tagMind ControlThe Lampmaker Ch. 04

The Lampmaker Ch. 04


Chapter 4, Nicole

Rick felt like he was floating on a cloud. He could hear soft sounds and murmurs, and he felt like gentle fingers made of silk were caressing his body. He signed and then moaned as a lovely warm feeling engulfed his crotch and he felt so wonderful.

After a few moments Rick's eyes fluttered open and he looked up into the face of Lacey who was smiling down at him. She put her finger to his lips and went "shhhhhhhh". Her other hand began to rub his temples and he signed. That's when he realized that the lovely feeling he had was real.

Lifting his head slightly he saw Heather sucking his dick and Bridget licking his balls. Both were going very slowly and gently and Rick sighed again as he leaned back.

"This is the best way to wake up." thought Rick. "Being pulled awake by a double genie blowjob and you head in the lap of the hottest woman on the planet. Life is fucking good."

Even with his stamina and enhanced sexual abilities, Rick was still only a mortal man and he soon came hard. Heather slurped it all down with a lovely smile and then she and Bridget carefully wiped him clean. Lacey leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

"Good morning Master. I trust you enjoyed the wake up call."

Rick laughed. "Oh yes Lacey, very much. I have such lovely slaves who are so considerate of their Master. Thank you."

The three genies giggled and bowed their heads. "You are welcome Master" they all said as one. Lacey eased out from underneath Rick and lay down next to him. "Master, I think we need to celebrate the first day of freedom. I think I know just how." Lacey's hand traced a finger nail along his bare chest and she leaned over and began to kiss his chest.

Rick glanced over at the bedside table and noted the time was after ten. "Oh my, you let me sleep in. But I need to go and turn in my two weeks' notice."

The three genies all laughed at that. Lacey smiled again and said "Master, you need not worry about that. Ali and I took care of that with Bridget's help last night. A little bit of genie magic can make the most difficult boss see sweet reason after all. You are done with your work, resigned, with no issues, to pursue other opportunities. Now then Master, we are going to celebrate. And right NOW."

Rick looked at Lacey's smoldering eyes and saw lust the likes of which he had never seen. And he saw the same in his other slaves. With a very big smile Rick nodded and kissed Lacey hard. Her lips seemed to melt into his and she slid on top of him. She let her perfect tits dangle down and Rick nipped at her nipples. Lacey yelped and then giggled and then cupped them in her hands.

"Naughty Master. Naughty Masters need to be punished. Maybe I shouldn't let you suck on these?"

Rick growled and pulled her forward and sucked on her left nipple hard. Lacey squealed and laughed and after Rick worked it a bit she moaned. Rick switched off and worked the other and then felt light kisses on his cheeks as Bridget and Heather leaned in. They licked up his face and teased his ears and Heather gave him a playful nip on his ear.

Lacey eased down on his body and slowly slid onto his cock. Rick's eyes rolled up at the sensation of Lacey's magical pussy enveloping his manhood and she began to pump. Bridget and Heather continued to kiss and caress Rick's upper body. Lacey smiled and then snapped her fingers.

"Bridget, Heather. Master needs a show. Move to the center of the bed and pleasure each other."

Bridget looked thoughtful, but Heather shook her head no. Lacey's eyes seemed to flare for just a second and then she said "As the head of the Harem I command you. Obey my order Slaves." in a very commanding voice.

Heather and Bridget both stiffened for just a second and Rick saw their eyes go just a bit glassy. Then identical smiles broke on their faces and they both bowed and said in unison "Yes Mistress Lacey, we obey."


Rick suddenly was standing by the edge of the bed. Lacey was bent over the edge of the bed and Rick was still in her. She was easing back and forth on his cock. In the center of the bed, Heather and Bridget were kneeling and facing each other. With lovely smiles they proceeded to undress each other and began to make out.

Rick watched with fascination and got more and more turned on as Lacey ground into him. Lacey would look over her shoulder and smile and Rick would hear her voice in his ear. "Master, look at your slaves perform for you. Look at these lovely creatures you made. They exist for your pleasure. Anything you desire they will give you. Anything. You are our Lord, our Master, and our creator. We exist for you and you alone."

