caressed Amarisa's muscular arms as she was getting pounded, Amarisa's grunting in her ears. Her legs were lifted up onto her lover's shoulders as Amarisa thrusted deep into her. "Oh my god," she continuously gasped.

It was one endless continuous orgasm, she lost track of everything to the mind melting pleasure. It was only when she felt a pause that she drifted down from the cloud she had been floating on. She felt Amarisa burst inside of her, filling her with that wonderful cream. There was so much of it that her stomach swelled, she kissed the exhausted mermaid as Amarisa pulled out of her, she could feel the warm flow down her pussy lips and onto the blanket.

"That was amazing." She heard Elena say as Nikki stroked Amarisa's hair. "Oh my god, there's so much cum." Elena murmured reverently. She ran her finger over Nikki's soft lips before putting it in her mouth. "Mmmm." Before Nikki could say anything Elena was already situated between her legs, her warm, wet mouth on her pussy.

"Oh...Elena." Nikki groaned as she felt her tongue enter her, she gripped the blanket hard as Elena ate her out. She groaned as Elena's probing tongue lapped up the creamy semen, sending tingles of pleasure in her. "Suck me." She pleaded, and when Elena's supple lips wrapped against the tiny bundle of nerves she arched her back as she came once again. She bucked her hips but Elena held her down, sucking her hard until she came over and over. Her eyes narrowed to slits from orgasmic bliss, she saw that her stomach was flat again, Elena had greedily devoured all Amarisa's cum from Nikki's pussy.

Nikki grinned lazy at Elena, who was still on her knees, but now was resting her chin on Nikki's chest. "Hey, you stole it, that was her gift to me, you know."

"Finders keepers." Elena smirked impishly, but that smile immediately disappeared when Amarisa grabbed her hips from behind. "Wha-" She let out a squeal of surprise when Amarisa slid her large cock between the stomachs of the two girls. "Oh my god I'm so turned on." Elena muttered in wonder. There must've been something Amarisa's cum that made all the women feel that way, there was definitely something in the fluid that came from the mermaid's breasts. Nikki pushed her hips up with her legs, effectively pressing Amarisa's phallus up against Elena's stomach and her pussy mound. She looked into Elena's eyes and saw them dilate as her mind registered the size of her lover's new cock. That was all the time she gave for her best friend before she crossed her legs over Elena's, trapping her between her and the mermaid.

"That's some nice UFC shit you pulled off, wha-OOOOhhh!" Elena's eyes widened and there was an almost comical look of surprise in her face as Amarisa entered her from behind. With her stomach pressed up against Elena's, she could feel the movement as Amarisa pressed into her, inch by inch. "Oh my..." Elena panted. Nikki watched Elena sucked on her front teeth, a look of pure, unadulterated pleasure over her feature. Oh it was an incredible sight, and when Amarisa started to move her hips Nikki could feel that fat cock rocking inside Elena, it made her pussy hungry for Amarisa's cock again, she could feel herself getting wet and her clit throbbed yearningly.

"She's so big....big." Elena moaned senselessly.

While Amarisa was thrusting into Elena from behind, Nikki fondled Elena's soft pussy lips, rolling them between her fingers and rubbing them against the sides of her clit, indirectly stimulating it. "Hey...-" Elena's ragged protest was ignored by the smaller brunette. She knew Elena didn't want to come so soon, she was clearly enjoying Amarisa's new equipment. But really, now was the time to share. "Oh my gooooooooooood!" Elena crushed the blankets underneath them as she cried out in ecstasy, eyes shut tight and mouth wide and grinning like she was experiencing the most unbelievable orgasm. Nikki looked up at her lover to see that sexy scrunched up face she made when she was coming, mm it made her wish that Amarisa was shooting her essence into her.

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