Rick gasped and grunted as the words echoed in his head and he rammed Lacey harder and harder. He lasted a long time and finally came hard in her. Lacey screamed loudly and flopped face down on the bed. Rick lunged forward like a man possessed and tackled his other two genies. They laughed and squealed as Rick lay on his back and literally picked up Bridget and shoved him on his rapidly hardening cock.

"Start bouncing Genie." Rick said and then pulled Heather over. "Straddle my face; I'm going to make you both cum at once while you make out." Heather clapped her hands as Bridget licked her lips and cupped her tits. Heather straddled Rick's face and Rick heard the sounds of kissing.

Heather's pussy eased down on his face and his tongue shot up and began to probe and lick. Rick could feel Heather twitching and jerking as he worked his tongue around her clit. He could tell Bridget was getting worked up as well as he felt her quicken the pace of her up and down bouncing. Rick pushed his face up and shoved his tongue into Heather's pussy and let his right hand slip over and pinch Bridget's nipple. Both of his genies tensed, gasped and then orgasmed with Rick. Rick's whole body shuddered and after a few moments Heather flopped to the side and Bridget fell backwards with a soft sigh.

Rick caught his breath and untangled from the two genies that appeared to be slumbering peacefully with huge grins on their faces. He looked over and noticed Lacey was now standing up, cleaned and dressed. She bowed low.

"I trust Master enjoyed this?"

Rick was able to stumble over and swept her up in a passionate kiss. "You are damn right I did. But we need to keep this under control. I don't think I can last long waking up like this."

Lacey laughed and clapped her hands. With a loud "POOF!" sound, Rick found himself in a hot bath and sighed as the water eased his tired body. Lacey handed him some soap and began to rub his shoulders. "Yes Master, I will keep this limited to only special occasions or whenever you command it."

"Very good Lacey. Are Heather and Bridget really sleeping? Does that actually happen for genies?"

Lacey giggled. "Not exactly Master, I used my abilities as head of your harem to make them pass out from your pleasuring. I don't really sleep. In my lamp, well, it's hard to explain. I'm aware of things outside, but they are distant. Time is very strange there. An hour can seem a second long or a yearlong or both at the same time. Ali says it has to do with the flow of power between dimensions, but it just seems normal to me. But if give the choice I much prefer being outside."

Rick nodded and sighed again as Lacey rubbed his body and cleaned him slowly. He got out of the tub and she dried him and dressed him in a silk robe and slippers. It looked very 1001 Nights themed and Rick frowned.

"I'm not so sure I like this style so much. I think maybe something a bit more modern would be better."

Lacey looked a bit sad. "But Master, this is the proper style for a true Prince according to the Grand Vizier. I can talk with him about it, but you should be properly attired."

Rick looked at himself in a mirror and Lacey stood behind him with a submissive posture. Rick was going to say change it, but he had to admit it was comfortable. And the more he looked at it, the more it grew on him. After a bit Rick tapped his lip and said "Well, let's leave this as it is for now. I'll think about it before I change."

Lacey bowed low with a big smile. "Of course Master. Now, the genies Heather and Bridget have returned to their lamps, as must I. Please summon Bridget so she may make your morning meal."

With another POOF she was gone and Rick made his way into his apartment after releasing Ali. Rick got himself a bagel and started to eat while he talked with Ali and he noticed Ali's frown. "What's up Ali? You don't look happy."

"Bridget will not be happy to find you have eaten Master. She exists to serve you and that means preparing your food. You must remember that. You are a Lord now, a Prince, and servants exist to serve."

Rick swallowed his bite and then flushed a bit. "I guess so. But I'm used to doing some things on my own. I don't need someone to do literally everything for me."

Ali shook his head. "I am sorry Master, but now you do. You will have a sad genie if she is not allowed to serve you, and that can be bad."

Rick though a moment and nodded. He tossed his remaining bagel and then went and summoned Bridget. He ordered her to make him a bagel and she did so with great gusto and happiness. Rick shook his head at this and thought "Well, I guess I'm going to have to get used to being spoiled."

After breakfast Rick summoned Heather and set her to work on making him money. He then relaxed and watched some TV and made some plans.

Over the next two weeks Rick worked out how to live with his genies and djnn. He began to work out more, his social calendar filled up with various clubs, parties and hot spots that he rotated his genies each night (excepting Lacey who got an extra night, she was still the hottest genie and Rick definitely liked going out with her on his arm). Bridget usually had him part of the day for his collecting and cataloging. Heather slowly took up the other half.

Rick found his knowledge of finance was now very extensive and he found he enjoyed working with Heather. He often got lost in the work. He discovered that with Bridget and Heather when he was alone with them, his personality seemed to change.

He would become scholarly and bookish, an academic almost, with Bridget. With her on his arm he could go into any gallery and soon be the man that everyone wanted to talk to and get his opinion. He met many people who invited him to all sorts of exhibits and introduced him to more people who seemed to just not be able to get enough of his company. He could wow a room full of professors and art critics and he became someone on the "must invite list" fast.

With Heather, his focus became money. He became more like the Wolf of Wall Street, sniffing out deals and scams, making money off of other traders who he was able to out maneuver and put to shame when it came to finding the stock of the day. This work was much more private, done from the treasury via phone, fax, video conferencing, and email. He made some deals that turned or would turn huge profits and he got fired up just watching the tickers spin while Heather talked on the phone and typed out orders on one of the many computers.

In this state, he almost didn't think about sex or how hot his special genie was even when she was kneeling in front of him in a see-through silk bra and panties. He was focused on the specialty.

But when Lacey entered the room, that faded and he got a different feeling. Much stronger than the others, when Lacey would enter and make herself noticed (sometimes she would sit in the back and just watch and not do or say anything and Rick wouldn't really notice her) Rick's thoughts turned to lust, sex, and power. He got turned on knowing Lacey was his slave and that the other genies were his slaves, and that usually led to immediate sex.

Sometimes Lacey would come up to him and say "Master, all work and no play isn't healthy. Come, let me divert you for a bit." or something else and lead him off for an insane fuck. Other times she would come up and smile and say "Master, your genie has done such a wonderful job. You should properly thank her." and then Rick stopped thinking about money or art and would fuck Heather or Bridget on the spot. Heather and Bridget would never complain and they would cease focusing on their special tasks and immediately become giggling little harem slaves who doted on their loving Master.

Rick was beginning to wonder how this might affect him long term, but so far he was okay and he couldn't complain. He liked being smart, rich, and sexy and since everyone else seemed cool with it he wasn't about to change things up. For a while he even forgot about making more genies. But then he had something happen and he figured out his next genie.

Rick had been out with Bridget for another art show and upon his return he received a brief of finances from Heather. Heather had some advice on some long terms accounts and Rick had agreed with her.

"Very well. It appears that is the best choice, go ahead and do it. As this is one of our longer terms investments I see no reason to rush. You have done well Heather of the Green Lamp." Rick said.

Heather bowed to Rick and replied "Thank you Master, I am glad you are pleased. Shall I please you in other ways?" Heather licked her red lips and drew her left index finger down her ample breasts while she smiled at her creator and Master.

Ali chuckled. "Away with you. This is the time to complete household business. Pleasure will come later."

Heather giggled and stood. She bowed again to them both and then gracefully walked away with her lovely hips swaying and her perfect ass on display through the see through green silk.

Rick watched her go with a sigh. "Business always seems to intrude. A good thing or otherwise I would become numbed with pleasure. I did not realize Genies were such sex addicts, I might have changed up how I created them."

Ali chuckled again. "You lie poorly Master. And you are only the Master of three of them. Your plans require many more. I am glad indeed you are setting things up ahead of time otherwise you would indeed be in trouble with even more genies vying for you attentions."

Rick nodded and then turned to his Grand Vizier and chief advisor. "Ali, things are going well for my house. Heather's abilities, coupled with your abilities in scrying and seeing things without being seen has allowed a small amount of wealth to grow quickly and legally. At this rate, we will be able to gain all we need. The Condo on the beach is already purchased, and the mansion in Beverly Hills will soon be ours. By the end of the month, the household will have a monthly income of $1 million to keep it. It will do nothing but grow."

"Indeed Master. Your treasurer and curator both are doing well. Bridget has brought in many items that are worth far more than many people realized. Even with the ones you keep for you collection, the money earned from selling the others is substantial."

"And I enjoy doing it as well. It's very nice to have the doors of the most exclusive galleries and shows swung wide open." Rick stated. "But tonight Lacey gets me. There is a new club called "The Hot Spot" that Lacey simply insists we visit, so we will."

"Of course Master, one should keep the Mistress of the Harem happy. But before you leave, the mansion has one issue. It is somewhat isolated. It is large and with the changes we want it will be perfect as your palace here. But you have seen the reports. What attracts us to it also attracts crime. It is up in the hills, it is isolated, and any aid will be at least 20 minutes in responding. Even with the best security systems, the place has been robbed many times."

Ali clasped his hands behind his back. "Master, we need a guard force and proper security. A thief who stole even one of your lamps would be a disaster. I realize that your cabinet cannot be opened except by you and Bridget, but you leave lamps out all the time. It only takes one time and you could have a great problem on your hands."

Rick nodded. "Yes, you are right. But I need to think on how to do this. I don't want private security firms; I want someone I can trust perfectly. Someone who can protect everything, and who won't get freaked out by magic and genies. Before we move there, we will have this done and set up, but right now I'm just not sure how."

Ali bowed and Rick went and got changed. He smiled as his looked in the mirror. His figure was a fine one in a $1000 suit and tie. Lacey had hired the best tailor in Beverly Hills and Rick now had a full wardrobe of clothing that was worth more than Rick had made in two years at his old job.

While he dressed Rick didn't notice Lacey watching him from the door. She was smiling the smile Rick called "her evil smile" which usually meant she was thinking about something naughty to do with him sexually. Lacey giggled to herself. Her Master was only part right, she smiled like that when she was thinking naughty things, but only some of them had to do with sex.

Lacey was Rick's oldest Genie, and she had embraced it fully. She used her position to constantly learn from Ali about her powers and how she was changed. One thing that she had learned was that Rick's creation of her as a genie had taken what existed and magnified it heavily. Rick hade magnified her sexual hungers and drives, and her abilities to please men and women, but it had also increased her lust for power.

Lacey had been an unabashed Gold-Digger as a mortal woman. She loved money, but even more she had loved the power she had over men when getting it. She knew she was one of the most beautiful women on the West Coast back as a mortal, and she had been an expert at wrapping men around her finger and manipulating them like puppets. Being changed into a genie had magnified that lust for power and hunger for money millions of times. Lacey had also been a history minor in college and had studied about powerful women back in the old days and she knew that those women had power by manipulating powerful men.

And no man was no more powerful than Rick.

Lacey was her Master's slave, and she loved and adored him truly. She still went weak in the knees when she thought about him fucking her and ravishing her body. But even so, she wanted power. More and more power. And Rick would give it to her provided she played her cards right.

Lacey had noted how Rick's personality changed when around other genies and in talking with Ali she had put together that each genie had influenced him sub-consciously. She obviously had influenced him along the lines of power and might. When she was alone with him she could feel him become more directive and more of a strong willed man who would stand for nothing short of HIS desires. She egged that personality along and encouraged it carefully.

She had noted the others did the same, but she didn't think it done out of knowledge of what impact it had on Master. It was more that this was their area of specialization and unless stopped they simply did what they were created to do. "Which is good for me" thought Lacey, "I don't need anyone willingly opposing my guidance of Master as he grows into a proper Lord."

She had discovered she could interrupt their influence by taking control as the Mistress of the Harem. Under her guidance, not only did Rick become more her ideal, but the other genies became less specialized and more sexy and horny. Under her power Heather and Bridget both became giggling little tramps who were only good for sex. But once that was done, they reverted back to normal.

Lacey smiled even more. "No matter. I will keep working on my Master and make him understand how powerful he truly is and how to embrace that power. And then I will rule this world by his side." She thought as she glided into her Master's room.

"Oh Master. You are simply perfect. I am tempted to have you here and now." Lacey said as she swayed into the room. Rick stared at her and leaned over to kiss her. She was wearing an expensive Italian designer silk dress and heels. With her magic her makeup and hair were perfect and she looked like sex made flesh. A diamond necklace, earrings, bracelets, and anklets finished the look.

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